Taiwan government's official logos


No one thinks Audi's 4-ring logo got idea from Olympic's 5-ring logo,
or British character "o" learned from Arabian's "0" (zero);
People usually only doubt about  those similar to masterly designed / special outlook logos
(It's more reasonable that  the art-value of an idea that 2 people can think out is less than that of an  idea unique forever)

Below are some sort of twin logos, do you think it's patent that one copied from another?

EconoLogo.jpg (15209 個位元組)


   Pc1Logo.jpg (10441 個位元組)       Pc2.JPG (15365 個位元組)        Pc3.JPG (17236 個位元組)

  ( Logos of western nations)




CRCLogo.jpg (7330 個位元組)

  a logo of a government enterprise 
 in Taiwan,


LOGO-R-Original.JPG (21233 個位元組)

A wel-known logo overseas
(selected by best collections-book)

Quite similar!

Both encircle the English character "R",

the upper one is more precised but lower, the bottom one is more artistic  (according to the books handy, the bottom one 's published to the public earlier)



Free Horse?  for "zodiac horse:  Chinese year of Horse"


         HorseYr1.JPG (21663 個位元組)                   HorseYr2.JPG (19871 個位元組)

     Why are reins on these 2002 mascot horses? ( in the sightseeing guid-book of HongKong int'l airport
     which just received world-best airport award)

     I have never seen any mascot in many world games (i.e., FIFA USA's lucky dog in 199X)

     Most horses in "the Year of Horse, mascot design contest " held in red China don't have any rein on their face.

     Made subscienciously or on purpose?

     I guess it's because HK and Macau people love gambling by horse-racing.

     How about the picture the Japanese prime minister sent to US president Bush?
     Bush decoded it as : Japan is under the leadership of USA to against terrorists.

     Any rein on the battle-steed?  or they're just decorations?

     (to be continued)

                                                 USJapagainst.JPG (78004 個位元組)




Reins again in the year of Sheep

                ChineseYearSheep.jpg (30701 個位元組)

               Reins again, in HK's Zodiac Sheep (2003 is the Chinese Year of Sheep )

               Any reins in Taiwan's people?

               See pic below  ( major news reported, too many're wiretapped)

                  700Wiretap.JPG (38178 個位元組)



PS: packet sent by Europe were  returned fron Taiwan ............
. "returning FecoNews" is ranking high in a famous search engine

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