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comment on Taiwan University's academic paper


             Taiwanese sense of humor  ...  in poor taste      

Taiwanese people seem to enjoy this kind of humors : funny face, slapstick actions, rather than smart ideas -  some 're named "COLD jokes" by Taiwanese (communist Chinese as well).

We may know a country by its ads ( to mirror what people like).

Here takes a Humor-theory & Advertising paper (written & published in graduate school, Business College, National Taiwan University (NTU) as an example .... 

(1) The NTU's paper comments the ad. (below) as  "very good example of humorous advertisements (commercials)".


 example in NTU academic paper

this site comments


a stranger sits at table (to join a family dinner)

nothing curious or mysterious


this stranger pretends to be a family member, on purpose of eating KFC

 Not a good resolution :
not humorous, not stylish witty, not unexpected, not within reason
("Simple, Stupid" is ad. personality)
It selects some "un-humor" examples for humor-theory analysis 

Below compare with a better example ( a winning work in European Dutch cartoon festival ):


(1)an elderly & infirmed man who has been staying in a remote tiny island for years after a flight crash, ...
(2)He refused to get on a big boat passing by.

 (1) viewers curious to know why  (2) draw people's attention


Because ...... That boat is Titanic !

 good resolution :
   unexpected, within reason, style witty with humorous imagination
(may leads to better impression, word-of-mouth influences)

ps: Or ....  the elderly man is hesitating about going on board for KFC in Titanic ...

(2)  NTU (National Taiwan University) paper's suggestion :

humor types



Cognition humor :

by words play

easier for incongruity-resolution design

Affective humor :

by visual/pictures

 better effect

From the Euro. cartoon example above we know smart ideas can function well for both kinds of humors.


(3)  Most Taiwanese prt-ads in this NTU paper are just weird or funny things, like a adult riding a baby bike, an almost nude man in a meeting, etc, to connect products' selling-points. 

      Those pictures are not good enough humors with sharp-wits .....   they're just funny (or slapstick), expected, or even inadequately (same picture can be used for many different products or selling-points).

      If there's no any good humors in Taiwan's ads or graphic designs, researches/studies should select international humors to do theoretical analysis on Humour, otherwise, if both good and bad "humors" successfully pass through their humor theory, this theory has some holes.

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In brief This website is pushing Taiwan to change all things (focus on human rights & politics, others like scholar papers are just supporting actors) not perfect as soon as possible, otherwise Taiwan may fall a long way behind major Asian nations, etc, in the future.

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