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 an unsafe place  !?

United Daily (聯合報, 2023-8-8): For preparing an urban warfare in the future, Taiwanese government expands its police and military police, etc.  Taiwan Military Police seems to replace Marine Corps to be the 4th armed services  (行政院研擬擴編保安警察第二總隊,據透露,第一批先徵調735人,進駐三峽保一總隊營區,至新屋反恐訓練中心接受軍方施訓12周。再視情況分批增補。憲兵指揮部兵力員額擴編後,儼然取代海軍陸戰隊,成為第四軍種)udn.com/news/story/11596/7352871

The Guardian, BBC, 2023-7-24: Two policemen in Taiwan are being investigated after a court convicted a man of sexually assaulting a 13-tear-old girl they used to help catch him - she had accused of blackmailing her.  In the botched undercover operation, police say she was against the officers' instructions, "suddenly" got into Chang's car.  Two higher-ranking officers, including the then-chief of the precinct's police department and the then-chief of investigation, have also been disciplined   ref to bbc.com/news/world-asia-66287776

CNN, 2023-7-26  edition.cnn.com/2023/07/26/asia/taiwan-police-operation-girl-assaulted-intl-hnk/index.html According to the court verdict, Chang solicited sex from the girl, offering about $160, and asked her for nude photos. They agreed to meet at a hotel several days later – and when the girl didn't show up, Chang threatened to leak her explicit photos online.  The police put together a sting operation, with the girl agreeing to meet with Chang under the pretense of having sex with himDuring the operation, two police officers monitored the meet-up on scene. But Chang drove the girl away, and ordered her to perform oral sex on him and she complied out of fear.

Independent, BBC, 2023-6-20:  the drugging of preschool children in Taiwan have sparked widespread alarm on the island.  Some teachers at the kindergarten gave children phenobarbital to “make them more compliant”. A rally  calling for greater transparency from the police investigation, with many criticising authorities for their lack of public disclosure.  bbc.com/news/world-asia-65947346   Derek Cai      CNN, 2023-6-21: parents told police that their children were irritable and showed self-harming behaviors...   NBC, 2023-6-21:  the children appeared “irritable” and at times physically aggressive.  news.yahoo.com/kindergarten-teachers-accused-drugging-children-120403604.html

Taipei Times , 2023-4-2
6: Special Police Corps would protect key infrastructure, not to engage in military action, Minister of the Interior says.  They would be trained by military personnel dispatched from the Ministry of National Defense to combat and shoot in confined spaces, and use machine guns and grenades Police officers are to undergo anti-infiltration and counterassault training to enhance their ability to protect Taiwan's key infrastructure.  "If it is wartime, a wartime system would be enforced".  taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2023/04/26/2003798624  Taipei Times , 2023-4-24: The Cabinet is also planning to expand the Second Special Police Corps to 4,000 officers in an effort to safeguard more than 500 critical infrastructure sites.   The Second Special Police Corps (保二總隊) is responsible for protecting nuclear power plants and science parks, while the Seventh Special Police Corps is responsible for the safety of financial institutes and reservoirs. The Cabinet should seek to build a consensus in the legislature to ensure the bills pass, DPP Legislator Wang Ting-yu said. taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2023/04/24/2003798499  CTV (中視), 2023-4-26: They said the government is planning to build police to be alternative army stirring a backlash by lower elements police...  Deputy Premier said: There is a line between army and police.  DPP Legislator 趙天麟 (Tiō Thian-lîn): military trainings include 1. Rifle and machine gun training   2. Grenade throwing   3. Small force units combat  4.  Skills in close Melee combat  5. Fighting in urban warfare  6. Shooting in urban warfare   youtube.com/watch?v=0dyF1ARgWjY 

The New York Times, 2023-5-18: The Kuomintang nominated Hou Yu-ih, a popular mayor who has said little about geopolitical issues, the lack of clarity about his stance on China has already been criticized by some observers,  Unlike most politicians in Taiwan, Mr. Hou began his career as a police officer, he was a key investigator into the 2004 assassination attempt against President Chen Shui-bian. In 2006, Mr. Chen’s administration promoted Mr. Hou to the position of chief of the island's police force, the youngest officer ever to serve in the role.   nytimes.com/2023/05/17/world/asia/taiwan-china-kmt-election.html   John Liu Paul Mozur


The China Times (中時) , editorial , 2023-5-5: Endless fraud cases in Taiwan!  it is undeniable that those crimes are indeed related to Taiwan police discipline。Public comments had no idea at all that it's an inside job. (「內神通外鬼」)。The "Social security net" is proved to be broken -  they fail to protect citizens' personal basic data/information  chinatimes.com/opinion/20230505004211-262101?chdtv

The China Times (中時) , editorial , 2023-4-28: The courses that National Police Agency of MOI is planning for the police will be trained by the military, which is why external comments saying the government is building a "second army" (「第二陸軍」) for wartime.   chinatimes.com/opinion/20230427005355-262101?chdtv   chinatimes.com/opinion/20230427005347-262101?chdtv

CTV (中視), 2023-4-26: law-maker Yu,Yu-Lan (游毓蘭):  The police and fire fighters three times demand overtime pay for nighttime all were turned down by the government, the administration only knows how to consume the polce.


TaiwanPlus, 2023-5-4: youtube.com/watch?v=seBEACSjMUE The Liberty Times, 2023-5-4: Taipei City Police Department - Datong branch commissioner 吳在堂 and NingXia Police Station chief 葉育忻 got penalty for 's having taken bribes,  forgery of public document, leakage of secrets  and violation of Personal Information Protection Act.  news.ltn.com.tw/news/society/breakingnews/4290573




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The websites-group was ranked No.1  "comment Taiwan police" on US Google, 2023-4-6, 2023-2-6, 2022-10-1, 2022-6-16, 2022-4-1, 2022-1-28, 2021-11-23, 2021-8-8, 2021-6-14, 2021-5-2, 2021-4-24, 2021-4-18, 3-24-2021, 2-22-2021, 1-25-2021, 1-8-2021, 11-11-2020, 11-9-2020, 9-13-2020;   No.1  "comment Taiwan police" (Chinese version) on Google, 2023-9-30, 2023-7-9, 2023-6-21, 2023-5-7, 2023-3-11, 2023-2-6, 2022-7-3, 2022-6-16, 2022-4-1, 2022-1-28, 2021-5-2, 2021-4-18, 1-25-2021, 1-8-2021, 12-2-2020, 11-11-2020, 11-9-2020, 9-13-2020, 7-31-2020




pic. : The websites-group was ranked No.1 by "comment Taiwan police" on Yandex of Russia, 2023-9-30, 2023-7-25, 2023-7-9, 2023-6-21, 2023-5-7, 2023-4-26, 2023-4-6, 2022-11-7, 2022-9-6, 2022-7-3, 2022-6-16, 2022-4-1, 1-26-2020;No.3



CTV News (中視 youtube.com/watch?v=1lDxLx5ZU9E),  2023-5-5: NPA government (National Police Agency) issues a general order to all police stations to recruit young people for civil defense.


Forbes, 2022-12-11 : Gallup Market Research Taiwan pollster Ting says the downside of Hou's (Hou You-yi: Top vote-getter on Nov. 26 triumphed as the KMT candidate in race for mayor of New Taipei City;  a potential candidate for 2024 presidential election) background could be a negative association with police ...  msn.com/en-us/money/news/one-of-these-seven-people-is-likely-to-win-taiwan-s-high-stakes-presidential-vote-in-2024-gallup-pollster-says/ar-AA159rHV


Statista 2022-11-18 (statista.com/statistics/1103848/taiwan-number-of-crimes-by-type/ ) :  Number of crimes committed in Taiwan in 2021, by type

Statista /  Number of crimes committed in Taiwan in 2021, by type

Rank crimes by type number
1 offense against public safety 42001
2 offense against narcotics hazard prevention act  38644
3 Larceny 35067

a case study on Larceny/Theft  - No.1 "Taiwan larceny" on Bing, 2023-5-5


United Daily,  editorial, 2023-3-11 : Times have changed - Taiwan's criminal-mafia ignore the police. The police turn a blind eye to underworld's drug trafficking, violent debt collection, and running business of casino & pornography to earn huge profit,  some big shots of mafia take the position of National Policy Advisor to the President and members of the Central Executive Committee, how can they take the police seriously? udn.com/news/story/7338/7023929?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub7338_pulldownmenu_v2


United Daily,  editorial, 2023-5-26 : After DPP taking the office, cracking down fake news is its top priority to maintain social stability.  The police often regard objection and opinions against the gov. as "fake news",  and visited the door to do some "checking", which even scared professors.    udn.com/news/story/7338/7191472?from=udn_ch2_menu_v2_main_cate


United Daily,  2023-5-2: The upper limit of overtime pay for police's external field operations was raised to NT$19,000, but the allowance (超勤津貼) for basic-level police (基層警察) does not increase, instead, their pay is cut.   udn.com/news/story/6656/7193784?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub6656_pulldownmenu_v2


Transparency International ( Germany ): The percentage (67%) Taiwanese people paid a bribe to police is much higher than that in China, Japan, S. Korea and Malaysia

 Transparency International, Germany /  Global Corruption Barometer, released in 2022 -
comparisons among main Asian countries
The percentage (67%) Taiwanese people paid a bribe to police is much higher than

that in China, Japan, S. Korea and Malaysia


people who think
 is a big problem
public service
 paid a bribe
in the previous
 12 months
police gov.
in previous
Taiwan 90% 17% 67% 19% 20% 38%
Japan 84 2 10 7 26 36
Malaysia 71 13 30 28 16 20
China 62 28 16 18 18 39
S Korea 55 10 8 26 42 17


United Daily,  editorial, 2023-7-9 : a young man with celebrity-entertainer mother killing a police 9 years ago is serving minimum security prison which system is loose and opaque.  Terry Gou: The one breaks our social security is the government itself.  udn.com/news/story/7338/7287523?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2    udn.com/news/story/6656/7287600?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub6656_pulldownmenu_v2


United Daily,  editorial, 2022-7-24:  "Taiwan's social security is stable" -  government's tricky and empty slogan !  too many guns and illegal drugs, fraud, etc in Taiwan.  udn.com/news/story/7338/6483566?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2