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Between cowardice and violence,  I would advicse fighting, I prefer to use arms in defence of honora / Gandhi India 



                Zola Zu (Taiwan) ,with  Egypt cartoonists leader in Europe

Left: X'mas card sent by 
president of
Israel Cartoonists Association

Right: shield given by
 vice president of





Int'l Activities

Courage World Cartoon Contest organized by Zola Zu
(1) was ranked world No.1 "Cartoon Contest" by
world best search engines 1999-2005
(2) World 1st-time cartoon contest & expo. on the net
more details

p articpated in int'l festivals
mainly in '96-'97;
 won important prizes in
Australia, Romania, Korea, Egypt, Arab;

gained 2nd position in Brazil, etc;

and was

selected in exhibitions 
 held in
Belgium, Brasil, Bulagaria,
Croatia, Cyprus, Czech,
France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iran,
 Italy, Israel, Japan
Korea, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,
Turkey, USA, etc

FECO (Federation Cartoonists Organisations, Federation European Cartoonists Organisations) Taiwan representative & President
Advisory Board, Asia-Pacific Comic/Animation Assoc.



ROC Taiwan's  winning

Belgium Knokke-heist '96 selected ROC on Taiwan as "theme country",
hundreds of our cartoonists participated in 1st round contest held in taipei,

one hundred works of our cartoonists and juries  joined belgium  game,
I am one out of top 3 selected taiwan-cartoonists




master degree in Computer S., usa

Doctor's completion certificate, china

"Pascal" , published by tsen-min book co.

teaching position on graphic-related and
computer-related courses
in a number of universities/colleges in Taiwan



Cartoons & articles in major news


Some of my articles promoting cartooning & arts,
as well as my cartoon works were
appeared in influential newspapers in taiwan,
the China Times, the United Daily News,  ming-sen daily
and biggest TVs here, like CTS ,TTV

my article and cartoon works were printed in
which were distributed to more than fifty countries and areas

    Zola Zu                                             Zola Zu article printed in the China Times

    pic above:  an illustration by zu zola
     in the China Times            
                                 My article , cartoon, and some European cartoons
                                                                                  under the theme "cartooning & arts"            
                                                                                  appeared in the China Times,
                                                                                  a major news in Taiwan
                                                                                  (courtesy: Holland Cartoon festival)



FECO  welcome Taiwan


         Zola Zu, welcome Taiwan to join FECO

          one of my series articles introducing FECO and largest cartoon events
                in the China Times,  a major newspaper in Taiwan





Personal Pictures

Zola Zu, 朱翀, Taiwan              Zola Zu, 朱翀

         student age                      one out of a few prize-winners in the army








Zola Zu, 朱翀, Taiwan FECO president, Federations Cartoonists Organisations
Instructing computer courses in college of business


Zola Zu, 朱翀, Taiwan FECO president, Federations Cartoonists Organisations
Using my spare time to teach kids ( free-charge ) cartoon-drawing skills








Zola Zu, Taiwan ROC
left : photo in a cable TV station
right:  a trip to United Nation ,
background: do unto others as you would have the others do unto you (Chinese: 己所不欲勿施於人)



Zola Zu,朱翀, Taiwan FECO president
bamboo & Zola Zu


email:    z_zu@yahoo.com    t_zu@hotmail.com 

address :  Taipei PO Box 46-39, ROC, TAIWAN



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