comment:  Taiwanese scholars' & government's views on Advertising and national propaganda

Best known Taiwanese scholar teaching in national Cheng Chi university applauded the ads (most important ads for Taiwan) for participating in the U.N. (United Nations). 

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who said ?

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This website's comment

National ChengChi University, advertising professor's book


using puns in UN series is
very creative and
 witty idea !"

old ideas!

 This series in recent years are quite old ideas

  pls see below:


Taiwan's government :
(suppose with lots of scholars' consults and supports)

"UN for Taiwan" ad. is
"un-limited creativity !"


      End political apartheid:   a whale limited in golden-fish glass-ware

   Taiwan Human Rights ... click

 Taiwan advertisement for participating in the United Nations (UN), prt in New York Times, Time magazine, and in Europe, Japan, etcTaiwan advertisement in New York Times, Time magazine, etc, for join United Nations (UN or U.N.)data: ads in western major media

caption: End political apartheid;  sub-caption: A vital life should not be limited, a democratic nation not isolated.
ps: Taiwan thinks that political apartheid (like South Africa's old policy) will produce crisis, instead, participation in the U.N. is the solution.

    Government's view 

Faking Advertisement, Faking issue, Taiwan newspaper vs. Taiwan government

(1) pic. above: Head of Taiwan Government Information Office shows his attitude by making a gesture.  He thinks people's will-power  is the key to join UN. (but Taiwan's vice-president thinks profound law knowledge is the key.)

(2) The China Times (9/22/'07) comments:  a faking issue, on other purposes (United News: purpose to win presidential election).  The Liberty Times (9/21/'07): 55% American support Taiwan to join UN.


     About the ads.                      This comment was printed in Taiwan's major news

     Taiwan government stated :  (9.28.'07)

they're "  unlimited creative idea!!   "   


  ★★★         This site's different view   :         

  (1)  Not a fresh & witty idea/design, HSBC had a similar advertisement (as below) before.  As for APARTHEID materials,  you can find a lot of various, clever political-cartoon ideas in world newspapers during 1985. ( black people's anti-apartheid protests in South Africa, ps "black" in here is not a discrimination word) 

apartheid ads, A big whale in a small golden fish glass-ware

human rights ads, apartheid design, A big golden fish in a small glass-ware , a best collection ad, same as Taiwan Ad for participating in the United Nations

HSBC bank's advertisement: a whale in golden-fish glass-ware

data frm TW papers

   UUnet's advertisement: a  big golden-fish in a glass-ware

data frm China's ads album

(2) Only one witty idea in this fused metaphor ad. : the shape of whale looks like that of Taiwan, however, the target audiences of the ads., Americans, as well as European people, cannot relish this.  Whale is not in top 10 American's favorite animals.

(3) Advertisement can convey a brand personality ( a country's personality) of intelligence and wit ......, Taiwan needs to improve this part. ( to change western people's long-term view, Asian's design works are quite copied/simulated or cliche stuffs.   )



      A ball in hand,  major logo in "UN for Taiwan" political campaign, 2007

(1) opinion : baseball-earth in hand, an old idea !!   The art world already got a lot "baseball- earth" designs by graphic fusion or substitution, etc.  For instance, political cartoons for the World Series's interrupted by earthquake in S.F,  or for environment issue in 1990.  You can also see statue art-work as below

Taiwan usually focuses on communications , regardless of (or unable to have) original creativity.  So, many of Taiwan's ads are modified or stale stuffs.


U.N. for Taiwan, UN for Taiwan, logo by Taiwan government


 The official  logo

 in "UN membership for Taiwan" campaign

Baseball earth design, same as Taiwan ads design participating in UN ads campaign

Similar design:

 Baseball- earth in hand,

 a statue in Japan


ps: ref

      Ps:  to see more,  pls click .....       comments "UN for Taiwan" slogan & logo       Taiwan's all logo design

(2) opinion : earth in hand ,  it's super-power's image, not Taiwan's.

(3) opinion :  Taiwan government indicates that it's  C. M. Wang's (Yankee's Taiwanese pitcher ) fingers throwing a sinking ball.  Using popular star is effective to Taiwanese people. 


      2004-2006  advertisements for Taiwan's participation in U.N.


Taiwan to UN ads.



Taiwan Ads for participating in the United Nations (UN) , theme :UNFAIR, Taiwan joins the UN(1)  UNFAIR  : the U.N. is un-fair.

(1) 2004 Taiwan to UN ads.

(2) U.N. is unfair, to reject 23 million people living in Taiwan. 

Words Play/game is a common design method, like Euro's ad, "I Amsterdam", or Canadian political cartoon "TI'ME", even Yankees fans can designed and  showed a sign "TAIWANG" to support Taiwanese pitcher C. M. Wang.

However, "UN" pun has been used too much,  really is a too old idea ....(see pic. below)

 Taiwan Advertisement, only United Nations (UN) can bring peace and against China(2) UN bring peace: Only the UN can maintain peace in Taiwan Strait. (1) 2005 Taiwan to UN ads.

(2) "Feeling": innocent children around the earth, full of peaceful, joyful atmosphere, hints that Taiwan Strait's peace connects Asia's stable status.   

    "Think":  Only the UN can bring peace to this area.

Not an outstanding idea.

Taiwan Advertisement for participating in (join, enter) the United Nations (UN) , UNHAPPY(3) UNHAPPY:Taiwan is unhappy, in the U.N.'s happy 60th birthday. (1) 2005 Taiwan join UN ads.

(2)    The ad. uses candles with tears, and black & white 60th birthday- cake in shadow, to create sad atmosphere, and to contrast U.N.'s happiness with Taiwan's un-happiness.  Sub-caption is "Can a family happy with one member missing?".

 (1) UN won't be happy without Taiwan?

 (2) Exactly same idea as an article caption in <The Economist> of 1995, that article mentioned UN received condolences more than congratulations in his 50th birthday.

Taiwan Advertisement, participates in the U.N., UNhuman rights, Taiwan human rights ads(4) UNhuman Rights   (1) 2006 Taiwan to enter UN ads.

  (2)   "To reverse characters" means that it's  reverse Human Rights -  if U.N. rejects Taiwan's participation. 

    To select human rights as ads. theme is because U.N. just organized a human rights committee in March 2006.


 (1) Taiwan government said this idea came from a popular film, "The Da Vinci Code".      However, "reverse characters" has been used many times , like reverse CITIZEN in Japanese ad., or reverse THINK in western advertisement, etc.  

 (2) We've already seen too many "UN" ideas, like UNedible, UNjustice, etc

China not equal to Taiwan, Taiwan vs. China advertisement(5) China Not equal to Taiwan

(1) Taiwan to join UN ads

(2) Taiwan vs.  red  China

 In most cases, using "Two-fers"  comparison/contrast advertisement, is a fundamental way to organize information, to get attention, and to be persuasive &  effective.  

This piece is  too "simple" or direct, not good enough for high-educational target audiences.

ps: data from Taiwan's media & official site

remark 2 :

the UN series is  too old idea !!

evidence :  UNhappy 50th birthday in United Nations, The Economist, 1995 

UNhappy birthday United Nations, Economist article



      Media views to Taiwan's participation in the U.N.

Views from Taiwan's top 4 newspapers:

(1) <The United News>, <Apple Daily>,  <the China Times>:  Taiwan's Participation in the UN is a fake issue, on presidential-election winning purpose.

(2) <The liberty Times>:  To participate in the United Nations  is a "target" as well as a "means".

    Oct 27, '07 Japan's poll (made for Taiwan government): 74% Japanese agree Taiwan should join the UN.

    Sept. 21, '07 : 55% American support Taiwan to participate in the UN.

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