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 an unsafe place  !?

《China Times 中國時報》 , editorial, 2022-1-3:  How much president Tsai I. W. has done for our social security network ? The answer is too shy to speak out.  (總統蔡英文元旦講話再提「鞏固社會安全體系」,與過去2016、2020就職演說所強調補漏社會安全網的內容相比,悄悄刪除了防範兒少安全隨機殺人、思覺失調症傷人者、毒癮、家庭暴力等警政治安問題。梳理蔡總統的社會安全網做了多少?答案竟羞與人提。)  chinatimes.com/opinion/20220102002809-262101?chdtv


Yahoo Taiwan》, 2021-11-23:  all opposition parties blast the government not fulfilling its promise to patch the loophole of social security network.  tw.news.yahoo.com/在野齊轟-社會安全破網遲不補-222338789.html 


Next TV news 壹新聞》, 2021-11-23, 12:11: a very big loophole in our social security net.


Yahoo Taiwan》, 2021-11-22: A series of social security events in entire Taiwan occurred tw.news.yahoo.com/全台治安連環爆-總統發布3重點打擊犯罪-141200795.html


United Daily 》, editorial opinion, 2021-11-23: Can the government see those random violence in our daily life? nt157343">