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UN for Taiwan ad in POLITICO is wrong  pic.1  Taiwan prints conference news inside advertisement

2007-2008, Taiwan's "UN membership for Taiwan" advertisement in <POLITICO> includes a conference schedule (red frame in left bottom corner).   That conference declares they have nothing to do with this political event, Taiwan's participation in the UN .

This sort of "cross border" ads were encouraged by Taiwan's advertising field, or even most likely by scholar field.

(1) The China Times ad contest (largest one in taiwan) gave a prize to a "cross-border" ad.

(2) A SHU professor's book does not criticize "news mixed with ads".

According to ad knowledge, or by practical cases, we learnt this may lead to serious consequence, i.e.,  in the picture below, a Japanese media prints Red Chinese leader's photo which is  "too close" to a bad caption "death prisoner", Red Chinese government is very unhappy about it.  

China leader's photo near death prisoner in Japan media
pic.2  Japanese media prints Chinese leader together with "death prisoner"




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