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The best place to view the best lake (one among best ones in China) in Nanjing City

Having tea time with organisor (left) of 1st int'l cartoon festival in mainland China, summer 2002

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St. Just Le Martel , Oct 3,2002


Swedish int'l cartoon contest

Theme: Free; Ecology; Love; Humour in a hospital
Deadline: 11/30/2002

Int'l Cartoon Festival 2002   China 

Deadline: 4/30/2002 
details pls refer to



held in Hiroshima, where US dropped A-bomb in the 2nd World War
some major Japnese Newspapers reported this event, that nearly 100 selected local and international cartoonists joined

為促進世界和平所舉行的國際漫畫展 , 約百名日本與 歐洲 漫畫家 受邀參與(本人四幅作品獲展),  日本"朝日新聞" 等報紙報導,

A-Bomb and US Aircrafts                   Today's Hiroshima city

International Cartoon Exposition Hall


One out of 4  cartoons of mine exposited in Hiroshima   本人展出之四幅作品之一



one piece of Nuclear-Bomb stamp designed (not been published till )by USA many years ago 



Europe Mocks Racism
int'l festival held in Spain

International Anthology of Anti-Racist Humour

Cartoonists from 37 countries demonstrated their empathy and solidarity against racism and against the shameless, insolent, criminal propagation of its activities .........
(Introduction by Manuel M.Ramirez,  34 91 373 62 07 ,Madrid, Spain)


Gerda M. de Jong,   Kindom of Nederland

Bonvin Yves, Belgium


Harfoush el said abdl-kader hamed, Egypt


Reported by Zola Zu

PS1:   Courtesy  Mr. Manuel Martin Ramirez, President "Europe Mocks Rasicm" int'l cartoon festival 
PS2:    one of my cartoon's been exposited in this festival & printed in catalogue

註 :   遺憾台灣 有部分 同文同種 人士 心懷 狹隘之 族群 "主義"  



International Cartoon Contest

Invitation Card for  this festival & great food

FECO presidents and representatives from a number of member-countries at front of Cartoon Expos. Hall after FECO meeting of '98

Mr. P. Nieuwendijk 31252532302




Bulgaria  International Biennale of Humour & Satire

"Contest catagory" includes Cartoons as well as Photo, Scultures, Graphic, Painting, etc
Awards are offered by Ministry of Culture & House of Humor and Satire in gabrovo

May.19, 2001


winning works (Photo)


winning works (Photo)

winning works (Painting)

PS: I introduced the "cartoon catagory" in the China Times (Taiwan) a few years ago





Turkey Karikatur Vakfi
Cartoon contest

Courtesy the famous Turkish author Tan Oral, and Turkey Cartoonists Organization Feco



salao Int'l de Humour Exp. do of Piaui



086-232-1011Halley S.A.



VIII Salao Int'l de Desenho Para Impresa, Brasil


Invitation Card



Int'l De Humour de PIRACICABA
46 countries & 141 Brazilian cities ........    

more to come .............