Comment on Taiwan's National ChengChi University on its creativity    


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When it comes to creativity, national ChengChi University is the best example since it is best college of humanities & society (maybe or business) in Taiwan.
When it comes to NCCU's creativity, one of the best example is the ad. & poster designed by NCCU Advertising Department for announcing NCCU Advertising Dept's 20 years anniversary, this work is also the theme of a scholarly paper (
article name : Advertising Creativity, Processing Experiences, and Communication Effects) written by NCCU Ad. professor in <the Journal of Advertising & Public Relations>, the best Advertising periodical in Taiwan.

The NCCU's design is :
(1) words elements : "See Different", "Ad dept.
20 years anniversary"
(2) visual elements :
      a) the 1st drawing : a hat. ( but it is same as the hat in book <the little prince>, by
Antoine Marie Roger de Saint-Exupéry )
           ( pic. pls see
      b) the 2nd drawing : a giant snake swallows an elephant inside a hat.  ( same as <the little prince>,
Antoine Marie Roger de Saint-Exupéry )
      c) the 3rd drawing : a number "20" inside a hat.

The book <the little prince> used the first 2 drawings to express ordinary people only can see a "hat", but the author is able to see something different ―  a giant snake swallows an elephant, its out-line shape looks like a hat.

The NCCU's (National ChengChi University) design ( page 78-79, ) has these problems :

    (1)  Why can't NCCU see (figure out) different metaphor idea to express "see different" ?
    (2)  The 3rd drawing, "20 inside a hat", seems superfluous, since the copy-writing already points out it's a 20 years anniversary.   The scholarly paper explained the reason to use the 3rd drawing is for rhythm, but it is not a good  rhythm design.
    (3)  The out-line shape of "20" is not a hat.   "20 under a hat" is not witty, and means nothing deep .
    (4)  If NCCU was trying to say a famous Western writer in 1943 had the same idea as ancient Chinese mythological story "a giant snake swallows an elephant",  it's pity.