Cartoon experts get together in Shangri-La's Far-eastern Plaza Hotel, Taiwan      

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In this summer vacation, Dr Lent's (Mass Communication professor expert. in Cartoon Arts & Asia Studies) busy in traveling in Asia:  He's invited by  Taiwan once,  mainland China three times.

Picture below:

Dr. Lent in Shangri-La Hotel, Buffet House, treated by Lee Shan and me.

He loves Indian food, tasted Southern Chinese food more than Northern Chinese food,
I believe his Northern Chinese wife cooks better

Dr Lent is curious about cartooning trend and quite some matters just happened,
 i.e., "how come did the Liberty Times cancel its editorial cartoon column?"


ps: soon after the meeting The Liberty Times printed Taiwanese cartoons in its public opinion page 


Zola Zu, Dr. John Lent, Lee Shan, VIP cartoonists in Taiwan

       From Left to Right :  (summer '05)

       D. Hon,      (professor, Tamkang University;  chairperson, Graphic design research center)
       Lee Shan    (cartoonists leader, SHU etc vice-professor, "cartooning achievement for life" award winner)
       Dr. Lent     (professor, Temple university;  chair, Asian Cinema Studies Society, Asian Popular Culture Group, PCA)
       Zola Zu      (me, ref. resume on this site)
       Gi-chin       (political/editorial cartoonist in United News System;  R.O.C.'s representative to Belgium Knokke Heist Humor Festival)
       Wang Pin    (former cartoonist in United News, currently freelance)