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 Taiwan President's Logo

LOVE logo, Taiwan president usedLOVE stamp
Left: Art Master Indiana's works

Middle: Taiwan President's logo for inauguration ceremony

Right: USA stamp


 Taiwan government's Logo (CRC)
vs. world's logo

   Central Reinsurance Corporation, Taiwan, CRC logo Taiwan government enterprise logo , emphasizing "R"

very similar to a western logo as below

 Central Reinsurance Co., CRC logo


Taiwan Government logo  
western logo


   Taiwan government lgo (taiwan's government logo)
  Logo    Taiwan government lgo    Taiwan government lgo  (western's logo )

Huge or tiny little difference ??


Taiwan's University logo   vs.  Korea logo  


  Taiwan's university logo            Korea Seoul Logo 

  left: Taiwan's logo designed by National Chung Cheng University for nation-wide college sports event

      right: Korea Seoul's Metro logo (used earlier)



  Taiwan Recycle Logo  vs. world's logo


 Euro airport logo design         Taiwan recycle logo


Left:  Euro airport Logo, which is designed by " bistable or reversible pattern" method, you can see only 4 white arrows or 4 black arrows, at one time

Right:  Taiwan recycle logo, seemed ... "recycle" and "distribute"


 recycle logo design recycle logo design
    international recycle logos
see some Red China's recycle logos as below, there's no any grey-zone

        China recycle logo         China recycle logo





Taiwan's logo in law suit case

   Taiwan's  JUMP logo is too similar to Adidas logo,

   This logo led to  int'l law-suit cases in 26 countries (cost around NT$ 200,000,000)

Taiwan JUMP logo vs. Adidas logo

    The site asserts all logos similar to other country's designs, should be replaced
    by new, original ones, at once.     (most of them are
    legal, according to Taiwan's law)





 Taiwan Logo's decryption


  Taiwan logo

 Author said "T" in his design is a rock in a widely-known sight-seeing spot as below

 Taiwan's government said "T" is house roof and wall, perhaps, they are trying to say is it's  a symbol of "protection" or "safety"

    I , personally, feel  it is a dragon's head (they may feel it's too China)

   Taiwan most famous sight-seeing place


  a famous tour sight in Taiwan,
  it looks like Britain queen's head



My essay , with theme "Logo"      
  published with about whole-page in the China Times, leading newspaper in Taiwan, 4/2002


 Small logo, big knowledge


Burger King Ads. (right bottom)


  McDonald's Ads.
      Logo article (Chinese version) in the leading news in Taiwan
      this article only in Chinese version


Ice Hockey ads for McDonald's

The "M" mouth ad at left side was made by McDonald's major rival, Burger king, to mock McDonald's major selling point ―  joy or fun in McDonald's restaurant, because of, probably, some unhealthy stuffs  in their foods (French fries, etc).

In contrast, above is McDonald's ad. using customer's mouth, favorite sports and McDonald's logo as well, for positive symbolic meaning.

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