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 NanHua university  in "university guide" of <Common Wealth> and <global Views> Magazine, Taiwan


      In Taiwan's 2009 Universities Guide by <>,    Nanhua University is not included in
      any of Taiwan's best-colleges table extracted/abstracted from evaluations by

                 Quacquarelli Symonds world universities ranks (<The Times> UK),
                 ShangHai Jiao Tong University (China), and 
<Webometrics World Universities Ranking on the Web> (Spain)

      Nanhua university also is not included in most ranking-lists in 2 best Taiwanese magazines <Common Wealth> and <Global Views>,
      the index standards are such as :  Students Working Performances, Scholarship per student, Technical Authorization (Licensing), Tech. Transfers,  Cooperative Education, University and Industry Liaison System, National Science Council & Taiwan Education Dept. Research Projects, Enterprises-Favorite Colleges, double degrees (offer) between colleges in 2 nations, Library volumes (books in Chinese & Foreign language), etc 

       Low percentage ( employment rate only 17.8%) of NHU students can get a full-time job within 3 months after graduation. 

       NHU is OK in Student/Faculty Ratio, and PhD % -  but most of them are not entitled professors.





            NanHua university in <the China Times>                     

<the China Times>

  Opposing school's policies by blog (website) to public and at meeting, and by visiting school headquarter (Fo Guang Shan Monastery) to express her dissatisfaction, most likely, is main reason professor Ms. Ho De-fen had been fired by NanHua university.  But NHU 's official reason is that she had not followed the agreement/contract between NHU and her.

Professor Ho's "outspokeness" (comments) include:

(1) Urged Taiwanese to see dark side of some private universities, and their rotten bureaucracy ...

(2)  School shouldn't sent "Observers" into classroom to watch ...

(3) The School seriously neglects of student needs : no qualified cafe-restaurant, no enough school bus to far-from-city campus, too many students motorcycles traffic accidents ( some're dead already ) ...

(4) Don't use students as money-earning tool !!


comments on NanHua university in <the China Times> of Taiwan



   NanHua university
  in <the United Daily News>                     

comments on NanHua university in <the United Daily News> of Taiwan


<the United Daily News>

(1) Caption : Professor Ho (or Her or Hur) expressed suggestion to school, then NanHua Univ.  fired her.

(2) NanHua university positions it as a "Research University", however, it has only 21 professors so far.

(3) Only 2 assistant professors form one department.

(4) Very expensive dorm,  snakes inside classroom- building, fries in restaurant

(5) Students group faced "pressures" while  trying to struggle and help themselves   

(6) Professor urged: Education is a non-profit career, with good conscience ...


 NanHua U. is short of creativity ... click


NanHua university advertisement

NanHua university advertisement



 NanHua university Administration


    Nanhua university students are asked to write opinions to teachers and school at end of each semester.  It's a good policy.

     However, when students abused the opportunity of democracy - to write something slanderous which may violates Taiwan's Criminal Laws, NanHua University cannot provides with their documents or records as supporting evidences ( for justice or law suits ... ).  

     Almost all students involved this case expressed they had not written those anonymous & slanderous opinions.   ( One of their majors is Mass media/Journalism, so moral courage to against the power and pressures in the future suppose is college's core course.  )

     Some students didn't attend class, some didn't attend midterm, some didn't attend final, some handed in dirty projects - in this semester one student even refused an opportunity/chance to hand in another project when his lousy cheating work was found by the teacher.

ps :  Some students should learn to spell (or write) some elementary school/junior high school level Chinese words.

          July 1, 2009




 NanHua university image 

To see an university by its advertisement :
 displaying some girls, instead of "where is the beef" intro. and creativity

NanHua university
NanHua copywriting: "youthfulness, free, vitality",
 similar way to a high-school ad. slogan in Taipei (at ShinE Rd.)


 In these prt. ads, perhaps, Nanhua university tried to impress teenagers as a happy land - does it mean ... easier to get a diploma ...?
compare with some colleges copywriting in <Economist>  :

"Connect, and take the lead!",  Ashridge;  "Growing in Strength" , University of Leicester;  "Shake up your thinking"  , City Cass Business School;  "Take Control Of Your Career" , Kingston University DBA



 NHU   thinks campus space is more important than scholarly knowledge (papers published)


    In a famous "university guide" (pic above), "NanHua university" was displayed :
              "ranking : square meters of campus space per students"
            ahead of
           "ranking :
numbers of scholarly papers on the net".




 NanHua University  Faculty


    NanHua university web site (Faculty-pages)  print some PhD degrees from small colleges, but deleted titles like advisor or Taiwan representative of <APACA>.

    In fact, <APACA> is supported by Ministry Of Culture, China, and is playing an important role in <Asian Youth Animation and Comics Contest>.

     According to news reported by  , <APACA> is formed by Asian experts & masters in Animation & Comics field.  ( chair by US widely known professor)

     In contrast, even all related departments (i.e., Communication, Applied Arts, Design, etc) in NanHua university working together probably still are unable to hold an international event like that.   Only few Taiwanese expert-teachers're  able to make (in mass-media) criticisms on world-class designs in recent years .




 NHU     theoretical vs practical , on campus vs off campus  


      (1)   On campus vs. off campus

   NanHua University publicizes on campus to students and faculty its ranking of certain sub-items of  < Webometrics World Universities Ranking on the Web> (Spain),
      but, it has never publicized exact same thing in its advertisements in large newspapers  (till May 2009) , and magazine ads (i.e., one-page ad. in <Global Views> of May 2009)
,outdoors ads (2009) ,and transportation ads (2008-2009).

   Taiwan's famous <universities guide> of 2009 did not include NHU in well-known ranking-list.      

      (2)   Theoretical VS. Practical

      ★ Theoretical :
NanHua University has been declaring that it's a "Research University" for a number of years (i.e., prt. ad. in international airport) till 2008,  however, there's only 21 professors, and it seemed not so proud of its research achievements .

     ★ Practical :
      From the image NanHua university has drawn for itself, experts may find out this university is short of creativity. 



PS: Eventually, NHU put Webometrics ranks on its ad (like July 22, 2009) in newspapers, but, one week later, in the latest version. NHU ranks no.799  in which is not main-stream ranking according to  the United Daily News (Taiwan) and news from US News & World Report . (NHU is not included in search results (500+ universities)  in

creativity of Taiwan's universities