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News:     Reuters, CNN, 2021-7-13: Japan warns of crisis over Taiwan, growing risks from U.S.-China rivalry ◆ New York Times, 2021-7-13: Japan, while still wary of being drawn into the rivalry between the United States and China, Washington and Beijing have ramped up both their rhetoric and military presence around Taiwan, Japanese white paper warned that China’s rapid expansion of its military threatened to ... undermine peace in the region ◆  , Yahoo, 2021-7-7: China's Taiwan ambitions could drag Japan and US into war with Asian power ◆ Nikkei Asia, 2021-7-7: Kurt Campbell: US does not support Taiwan independence ◆ CNN, 2021-7-5: As Beijing steps up its military propaganda and warns Taiwan to "prepare for war," experts say the bigger threat to the island and western democracies is the large-scale cyberattacks that could potentially paralyze physical infrastructure and business simultaneously ◆ Washington Post, 2021-7-2: ‘Strategic ambiguity’ is no longer a prudent U.S. policy on Taiwan ◆ Foxnews, 2021-7-1: China’s Xi warns Taiwan on independence, sends message to West  ◆ Washington Post, 2021-6-17: the world’s top democracies were less vocal about the ever-increasing Chinese threats to Taiwan...Lawmakers increasingly believe, he said, that Beijing is moving toward compelling reunification, perhaps not through military invasion, but through various other coercive and covert means ◆ New York Times, 2021-6-16: how deeply entrenched the long-running conflict across the Taiwan Strait has become, with a degree of mutual distrust that not even a global medical emergency can allay ◆ Sunday Guardian (UK), 2021-6-19: Instead of invasion, China is trying soft power action, including cyber warfare, psychological warfare, media warfare by penetrating Taiwan to influence, mislead and divide the population ◆ Foreign Affairs, 2021-6-3: Washington would need to persuade a large coalition of allies to commit to a coordinated economic, political, and military response to any Chinese aggression. And that, unfortunately, remains a remote possibility ◆ New York Times, 2021-5-5: The more the United States and Taiwan formally close the door on reunification, the more likely Beijing is to seek reunification by force ◆ NBC, 2021-5-5:Taiwan fears quieter Chinese threat as U.S. warns of invasion ◆ Economist, 2021-5-1: Taiwan - The most dangerous place on Earth.  America and China must work harder to avoid war over the future of Taiwan Reuters, 2021-4-17: US.-Japan statement refers to "peace and stability in Taiwan Strait" Le Monde (France), 2021-4-16: parmi leurs nombreux différends, la question taïwanaise est la plus sensible. C’est celle qui présente le plus grand risque de déboucher sur un conflit armé  New York Times, 2021-4-9: "military conflicts often seem unlikely until the moment they begin", The Atlantic : a Chinese invasion “could happen at any moment” and that Biden should be prepared New York Times, 2021-4-8: the Biden administration might manage to deter China without provoking it through more forceful warnings that stop short of an explicit promise to defend Taiwan   for full text, pls. click cyber-link

◆ Washington Post, 2021-3-26: Xi might be in favor of a risky push for reunification — especially if China continues to believe that a weakened America isn’t ready to fight back
 NBC, 2021-3-27: A war over Taiwan remains a worst-case scenario that officials say is not imminent. China's growing firepower casts doubt on whether U.S. could defend Taiwan ;  Taiwan needs lower-tech weapons (mines, drones and mobile anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles) to fend off a potential Chinese invasion, and that big-ticket items like fighter jets and Patriot missiles (they've invested a lot of money in) are going to die in the first few hours of the war ◆  Forbes, 2021-3-26: Many observers believe the moment when the option “reunite”Taiwan by force is exercised is fast approaching  ◆ Bloomberg, 3-21-2021:  ... a very dangerous situation. The U.S. commitment to Taiwan has grown verbally stronger even as it has become militarily weaker... the reluctance of the Taiwanese themselves to treat their national security with the same seriousness that Israelis take the survival of their state Australian, 3-22-2021: Unfortunately for Taiwan, its future grows increasingly uncertain as Beijing’s military expansionism continues unabated... New York Times, 3-14-2021: Taiwan is selling a life without fear of the CovID-19 virus. Every day, droplets fly with abandon in packed restaurants......The influx helped make Taiwan one of last year’s fastest-growing economies , 3-16-2021: the U.S. Labor Department placed Taiwan on its 2020 List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor NBC news, 3-8-2021: CCP has threatened to invade if Taiwan declares formal independence or delays talks on uniting with the mainland  Economist , 2-20-2021: In reality America’s ability to deter an invasion over Taiwan is crumbling... the hardest part of deterring China involves building robust coalitions that are ready to challenge Chinese aggression...If China ever believes it can complete the task at a bearable cost, it will act ◆  New York Times, 2-12-2021: Analysts warned : Beijing may resort to war if the Kuomintang is unable to reclaim power or if the Communist Party feels it no longer has a dialogue partner on the island ◆ BBC, 2-10-2021, "Why Taiwan has 'luck-improvement services' ": There’s a pervasive idea running through Chinese culture that things aren’t random◆ Guardian, 2-9-2021: the Taiwan Strait could become a flashpoint ..the pivotal reason peace had endured for 70 years had disappeared  Washington Post, 1-28-2021: Taiwan Is the Biggest Risk for a U.S.-China Clash  Reuters, FoxNews, 1-28-2021: China warns Taiwan independence ‘means war’  NY Times, 1-24-2021: China sent warplanes into the Taiwan Strait over the weekend, a show of force to the Biden administration that signals Beijing’s plans to maintain pressure on Taiwan even as it calls for a reset with the US Wall Street Journal, 1-21-2021 :  Biden Sends Important Foreign-Policy Signal With Taiwan Inauguration Invite ◆ Foreign Policy, 1-22-2021 : The U.S.-Taiwan relationship is likely to remain more low-key.  Taiwan seeks assurances from Biden admin., but Biden and his team are likely to resist using Taiwan as a cudgel against China the way Trump did ◆ Reuters, 1-20-2021: Blinken : US would uphold its commitment to ensure that self-ruled Taiwan has the ability to defend itself  ◆  VOA, 1-6-2021: China Is Increasing Taiwan Airspace Incursions Newsweek, 1-6-2021:  China Wages Cognitive Warfare To Topple Taiwan Government   WSJ, 12-28-2020: The loss of democratic Taiwan’s independence against its will would be a geopolitical earthquake. The Pacific balance of power would shift decisively in China’s favor



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NY Times, 12-14-2020: Pound for Pound, Taiwan at the center of the battle for global technological supremacy is the most important place in the world, As the Cold War between China and the United States intensifies, that importance will only continue to grow  ◆  Reuters , 12-10-2020: Taiwan is suffering a serious and worsening decay in the readiness and training of its troops, particularly its army units... NY Times, 11-24-2020: Biden Faces Pressure from Democrats and Republicans to Stand Up to China by Embracing Taiwan... He will continue to support a peaceful resolution of cross-strait issues ... won't use Taiwan to poke Xi Jinping in the eye and make him look weak Economist, 11-19-2020: :  Why commercial ties between Taiwan and China are beginning to fray?   geopolitical, competition, and generational change   Washington Examiner, 11-18-2020: China will race to expand 'empire' and attack Taiwan during window of opportunity (~2022), experts fear    WSJ, 11-15-2020: An attack on Taiwan, the top chips manufacturer, would roil industry and the world     New York Times, 10-1-2020 As China and the U.S. vie for tech dominance, Taiwan’s chip companies are feeling the heat. They are forced to heed American tech policy, but many of their customers — and their customers’ customers — are in China., 9-23-2020:  Senator Marco Rubio : Helping Taiwan to win an all-out conflict against China would not be a way to reach that goal,  “That’s not possible.” Instead, Washington should assist Taipei “to have the capability to raise the cost of military adventurism there to a level that China’s not willing to pay..."    VOA news, 9-21-2020:  The increasing number of air force incursions from China is starting to fray nerves among ordinary Taiwanese,  A Yahoo poll, as of early September, had found that 64% of Taiwanese worry about a conflict,  but a lot of people’s fears are muted by perceptions that China is just sending a political signal, a big proportion of Taiwanese who think  United States would defend Taiwan  ◆  France 24, 9-16-2020: Taiwanese FM on China: 'After Hong Kong, Taiwan might be next'  ◆  National Interest , 9-12-2020:  Washington would establish “a new bilateral economic dialogue” with Taipei to “explore the full spectrum of our economic relationship—semiconductors, healthcare, energy, and beyond, with technology at the core.” US Defense Gov., annual Report to US Congress, 9-1-2020: The PRC appears willing to defer the use of military force as long as it considers that unification with Taiwan could be negotiated over the long-term and the costs of conflict outweigh the benefits ◆ NY Times, 8-30-2020:  Taiwan has moved to revamp Taiwan’s military doctrine and strengthen its reserves...Taiwan cannot count on US as a matter of strategy. ◆ Economist, 8-30-2020:  The island cannot rely on American help, but armed conflict remains unlikely ◆ Forbes, 8-30-2020: Taiwan simply does not have enough firepower to  defeat a Chinese invasion without the help of the U.S. military ◆ National Interest, 8-28-2020: Could China Successfully Blockade Taiwan?  China hopes direct action will yield clean and swift results, letting it present Asia, America, and the world a fait accompli — a done deal  ◆  Wall Street Journal 8-30-2020: Fearing Hong Kong’s Fate, Taiwan Moves to Bolster Its Military Against China.   Financial Times (UK), 8-28-2020: Financial Times (UK), 8-28-2020: Taiwan eases restrictions on US pork and beef imports. 

The Hill, 8-25-2020:
Taiwan Relations Act
 (TRA) ... does not say the president must wait to consult Congress until a Chinese attack actually occurs or is imminent — only that the threat to Taiwan’s democratic security and the danger to U.S. interests be identified...Yet, Biden... consultation with Congress prior to responding would cause disastrous delay.   Forbes, 8-24-2020: China Can Capture Taiwan In Three Days, Say Former U.S. Officials.  VOA, 8-21-2020:  a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan... could happen as early as next year... the Trump administration has been taking a very strong stand on China in recent months, there have been no moves from the administration to suggest it is preparing to do away with strategic ambiguity... Joseph Biden:  the U.S. has not been obligated to defend Taiwan ... There is a huge difference between reserving the right to use force and obligating ourselves, a priori, to come to the defense of Taiwan" .  Foreign Policy, 8-20-2020: Suicide reveals Taiwanese army dangerously unprepared for Chinese invasion.   Bloomberg, 8-20-2020:  The danger of a Chinese assault on Taiwan is growing. And the U.S., which has an ambiguous security commitment to Taipei, might well lose if it joined such a war on Taiwan’s behalf.  N.Y. Times, 8-17-2020:  U.S. Tries to Bolster Taiwan’s Status, Short of Recognizing Sovereignty.  US Naval Institute, Proceedings, Aug. 2020: 2021 U.S. political transition would be an even more vulnerable time than usual for U.S. decision-making...  such an opportunity would only appear every few decades...for achievement of a long-held goal — to bring Taiwan back into China.  NY Times, 8-15-2020: Beijing continues to take a tough stance on Taiwan, but is dialing down its belligerence to avoid provocative moves that might give President Trump more opportunities to attack.  CNN, 8-14-2020: What Taiwan needs form the US is a strong stable marriage not a hot passionate romance ...  a long-term antagonistic relationship between the US and China wasn't sustainable after November... Taiwan needs to think about it.   Daily Express, 8-13-2020:  World War 3: China 'ready' for conflict with US over Taiwan row ... Peking University Bo: there could be parties with the US military aiming to create a small-scale and “controllable” conflict with their Chinese counterparts.  MirageNews (Australia), 8-11-2020:  Q:  red line for the U.S. in terms of us going in and defending Taiwan?   Pompeo: We thoroughly intend to uphold our obligations and commitments with respect to the historical understandings between the United States and China on Taiwan.   CNN, 8-11-2020 : Beijing's warplanes have only crossed  Taiwan Strait "median line" ( "the de facto cease-fire line") intentionally three times since 1999 (ps: Newsweek, 8-12-2020: since 1949) -- once in March 2019, in February of this year, and again on Monday (Azar met with Taiwan President Tsai).  

 aljazeera, 8-11-2020: Taiwan's top diplomat tells visiting US health secretary that Chinese pressure is making 'life increasingly difficult' . 
The Week (UK) , Yahoo News , 8-9-2020 : (FT) isn't sure how serious President Trump is about supporting Taiwan and predicted he could back down if things with China really get heated, leaving the island vulnerable. "If I were Beijing, I would be asking myself: 'If the U.S. gives us a justification to attack Taiwan, what are the odds that he will change is pattern of cutting and running?"  New Zealand Herald, 8-9-2020: Tension reaching boiling point! Beijing mobilises invasion craft along coast,  satellite images reportedly show amphibious armoured vehicles and mobile missile launchers massing at military bases near the island nation...series of "combat readiness" exercises over the disputed South China Sea, with combat aircraft and naval vessels...   Foreign Policy 8-7-2020:  Some hawkish voices in Washington have even suggested arming Taiwan with nuclear weapons... Instead, the US should urgently provide additional conventional military aid to address the dangerous shift .  Washington Post, 8-6-2020:  Alex Azar’s trip to Taiwan is about refusing to appease China.  a fraught strategy and the stakes are high.  Telegraph, 8-6-2020:  China accused of deploying more amphibious weapons to eastern coast as tensions with Taiwan rise.   National Interest, 8-6-2020:  the odds are uncomfortably high that the U.S. forces would be defeated in a war with China over Taiwan. What’s worse, even achieving a tactical victory could result in a devastating strategic loss.  If China committed all-out to seize Taiwan, then it could accomplish its objective in a finite time period, measured in days to weeks.  Foreign Policy 8-4-2020:  CCP may be increasingly tempted to act against Taiwan. Helping to deter any such aggression doesn’t require nukes, but it should nonetheless be an urgent national security priority for Washington .   CNBC, 8-5-2020:  Taiwan is in a ‘delicate’ situation with China as military drills intensify...  in the near-term, they do not have the capacity to really ‘retake’ Taiwan, ... over the years ... not a scintilla of evidence of flexibility on these kinds of core interest questions, and that’s what makes Taiwan so dangerous.  CNN, 8-5-2020:  Taiwan has emerged as one of the focal points of the escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing. The Australian 8-4-2020:  Xi has made it clear that taking back Taiwan would be the crowning achievement in his vision to restore China’s place as a great power.   we tend to underestimate the importance the US puts on the defence of Taiwan.  Sunday Guardian 8-2-2020:  The Quad must strengthen and support Taiwan.  CNN 8-1-2020: Taiwan could become the next flashpoint in the global tech war.  Bloomberg 7-30-2020:  Now fears are growing that Xi wants to cement his place alongside Mao and Deng by conquering Taiwan,... Of the many US-China conflicts right now  —  none is more dangerous over the long haul than that involving Taiwan.  Express (UK), 7-29-2020:  Harvard prof.:  Unfortunately, there is possibility of an armed confrontation. Nobody wants it, and everybody would lose if a war erupts.    Morning Star (UK), 7-27-2020:  If you think China’s claims in the South China Sea are irrational, think again: the problem for Britain and the US is that the wrong side won the Chinese civil war.  We always have a righteous cause to defend... VICE 7-24-2020:   facing a CCP congress in 2022 that will determine the renewal of his chairmanship of the party—Taiwan could become a bargaining chip.  

LOWY Institute 7-17-2020:
Taiwan tiptoes in cross-strait relations.
Tokyo Review (Japan), 7-25-2020:
Taiwan is where Japan would have to draw the line .  Washington Post, 7-22-2020: Inside China, the government has faced growing calls from hawkish military pundits and nationalist commentators to grasp the current strategic window to seize Taiwan... in January 2019, Xi offered an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for unification talks or face annexation by force...Taiwan would be an extremely convenient sacrificial lamb.  TIME, 7-22-2020: President Xi Jinping pursues an increasingly assertive foreign policy, leading to speculation he may attempt a military confrontation in the region.   Daily Mail, 7-22-2020: China has made several 'simulated' military attacks on Taiwan.    Daily Express (UK)  7-21-2020:  WAR will break out between China and the US in the South China Sea if Beijing violates the alliance agreement between America and Taiwan.   Bloomberg 7-20-2020:  Beijing is no doubt waiting to see the outcome of the U.S. presidential election before taking any more significant actions.  National Interest 7-18-2020:  This will be much more difficult and costly than Hong Kong has been, but make no mistake: for these (CCP) people, that cost is deemed as necessary and they will gladly pay it. Unless the United States binds itself to protect the independence of Taiwan on pain of war, Taiwan is next.   Asia Times, 7-20-2020:  US tech giants exposed if China takes Taiwan ... Even an unsuccessful invasion of Taiwan would cause a supply chain disruption.   Foreign Affairs, 7-8-2020: Given how little Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong has cost it to date, we are concerned that Beijing will draw the wrong conclusions about the costs of future coercion against Taiwan.   Washington Post  7-7-2020:  The Hong Kong security law could be China’s blueprint to deal with the ‘Taiwan problem'...China has arguably moved a step closer to preparing for war with the island democracy .     New York Times, 7-2-2020:  The possibility of a military conflict between China and Taiwan remains remote, experts say, because the costs for Beijing would be extraordinary, including significant casualties and damage to its international standing. Yet the two sides are moving farther and farther apart, with little appetite for compromise.    FoxNews  7-8-2020: The passage of a national security law on Hong Kong has put Taiwan on edge, with pro-democracy activists fearing that Beijing will soon have the self-ruled island in its crosshairs National Interest 7-6-2020:  China and Taiwan Could Be Headed Towards a Showdown...  USA Today 7-5-2020: Taiwan has never been more important to American interests.   LOWY institute 7-9-2020:  Xi isn’t such a realist when it comes to Taiwan. Beijing views Taiwan in largely political terms – preoccupied with “the great trend of history” towards unification.  New York Times, 6-26-2020:  When China views it is being challenged in these other sovereignty disputes in this era, it will respond with a very tough line, ...  American warships through the South China Sea and stepped up support for Taiwan and its military ... the possibility of confrontation would increase as the U.S. presidential campaign heated up.  New York Times, 6-21-2020:  It’s a quite deliberate Chinese strategy to try to maximize what they perceive as being a moment of distraction and the reduced capability of the United States to pressure neighbors... U.S. Warships Enter Disputed Waters of South China Sea as Tensions With China Escalate.  Foreign Affairs, 6-18-2020:  A strategic miscalculation might involve Chinese leaders choosing to blockade or attack Taiwan in the near term or midterm based on a set of strongly held beliefs about the United States as a declining power ... New York Times,  6-23-2020: Taiwan raps China for military activity, says it should fight virus instead.   Bloomberg 6-24-2020, John Bolton : Taiwan was right near the top of the list (to be abandoned), and would probably stay there as long as Trump remained President, not a happy prospect .   FoxNews, 6-23-2020: (US) Navy brings massive carrier power to Taiwan Strait, SCS .    Express (UK) 6-23-2020:  FEARS of a World War 3 have been ignited once again ... China: US warships have repeatedly trespassed into Chinese territorial and crossed the Taiwan Straits...  South China Morning Post  6-24-2020: Risk of military conflict between US and China higher than ever...




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2021-5-26, 2021-5-1, 2021-4-18,  3-26-2021, 3-20-2021,11-1-2020, 7-24-2020, 6-21-2020, 5-19-2020, 10-3-2019

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pic.: In Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand are big winners 




pic.: In World's Best Restaurants list, In Asia area, Australia, Singapore, Japan, India, Thailand, China, Korea are winners 





   Michelin Stars (2020) comparison among Asian cities

Michelin Guide cities

number of starred restaurants

number of 3-stars restaurants

number of 2 stars

1 star

Tokyo (Japan) 226 11 48 167
Hong Kong,
85 10 19 56
Kyoto (Japan) 100 8 21 77
Osaka (Japan) 111 3 16 79
Seoul (Korea) 31 2 7 22
Singapore 44 2 5 37
Taipei  (TW) 26 1 6 19
Shanghai (China) 23 1 2 20




 US News & World Report 2020,  Asian countries' world rankings  
Cultural Influence No. 6 Japan,  No. 8 Australia,  No. 9 Singapore,  No. 16 China,  17. NZ,  18. Thailand,   20. Korea,  22. UAE,   30. India,   35. Qatar,  39. Malaysia,  40. Saudi Arabia,   41. Phil Cutting-edge centers of art, entertainment and fashion
Quality of Life No.5 Australia,   No. 8 NZ(New Zealand)),   14. Japan,  15. US,  19. China, 20. Singapore,  23. Korea,    25. UAE, 27. Malaysia,  28. Thai.,  30. India,  31. Philippines,  32. Indonesia,  33. Vietnam,   36. Qatar Through all phases of life, these countries treat their citizens well
Heritage No.6 India,  No. 9 Thailand, 10. Japan,  11. China, 18. USA,  21. Vietnam,  22. Singapore,  27. Australia,  29.  Indonesia,  30. Korea,  32. Malaysia,   37. NZ A deep vein of history courses through these countries
Adventure No.5 Thailand  No.7 New Zealand,  10. Australia,  17. Philippines,   25. Singapore,   29. Malaysia,   33. USA,  34. Japan,   38. Vietnam,   40. India The best countries to fulfill your wanderlust






《Economist》UK , EIU
The Safe Cities Index 2019 
 Taiwan is worse than its neighbors Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, NZ ...

   Taiwan's "personal security" dropped 14 places compared with the previous yrs. report

personal security : No.1 Singapore  3 HK  4 Tokyo  5 Wellington  7 Osaka  10 Sydney  12 Dubai  15 Seoul  16 Melbourne 20 Taipei 
Infrastructure security :  No.1 Singapore 2 Osaka 4 Tokyo  7 Sydney  7 Melbourne  9 Wellington 14 Seoul  18 HK  24 Taipei

Digital security:

No.1 Tokyo  2 Singapore 11 Osaka 11 Sydney  11 Melbourne 17  Seoul  22 HK  23 Taipei

Health security:

 No.1  Osaka  2 Tokyo  3 Seoul  8  Singapore  10 Taipei 


World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan's "safety & security" got an Eastern Asia-pacific average score 6.0, and is worse than Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore.
China Times 》, 11-11-2020 , editorial:  Malaysian newspaper thinks Taiwan apparently an extremely unsafe place because two Malaysian ladies were murdered (one was cut-to-pieces) in Taiwan within one year.   A poll by KMT shows 48.9% Taiwanese thinks social security is worse than before.
Liberty Times 》, 11-12-2020:  Crimes of violence kept worsening   in recent 5 years, the number of four major crimes(恐嚇取財、傷害、妨害自由、刀械槍枝)gradually increases from 20732 in 2015 to 24638 in 2019 in all six major cities, according to statistics.



●  Taiwan "judicial Independence" was ranked No. 13 among Asia & Pacific countries; worse than China in last time

  WEF (World Economic Forum)  Judicial independence 2019 rankings ,  The Global Competitiveness Report
 rankings No.1 New Zealand  89.2(score)  2(world rank),  No.2 Japan  86.5  5,  No.3  Hong Kong  84.1  8, No.4  Australia  82.9  10,  No.5  Singapore  77.4  14,  No.6  Saudi Arabia  77.1  16, No. 7  UAE  75.4  20,  No.8  Qatar  73.3  23,  No.9   US  70.4  25,  No.10  Jordan  69,  No. 11  Malaysia  68.7,  No. 12 Kuwait  59.5 , No.13  Taiwan 59.4 ,  No. 14 China 58.2
ps WEF Judicial independence 2017/2018 rankings : China's rank was better than Taiwan's, both are at about same level