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    Against dirtiest politics on this planet.....  until they admit mistakes       

    Challenging No.1 graphic designs: USA No1's, China No1's, Japan No1, Euro No1, Taiwan No1...       

    very Top world rankings : political cartoons, Advertising issues, Visual Comm., Political issues, etc (mass media involving includes reports or comments by The Straits Times, People's Daily, The China Times, etc)

    The 1st 'exotic culture' cartoon site
       thousands of cartoons from more than 70 nations take turns to be exposited in here
       Some participants are major cartoonists in their countries;  they have obtained more than 1000 awards, this event has been reported by some int'l media, like The straits Times (1st page headlines & in   large-sized), the
No.1 news in Singapore; The China Times (by very attractive page), No.1 news in Taiwan.

    This site's against all odds
         This site's fighting against the most dangerous , maybe fatal object: dirty politics
        Please take a note of  3 web-sites' addresses  

    Challenging  Best professors, papers in Taiwan and red China ...       


address: Taipei PO Box 46-39 Roc  TAIWAN

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