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For a long time, judicial system (prosecutors, judges) is one of "corrupt"/"extremely corrupt" institutions in Taiwan, commentators questioned the impartiality (e.g., Non-external intervention of the judiciary, fair trials) of Taiwan's prosecutors and judges.  National Chung Cheng university's survey  (head-page of the Liberty Times, 2-23-2016) found: nearly 80% Taiwanese don't believe the impartiality of Taiwan's prosecutors, and public trust on Taiwan judiciary system keeps falling down in the past 8 years.    Besides, Taiwan already turned to a "privacy hell" because prosecutors (and police) ignore Taiwanese human rights and Taiwan Constitution to access Taiwanese people communication records......?! (see below)     Local media Apple Daily, Liberty Times etc (11-30-2016): Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen pronounced a death penalty on Taiwan's Justice system, Tsai also criticized (5-20-2016) that Taiwanese people don't trust the justice.   The deputy dean of Law School, National Cheng-Chi University, comments 5-2015) that  the standard of judgments on the same matters varies from person to person all the time is the reason why Taiwanese people do not trust Taiwan's judiciary.  
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  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, March 3, 2017

       Some legal scholars and politicians said the justice ministry was insufficiently independent and conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians.   A survey conducted by the Crime Research Center of National Chung Cheng University found that 76 percent of respondents were dissatisfied with authorities’ anticorruption efforts.

★  The United Daily,  12-14-2017   Opinion (黑白集):  Taiwan's public voice with a heavy heart  : The prosecutors should abide by the law too... don't be a political tool.

★  The United Daily,  09-27-2017   Opinion

        Taiwan's legislator politician (陳明文) involving a serious corruption case can predict the court judgment - "no guilty", which is serious injustice, and perhaps politics controlling judicial systems (政治染指司法之黑幕).  

  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, April  13, 2016

Taiwan's judicial system suffered from some corruption.  Although authorities made efforts to eliminate corruption and diminish political influence in the judiciary, some residual problems remained.  Some political commentators and academics also publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases...Women’s groups reported that judicial authorities were sometimes dismissive of sexual harassment complaints.





Taiwan judiciary

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pic. above: public trust on Taiwan judiciary system keeps falling down in the past 8 years, study by national Chung-Cheng University / headpage of Liberty Times 2-23-2016   (blue line -  trust on judges of 2015 is 15.4%, yellow line - trust on prosecutors of 2015 is 23.5%) 


★  The United Daily,  06-18-2016   Head page news

        Taiwan's prosecutors usually follow their commanding officer's order to access legal cases ... " He is bigger than I am, what can I say??"

★  China Post, Dec. 5, 2016;  Apple Daily, The Liberty Times, Nov. 30, 2016

     The Judges Association of Republic of China expressed Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen pronounced a death penalty on Taiwan's justice system, in that Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen declared at a preparatory meeting for her National Affairs Conference on Judicial Reform that no such injustice (One popular satiric quip about dispensing justice in Taiwan: The rich get off scot-free, the poor get the death sentence (有錢判生,無錢判死). It's a succinct way to say that the rich defendant in court is always acquitted, while the poor man or woman who is indicted is sentenced to death.  ) should be repeated, and blasted (5-20-2016) Taiwan justice earning no Taiwanese people trust.  

★  《The Liberty Times 自由時報》, opinion "自由談", 3-8-2017

     Taiwan judicial officials [bureaucrats] shielding one another in wrongdoings is more serious than those in political field.

★  The China Times,  4-1-2017    Focus news

        Taiwan's justice to pronounce the accused (22 persons) of 318-Sun-Flower-event (intruded and occupied Legislation House. ps:  and then the P.M. government at 3-23 ) not guilty of crime by "Civil Disobedience" is "unlimited generalizations".     ps: the photo of violence to the police : http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20170401000333-260118

     The United Daily,  4-2-2017  opinion <The justice became politics' slave & servant> - the judgment "completely distort" current laws...

       The China Times,  4-1-2017  Opinion <Political Judgment> : the judgment violates the rules of thumb and logic (大眾的經驗與論理法則.)...

★  The United Daily,  3-6-2017  
        Taiwan's judiciary still work as hatchet man for KMT.  (陳師孟)

★  The China Times,  11-12-2016   Editorial

        The prime goal of Taiwan's judicial reform is to chop off politicians' dirty hands behind the judgments.

★  《The Liberty Times 自由時報》, 2-12-2017
Too many executors and enforcers working as white-terror hatchet men in Martial-Law period and their followers are still very active in current judicial field including policemen, prosecutors, judges, investigators, etc, they still look up so-called "political-party-state system idiology (「黨國意識形態」)" as principle or model  ...  / 王美琇





 pic: Taiwan's prosecutors usually follow order ...  

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★   The United Daily,  08-24-2016   Editorial

         Taiwan's political culture is always good at challenging and overtaking judicial system, in this sort of political ecological environment, Taiwan certainly fail to have citizens knowing and obeying the laws.

            ● Taiwan is notorious on its scammers and fraud-groups all over the world, but Taiwan's Judiciary and Legislative institutions never have a sense of shame on this, and never have intention to stop this criminal actions by punishments, in contrary, Taiwan's judiciary kept catching and releasing those scammers again and again, moreover, Taiwan used this as an excuse to dispute and meddle with China, therefore, how can Taiwanese people believe Taiwanese government taking judiciary reform serious ??
            ps: BBC, 4-22-2016,
A recent diplomatic row between Taiwan and China has cast light on a massive international telecoms fraud problem.  It is said to involve thousands of scammers, some of them pretending to be government officials to extract money from victims.