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Snoppy fantasy


Snoppy's pink fantasy, exhibited in Korea




Foot and boot


printed together with an article in The China Times, leading news in Taiwan





Piggy bank for screwdriver, cash box


exhibited in taiwan, Japan, Korea 日本韓國展覽
Theme: Piggy-bank for screwdriver 





massage girl


exhibited in japan (cut to fit the size) & Israel  日以 展覽
theme: massage  題目: 按摩院





mock poor  infirm elders, cartoon



exhibited in portugal, USA (葡萄牙 美國展覽)
theme: a poor old man





scream cartoon



exhibited in czech 捷克展覽
theme: scream





cartoon : toilet, rest-room, wash-room



exhibited in taiwan
theme: one step forward please 題目: 小便請向前一步





劇院   表演   演奏



exhibited in czech 捷克展覽  (originally exposited in black-white color)
theme: begger's solo 題目: 獨奏





百發百中   射箭漫畫



exhibited in korea 韓國展覽 ('96修改版, 原刊'94中國時報,  )
theme : easy target 題目: 不打老虎







ppingholeIdea.jpg (10075 個位元組)



   'snopping' idea ? 偷窺之創意?






dog loyalty



printed in Cyprus , exhibited in Korea
刊載於 賽浦路斯報紙 &   韓國展覽






priority, elder in an island




printed in Cyprus , exhibited in Bulgaria



POLO shirt and diamond ring

1>     Look who's here!    honey
2>     "Ralph Lauran" ?   Are you showing off your little rich ??
3>     What a big dimond ring !
4>     Are you showing off your poor wife always staying at home ??