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Taiwan University's homepage (pic. below) : extra-enlarged type, crowded layout, loud & unbearably vulgar colors everywhere, trying to grasp everybody's eyeballs, just like peddling peddlers in loud voices.
  Taiwan university


  best universities in
  Singapore, Japan, Korea, and China.
  See their clean look,  "elegant" speaking, and different styles.


    National University of Singapore


  National University of Singapore


    Korea University


  Korea style


    Renmin University of China


  red Chinese university style


    University of Tokyo, Japan


  Japanese style

You may see some national character/personality of each country by web-site styles above, Japanese are simple (light) and delicate, Korean are bit stronger & thick ( unbend down), but nothing too special & impressive, red China loves to apply Chinese color and communist party's political atmosphere,  Singapore is more English, young & dynamic ... 

In the past 40 years, Taiwanese seemed to focus on "life reality" (utilitarian, practical, pragmatic) , instead of aesthetics, style, taste ...  However, according to and some other reports, Taiwanese're rich already, but "reality" is still a very very first concern.  

Even red Chinese tourists mentioned in their media Taiwan doesn't look so shinning (pretty), years ago a best magazine in Europe quoted & described Taiwan as something like where pigs live.

Taiwan's best university should leads the way to change, not too messy any more.


   focus both Brain & Mind ...  N smart "monkey" !



            Taiwan university ad & logo ...          


Taiwan University ad

NTU    Taiwan University's advertisement printed in head-page of a major newspaper.

   "It Says All" ? 

   Actually, that stamp is not NTU's logo, because the outline of Taiwan's national flower, plum-flower, is deleted from this ad. (compare pic. below).


Taiwan University Logo
Taiwan University Logo (copied from web-site)

Modify the bell tower, to look like a stamen or a pistil in the plum flower, perhaps bit better 

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In brief

Taiwan has good side : industrious, being gentle/moderate  ... (others may ref. to government information office and related websites)

Some truths are so obvious  ...  i.e., Taiwan's popular newspaper<Apple Daily> just made comments that Taiwan's universities circle is sort rotten ...

This web-site is pushing Taiwan to change all bad things as soon as possible, otherwise Taiwan may fall a long way behind major Asian nations, etc, in the future.

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