Decode China's present

Beijing's envoy hand over  to Taiwan President     home


            Red Chinese official 1st time visited Taiwan since the 1949 communist revolution.



            China :  get together to build a homeland         Taiwan : Taiwan's future should be decided by Taiwan's people



(1) Beijing's envoy stammered

Chen Yunlin, Beijing's envoy ( the most senior Chinese official), visited Taiwan since the 1949 communist revolution.


 In the meeting, Mr Chen  hand over a scroll painting that made reference to Taiwan president's surname, which is written in Chinese with the pictogram for “horse”.

“. I give this painting to. . . give this painting to . . . ” Mr Chen stammered, until settling with a simple “you” to refer to Mr Ma. (He didn't use the term "president")


ROC president, Ma said in a  press conference : Taiwan's future will be decided by 23 million people living in Taiwan.


(2) decoding Beijing's gift


Japanese PM sent a "horse" drawing to US president Bush, is another widely-known "horse" gift between 2 countries.


Bush decoded the picture as a fighting against terrorists under the leadership of USA.


 The warrior looks like a white man (like Bush), and  the reins seemed .....  in warrior's head, not in horse head.


The  most important code in Beijing's painting probably is reins in horse (Mr. Ma) head.  The calligraphy poetry in the painting hinted  - keeping a rein on, or under the leadership of  .... but the artist said the painting bears his hope that both Taiwan and mainland Chinese together build a better homeland.



(3) About the artist

Chen Yunlin, talked to president Ma: "This is by a world famous painter of horses who has received many international awards".

According to media reports, one of the most successful painting he designed is Air China's logo.    It seems to me  he applied similar method as Washington State University logo.

Air China logo        Washington State University logo
     see V.I.P.  in logo?      W.S.U. inside the logo

Nov. 8, 2008



Japanese PM hand over  a "horse" painting to US president Bush
Horse painting that Japanese PM hand over to US president


Horse painting China Beijing's envoy hand over to Taiwan president Mr. Ma.
The horse painting China Beijing's envoy hand over
 to Taiwan president Mr. Ma.








PS :


Hong Kong loves reins?



         Zodiac sheep, Chinese New Year mascot design                    Zodiac sheep, Chinese New Year mascot design


     Why are reins on these 2002 mascot horses? ( in the sightseeing guid-book of HongKong int'l airport
     which just received world-best airport award)

     I have never seen reins in any mascot of world games (i.e., FIFA USA's lucky dog in 199X)

     Are reins drawn subscienciously or on purpose?   Both may say something.




HK does love reins  

                Zodiac sheep


               Reins again, in HK's Zodiac Sheep (2003 is the Chinese Year of Sheep )

               reins in a sheep is comparatively very un-usual to see , I feel it's a hidden metaphor message

               (written in 2003)


China loves reins ?



Zodiac Horse stamp for Chinese New YearZodiac Horse stamp for Chinese New YearZodiac Horse stamp for Chinese New YearZodiac Horse stamp for Chinese New YearZodiac Horse stamp for Chinese New Year


   Horses by China Government :

        Here're some zodiac Horse stamps made by <China Post> for Chinese New Years.

         (visit China Post web-site )

   Horses by Chinese people :

        Most horse art-works in " mascot design contest for the Chinese Year of Horse," held in red China don't have any rein on their face.


   ps: May need further studies to have precise conclusion.    Perhaps some other horses're not included in Google top pages.


Taiwanese love reins


                Any reins in Taiwan's people?

                Apple Daily, a major news reported, too many people in Taiwan're watched by government. 
                                 ( pic. below )

                   ( 7/7/2003) 


                  7 million people in time 're tapped by government 
pic: Taiwan government's watching 7 million people in time ('re tapped), reported by
                           Taiwan's major news, Apple Daily.
                  ps:  Taiwan has 23 million population, including youngsters, babies, infirm elders.



 PS 1 : a packet sent by Europe were  returned from Taiwan ............  No one admitted who did this ?!
                           This  "returning FecoNews" case is ranking high in a world best search engine.  (2003)

 PS 2: Most likely,  more serious cases happened ....  (Nov. 2008)

Canada Horse :   free un-tamed、full of energy

Macau Horse :  2 soft "horns" above the eye  ?

Canada Horse

Macau Horse

(Nov. 2008)


Taiwan Horse

Taiwan Horse

Pic. left : Ma's image ad.
when he's not ROC Taiwan president

HK's major news <Min Pao>, criticized HK's election campaign ads, but applauded Taiwan Ma's image ads :  each part symbolizes Ma's character  i.e.,  "eye" means his broad vision.

 It's a free horse.

  (Nov.  2008 &  7/12/2002  )