Danish Cartoon Controversy Crisis - reflection


Danish cartoon controversy comments

Danish ambassador building is bombed ... (6.2008)

Danish ambassador's building in Islamabad, Pakistan was serious damaged by a suicide bomb-car.


Danish newspapers reprint Muhammad cartoon (2. 2008)

On Feb. 13, 2008, 17 Danish newspapers reprinted a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad,  after 3 people were arrested for allegedly plotting to kill  a 73-year-old cartoonist who drew it.  This cartoon shows the prophet wearing a turban shaped like a bomb, therefore was regarded as the most offensive one to Muslims.

Islamic law opposes any depiction of the prophet, even favourable, for fear it could lead to idolatry.


Holland Held a religion cartoon contest (4-10.2007)

The Dutch cartoonists organization held an international cartoon festival under the theme of "Men and Religion (Mens & religie)", and then publish an album "Unbelievable".


Iran held an int'l cartoon contest (2.2006)

Responding to Danish cartoon crisis, Iran government run news held an int'l cartoon contest under the theme, German Nazi massacre Jewish, to test the boundary of western countries' free expression, in addition, to mock the relationship between Europe and Israel.

US state refuted it's shamefully.