Behind the smile, Inside the smile 
after 2000 courage world cartoon contest

<Courage Catagory>

Some singers can sing "My Heart will Go On" ( the love theme from "Titanic") very well, touching many people's hearts ,   may be just  snobbish persons  in their real life .

But when it comes to artists and their arts , particularly, those arts embodying courage ,
I would rather believe both are equal and consistant

cartoonists are not politician, they're   "natural (born to be) enemy" of politicians.

* * * * * * * * * * *   

The next year of 2000 will be '1984' of Orwell?
Are we living in a sort of so-called  "Brave New World"   ?

Have you ever stumbled over a "wireless" ,   without  awareness   at all ?

Cartoon is an international language

If you heard kind of  accent or dialect, sometimes,  it maybe exactly spoke for us  (or   neighbors, ...)

In real world,  political truths are usually ugly and cruel , to explore the truth may be dangerous and difficult

In Courage catagory of this year, a lot of brave artists on earth contributed their courage and qualified works to this show.

They drew critical political themes by sharp wits, and clever skills

No white wash, No mis-leading

All deserve respects

Running dogs have been upgrading continuously
one way or another  
politicians may have dirty things done more cleanly

people can be fooled much easilier ( Hitler said it's lucky  )

Our steps will leave footprints
Our fists will win applause

<Humour Catagory>

Adults may smile naturally at cute and innocent children

In  popular home-video TV programs
(ps), we have  seen quite a few cute children( or little kids) burst out laughing at stumbling adults

Maybe by nature, living human beings love to laugh at clown or buffoon actions?
Or many laughes come up together with a sense of superiority ?

In  Courage World Cartoon Contest of 2000, we do not have too much malicious,   malignant cartoons, instead, we enjoy a lot of good ironical sarcasms,  smart, witty cartoons,  rich in cultural diversity,   being satire upon  the humanity, mirroring the reality ....

Some cartoons  not only take you out of your boredon , but also make you think

Some of them reach high artistic  achievements

All  function well  to interest more people in the world to browse our expositions (lots world famous institutes and schools will within 2001 receive my invitation )

* * * * * *          * * * * * *

Obviously, To select best of  best cartoons is a difficult task

After having consulted with  an European international cartoon expert  , as well as with Ron Chu , the no. 1 4-panel and gag cartoon cartoonist in Taiwan, top Humour awards were evaluated and decided eventually

It's fair  , to offer prizes to all artists cross the high-quality border



ps: like "The world Funniest"





Best of the best

2000 Courage World Cartoon Contest

COURAGE cartoons

Award of Dagger            Award of spur                  Award of Stiletto
L. Drewinski (Ger)            Mikmail M. Zlatkovsky (Rus)          Kambiz (Ger)

Award of Poniard            Award ofDDirk                   Award of goad

Anton Dragos  (Rom)               Ilian Savkov  (Bul)                      L.   Hellman (Eng) 

Award of Needle          
Mihai Ignat  (Rom)         Feng   (Chn)   



HUMOUR cartoons

grand prix (humor):  
EDYPerazzolli (Italy)
1st prize:   
V. Nenashev ( Russia)
2nd prize:
POL  (Australia)

SPECIAL   prize
  M. Phole  (Germany)
Emilio Isca  (Italia)

Thorstein Eggertsson (Iceland)
Klas  (Yugo)


editorial-cartoon Prize
 Keys  (Ireland)
A. Lee (singapore)





Credits to every participant !!

Courage World Cartoon Contest Web-site is ranking (till present)
NO.1 in "cartoon contest" field by, world top Internet engine;
NO.1 in "cartoon contest" field by, one of best Internet engines on earth
NO.1 in "cartoon contest" field by, one of best Internet engines on earth
NO.1 in "cartoon contest" field by a very popular mainland Chinese engine and lots Taiwan ones
NO.6 "cartoon" web-site  by a world top engine (till 2/2001)







Lex Drewinski   

Gold "Award of Dagger" winner obtains  (ref original price):

Chris. Dior silk tie * 2       NT$6000 ($3000* 2)
Ralph Lauren wool cap    NT$ 1700
Charles Jourdan watch      NT $7500
Nautica cap (65% wool)    NT $800
Ralph Lauren tie * 2    NT $5000  ($2500 *2)
Aigner  sun glass    NT $ 14000
compact camera   NT$ n/a
StarBucks coffee glass   NT$300
computer-disk album



MilMail M Zlatkovsky: "Tommy Hilfiger" sweater , "Aigner" sunglass ,
"GM" fashion watch,  "StarBucks" coffee glass, Diploma, disk album 

kambiz: "YSL" sweater , "P. Picasso" sunglass, "Christian Dior" socks,     "Ralph Lauren" wool cap  ,   Diploma,  disk album 

"P. Picasso" sunglass, "Pringle" golf sweater,  Diploma, disk album





Around 120 prizes were mailed out  in  July 2000
(originally planned to send top 3 prizes only )



most packets sent by sea-mail <random order>


Marlene Pohle : "Guy Laroche" silk tie (NT $3200) ,"Ralph Lauren" cap
Emilio Isca: "Guy Laroche" silk tie (NT$3200)
Ye Ting:  "Armani" shirt
Feng G Bo: "Armani" wool sweater
Xia DaChuan: top brand silk tie made in Taiwan, "Ralph Lauren" POLO cap
Louis Postruzin : "Lacoste" Jacket , "Guy Laroche"  key-chain
Aristides E H Guerrero : "Lacoste" Jacket, "Guy Laroche" key-chain
Bess: "Ralph Lauren" shirts, "Giorgio Armani" long socks
Louis Hellman: france made "Lacoste" wool sweater
Willem Rasing : "Lacoste" T shirt, chopstick
Thorstein Eggertsson: Macau shirt, Italian design tie

G. Keyes: "Ralph Lauren" POLO cap
Anton Dragos: France made "Lacoste" wool sweater
Mihai Ignat: France made "Lacoste" wool sweater
Gennady Chegodayev: "Ted Lapidus" wool sweater
Tawan C.: "Ralph Lauren" wool cap
Valentin Druzhinin: wool sweater imported from Ireland
Klas: "Valentino" pen, Swiss made hankerchief
V. Nanashev: France made "Lacoste" wool sweater
Ilia Spitsevov: "Ralph Lauren" wool cap, leisure hat made in Italia
Slawomir Luczynski: "DKNY" fashion cap, "Raplh Lauren" wool cap
Murate Alimov: "GANT" jacket

Arkadiusz Szadkowski: "ESPRIT" wool sweater
Danny De Haes: "Aeropostale" pink dress shirt
D'hoop Freddy:  classic scarf

Ronald C. Dias: classic scarf
Sakic Zijad: "Ralph Lauren" wool caps
Adam Lee: tie
Alberto Jerez Benitez : classic scarf
Khezri Kaveh: classic scarf

and so on (N/A)

< other prizes by Sea-mail and  by Air-mail not listed in here >

each winner receive  a sheet of diploma and/or a disk album (stored some interesting cartoons ) ,
detected virus by "Norton 2000" and "Pccillin", but no guarantee for the peirod of delivery

No presents will be sent to those artists who did not write their addresses on the back of works
Please note if any packets lost in delivery





Successful Cartoonists List
(chosen artists after 1st round)

Ali Divandari

Miroscan Jakovgev

Ali Reza NasRati

Dinger Pilgir

Amir Abbas Tabrizi

Oleg Loktiev

Andras Toth


Alberto JEREZ Benitez

Costel Patrascan

Aristides E Hernandez Guerrero


Ayan Guha

Turon Asan



Budi Schmuckle

Mihaita Porumbita

BV Panduranga Rao

Erdogan Basol

Chen Gang

Zbigniew Kolaczek

Cholamreza (Bahram) Azimi

Karic Henad Kan

Claudio M Kappel

A. Borigen

DHoop Freddy

UGO Sajini

Danny De Haes

Diritti Umani Liberta Di Parola

Desnoyer Jacques

Erik Magnusson

Detchko Nikolov

IL Goo Kang

DMC Brockpeoro

Lubomir Kotrha

Dr Jan Tomaschoff

Anton Dragos

Dr Satish NS

Elif atamaz asicioglu


Vladimir Stevovic

Eduardo Caldari Jr

Emilio Isca

Fardeh Saedmehr

Soudabeh memarzadeh

FarHad Pour Mohamad Khan

Nickolaj KAPUSTA

FarHang Pour Mangan

Sichenko Sergey

Feng G Bo

Ireneusz Parzyszek

Fernando Hincapie Echeverri (F Pica)

Richard Camara

Flavio Jose Teixeira de Almeida

Murat Alimov

Frantisek Kratochvil

Cristian Topan

Fred Jefferies


Georgi Karaliev



Vakhitov Fareed

Ghadir Vaghari

Blagojevic Zoran

Gustav Krippl


Hamid Reza Azezy

Kamil Yavuz

Helmut Jacek


Henning Stuudte

Vladimir Crivoi

Hercules de Almeida Mendes

CoRVI Cabriele

Huseyin Cakmak

Florian Doru CRIHANA

Iiia Spitsevov

B. Erenburg

Ilian Savkov

Hassan Bleibel

Ivailo Nikodimov


Jalal Rahmaty

Jugoslav Vlahovic

Jorge Luis Neves Ferreira J Neves

Kazuto Kazase

Juan F Villarruel

Michael Tetievski


G. Keyes

Lex Drewinski

Semerenko Vladimir

Louis Hellman

Peoro PMC Brock

Louis Postruzin

Arkady Tzykun

Mahdi Karimzadeh


Marlelo Calado

Corvi Gabriele

Marlene Pohle

Mihai Ignat

Maryann Katourian

Abdulkadir Demirhincli

Miguel Angel ZuZiga Rodriguez

Arkadi Saltykov

Miroslow Nowak

ASAF Bvdak

Mohammad Amin Aghaey

Kazanevsky Vladimir

Mohammad degman zarsav

Vladimir Gorban

Mohammad fiezabadi


Mohammad Pegman Zarsan

Miro Stefanovic

Mohammad Rezababaer

Ali Akbar Ehrahimi Nejad(dajen)

Mohammas Reza Babaei

Ahmet Erkanli

Morteza khanali


Mostafa Hossein Nia

Gecelmo Gomes De Dliveira

Nader Hafezi


Nagraj Hegde

Mehmet Oguz Gurel

Navid Borhan Elmi

Ismail Kar


Pierpaolo Perazzolli-EDYPerazz

OYA Gubuk

Lubica Konkova

Oya Gubuk(Dogan Arslan)


Patrick Heymans

Mellana Claugio

Peiman Rezaei

Young Jin Kim

Peiman Rezaei Jafari


Reiner Schwalme (AGD)

Krachtchin Nickolai

Reza Arebestani

V Nanashev

Richard&Slavomir Svitalsky


Ronald Cunha Dias

Takashi Itoh

S Abolfazi Mortazavi

Dmitri Markin

S. Abolfazi Mortazavi

Khezri Kaveh

Saeid Rahimi

M Roya Khedmati-Z

Saleh Tasbihi

Maryam Katourian

Seyed Ali Miraee

Mehdi Zarnoosheh Farahani

Shabnam Shokry

Seyit Saatci

Shah Ali

Mikael Botscharov

Siamak Khazeni

Haro Dominguez Luis

Slawomir Luczynski

Giogio Giaiotto

Stanistaw walicki

Adam Lee

Sun Shen Ying

Jozef Jablonski

Tamer Youssef


Valery Lyutov

Yamgirchiev Salijan

Vilanova Paulo V.M.

Marino Tarizzo

Walter Rottiers

Vorontsov Mikola

Wang Zhu Hua

Arkadiusz Szadkowski

Willem Rasing

Viacheslav BiBiSHEV

Xia Dachuan

Bogustaw Popowicz

Yasamin Jegane

Vadim Shevchenko

Ye Ting

Norman B Isaac

Yourik Karim-masihi

Srdjan Jovanovic

Zhang Ya Ming



Cor Den Dulk (D)