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Discussion about
           Nation-wide logo by one of Taiwan's best university
                   ―  Chung Cheng university

 Left:    Logo for nation-wide university-sports-game, Taiwan, 2005
 Right:  Logo for Korea metro., designed earlier

 this sign can be decoded as
 (1) A man in merry mood (Korea's official interpretation)
 (2) A nice environment: red sun, green mountain and clean stream, good for attracting int'l tourists
 (3)  A kick of Korean national sports, Taekwondo  ―   this action also appeared in Korean's national ad film

So, the logo designed for Taiwan inter-collegiate athletics game may be a simulation works ( or Taiwanese designers don't have enough design knowledge ).








Discussion :
best scholarly papers (3 best universities professors involved),
          in the best ads periodical of Taiwan,
                National ChengChi University  <The Journal of Advertising>


   This paper was published in the best Ads. scholarly journal in Taiwan in 2000,
   this paper was done by professors of a few best universities in Taiwan.

   The theme is about Ad. Graphics.

   I  think 2 errors as below:

   (1) Author Professors stated that all attached ads are fresh, flashing ideas.

   (2) Author Professors stated  all attached ads are witty works

   In fact, they are not witty or not fresh enough.

   I think professors . in the future, should select and analyze stylish taste, more witty,
   well designed works, to assist people in learning better creativity.     




left: tennis-shoes ad work in the paper (tied the tennis court);    middle: earlier work  (tied the tennis ball)
right:  similar Camel ad '97  (tied the mountain)
ps: there're more similar works



   Left above:  1 out of 10+ pictures (ad works) in the paper, a car on flight deck
(aircraft carrier) ,   caption as a "Top Weapon". 
            It seems the graphic analogy, that car likes a carrier ( huge capacity), 
            is bit over-interpretation ,
            the car is supposed to be analogous to a fighting aircraft
            (more people may feel so )
            , but a smaller print below mentions the car is analogous to the carrier.

  right above:  very classic ad commercial (French car 雪鐵龍) in Europe, that many int'l ad. books included,
             an US TV program introduced it as well.
            A car on the deck,  jetted later (like an aircraft), then landed on a submarine.

   look-alike materials, but humour's disappeared after it 's "shipped" to Taiwan.

   some other things can be discussed later.

   (to be continued) 





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