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  Editorial, <United evening news>, Nov. 22, 2010

      Theme : National Taiwan University should not leave humanism tradition behind

... university is a society's conscience, but, it may represents the whole society in today's Taiwan, even it's a negative symbol of Taiwan ... university lost its humanism tradition, and lost its way in huge amount of donations given by financial groups and expansionism. ......


 <Transparency International>, Germany,   Dec. 10, 2010

     Education systems ( score 3.2 ) is one among Taiwan's corruption fields, others are  Police: 3.9,  Parliament/legislation: 3.8,  Public officials/civil servants :3.8,  Political parties : 3.5,  military: 3.4,  judiciary3.3 ,  Media  : 3.2.

     ps: Taiwan's largest news media, including <United Daily News>, <the Liberty Times>, <the China Times>,  reported on Dec. 10, 2010 about this news, but didn't mention Taiwan's education system is rotten too.


  Editorial, <the United daily News>, Oct. 8, 2010

Theme : Why have students leader become political hired thug / sociopath

An internet battle broke out in Taiwan's mayor election in 2010,  one candidate's ( now is the city mayor) secretary was accused to post some anonymous statements to attack their rival via PTT,  a widely-known website ( on campus : National Taiwan University) , and to try to erase their tracks after those behaviors were found out.

It is a really big political scandal that using election's tactic to damage & pollute a website on campus which can be regarded as the social instrument. 

To our astonishment, ..... 2 presidents of the National Taiwan University student association are involved.


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