The following email asking a clarification was sent at 9-7-2015, but receive no reply till present 9-29-2015.   This is the 1st time I have not received any reply from a suspected institution (others including well-known international companies and Taiwanese government institutions).

attn: C Hospital

Please clarify some thing unknown or uncertain as below:

Dear Sirs,

At late night of 6-24-2015, I escorted my family member with high temperature to your emergency room for help, but in early morning of 6-25, some medical Doctor and nurses standing not far from me was twice bit loud to me, seemly intentionally spread some war-time propaganda about me, e.g., "Black list"...

According to media reports and scholar studies, Taiwanese personality / character includes weak, realistic, and telling no right from wrong. I believe medical field suppose has better work ethics and morality, and your widely-known & honourable hospital absolutely have no this sort of stereotype, but if those words were really spread on/for me, that M.D. and nurse might be delitescent lap dogs or cheaper-labor opportunist-participants for money-benefit, sent from certain dark force. 

Mencius said, "Those who give counsel to the high-ranking officials should despise them, and not look at their pomp and display."  So, please by your good sense, conscience and courageous heart, promote Taiwanese human rights status and strike those power hidden in the shadow bringing in sneaky, under-table political struggles, those seem to me a criminal record.


Your reply-email will be translated and publicized to thousands of famous and clean institutions world wide, bringing dirty & ugly truth to light, so that highest-ranking, powerful officials (if any being involved) in Taiwan won't be able to cover up this.(replies pls. use straight-forward language to avoid incorrect interpretation and misunderstanding in courthouse) 
My website has been commenting Taiwanese human rights in many aspects, and has been ranked on Google, Yahoo etc in same level as or sometimes even higher than those of UK based Amnesty International, German-based Transparency, France-based RSF, US Country Reports on Human Rights practices, etc.

Your honourable hospital must have not encountered this sort of things happened before, so suppose will be easy to find out the truth, hopefully this email won't bother you too much, (In the past,  int'l leading companies from US, Japan, etc, as well as Taiwanese governments replied me concerning similar issue)If I am oversensitive and too-suspicious to trouble you, I 'd like to sincerely apologize in advance now.  

Signature  9-7-2015

  original in Chinese version as below:

主旨: 敬請澄清疑點

本人於6-24-2015深夜送親人赴貴院急診然6-25凌晨似 有醫師6-25早晨似 有護士二度在身邊不遠處面向本人似乎在刻意放話 「黑名單」云云。
據學術研究與媒體報導 台灣人格包括軟弱現實是非不分。然而醫界 之道德秉持應較高,相信尊敬的貴公司(Org.)絕無這些刻板印象如上述懷疑為真, 或屬邪惡勢力潛藏貴院之lap dogs/走路工所為,請盡份心提升台灣人權,請以良知勇於打擊  ―  那些「警察」變成「小偷」的dark forces,那些偷偷摸摸、行不由徑的犯罪鬥爭行為。
本人就台灣人權 各面向之英文surveyed評論, 長年與德國透明組織、法國無疆界記者組織、美國國務院、英國國際特赦組織等清流共列google, yahoo, etc前矛、 而且時有過之,請詳
貴院應從無類似事件發生 故 雖事隔二月或仍易於查證希望不致太過打擾貴院 (過去台灣政府相關機構與若干大企業,都曾因類似詢問回函本人)若無此事本人先於此鄭重道歉