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 an unsafe place  !?

United Daily 》, editorial opinion, 2021-6-1: Some high-ranking police officers abused their power to get CovID-19 vaccinated and ignored internal discipline and a long waiting line behind.  udn.com/news/story/11091/5501984?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

★  The China Times, Next TV news,  2021-6-14  
National Police Agency (police headquarter) and Taiwan central government abuse power to cover Taiwan Police College students jumping the long queue to have vaccination.   TaiNan city mayor explained they just follow "central gov. " to do this, so did KaoHsiung city government.   chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20210613004215-260402?chdtv 

United Daily 》, editorial opinion, 2021-4-24: The police got innocent good citizens caught, but scare demon citizens, such as a group of people wearing black clothes broke in police station SongSan branch (松山分局) and damaged some computers, but the police let them go freely.  This is a sign of  public power's decay, the prelude to degradation of police discipline... because the top-position officials are busy in power struggle.  udn.com/news/story/7338/5410015?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2






pic. :
The websites-group was ranked No.1 by "comment Taiwan police" on US Google, 2021-8-8, 2021-6-14, 2021-5-2,
2021-4-24, 2021-4-18, 3-24-2021, 2-22-2021, 1-25-2021, 1-8-2021, 11-11-2020, 11-9-2020, 9-13-2020; 


pic. left : The websites-group was ranked No.1 by "comment Taiwan police" on Microsoft Bing, 2021-8-8, 2021-6-14, 2021-5-2, 2021-4-18, 3-24-2021, 2-22-2021, 1-24-2021, 1-8-2021, 12-2-2020, 11-11-2020, 11-9-2020, 9-5-2020;



pic. : The websites-group was ranked No.1 by "comment Taiwan police" on Yahoo Japan (No.1 search engine in Japan),
2021-8-8, 2021-6-14, 2021-5-2, 2021-4-18, 1-25-2021, 12-2-2020, 11-9-2020

Apple Daily》, 2021-5-2 , editorial:  the relationship between politicians, police and gangsters is "buddy buddy (你『膿』我『膿』)! The elites in the system choose political side instead of the value right or wrong, which leads to a huge-size crime structuretw.appledaily.com/headline/20210502/CCEYKR4SKNBTTC2ZVOINUGIWGQ/

Apple Daily》, 2021-4-26, editorial: The police from top to low-ranking need and is urgent to take law and human rights educations ... recently there's a music course lady teacher 詹 was blocked and checked up by a policeman with the reason "I have never seen you before" and " look nervous " (神色緊張) the lady refused to answer question and intended to leave,  then she was thrown to the floor and suppressed on the ground by police's judo which caused lots of 'injuries' ... the lady blurted out "silly", hence was handcuffed and arrested as an active criminal/offender back to police station and was locked in prisoner's Detention Room.
  According to the law, 4 conditions for detention  (得為管束) : police.taichung.gov.tw/precinct5/home.jsp?id=61&parentpath=0,5&mcustomize=faq_view.jsp&dataserno=201712050063&t=FAQ&mserno=201712050003
Apple daily :
To block and check up fellow citizens on particular sites must meet the condition of prevention of crimes, or dealing with major public security or social order issues, and should be in a necessary situation;  and the police should put to the proof that a possible danger to harm the above or the suspect already harmed the above.

China Times , 2021-4-28, editorial: The police were reduced to ruler's tool, abuse power and violate the law, all these were harbored by the government  degradation of democracy and judiciary

United Daily2021-4-28, editorial : Taiwanese police repeatedly over-police and over-arrest citizens, such as, a citizen on the street waving national flag to Taiwan's president fleet was charged Offenses Against Public Safety by the police; another one was lodged a false accusation in the name of  "interfere with public affairs" for a police's tricky and fake "falling down".   The police were aiming at personal performance appraisal score and convenience therefore their enforcement standard is from bad to worse.   udn.com/news/story/7338/5415649

Apple Daily》, 2021-4-29, editorial:  Taipei police station has already been tarnished by lousy image of harboring & setting free suspects、 burying a crime & erasing evidences,  lying etc, the government should investigate the case sooner.   tw.appledaily.com/headline/20210429/FYTLUHQN3NB2PHYDVI3H6XAFH4/

China Times , 2021-4-26:  The number of cases that the police transferred suspects towards judiciary in the name of spreading rumors in 2018 is only 21,in 2019 increased to 151,in 2020 totally 233; ... The police violated the laws to arrest a citizen lifting a board on the street to express opinions, as an active offender/criminal without informing the offenses charged, on the purpose of catering to the direction by the high officials, the policeman selected a "older" innocent woman as target ?  ( 「選一個老一點的」無辜婦人就抓了?)   chinatimes.com/opinion/20210425003310-262110?chdtv 王子文

China Times , 2021-5-1 editorial:  "The gangsters rule the country":  Just spent USD 330 on sending a "the help" gangster to make trouble in police station, which results in a police chief to step down... a political party should never go this way - clean syndicate (politicians) scare the gangsters, the gangsters scare the police, the police scares politicians. ( 一個政黨絕不能「白道怕黑道,黑道怕警察,警察怕白道」chinatimes.com/opinion/20210430002881-262101?chdtv

United Daily 》,
Apple Daily, 2021-3-23: Taipei police station has taken bribery to harbor night club running sex business, in total about NTD 5 millions in recent 5 years; policeman of 南港分局 committed the crime of forcing obscene and insulting a woman asking help...  (udn.com/news/story/7321/5336562,  tw.news.yahoo.com/知法犯法-南港分局警察藉職位之便-對求助者伸鹹豬手-051342241.html)

China Times 》, 11-11-2020 , editorial:  Malaysian newspaper thinks Taiwan apparently an extremely unsafe place because two Malaysian ladies were murdered (another one was cut-to-pieces) in Taiwan within one year.   A poll by KMT shows 48.9% Taiwanese thinks social security is worse than before.

United Daily  》, 2021-4-18: heavy-handed policing was heard from time to time, the number of cases violating Social Order Maintenance Act (社維法) has been increased a lot since 2 years ago, because the ruler asked the society be silent.  The police in 彰化 and 嘉義 not only used criminal law to deal with some citizens but also put labels on and applied fabrication on nationals.   brief from udn.com/news/story/7338/5395815?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2
Liberty Times 》, 11-12-2020:  Crimes of violence kept worsening   in recent 5 years, the number of four major crimes(恐嚇取財、傷害、妨害自由、刀械槍枝)gradually increases from 20732 in 2015 to 24638 in 2019 in all six major cities, according to statistics.

  《Economist》UK , EIU The Safe Cities Index 2019  https://safecities.economist.com/safe-cities-index-2019/  Taiwan's "personal security" dropped 14 places compared with previous yrs. report,  Taiwan is worse than neighbors Singapore, Japan, China, Korea... 
   personal security :  1 Singapore  3 HK  4 Tokyo  5 Wellington  7 Osaka  10 Sydney  12 Dubai  15 Seoul  16 Melbourne 20 Taipei 
   Infrastructure security :
1 Singapore 2 Osaka 4 Tokyo  7 Sydney  7 Melbourne  9 Wellington 14 Seoul  18 HK  24 Taipei
   Digital security:
1 Tokyo  2 Singapore 11 Osaka 11 Sydney  11 Melbourne 17  Seoul  22 HK  23 Taipei
   Health security:
1 Osaka  2 Tokyo  3 Seoul 8  Singapore  10 Taipei 
personal security inputs are Level of police engagement, Community-based patrolling, Available street-level crime data, Private security measures, Effectiveness of the criminal justice system, Hazard monitoring, etc.

World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan's "safety & security" got an Eastern Asia-pacific average score 6.0, and is worse than world No.5 Hong Kong, No. 6 Singapore , No. 7 UAE,  No. 10 New Zealand,  11 Qatar,  13 Japan, 19 Australia,   23 Saudi Arabia. 

★  People's Daily, 10-15-2020, commentary: Taiwan strictly monitors its own people, which is called "Green Terror". http://js.people.com.cn/BIG5/n2/2020/1015/c359574-34350271.html

United Daily》, 11-1-2020 , editorial: "Is Taiwan still safe?"  A Malaysian girl student in 長榮 university was strangled to death and abandoned her corpse by a Taiwanese young man,  this criminal case showed the loophole of social security and campus safety network.  The ignorance of city administration, police, and university leads to public doubts concerning our government's determination to protect safety of all the people in Taiwan.

United Daily 》, 11-14-2020 , editorial: Taiwan's Executive Yuan (prime ministry) is disable on issues e.g., social security, food safety ......  udn.com/news/story/7338/5014020?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

Apple Daily》, 11-2-2020, editorial: This sort of S.O.P. can not improve Taiwan's social security social security certainly is national security, in addition to the system, we need to rely more on the excellent execution, which is the key to safety of all of us.  (tw.appledaily.com/headline/20201102/HBOAZYRFNFBXHORRYQYY2XQL4Y/)

Apple Daily 》, 11-15-2020 editorial:  in the same crime (Malaysian student killed) location, less than a month ago, another student in the same university encountered "attempt kidnap" ,'they' said the police are suspected to   bury a crime (「吃案」之嫌  i.e. conceal the existence of a criminal case in order to improve crime-solving statistics or in return for a bribe etc ) , the authority's reaction was astonishingly slow, the mayor insisted only two road lamps were not working; as for so-called "bury a crime" ,the minister of Internal Affairs said it's just a Procedural Defect...  and who should be responsible for these mess, "we talk this later" (再說)   brief https://tw.appledaily.com/headline/20201115/QWMWPXNP7NHPNMR5Y7WUYB2ZOI/

鏡周刊 (Mirror Media), 11-24-2020: Taipei social security alarm is sounding !  gangsters murdered citizen in public, it's rarely seen Taipei police station has not distributed the news about solving the case and pretended nothing was happened.  Taipei mayor kept reminding police of holding press conference for any major criminal cases. 


United Daily , 11-26-2020, editorial: Many many times, the police tried to decline with all kinds of excuses reporting a case by Taiwanese .  But before the annual "Autumn Struggle" protest march, some policemen went to pig farmers' house for "DUI checkpoint" , some other policemen  made phone-call to ask who join the protest and which route they were going... It's so scary !  It's "Green Terror" ! https://udn.com/news/story/7338/5044337?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

China Times》11-11-2020:  To improve life safety, Taiwan government needs to : (1) adjust the method and measure to evaluate police performance,(2) Taiwan's prime minister should interfere police promotion systems....


The China Times, 7-14-2020: Taiwan police were forced to select the right political side and follow the right boss to get promotion (ability is not the most important thing).  (政治上「擇木而棲」)


United Daily 聯合報》, 3-27-2020:  Taiwan police field has complained since long time ago that there's no basic rule for promotion, it became worse and weird in recent years, the "backers" instead of the system decided every position goes to ...


Liberty Times 》, 9-13-2020, opinion : The police high ranking always has a phrase ( the reason has nothing to do with police govt. ) for rank-and-file policeman's no matter breaking laws and violating discipline, or even karoshi (sudden death from overwork)...  some leader was slammed for their bureaucracy and exploiting subordinateshttps://talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1399346


United Daily 》, 3-28-2020, opinion :  The head of Taiwanese police is not the leader of police headquarter but Taiwan president, P.M., and minister of interior/高源流 


  The China Times, 2-25-2020 editorial: Due to bad Income distribution, Taiwan's social security (offender rate) kept worsening from 2001 till 2018. (bit better in 2019)


Apple Daily 》,  11-21-2020 : Many random killings were happened on the street since last April, those cases were ignored by the public after 2~3 days' media reports, the principle of secret investigation is hard to review the current circumstances for  these kinds of cases. The principle of presumption of innocence (ei incumbit probatio qui dicit) makes enforcement officers to try all efforts on not holding suspect in custody, eventually no one knows how many "most-wanted" were caught by police's DUI checkpoint...   https://tw.appledaily.com/forum/20201121/BAJHO7T4HNGGVK3CYXT3RNRLCI/(鄭善印)


     illegal migrants !   At Feb. 26, 2020, Taiwan police arrested, within 5 hours, an illegal foreign worker who took care of a CoronaVirus(CovID-19) patient, but, without CovID-19 involved, Taiwanese officials are always hard to find other illegal migrant workers ( totally, about 50,000 according to Apple Daily, 6-5-2020 ), you can tell whether or not Taiwan gov. is part of the crime structure?  SETN, United Daily, 2-6-2020: illegal foreign workers might be loophole of Taiwan's CoronaVirus epidemic prevention.  

     Quality of police !  In late 2019, some policemen in Taipei police station told me that splashing lots of dirt to the floor at front of my door is a case the building committee is entitled to bring court a law-suit about crime of damage etc ( not the house resident to suit crime of public insult and threatening ...  )




pic. : The websites-group was ranked No.1 by "comment Taiwan police" Chinese version on US Google, 2021-5-2, 2021-4-18, 1-25-2021, 1-8-2021, 12-2-2020, 11-11-2020, 11-9-2020, 9-13-2020, 7-31-2020
pic. right:   This web-sites group was ranked No.1 by keyword "comment Taiwan police " on Baidu of China at 2021-5-2, 2021-4-24, 12-2-2020, 11-11-2020





United Daily, 聯合報》, Presidential election page,  1-6-2020:  The Police headquarter denied the state machine pressured them to inspect fake news, but the Nationalists Party showed police internal document to prove the police were push by performance merit, rewards or punishments to check fake message on internet, so police were lying    (pic. left)


United Daily, 聯合報》, opinion,  1-6-2020: Taiwan police interviewed nationals everywhere for their reposting messages or pressing facial symbols on the net. 



United Daily, 聯合報》, editorial opinion,  7-8-2019:  "after one police was shot"

      1. Reinforcement, and other necessary measures - new attendance SOP, complementing with Special Police, local police, or alternative service police.  
      2. Updating police equipments - take a lesson from Euro. police.
      3. Police role has too much political requests and society expectations. 

      The hole of Taiwan's social security net is bigger and bigger...    (brief)





★  US  Country Reports on Human Rights Practices , 2021-3-30

        state.gov/reports/2020-country-reports-on-human-rights-practices/taiwan/     There were reports of minors in prostitution in Taiwan. 
NGOs raised concerns regarding online sexual exploitation of children and reported sex offenders increasingly used cell phones, web cameras, live streaming, apps, and other new technologies to deceive and coerce underage girls and boys into sexual activity; the NGOs called for increased prosecutions and heavier penalties.    Incidents of sexual harassment were reportedly on the rise in public spaces, schools, the legislature, and in government agencies.

★  US  state government - 2020 Trafficking in persons report, Jun. 2020

As reported in the last five years, human traffickers subject foreign men and women to forced labor and sex trafficking in Taiwan, and traffickers subject local men and women to forced labor and local women and children to sex trafficking. Taiwan women and children are subjected to domestic sex trafficking, including as part of an increasing trend in which traffickers induce and exploit Taiwan and foreign women’s and children’s drug addictions. Taiwan traffickers increasingly use the internet, smartphone apps, livestreaming, and other such online technologies to conduct recruitment activities, often targeting child victims, and to mask their identities from law enforcement. Taiwan traffickers also exploit persons with disabilities in sex trafficking. Traffickers lure women from China and Southeast Asian countries to

 Taiwan through fraudulent marriages and deceptive employment offers for purposes of sex trafficking. Many trafficking victims are migrant workers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and, to a lesser extent, individuals from China, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka... ( more than 200 forprofit universities in Taiwan have begun aggressively recruiting foreign students—particularly Indonesians—and subsequently placing them into exploitative labor conditions ...)     https://www.state.gov/trafficking-in-persons-report-2020/

       PS: The website reported (earlier than US state gov. report) persons with disabilities in sex trafficking some years ago, and was ranked No.1 on Google (Chinese, English), but the police have not taken any move.


★  US  state government - 2019 Trafficking in persons report, Jun. 2019  www.state.gov/reports/2019-trafficking-in-persons-report-2/taiwan/

As reported in the last five years, human traffickers subject foreign men and women to forced labor and sex trafficking in Taiwan, and traffickers subject local men and women to forced labor and local women and children to sex trafficking. Taiwan women and children are subjected to domestic sex trafficking, including as part of an increasing trend in which traffickers induce and take advantage of Taiwan and foreign women’s and children’s drug addictions to subject them to sex trafficking. Taiwan traffickers increasingly use the internet, smartphone apps, livestreaming, and other such online technologies to conduct recruitment activities, often targeting child victims, and to mask their identities from law enforcement.

Traffickers lure women from China and Southeast Asian countries to Taiwan through fraudulent marriages and deceptive employment offers for purposes of sex trafficking. Many trafficking victims are migrant workers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and to a lesser extent, individuals from China, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.

Formosa TV news 》,  12-2-2020  


民視新聞 》,  12-2-2020  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sRXHqIrPLU


pic. left:  KMT  Nationalist party legislative caucus accused of being monitored by police officials, KMT slammed the government's abusing its power

slogan:  Big scandal ! The gov. monitors the parliament  - 
The Executive Yuan stubborn to admit mistakes. The Legislative Yuan keeps science, It is a sadness for Taiwan's democracy


FTV news : is it a persecution ? or a  painstaking operation ? The answer is in Pan-Blue's heart !  



★ The China Times (中國時報), 1-6-2021,  Law maker:  Taiwan like a police state already showcased Orwellian surveillance for all the people ? the human rights protected by the Constitution has been in danger for a long time... The government had not admitted the "skynet - electronic fence" until law-makers questioned them a number of times。 The government has never clarified whether or not it was "epidemic prevention" on the surface, actually doing nation-wide monitor.  The fact has been hidden in the black-box.  As for so-called notification of citizen is "act with discretion" or violation of the law, there's no S.O.P. to protect Taiwanese privacy. (brief)   / 天網恢恢 監控全民 chinatimes.com/opinion/20210105005166-262105?chdtv李貴敏



China Times 》,  11-30-2020   https://www.chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20201130002166-260402?chdtv

A beauty police reveals six dark sides in police field 

1, "be on leave" schedule was always be cancelled, the quality of life is ZERO 

2, The superior or chief always think he is the smartest and never take her advices.

3, Working the shift results in issues of health.
4, The quality of colleagues is different,  some were gamblers, or drunk to work etc.
5,  The field is unfriendly to females, female police were ordered to schmooze (應酬), social entertainment by wine and dine   (陪笑) and can't not help but to stand harassment by porn jokes

6, The society is unfriendly to the police,  while encountering the public's attacks, what you can do is passive resistance

Ending :  NT 100,000 monthly salary can't make me to be police again !


★  nearly 50,000 foreign workers fled !  policemen need work harder on the issue      illegal migrants  

Formosa TV news, 8-24-2019: Police and NIA caught 418 illegal migrant workers and broker ...
Asia Times, 4-24-2019: 
more than 20 officers arrests ten illegal migrant workers in Taichung  https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/04/article/illegal-migrant-workers-arrested-in-taiwan/

Taipei Times, 1-18-2018: New Taipei City authorities (police) detained 85 of illegal workers — It was the greatest number of illegal foreign workers detained in a single raid over the past decade http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2018/01/18/2003685999
FocusTaiwan news, 1-29-2019:  
the police department, etc, discovered an illegal migrant worker broker group, resulting in the arrests of the prime suspect...  http://focustaiwan.tw/news/afav/201901290020.aspx






■  Police, gangsters, their bosses ...
     all bully night club girls


pic. : "The customers are beast,  
       club girls are treated as animals


  Apple Daily News girl-reporter worked as club-girl for one day to explore dark side of night club "金錢豹" , the largest one in Taiwan and in E.S. Asia. 

    9-26-'11  full text (Chinese version),
               full text (English version)







pic. : The websites-group was ranked No.1 by "comment Taiwan police" on Yandex, 1-26-2020


pic. :
The websites-group was ranked No.1 by "comment Taiwan police" on Google, 3-29-2020, 1


★  State Compensation suit case for Sun Flower student demonstration (太陽花學運)

      Liberty Times 自由時報》head-page news, 10-31-2019: the court judges the police had not considered the principle of proportionality while forcefully removing demonstrators from the forbidden zone (brief)
United Daily 聯合報》headline news , 10-31-2019: police : the judgment leads to negative forbearance in the future (消極不作為), the accuser: meaningful to contrast HK protest
      ●《UDN》opinions, 11-1-2019 ~ 11-2-2019: double standard !!  Police treating Pension-reform protestors is strictly enforcing the law,  treating Sun-Flower protestors is state violence ...  Few people believe there's no politics behind the court ...... no hard proofs (image evidences) ...  the case seriously damages the Public power/ authority

《 Liberty Times 》(自由時報》), 6-25-2019:  insulting (by the words "rascal with uniform" or "slave" ), abusing, biting or slapping the face of the policeman by a member of Congress or Council was not charged by the Prosecutor Office, the High Prosecutor Office rejected the appeal and sustained the original conclusions, this case demoralize all the police and cast a chill over the police field.   Legal experts comment that inconsistent standards result in low public-trust and a term "dinosaur judge" ("恐龍法官") all over Taiwan...

《Apple Daily 》front-page story, 2-17-2019: Pension reform results in Taiwan police extending their retirement... (月退縮水 引爆警察緩退潮);  ; United Daily,聯合報》, 10-8-2019:  The chairperson of Police University was charged for leaking examination answers before the national special entrance exam.(特考), all examinees caught cheating will be disqualified.

《 Liberty Times 》, head-page, 5-1-2019: The back door of special-purpose phone for police has been wide-open, all citizens' privacy or personal data were under danger.

United Daily, 聯合報》, 3-31-2019: Taiwanese police had been short staffed for a long time, but pension reforms (年改) recently led to a over-supply...  the police of grass roots think their tasks and services are unreasonable overloaded the number of staffs will not be enough no matter how many new bloods are employed.

《Apple Daily 》(蘋果日報) online opinion, 10-19-2018:  A survey about Taiwan's police performance system and police status (績效制度與警察勞動狀況問卷調查) conducted by <台灣警局工作權益推動協會> in Aug. 2018 found: 99.4% agree that performance system has adverse effect on police mental and physical health, 30.6% want to quit the job or suicide,  79.6% think investigation of criminal cases resulting in big mental pressure, or the pressure already affected their physical condition...... "警察自殺不僅個人因素" 蕭仁豪

《Apple Daily 》(蘋果日報) online opinion, 12-19-2018:  according to statistics, about 70% of police experienced workplace violence, in recent 5 years, the number of police disabled and perish in the line of duty is 4520 ... / 官政哲

United Daily, 聯合報》,12-2-2018:  The number of foreign prostitutes hit a new high.   Wikipedia's interlink WikiSexGuide (Dec. 2018):  One can find prostitutes in massage parlors, spas, salons in Taiwan.  Although prostitution remains illegal in Taiwan, over 100,000 prostitutes are working, and over 2 million clients pay for sex.   Apple Daily 12.25.2014: the percentage of porn clients of all Taiwanese adults ranks world No.1.    The latest paper of National Chung-Hsing Univ. (July 2018, professor CH Wu, YM Liu) pointed out the annual output value of  Taiwan's sex industries is about NTD 2 trillion, which is close to the amount of Taiwan's central government general budget of 2019 (United Daily, editorial, 12-24-2018: the highest ever budget ) it's not a secret that both gov. officials (persons in power) and underworld gangs yearn to have their fingers in the big pie. 
According to local media (Liberty Times
4-26-2017, Apple Daily 6-22-2014,  CTN's Want weekly 10-21-2015, etc) reports and hints, Taiwanese policemen were involved porn business and gambling business.   Univ. paper points out police and enforcement officials taking bribery, carrying off prostitutes,  blackmailing them, are equal to a structural crime syndicate.  ( click to read prostitution ! )

The China Times, Opinion, 5-5-2018: Police should follow identical standards (consistency criterion).   Civil Disobedience was good for the accused of 318-Sun-Flower-event, but not be good for the accused of 425 violence event.....

Apple Daily, real-time news & online opinion, 3-28-2018 :  Police reform is the first key point to Taiwan's judicial reform.   In recent years, More and more police cheating cases/grafts, mal-practices were found ... /施家榮

United Daily, 聯合報》, 10-20-2018: International Criminal Police Org. refused Taiwan's application for participating in ICPO assembly by using observer status

 United Daily, 聯合報》, 1-1-2019:  police degradation (警察也沉淪)』: cases of police selling Marijuana happened repeatedly recently, shocks the high ranking police  (brief)

Apple Daily, 蘋果日報》online opinion, 11-28-2018: 'High-way police can only bless for their life safety' - Taiwan police automobile lack "Police package", "safety cocoon for officers" and "5 star" ranking collision test, etc, which Germany and the US do.  / 林書立

《Apple Daily, 蘋果日報》online opinion, 12-13-2018:  "absurd police personnel policy "  -  Pension Reforms result in few police applying for retirement,  no openings for police positions, and more jobless policemen on the street.  On the other hand, National police service special examination (a parallel system "警察特考雙軌制") is an illegal examination system, those eliminated policemen taking the 100% admission examination enter the field again.  (brief)  / "荒腔走板的警察用人政策" 李學鏞律師

United Daily, 聯合報》, 12-2-2018: Police (ps: have not cracked down or) gave little penalty to the prostitutes, the business are skilled in using the legal loophole.

United Daily, Opinion, 10-15-2017: Enforcement standard varies by skin color or political colors, based upon some cases recently.   How can Taiwan have justice if it is the way in the future.





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on US Google, 11
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Yahoo Japan (No.1 search engine in Japan), 11-9-2020



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ps: ProtectHumanRights.net was renamed as intlHumanRights.com












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on US Google, 6-10-2019, 11-28-2018, 10-23-2018






Taiwan Police in NTU (National Taiwan University) bloody concert event :

 Apple Daily》opinion, 9-26-2017:  Taipei police Station passed the buck with all excuses, delayed coming the crime scene, and doing nothing to shield violence, let bloody actions happened unchecked just as before while facing mass rally or a gathering's confrontation and arrogantly clamour  (推諉塘塞 姍姍來遲  無作為  縱容暴力)王羿方台大學代議長
《United daily》, 9-26-2017:  The government mastered the situation, made correct judgment but doing nothing, all these led to the bloody event.
《Apple Daily》headline 9-26-2017:  "Police won't show up until the suspect escaped"

Many Korean media, e.g., Yonhap News Agency (韓聯社),  Donga Ilbo (東亞日報), and largest web portal Naver, reported in Jan. 2017 in large scale or great length to lash out Taiwan's bad society security.  According to Yahoo ! 520-survey  ( May 14, 2017, 12:10pm 寰宇 TV news ), 31.46%  citizens think society security in Taiwan getting worse, 48.6% think nothing changed. 

BBC》UK,  3-29-2016   "The whole society's safety net has loopholes " The China Times》(6-9-2016 editorial) : Taiwanese police do duty with no dignity/honor.   Taiwan's National Chung Cheng university's survey (1.27.2014) found nearly 70% Taiwanese people are not satisfy Taiwan's society security (criminal rate, public order), 50.4% Taiwanese worry becoming next victim in criminal cases, which reach a new high within recent 5 years (<Apple Daily>, 1.27.2014).   Taiwan police has prefect problem for a long run, they also try to monitor all Taiwanese people... (details see below).    Taiwan police's status of social structure in this country have been declined, from bad to worse over the years... (United Daily News, Aug. 11, 2014, China Times Weekly, Nov. 6, 2014)  Taiwan's police is one of corrupt/extremely corrupt institutions in Taiwan according to survey-reports by <Transparency International>, Germany.  

















pic. above: No.1 ranking on google by keyword   "comment Taiwan police" in Chinese, on US google , 9-28-2017, 1-1-2017, 1-11-2015, 9-9-2015. No.2 on US Google at 9-23-2018




Yonhap News Agency》, Donga Ilbo (東亞日報)》,  Yonhap News Agency》, 10+ Korean media,  1-16-2017.
Many Korean media, e.g., Yonhap News Agency (韓聯社),  Donga Ilbo (東亞日報), and largest web portal Naver, reported in Jan. 2017 in large scale or great length to lash out Taiwan's no-good society security. 
The China Times (1-17-2017) reported Korean netizen criticized a number of internet celebrities took money to do propaganda work for Taiwan however, they "over-beautified" Taiwan's image. 

BBCUK 3-29-2016   "The whole society's safety net has loopholes " / the deputy director general of the National Police Agency.  ps: United Daily " Taiwan's society's safety net has big loopholes".

★  《The Liberty Times 自由時報》, 2-12-2017
Too many executors and enforcers working as white-terror hatchet men in Martial-Law period and their followers are still very active in current judicial field including policemen, prosecutors, judges, investigators, etc, they still look up so-called "political-party-state system idiology (「黨國意識形態」)" as principle or model  ...  / 王美琇






 pic. above:  This web-sites group was ranked No.1 by keyword "comment Taiwan police "
on US Google, 10-23-2018

ps: items above are video and images








 pic. above:  This web-sites group was ranked No.1
 by keyword "comment Taiwan police "
on US Google,

ps: ProtectHumanRights.net was renamed as intlHumanRights.com


  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, June 26, 2015

protesters occupied the Executive Yuan. Police forcibly evicted them the next day using batons and water cannon. According to media reports, at least 174 persons, including 119 police officers, were injured in the incident.   Local media have reported incidents of police obstruction and violence directed at journalists who were covering protests against administration policies.

★ The Liberty Times, 2-23-2016,  head-page

National Chung Cheng university's survey found: Less than half (43.9%) Taiwanese people think current social security is fine.

<Apple Daily News>, Front-line news, 3.7.2016

White terror returns!!
Taiwan MP abused their power to entrap and search a Taiwanese (suspected of selling White Terror-era documents) house without search warrant and forced to take him to MP station, he is under investigation for Offenses of Receiving Stolen Property (贓物罪) and Offenses Against Privacy (妨害秘密罪)...after this, MP gave him NT dollar15000 trying to "seal his mouth"...

★ Apple Daily, head-page, 1-3-2016

A New-Taipei city police officer entered a girl's house (she reported a legal case so left her address in police station) and forced her to serve an oral sex to him, but this only got minor punishment ( being cited with a 2nd Level Demerit and job relocation) , and still is on duty at  front line.   This police had been convicted of sexual harassment to his colleague's wife 3 years ago. ... (brief)





Pic. above: This website is ranked No.1 on Google by English keyword "comment Taiwan police", test at  4-19-2017


Taiwan police monitor all Taiwanese


pic. above: Taiwan police monitor (surveillance) all Taiwanese people, <Apple Daily> head-page headline news, Jan. 11, 2014



pic. above: Police should not collect info. of all Taiwanese passing by, <Apple Daily>, 1.2014

State Enemy : Taiwan police & public institutions
pic. above: Who is "Enemy of State"?  (ans: Taiwan police and public institutions), <Apple Daily > editorial, Jan. 11, 2014



  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, Feb. 27, 2014
According to activists for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights, violence against LGBT persons with HIV/AIDS was a problem, but instances of police pressure on LGBT-friendly bars and bookstores continued to decrease during the year. The police response to violence against LGBT persons with HIV/AIDS was adequate.
The National Police Administration (NPA) of the Ministry of Interior has administrative jurisdiction over all police units, although city mayors and county magistrates appoint city and county police commissioners. Civilian authorities maintained effective control over the NPA, and the authorities have effective mechanisms to investigate and punish abuse and corruption. There were no reports of impunity involving security forces during the year.

 Freedom House  ( a Washington-based think tank , USA ),  4-30-2015

      Taiwan's police treated by violence some reporters while in the student-led Sunflower movement protest against a trade deal with China, Anti-nuclear movement protest(反核遊行), and China's official visiting Taiwan event (中國國台辦主任張志軍訪台).  Besides, in spite of that the authority investigated the event hackers attacked those media criticizing Chinese government,  Taiwan's press freedom score down to 27 (score 24 in 2014's report).

 Amnesty International (The London-based organization), Feb. 25, 2015

       Amnesty International said in its annual report that concerns remained in several areas, including the freedom of peaceful assembly, Taiwan’s handling of the student-led Sunflower movement protest against a trade deal with China in March last year.  In this protest, more than 200 protesters were summoned for questioning under the Criminal Code and Assembly and Parade Act (集會遊行法), and that they remained under threat of prosecution. (ps: At Feb. 10, 2015, 119 people of them, but no any policeman, already have been prosecuted.  2-11-2015, Apple Daily News, Taiwan)

★ Next Magazine , The Liberty Times, Dec. 31, 2015   "Lots of major crimes escaped easily and happily"

    In the past 8 years, about 100 major crimes like Kaohsiung prosecutor Office's prosecutor 井天博 escaped again and again, Taiwanese people see no presence of justice.   Not only the slang "Money can buy crime's life" deep rooted in Taiwanese mind, but also "Money can make major crimes run away easily".  In recent 4 years, the number of crimes escaped overseas is increased, in total 77 persons, most of them are big financial crimes, e.g.,  Emptied assets, Playing the stock market, Unauthorized Fund-Raising, in other words, most escaped crimes are rich people.  Most wanted crimes are, e.g., Legislators (ps: similar to senator or congressman) 羅福助,何智輝,  President general of Far-Eastern Air 崔湧, Underground finance "godfather" 萬眾, President general of Chinese National Federation of Industries 陳武雄, Kaohsiung prosecutor Office's prosecutor 井天博, etc.


★ The Liberty Times, 2-23-2016,  head-page

National Chung Cheng university's survey found: Less than half (43.9%) Taiwanese people think current social security is fine.



★  L.A.Times》,《New York Times》,《CNN》, 3.24.2014

Police in Taiwan fired high-pressure water cannons on hundreds of demonstrators ( mostly were university students) who broke into the country's Cabinet,  
At least 174 people, including 119 police officers, were wounded as the police wielded wooden clubs and later used water trucks.  Demonstrators were injured and bloodied, some got concussions and bone fractures,  the protesters strongly condemn the violence against the unarmed, weaponless students.

Why this event happened:The nature of this matter is that all levels of society have different views as to the signing of the service trade agreement,  The China trade bill, which would allow cross-strait investment on dozens of service trades ranging from banking to funeral parlors, has touched deep roots of concern, including Taiwan’s own history of authoritarian rule and its uneasy relationship with China, an emerging giant that considers the island part of its own territory that must eventually be reunited. Some Taiwanese believe parts of the agreement are beneficial to Taiwan's future, but many are incensed by what they believe were procedural errors in passing the pact.    Opponents of the deal say it could harm Taiwan's economy, democratic system and national security.he content of the agreement was developed in 'black box' negotiations. The agreement was passed without proper procedure.

★  The China Times  12-10-, editorial

       A police chief of Taipei XinYi (信義) police station tried to not taking necessary step to prosecute a burglary crime by using his own money to pay a store, so as to have lower criminal rate, all his act was taped by a CCTV video camera in that store, this issue resulted in a public outcry. (brief)

★  United Daily News Aug. 11, 2014

Taiwan police's work load is heavier and heavier, but their social status have been declined steadily from bad to worse ...  no dignity/honor (沒尊嚴), worse welfare, no bright future...... The current trend , police's early retirement, is unstoppable, Taiwan police authority worries that not enough police people will affect Taiwan's society security/safety. 刑案遍地開花的時代「槍子淹肚才,毒品淹目眉」).

BBC, 5.1.2014

After a series of protests against TW government, Taiwan limits Taiwanese' freedom of speech on the net.   Taiwan policemen are trying to search an internet poster to scare many. (details pls refer to BBC "台灣收緊網路言論自由" full text)

★  The China Times  , editorial : Taiwan's police turn into weak chicken.

 ... Taiwan's police power for national security and social order does not come from policemen's guns, but Taiwanese people's backing-supports ... Today, we are facing and worrying about a phenomenon of weak police, military, government, and even weak political party, the only solution is to rebuild ROC (Republic of China) identity.

★  China Times Weekly 時報周刊  , No.1915

 Taiwan police status of social structure declines steadily from bad to worse, Taiwan Police University professor Yei (葉毓蘭) expressed it's because Taiwanese people don't respect Taiwan policemen, and policemen have been doing "odd jobs" ( various trivial errands ).

★  China Times Weekly 時報周刊  ,

 Just like a widely-known saying by Wu B.S. (吳伯雄) that everybody except the police knows illegal casino houses are everywhere in Taiwan, night-club's dark side is the same thing, lots of Taiwanese know the police take protection fee from night club/pub...  It's a distorted Taiwanese night-club culture.
CtiTV (<中天>電視), 9.27.2014 (21:09pm): a reporter (記者羅友志): a police leader of certain precinct, city police department admitted having taken bribery money, and asked him don't tell anybody else.  Another reporter (名嘴江中博) expressed he saw some criminal police took bribery money.

★  United Daily News Sept. 20, 2014

The dark side of Taiwanese police discipline strongly damages the image of Taiwan's police.
Taipei police station failed to clarify a lot of police discipline matters questioned by the public, resulting in a bad to worse situation that nobody believe the police.  They said Taiwan's police share the night club business for a long time...... 

★  Liberty Times Aug. 28, 2014 phenomenon  (李學鏞)

... Taiwan police special (high-ranking, 特考) examination have blabbed (Police University released the test topics) every year...
ps: Central News Agency (Taiwan) , Aug. 22, 2014: Chairman and a professor of Taiwan Police University were prosecuted for cheating (released the topic of Taiwan Police special examination), the best-known similar legal case of examination cheating was happened in 1998, 70 police officials were fired.

  <Transparency International>, Germany,  July 9, 2013

       The finding of the 2013 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB),  ( the Gallup Poll to interview 114,000 people in 107 countries all over the world): 36% of  people (surveyed in TW) who had used any of eight government services in the past year had paid a bribe (the number is higher than global average).    <NOWnews> , (7.10.2013)–  Taiwan is the 18th worst corruption country in 95 countries surveyed. (重度貪污國家第18名)  <Apple Daily> (7.11.2013): Apple daily's survey found 75.07% Taiwanese people think corruption in Taiwan is actually worse than GCB's report.


    ( Corruption Barometer 2013)  


Percentage(%) of respondents who felt these institutions were corrupt/extremely corrupt in this country/territory
75%  of respondents in Taiwan who felt that parliament/legislature( the Legislative Yuan) were corrupt/extremely corrupt ;
74%  political parties;    62%   media;  57%   judiciary;
56%  police
were corrupt/extremely corrupt ;  56%   military;   56%  public officials and servants;
47% medical and health services;  45% educational systems; 
44%   business;   33% religious bodies;  31%  NGOs( non-governmental organizations)

To what extent do you think corruption is a problem in the public sector in this country/territory?
7%: not really a problem;    27%: a slight problem;    35%: it's a problem;  31%: serious problem

(3) Have you or anyone in your household paid a bribe to one of these 8 services in the last 12 months?
35%  judiciary;   21% medical and health services;    16% educational systems;  16%   police; 
15% tax revenue;    15%   registry & permit services;  17%   utility;    11%  land service;   


ps: For accurate translation pls. refer to Chinese version


★  <Apple Daily News>  (蘋果日報)  editorial,  1.11.2014


★ <The Liberty Times>, Taiwan, 1.13.2014   林鈺雄 Dr. Lin, NTU professor
Taiwan turns to a "privacy hell" because prosecutors and police abuse the right/power of retrieval of Taiwanese communication records... Taiwan's police access the most number of Taiwanese communication records (nearly 80% occupied)... Taiwan's total number of retrieval equals more than 200 times the number of records-retrieval in Germany ...  Taiwan's prosecutors (or police , investigation units) by themselves approve and issue approval of application for retrieval of communication records, without Taiwan judges' objective approval......   Taiwan's prosecutors and police want it quick and energy-saving, judges want to get rid of burden, so, Taiwan's constitution and Taiwanese human rights are not their (police, prosecutors, etc) concerns eventually?......

★  <Apple Daily News> 1.14.2014
 Taiwan's Court hard to control abusing of power by prosecutors & police (法院難管檢警濫權」author:  錢建榮, Taiwan's court judge)
Taiwan's prosecutors and police do wiretapping by using serious crime felony to cover up misdemeanors(重罪掩飾輕罪監聽), Taiwan's judges don't question their evidences/proofs...... the biggest problem is we don't have full-duty prosecutor's order court ( 專責的「強制處分專庭」), judges take turns to do the job, and don't care too much about those application for prosecutor's order... Taiwan's judiciary practice makes no difference between "judge for investigation" and "judge for judgment"... so Taiwan's Judiciary Yuan fails to reach the basic :
to evade/side step the issue of dividing applications (「分案迴避」), e.g.,   those judges during investigation proceedings approve detention of accused, will they think the accused is innocent during judiciary proceedings? .... Taiwan judges fail to reach the goal of professional quality and neutrality ...!wiretapping harms the most Taiwanese privacy, but till now Taiwan fails to send a formal notice to those people being listened... Taiwanese people won't know being listened until they were prosecuted, as for those people not being indicted, they will never know about this ....  Taiwanese people can not do anything about this nation's most serious - mandatory punishment, no one can help them, they are rejected by Taiwan's judiciary systems...

 <Apple Daily News> 1.15.2014

Taiwan's Legislature passed wiretap restrictions yesterday, but vice secretary general of the Judicial Reform Foundation expressed that this amendment works nothing for Taiwanese privacy protection in advance and remedy afterwards (該修正案對人民隱私權的事先保障與事後救濟都是空的), Taiwan should learn "four-eyes-principle" (sync. wiretapping by prosecutors and police with judge's approval together with telephone-service staff inside the machinery/equipment room, Chinese namely "同步監聽") of USA or Japan, Taiwan's current way to do it seriously harms Taiwanese privacy.

 <Apple Daily News> 1.16.2014 editorial
The legislature yesterday approved revisions to the Communication Security and Surveillance Act (通訊保障及監察法) to toughen the rules governing the use of wiretaps... previously, the prosecutors may keep listening someone even the legal case had already been closed, or the prosecutors may wiretap on a specific person and by the way listen other people in the same case... all these show their (prosecutors, police, investigation units) attitude of abusing power & playing the law.  This amendments immediately led to a rebound (opposition) by Taiwan's prosecutors, police, and investigation units...The Judicial Reform Foundation expressed : Taiwan's judiciary has not made any progress at all unless they avoid wiretapping mistakes by abolishing the watching center or attaching it to or under certain authority remaining neutral, and not allow accessing communication records unless they got the judges' approval...

USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, April 8, 2011

       There were still problems with corruption ( police corruption's limited but still a problem ).

  <Transparency International>, Germany,   Dec. 10, 2010

     Taiwan's corruption sorting list:  worstPolice: 3.9,  Parliament/legislation: 3.8,  Public officials/civil servants :3.8,  Political parties : 3.5,  military: 3.4,  judiciary3.3 ,  Media , Education systems : 3.2

   ps: Taiwan's news media,  <United Daily News>,  <China times> , <Liberty Times> all reported the Police is the worst in corruption.


PTS TV (Public TV service), Taiwan,   2010.6.2   http://talk.news.pts.org.tw/2010/06/blog-post_02.html



  Taiwan police illegal, bad behavior

pic. above: No.3 ranking on Yahoo (Taiwan) by English keyword "Taiwan police",1-11-2015

  pic. : So many evil behavior done by Taiwan's police (see table below)
kidnapping for ransom 2 Taipei policemen kidnapped a prostitute for $100thousand 
bleed (cheat/deceit for money ) a detective set up for $1 million
asking 'authority' fee for shielding illegal gambling 3 detectives of Da-an district involved;
<China Times> 12.26.2013: video game industry suspiciously offers money, feast, sexual entertainment for cover-up...
asking paying bribery Tao-yuan police asks bribery from a prostitute's (being caught/arrested)husband
robbery Taipei police made a fake traffic accident for money
Investment in stocks /shares etc to cover up illegal business 5 police officials invest stocks to shelter Taipei porn tea-shop;  Kaohsiung city detective team run gambling business
run gambling business 7 policemen of 3 police precinets run 'baseball game gambling' business
sexual assault top police official in Hua-nien sexual assaults a massage girl and takes money from his police staffs for public relation
shielding porn/eroticism business for money <China Times>, 1.2.2014, 2 police in Kaohsiung city under arrest


Taiwan police colluding with Mafia, Gang, Mob
pic. above & right:
Taiwan police colluding with Mafia/Gang/Mob
(see table below)


Aug., 2007

Police together with gang (suspicious) broke in a civilian's house for debt (owing money) matter, this Taiwanese (house owner) reported this criminal case to police dept. but police refused to access this case because the defendant is inside his circle.  


Aug., 2007

A head of Da-an district detective team suspiciously colluded with gangsters, passed important information (regarding the plan that police combating against the gang) to  Mafia/Gang/Mob, sheltered "4-sea" gang, and run underground bank business.


May 2006

Tao-yuan police collude with Mafia/Gang/Mob and illegally let a very rich prisoner go...


May 2006

Police ignore and let 40-50 gangsters (rascals) go after they did battery to victims and destroyed a KTV shop.










latest news:   Taiwan police's prefect or ... problem  

  (1) Exclusive !!  police made a phony defendant's transcript document
 Songshan Precinet (松山分), Taipei City Police Department,
        detective Chen You-ren (
陳宥任) modified the defendant's report, by the detective's imagination, during initial questioning.



Criminal case doc. by Songshan police dept. to Taipei court, prosecutors office(2013.10.25)

Defendant's transcript report(2013.10.19)

Police's report changed suspect's (ps:defendant) words to be:

...(defendant) stated: ... I push her down by a chair... (故以椅子推倒被害人XXX)


Q (police asks): Have you ever held a chair against her chest and attacked her by your fist (椅子頂被害人胸口並以拳頭攻擊...)

A (defendant's answer-statement): ...I pull her by my hand... ( 我有用手拉她手臂請她離去...)


The police department changed both the detective's expression and the defendant's transcript report created a phony story.






  (2) Conceal transcript report (隱匿筆錄) !   detective Chen You-ren (陳宥任) again, and again ?!


  Liberty Times,  Nov. 8, '12, ETtoday    http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2012/new/nov/8/today-so5.htm

Detective Chen suspiciously concealed 2 models' transcript (daze rape by "wolf" Lee 李宗瑞) and even asked them to ignore prosecutor's subpoenas by phrases "it's hard for you to prove it's a sexual assaulting case, it's useless to attend prosecutors office, you don't need to be there !" , that leads to police investigation trouble, and more sexual assaults on innocent girls by that "wolf" Lee...... detective Chen explained he did not do this by intention, it's his faineancy and neglect of the duty.......     

(Chinese version: ...據週刊報導,警方最初追查李宗瑞被控迷姦小模姊妹花時,解姓目擊證人指證,曾見李把小模姊姊抬上計程車,他為此還和李打架;但北市刑大承辦偵查佐陳宥任製作筆錄後,卻未將筆錄移送檢方,法官因而無法收押李宗瑞。更扯的是,提告的小模姊妹花事後居然都不願出庭,檢方拘提兩女,妹妹還埋怨,當初不到庭,是因陳宥任說「妳這很難證明是性侵啦,去了也沒有(用),不用去啦!」檢方將徹查陳宥任員。


China Times 中國時報     Lee's embarrassing/compromising/erotic photo external-lost case

detective Chen you-ren and other 5 policemen attended on the court of Taipei prosecutors office and denied that they have something to do with  Lee's dirty photo external-lost case (media doubt those photo came from Taipei Criminal Investigation Division of Taipei City Police Dept. because photo background looks like its place...... )
Chinese version:
去年爆發富少李宗瑞涉嫌迷姦、偷拍淫照案後,網路一度流傳從電腦螢幕翻拍李宗瑞性愛淫照,由於拍攝地點疑為公部門辦公室,外界懷疑是承辦的台北市刑大流出,北檢主動分案偵辦。......   台北地檢署偵辦...以證人身分傳喚前台北市刑大偵五隊副隊長林宏銘、承辦警員陳宥任等5名警員到案,據了解,5人均...否認淫照外流與警方有關,檢方訊後請回。

China media :  Beijing Sina 9.2.2013 & 中新網, Apple Daily 8.23.2013, http://news.sina.com.tw/article/20130902/10558677.html

Singapore media  http://www.zaobao.com.sg/wencui/social/story20130823-244469



   (3) Police leave some cases behind (吃案) !

  The China Times 中時電子報】  華夏經緯網  03/27/2007

All tricky ways Taiwan police leave cases behind (台灣警察吃案手法 大公開)