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Economist, 2022-8-2:
台灣需打擊軍方腐敗和浪費 Taiwan needs to do more to combat corruption and waste in its armed forces

Axios, 2022-6-28: 醜聞和腐敗困擾著台灣軍隊  Scandals and corruption have plagued the Taiwanese armed forces

★ US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 2022-4-12 (

n 2020總統大選與立委選舉中兩個主要政黨的候選人和支持者都 遭指控有買票行為
截至 5 月的一年中,有 13 名高級官員、79 名中級官員、93 名低級官員和 18 名民選官員因貪腐被起訴。
司法部和司法院將前司法部長、前檢察長等6名官員移送監察院偵查,包括最高行政法院法官和檢察長。司法院將六名前任法官移送監察院調查非刑事犯罪行為。司法部調查了與同一商人有類似行為的其他 77 名現任和前任司法和執法官員。
司法部調查局的一名高級調查員因涉嫌在過去八年的執法調查中從銷售價值超過 1.68 億新台幣(560 萬美元)的毒品中獲利而被起訴貪腐。屏東市長及議會議長因與私人承包商勾結,挪用新台幣240萬新台幣(合8萬美元)公款

  al jazeera, 2022-5-30: 立法院就國務機要費法案爆發暴力 國民黨立委試圖阻止他們認為可以用來推翻前總統陳水扁腐敗定罪的法案。陳在 2008 年捲入腐敗醜聞並被判罪  brief from   聯合報, Taiwan, 2022-5-31: 前特偵組成員說,總統擁有國家最高權力,將公帑通私庫卻即將「無法」處罰,最後一道防線失守民進黨立委挾人數優勢,強行將攸關國務機要費除罪的會計法修正案完成三讀

★  Global Times, 2022-9-28, 2022-9-25

2022年,該島“外交預算”總額達到9.36億美元,其中4100萬美元“機密預算”用於賄賂和支持反華勢力及其海外活動。In 2022, the overall "diplomatic budget" of Taiwan reached $936 million, which includes $41 million "classified budget" to bribe and support anti-China forces and their activities overseas.

台灣通過隱密手段向美國政客牟利,例如收買他們的家人、非政府組織/打著大學和研究機構的幌子,他們的“白手套”使高調接待合法化——頭等艙航班、豪華酒店、休閒和娛樂,並支付過高的“佣金”。 ... 民間團體(例如,台積電、中國鋼鐵、伊美食品有限公司和奇美)向美國政客發出廣泛邀請,但民進黨當局最終使用公共資產支付給他們,以逃避美國國會的限制...  

 中國時報  社論 , 2022-7-17: 有的政黨因握執政大權影響力較大,受到相關利益團體特別看重,他們也樂得受賄效力。...掌握行政大權的官員同樣可上下其手,直接受賄或是在政治捐獻中獲取利益...,台灣因為相關法律執行無力,汙染程度十分嚴重

 聯合報  社論 , 2022-7-17: 民進黨乾脆為國務機要費案除罪,也讓現在和未來的總統們徹底脫身。見證了蔡英文政府行政護貪、立法為惡、司法助虐的一頁


Transparency International /  Global Corruption Barometer -
透明國際組織 (德國柏林)  全球貪腐趨勢指數
comparisons among main Asian countries


people who think
 is a big problem
public service
 paid a bribe
in the previous
 12 months

in previous

90% 17% 9% 28% 67% 19% 20% 15% 38%
Japan日本 84 2 2 4 10 7 26 6 36
71 13 5 11 30 28 16 12 20
62 28 26 17 16 18 18 13 39
S Korea
55 10 6 14 8 26 42 24 17

 中國時報  社論 , 2022-6-1  "全黨挺貪汙 台灣民主的恥辱": 民進黨為扁平反主要訴求兩點,一是國務機要費就是特別費,二是既然馬英九用的特別費無罪,陳水扁的國務機要費也應比照無罪。但其實兩者性質不同,前者須設立專帳專人保管,實報實銷,後者則可以有一半不須檢附單據。當年扁案爆發時,綠營冷眼旁觀,陳水扁女兒陳幸妤怒稱:「民進黨誰沒拿過我爸的錢?」震撼各界,綠營因此遭扁綁架事出有因


 中國時報  社論 , 2022-10-29:  防疫政策無底限的貪腐


★  US  Country Reports on Human Rights Practices , 2021-3-30  
Significant human rights issues included: the existence of criminal libel laws and serious acts of corruption 當局起訴了捲入高額賄賂案的現任和前任立法委員  Authorities prosecuted officials including incumbent and former legislators involved in a high-profile bribery case.

Section 3. Freedom to Participate in the Political Process: 有指控兩個主要政黨的候選人和支持者在總統大選中都有買票行為。 there were allegations of vote buying by candidates and supporters of both major political parties (KMT and DPP) in Presidential election.
Section 4. Corruption and Lack of Transparency in Government: 
在這一年中,有官方貪污腐敗的報導。截至5月的一年中,已起訴9名高級官員,59名中級官員,75名低級官員和18名民選代表。  九月,台北地方檢察署指控民進黨現任立法委員蘇震卿,國民黨廖國棟和陳朝銘,以及黨主席許永明收受賄賂以協助商人重新掌控SOGO百貨所有權。此外,獨立立委趙成玉在另一起賄賂案中被起訴,涉及兩個禮儀服務公司和一塊國家公園內的土地。這些案件正在審理中。 There were reports of official corruption during the year. In the year to May, nine high-ranking officials, 59 mid-level, 75 low-level, and 18 elected people’s deputies had been indicted for corruption.  In September the Taipei District Prosecutors Office charged incumbent legislators Su Chen-ching of the Democratic Progressive Party, Liao Kuo-tung and Chen Chao-ming of the Kuomintang, and former New Power Party legislator Hsu Yung-ming with accepting bribes to assist a businessman in regaining control of the ownership of a department store chain. In addition independent legislator Chao Cheng-yu was indicted in a separate bribery case involving two funeral services companies and a plot of land in a national park. These cases were pending trial.

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, 2021 Global State of Democracy

corruption cases, some of them highprofile, have continued to emerge, one of the most serious being that of five MPs from three political parties, the DPP and KMT included, charged with accepting bribes from the ex-Chairman of a major investment firm in violation of the 2007 Anti-Corruption Act—a case viewed by some as highlighting Taiwan’s weak record on regulating political lobbying.三個政黨的五名議員被指控接受一項重大投資公司的前主席的賄賂
違反了 2007 年反腐敗法——一些人認為這起案件凸顯了台灣在規範政治遊說方面的薄弱記錄
聯合報, 社論, 2022-1-30: 星展買下花旗消金,映出台灣難堪事實... 政府改革政策如何淪為政客貪瀆工具

USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  2021-3-30 There were allegations of vote buying by candidates and supporters of both major political parties (KMT and DPP) in  Presidential election in 2020. 

N.Y. Times, 12-1-2019: the soft underbelly of Taiwanese politics: patronage networks. 
They continue to allow
community leaders, farmers’ associations and even
 organized-crime figures to buy votes
( NY Times, opinion : ).


Transparency International, Taiwan ranks No. 7 in Asia & Pacific in 2021

Transparency Int'l   ,  CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX, 2021

country of Asia & Pacific score
New Zealand score 88  No.1
Singapore   No.4
Hong Kong No. 12
Australia No. 18
Japan No. 18
UAE No. 24
Bhutan No. 25
Taiwan score 68 No. 25

United Daily, editorial, 2021-9-17: 民進黨愈來愈一言堂化及分贓化的趨勢




 pic. : "台灣貪污" 排名俄羅斯 Yandex of Russia 第1 , 測試於 2022-7-17, 2022-3-25, 3-12-2020No.2 at 9-13-2020, (英文 版)
pic. : "台灣貪污"(Taiwan corruption) 排名俄羅斯 Yandex of Russia 第1 ,測試於 2022-3-25,  排名第2 , 測試於 10-25-2019  (英文 版)



pic. right:  "台灣貪污"英文版排名Yandex of Russia No.2 at 2022-7-17;  top 3 at 2022-1-30, 2021-8-9, 2021-5-9; No.2 "Taiwan's corruption" at 2022-1-30, No.3 "Taiwanese corruption" at 2022-1-30 ;pic. left: "台灣貪污" 英文版排名 US Bing 第 , 2021-5-9;  3 at 2022-1-30


 pic.: "台灣貪污" 排名 US Bing第1 , 測試於 7-26-2019,11-28-2018, No.2 at 3-12-2020; No.4 at 2022-10-9  (英文 版)


 pic. below: 民視(Formosa TV news), 1-19-2021 3:00pm: 台灣司法世紀貪污醜聞 與 國際笑話

Taiwan judiciary crashes  

蘋果日報, 社論, 1-19-2021: 司法風紀敗壞動搖國本
大法官、公懲會委員長、最高行政法院院長、最高法院庭長與法紀法庭法官,法務部次長、檢察長者 ...司法圈道德標準之低,風紀之壞,人數之眾,竟形成案發後「多到不敢嚴辦」窘境



中國時報, 1-19-2021: 時評》司法大崩壞 !

 蘋果日報, 1-21-2021: 就看政府高層,

Apple Daily, 1-21-2021: 名單逾200人  懲處僅40人

三立SETN news, 1-19-2021 (3:40pm) : 超過100位 法官員 (法, 檢, 警, 調) 涉案

Liberty Times, 1-21-2021: 台灣司法機器早成利益集團的禁臠了   連監察院都儼然衛兵角色

中國時報, 1-23-2021: 蔡英文的博士論文案、翁啟惠院長的貪汙案、石木欽的關說案等等,根本不敢審理。司法人員與富商相互勾結成為貪汙的集團,
整個司法機構已經成為互相包庇的犯罪共同體 /  


pic. left: Formosa TV news, 1-19-2021: "台灣司法史最大醜聞 ", pic. right: Formosa TV news, 1-19-2021: 國際笑話 !

美國國務院人權報告 3-11-2020: 台灣這一年不斷有官員貪污的報告 (There were reports of official corruption during the yar.  nine ranking officials, 72 mid-level, 115 low-level, and 11 elected people’s deputies had been indicted for corruption.)

New York Times 12-1-2019 也報導, 台灣政治的軟肋要害,  是 其人脈關 係網 ( soft underbelly of Taiwanese politics: patronage networks.  ps: NY Times 11-19-2012: In China, political patronage and family connections are the critical factors in ascending to the top ) , 仍然允許社區 領袖農會甚至幫會人物在選舉 時買票作弊 (  they continue to allow community leaders, farmers’ associations and even organized-crime figures to buy votes.  )

自由時報  社論 1-12-2020: 完全執政的腐壞氣息已現中視 (CTV news), 2021-4-28: 中廣(BCC)董事長趙少康,應邀到國民黨中常會演講,砲轟蔡政府,完全執政後"以黨竊國",成為新威權、新貪腐、黨國一體的"三新集團"。並諷刺說國民黨貪汙用湯匙,但民進黨是直接用怪手  (藍貪污用湯匙-綠用怪手-趙少康轟民進黨-以黨竊國-中視新聞-20210428)

政商人脈網絡、「家族政治」的壟斷資源收賄貪腐,都是長期令人詬病的結構問題, 自「民主先生」李登輝引入黑金政治的猖獗生態,到吳淑珍兩邊拿錢,演化至今集體、跨黨、以白手套公關收賄, 同黨立委或雨露均霑或包庇護短即使對於他黨政敵, 往往也不擋人財路 (蘋論 8-3-2020  ) 。台灣民主的貪污腐化,無論如何政黨輪替、仍舊醜陋腥臭,積重難返,立委收賄的故事似乎從未停歇 (聯合報 8-3-2020), 在時代力量黨主席與 民進黨中常委幾名立委因涉貪遭聲押(8-1-2020)後民主的形象更是蒙灰。 在2018年基層選舉以後,全台有12個家族將縣市議長職位傳承給親屬,其間若發生金權利益交換,一般民眾根本難以一窺堂奧 (brief  蘋論  8-4-2020 )。 ( for more Pork Barrel  examples, see TVBS news, 12-10-2019 : )

蘋果日報 9-22-2020 社論: 無法建立有效防腐機制的政黨,未來黨內要角的貪腐行徑恐怕仍會層出不窮。民進黨更須引以為戒

中時 (陳朝平 )  評論(8-7-2020)台灣貪腐不斷,「問題就出在李登輝6次修憲,把民主政治中最具關鍵的制衡機制修得不見了」,形成行政院長有責無權,總統有權無責, 陽光法案等於是正當化收賄惡行。

聯合報 1-8-2020 社論: 台灣執政黨集體分贓司法檢調唯唯諾諾不敢調查權貴... (brief)   蘋果日報 7-10-2020 社論 民進黨創黨精神不再掛嘴上,清廉好像退了流行 包庇自己  民進黨黨政高層的視若無睹,青壯世代的異常緘默,監委濃烈黨派背景,政風、司法體系的不動如山,許多人對台灣未來不禁更憂心忡忡 ( brief : )。 聯合報 7-10-2020 社論:   比貪婪吃相更難看的,是政府酬庸包庇

蘋果日報 9-13-2020 社論巨商富賈建立的暗黑網絡,讓台灣政府的「院際協調」順暢無比。富商有什麼任務交辦,從行政、立法、司法到監察院 ,都有人幫你喬好, 比方以即將上櫃的股票給相關官員套利  即是控制審、檢、警、調高官的利器司改並未得到預期效';

Transparency International, 台灣貪腐指數排名亞太No. 7 in 2020

Transparency Int'l   ,  CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX, 2020

country of Asia & Pacific score
New Zealand 88
Singapore 85
Australia 77
Hong Kong 77
Japan 74
UAE 71
Taiwan 65


Transparency International 2020年公布的2019年台灣貪腐指數是65/100分, 較前一年63稍高, 排28Transparency International 1-29-2019: 台灣貪腐不像南韓有所進展 (Taiwan has stagnated in the Corruption Perspective Index rankings since 2011 with its score 61~63 (dropped 2 spots this year), in contrast, South Korea improved by 3 points in 2017.)  Transparency International (Taiwan) 1-8-2020: 台灣最高層(總統 行政院長)應強力宣示反貪與肅貪決心落實機關透明程序讓司法體系感受高層決心 ((brief) apple daily, 曹耀鈞)According to Global Corruption Barometer, Transparency (  test at 1-27-2021), 90% of people think government corruption is a big problem, 17% of public service users paid a bribe on the previous 12 months.

聯合報2019年12月25日頭版新聞誰貪腐?』―  總統大選政見發表會登場國民黨韓國瑜批民進黨蔡英文領導下貪官污吏可以"大貪特貪", 蔡回辯講貪污應更記得國民黨,親民黨宋楚瑜認為國民黨與民進黨是貪腐與司法不公的難兄難弟。可謂互相比爛! 


    台灣貪腐評論 8-7-2020 : (CTN opinion) (中時社論) ; (聯合報社論)  ; ( 蘋論 )

<聯合報>: 二○一四年高雄地下管線深夜氣爆,震驚全台。民間愛心大爆發捐出四十五億元。未料,如此龐大的善款來得容易,卻給了高雄市政府任意揮霍的機會,儘管制定了捐款的管理運用要點,並明訂專款專用事項,實際上卻恣意踰矩濫用;最後交出一筆糊塗帳,有些捐款連收據都無法查清  (ps: 是否貪污尚須調查)

<聯合報>: 蔡政府弊案頻仍但仗立委、政務官或檢調徇私護短、掩蓋戕害社會正義、助長貪腐<聯合報>:  小官惡形惡狀也是台灣政府清廉的顯著指標, 有的小官台灣只能以"洩密"判其刑司法無法追究其對價關係  聯合報(8-25-2018): Transparency International 前主席 Jose Ugaz 指出新形態貪污是Grand Corruption(權貴貪污犯罪),須司法與人民一起合擊。據聯合國反貪腐公約國家報告,五位國際審查委員建議台灣更加限制日益嚴重之公司之政治獻金,並修公司法防濫用洗錢機制。  果日報 12-7-2018 社論指出: 台灣除了官商勾結,貪腐破表外,領先中國、印尼、巴西、菲律賓、越南等貪污大國之處,在於還有黑道橫行。黑道輔佐官商民代發財,其臭無比的食物鏈 超越藍綠, 在選後 黑金復辟 ...    蘋果日報 (7-25-2019, forum) : 市議員批評國安局走私菸,揭穿了集體貪腐的文化,亟需制度上的改革...


貪污不但遍及軍、警、政、教、宗教 、民代等各界 ,也包括司法界的高院法官與民意機關。蘋果日報 7-13-2019 一篇文章批評民意機關反貪腐的障礙包括: 首長(總統等)不重視、司法起訴書或判決書資訊不透明、以及民意機關自己排斥行政管制...

2019年公布的台灣CPI ( 2018 Transparency International 貪污指數 Corruption Perceptions Index) 分數63分(滿分100)退步二名 2016 ~ 2018年公布之美國國務院公布人權報告( USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices) 一再指出台灣主要人權問題之一是官員貪污。 2015年 台灣高官貪污人數幾乎是前一年的一倍。2016年,官員貪污 仍然是主要人權問題

2017年美國人權報告引用中正大學研究(National Chung Cheng University) 76%受訪者不滿意政府反貪不足。自由時報頭版報導(2-23-2016)國立中正大學犯罪研究中心2015年調查,高達78%民眾不滿意政府防制貪瀆之作為

蘋果日報 論壇(2-4-2017) : 台灣透明組織理事認為台灣廉政體制倒退,肇因於反貪政策不夠全面以至難以在官僚體系生根、資訊透明度不足等,台灣政府應積極修正支持推動反貪策略行動方案。/成功大學楊永年教授

2018.2.21 Transparency International 公布的台灣的 corruption_perceptions_index (CPI)分數63 (前一年61分),排名亞洲第7。 蘋果日報 2-23-2018 報導台灣的政府反貪指數 GDAI 列 Band B級

2013台灣民主基金會民調:各項人權指標多走低...「政府無貪污腐敗程度」分數慘不忍睹近兩年(2012, 2013)都只拿1.9分、1.8分(滿分5分),均為不及格分數。 國際透明組織(Transparency International) 2013全球貪腐趨勢指數(Corruption Barometer 2013)調查顯示,台灣為重度貪腐國家,在受調查95個國家中排名第18,貪腐程度增加明顯且幅度劇烈。《蘋果》(2013.7.11)最新民調顯示,高達75.07%受訪者認為「貪污實際情形更嚴重」。

最近英國(The Economist 2010)雜誌指出台灣司法界的貪污謠傳獲得了證實,也讓人民的憤怒達到了沸點。
但台灣長久以來從不思徹底悔改,這3年的國際排名不如過去 1998-2001年之時(德國 國際透明組織資料), 立委為了保護搞錢的機會,不肯完整通過公務員財產來源不明的司法調查權 。

台灣政府不肅貪則是怕影響政治選舉,並牽連一大串共犯,難以擺平 。 不得已計畫成立的「廉政署」,為台灣四大報社一齊批評並質疑其功效。 

台灣如真要肅貪 ,必須參考新加坡貪污調查局、香港廉政公署的成功經驗, 以免成為 缺乏牙爪的老虎 或 沒裝砲臺的新型坦克。

     1. 法律上有針對財產與合法收入明顯不相符即可調查的「尚方寶劍 」,以及立法授與廉政署的司法官身分及其主動調查權。

     2. 應位高權重,比如隸屬於總統,可避免高階壓力與人情關說。

     3. 應具獨立調查功能 ,不受其他部門牽制,但接受外部監督。

     4. 成員在既有官僚體系之外,調查幹員必須新聘訓練, 徹底切斷與官僚體系、企業人情與利益網絡。

     5. 預算受立法部門的充分尊重及支援立委 難以預算綁架要脅

     6. 設清明之內控或外部監督機制, 以避免誤用「寶劍 」 ―  如打擊異己、選擇性辦案、拍蒼蠅放老虎、玩假的、玩詐的、甚或反成貪腐的禍源。


 "台灣貪污"英文 Google 排名第一 , 測試於1-1-2017, 2015.1.11,
2012年 1月11日 2011年 2月14日 8:50am
及 Sept. 14 & Nov. 22, 2010, 台北時間


"台灣貪污" 英文 Google 排名第一 ,
測試於1-1-2017, Jan. 11, 2015, Sept. 14 & Nov. 22, 2010, 台北時間


中外媒體 評論  台灣貪污





★  美國國務院公布人權報告  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,   4.20.2018

      台灣主要人權問題之一是貪污。 司法單位不夠獨立因此不易對付政客 (the justice ministry was insufficiently independent and conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians. )。

★  蘋果日報 (Apple Daily), 12-7-2018,  社論: 台灣除了官商勾結,貪腐破表外,領先中國、印尼、巴西、菲律賓、越南等貪污大國之處,在於還有黑道橫行。黑道輔佐官商民代發財,其臭無比的食物鏈 超越藍綠, 在選後 黑金復辟 ...(

★  蘋果日報 (Apple Daily), 5-12-2018, Focus comments  ( 林達)
 轉貪腐無罪王國  速訂餽贈罪-  台灣高院判課員索2億抽佣四千萬無罪 , 台需要 Gratuity Law 法如美國之 US  18 U.S.C. & 201(c) .

★  蘋果日報 (Apple Daily), 5-15-2018, Focus comments

        對價關係 (“quid pro quo", "Consideration relationship") 是貪污犯逃生門 .

★  國際透明組織 <Transparency International>, Germany,  2-21-2018

        台灣的corruption_perceptions_index (CPI)分數63排名亞洲第7,次於world No.1紐西蘭(score89)、world No.6新加坡(score 84)、No. 13澳洲、13香港、20日本、26不丹,世界第29(與葡萄牙、卡達同分) ,前五名為New Zealand, Denmark(score 88), and 同列No.3 (score 85)的 Finland, Norway, Swiss,美國No.16, score 75 )


★  政府反貪指數 <GDAI,  Government Defence Anti-corruption Index>,  ref to Apple Daily 2-23-2018

        GDAI  of 2015,  台灣列 Band B級,Operations 與 Procurement Risk列 C級, Personnel risks.列 Band A級


★  美國國務院公布人權報告  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,   3.3.2017

     2017年月公布之美國國務院公布人權報告( USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices)指出台灣主要人權問題之一是官員貪污。 201 名官員 包括23名高官貪污 charges.  中正大學研究(National Chung Cheng University) 76%受訪者不滿意政府反貪不足。外籍 移工人權遭仲介剝削、是官員貪污的受害者

國際透明組織 <Transparency International>, Germany,

      國際透明組織(Transparency International)近日公布「2016貪腐印象指數(Corruption Perceptions Index 2016)」,台灣清廉度以61分排名第31,較去年退步1分紐西蘭與丹麥同以90分並列第1。芬蘭、瑞典、瑞士分居3到5名。 亞洲國家中Singapore最高  score 84  ranking No.7,   Hong Kong at No.15 with 77 points,  日本  No.20 with 72 points。  國際民粹興起恐使貪腐惡化。

★  美國國務院公布人權報告  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,   4.13.2016

2016年官員貪污 仍然台灣主要人權問題

    台灣司法界因貪污受創,雖努力過試圖對付貪污與政治審判(政治影響司法),問題仍舊存在,Authorities indicted 285 officials, including 22 high-ranking officials, on corruption charges during the year.

美國傳統基金會(<Heritage Foundation> )   02-02- 2016  

      美國智庫傳統基金會與華爾街日報發布《2016經濟自由度指數》(2016 Index of Economic Freedom),政治與財團仍糾纏,並特別點出黑心油問題,可能有食用油業者與政客關係密切而逃過檢查;報告另認為,勞工自由和公眾財政管理需要關注。


★  美國國務院公布人權報告  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,   6.26.2015

         ●  台灣主要人權問題是官員貪污與外籍與本地勞工之被剝削(Principal human rights problems /  labor exploitation of migrant workers by fishing companies, exploitation of domestic workers by brokerage agencies, and official corruption.)
         ●  687官員(69 高階官員)貪污Some legal scholars and politicians alleged that the Ministry of Justice was not sufficiently independent, claiming that ministry authorities conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians.  authorities indicted 687 officials, including 69 high-ranking officials, on corruption charges during the year. There were no reports of impunity.


美國傳統基金會(<Heritage Foundation> & <WallStreet Journal>) 公布全球經濟自由度報告,   1.29.2015

      ... 台灣政商勾結在台灣仍是一個問題,相對而言相當高度的貪污情況依然存在。("2015 Index of Economic Freedom" :  a relatively high level of perceived corruption and a rigid labor market still restrain Taiwan’s overall economic freedom.)

★  美國國務院公布的2013年人權報告
The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013, released at 2.27.2014.

(1)中華民國司法體系仍有貪腐情形,儘管台灣當局努力打擊貪腐以及政治干預司法,但仍有一些問題無法根除。 去年5月台灣已有573名官員遭貪腐起訴,其中39名是高階官員,包括行政院前秘書長林益世企圖索賄被判刑7年

(2)司法貪瀆 及政治審判問題 : the judicial system suffered from corruption, and that the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases had been questioned.


★   PERC’s 2015 Report on Corruption in Asia, Asian Intelligence Reports Index  4-1-2015

台灣貪污是個敏感題目, 柯市長廣受歡迎因他減少公務員貪污機會...corruption within Taiwan remains a very sensitive issue that could be politicized more the closer the time comes to the next elections. The new mayor of Taipei, a political independent, has been very popular because of his initiatives to reduce the opportuntiies for corruption at the municipal level. He is focusing on shortcomings that both major political parties have tended to gloss over, and this could cause these issues to get a lot more attention in the future, especially if he makes changes that produce positive results ? or are seen to do so.

Ranking and scores in Asia: Singapore 1.33, Japan 1.55,  Australia 2.61,  Hong Kong 3.17, Macao 4.58,  USA 4.59, Malaysia 4.96, Taiwan 5.00

★  <Transparency International>,  12.2.2014

Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2014:    台灣分數 61 分數與前二年相同 (2014, 2013, 2012), 其他亞太國家分數: New Zealand 91, Singapore 84 Australia 80, Hong Kong 74, Japan 76, Bhutan 65, etc.


       「2014全球經濟自由度指數」(Index of Economic Freedom)報告,  1.13.2014

1. 台灣廉潔度不及格
2. 台灣退步指標包括下列:
     Freedom From Corruption (
59.7 declined); Business Freedom (93.9); Monetary Freedom(81.7);
     Labor Freedom
(53.1);Government Spending(84.7);Fiscal Freedom
3. 台灣有兩項指標低於60分、處於不及格狀態,包括免於貪腐、勞動自由,分數分別為59.7分以及53.1分;
4. Index of Economic Freedom,台灣進步3名


★  聯合報 (11-4-2015) / 安永 2015-EY-asia-pacific-fraud-survey


PERC’s 2014 Report on Corruption in Asia, Asian Intelligence Reports Index
19. 2014 by

   1.  亞太清廉度 我倒退
        Asia's ranking status: 

        1 新加坡Singapore (score 1.6),  2 日本Japan(2.08) , 3 澳洲Australia(2.55) ,
        4 香港Hong Kong(2.95), 5 美國USA(3.50) , 6 澳門Macau(3.65) , 7
        8 台灣TW(5.31),  9 S. Korea (7.05), 10 Chn(7.10)

   2. 「高官貪污嚴重」: 台司法體系並無成功打擊體系內貪污,台中高分院法官胡景彬涉辦案收賄便是一例。
<政經風險顧問公司>(POLITICAL & ECONOMIC RISK CONSULTANCY LTD (HK based))2014政經風險評估報告: 在亞太及美國等十六國任職的外商主管心目中,新加坡政府清廉度最高,台灣排名第八,被馬來西亞擠下,較去年退步,報告指台灣高官貪污嚴重。 前總統陳水扁因貪污入獄,與總統馬英九關係密切的行政院前祕書長林益世及北市議員賴素如也因涉貪遭訴,藍綠兩黨皆有高官涉貪,顯示台灣高官貪污嚴重,而縣市級公務員和稅務機關貪污問題最小。


★  美國國務院公布的二○一二年人權報告
The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2012, released at April 19, 2013.

台灣主要的問題在貪腐和對婦女與兒童的暴力。貪腐 : “Although the authorities made efforts to eliminate corruption and diminish political influence in the judiciary, some residual problems remained,”...“During the year, judicial reform advocates pressed for greater public accountability, reforms of the personnel system and other procedural reforms,”. “Although the authorities made efforts to eliminate corruption and diminish political influence in the judiciary, some residual problems remained,” the report said.
政治評論與學界公開質疑檢察官與法官的公正性The report also said that political commentators and academics had publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases.


 德國 <國際透明組織>(Transparency International) 2013 Global Corruption Barometer (TI's GCB) : 7.9.2013



(1) The came-out worst corruption institution: the 立法院Legislative Yuan( 75 % of respondents feeling the institution was affected by corruption)
(2) 政黨the political parties (74%)
(3) 媒體Taiwan's media (62%)
(4) 司法judiciary (57%)
(5) 軍警公僕police, the military, public officials and civil servants all finishing at 56 percent
(6) non-governmental organizations (31%)



(Corruption Barometer 2013)


Percentage(%) of respondents who felt these institutions were corrupt/extremely corrupt in this country/territory 多少比例受訪者認為台灣這些單位是一般甚至極端貪污?
立法院75%  of respondents in Taiwan who felt that parliament/legislature( the Legislative Yuan) were corrupt/extremely corrupt ;
政黨74%  political parties;   媒體 62%   media; 司法 57%   judiciary;
警方 56%  police;   軍方 56%   military;  公僕 56%  public officials and servants;
醫療 47% medical and health services;  教育 45% educational systems; 
44%   business;   33% religious bodies; 非營利 31%  NGOs( non-governmental organizations)

To what extent do you think corruption is a problem in the public sector in this country/territory?貪污多嚴重?
7%: not really a problem;    27%: a slight problem;    35%: it's a problem;  31%: serious problem

(3) Have you or anyone in your household paid a bribe to one of these 8 services in the last 12 months?  家庭成員曾賄賂那些機構?
35%  judiciary;   21% medical and health services;    16% educational systems;  16%   police; 
15% tax revenue;    15%   registry & permit services;  17%   utility;    11%  land service;   
(4) over the past 2 years how has the level of corruption in the country/territory changed?23% decrease a lot;   48% decrease a little; 17% stayed the same; 9% increase a little;   3% increase a lot
(5) How effect your government actions are in the fight against corruption? 政府打擊貪污有效?
very ineffective: 14%; ineffective: 32%, etc
(6) Institutions perceived by respondents to be among the most affected by corruption?political party: Taiwan is one among 51 countries of 107 perceived political party to be among the institutions most affected by corruption.
parliament & legislature:  Taiwan is one among 7 countries of 107 perceived parliament & legislature to be among the institutions most affected by corruption.


To what extent do you agree that ordinary people can make a difference in the fight against corruption? 平民百姓能打擊貪污
51% agree;  28% disagree;  8% strong disagree;  13% strong agree
  ps: 2013 Corruption Perception index TW rank 36  score 61 same as that in 2012   (Singapore 5, HK 15, Japan 18)


德國 <國際透明組織>(Transparency International)  Germany,  Dec. 5, 2012

(Reuters) - In Transparency International's 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index, 在全球176國家中丹麥芬蘭紐西蘭共同排名第一,瑞典與新加坡排名第四與五。
(CNA台灣之中央社) Taiwan was ranked 37th among 176 nations and regions in an annual global index on the perception of corruption in the public sector, dropping five spots from last year, In 2011, Taiwan was ranked 32nd among 183 nations and territories.  China remained in 80th place with a score of 39 - which means Failure.


★  <國際特赦組織> 英國 倫敦 (Amnesty International, London, UK),  annual report The State of the World's Human Rights 2012, May 24, 2012

政府對於農民居住權的保障,毫無建樹。在徵收土地的過程中,更發生官商勾結情事。 媒體揭露政府官員與名流,虐待、剝削外籍勞工的事實。 立法院於六月通過法官法,以法律規範免除不適任或貪污法官之職務。

  <美國國務院人權報告   USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices>, May 24, 2012

高層官員貪污it highlighted the problem of corruption in Taiwan, saying more than 400 officials were indicted on corruption charges in the past year, including 54 high-ranking officials.

司法體系貪污In addition, it said the judicial system in Taiwan “suffered from some corruption.”

政治與學術評論質疑檢察官與法官 之公正性The impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases was being questioned by some political commentators and academics, the report said.

2013台灣民主基金會民調: 2013年12月10日

「政府無貪污腐敗程度」分數慘不忍睹近兩年都只拿1.9分、1.8分...為不及格分數! (滿分5分)



2012 台灣人權指標調查" (conducted by 中華人權協會) 17.9% 台灣人認為台灣整體人權進步 36% 認為台灣人權退步 25.8% 台灣人認為台灣政治人權退步 17.1% 認為台灣政治人權進步 13.1% 台灣人認為台灣司法人權進步 38.4% 認為台灣司法人權退步

<Taiwan News>,  
台灣人不大相信司法 according to "2012 Taiwan Human Rights Indicator Survey", about 53.5 percent of the respondents gave the protection of judicial human rights a negative rating, compared with 21.4 percent who rated it positively.

台灣 < 自由時報  > <Epoch USA>

台灣民主基金會公布「2012台灣民主自由人權指標調查」 結果顯示民眾對政府人權保障滿意度較去年下降 對政府貪腐感到非常不滿意,... 民眾對人權保障最不滿意的前三名,分別是政府無貪腐程度、政府回應人民需求及無外力干涉司法情形;最滿意的則是居住及遷徙自由、宗教信仰自由及投票權利保障自由...


★  <Political and Economic Risk Consultancy LTD. (PERC)>     2012年3月 21日 

1. 新加坡(0.67),   2. 澳洲(1.28),   3. 日本(1.9),   4. 美國(2.59),    5. 香港(2.64)     6. 澳門(2.85)
7. 台灣(5.45),   8. 馬來西亞(5.59),   9. 泰國(6.57)   10.柬埔寨(6.83)



德國 <國際透明組織>(Transparency International)    2011年11月 2日 

     < 2011年全球行賄指數>評比台灣較2008年退步5名
台灣在 TI's 2011 “Bribe Payers" index排名 (19th) 後段,  總共 28 國家接受調查 (surveyed)
 ◎ Taiwan fell from 14th place in the index released in 2008, when 22 countries were scrutinized.
 ◎ 柏林(The Berlin-based organization)總部訪查 3,016 business executives(共 30 國家), 問題是: how often companies in the countries polled engaged in bribery.


  <國際透明組織> <Transparency International>, 德國,   2011年12月 1日        

台灣在  the corruption perception index 評比排名第32

台灣獲得分數為  6.1 [滿分 10] 亞太國家分數 : New Zealand 9.5, Singapore 9.2 , Hong Kong 8.2, Japan 8.0等

要繼續改善台灣排名, 政府必須進行長期的教育計畫以提昇公民對於清廉政治(clean politics and governance)的價值觀念 此外政府與立法院( legislature) 必須對處理相關政府官員( government officials') special allowance funds的事務更為謹慎, 等等

ps: 蘋果日報社論(12.2.2011): 但是...地方工程標案仍然暗藏天機...更難抓到...


score 5.9







score 5.5




  2001    2002    2003    2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010     

Taiwan's corruption index by year, Transparency International, Germany

台灣貪污表現較佳年度: 2001, 2005, 2006


★ <美國國務院人權報告   USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices>, issued  2011年4月8日

      台灣貪腐 婦女兒童之歧視&家暴 販運走私人口等問題仍然存在公務體系 官員貪腐及風紀問題 ―  警界風紀問題不普遍仍是個問題


★  <國際特赦組織> 英國 倫敦 (Amnesty International, London, UK),  annual report The State of the World's Human Rights 2011, May 13, 2011

        Taiwan was criticized over issues to do with the death penalty, freedom of expression, justice ( also voiced concerns over the slow progress to enact a judges' act to address corruption scandals involving high court judges 法官涉集體收賄醜聞 and over the working conditions of migrant workers.) and migrants' rights.


<美國傳統基金會>&<華爾街日報>共同發布  (  A joint project of The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. ), 2011年1月12日

      台灣"避免貪污 Freedom from Corruption" 分數 56  ( 為 2007年以來最差 )

      台灣經濟自由度 分數 70.8 在亞太( Asia–Pacific region)排名第七


德國 <國際透明組織>(Transparency International)    2010年12月9日

     台灣貪腐的嚴重程度(5分最差)依惡劣次序排: 警察police:3.9  國會內閣與立法院 parliament/legislation3.8,  官員與公僕public officials/civil servants3.8, 政黨political parties3.5, 軍方military3.4,  司法judiciary3.3 ...  媒體Media, 教育體系Education systems 3.2。

   ps: Dec. 10, 2010
       <自由時報>刊登的排序有誤, 漏了官員與公僕軍方教育體系

   World Corruption Index: Singapore No.1, Australia No.8 (score 8.7), HK No.13 (8.4), Japan No. 17 (7.8),  Qatar No.19 (7.7), US No.22 (7.1),  Taiwan No.33 (5.8)

    台灣人認為過去三年台灣貪污腐化:  一樣(stayed the same) 35%, 更壞(increased) 42%, 轉好( decreased) 23%。

   ps: <自由時報>: 貪腐惡化與沒有改善的合計高達七成七 ...... 突凸顯貪腐仍然嚴重。



英國 <經濟學人>(The Economist)    2010年7月22日

「台灣的腐敗—確認司法體系中最不堪的質疑」(Corruption in Taiwan--Confirming the worst suspicions)為題,報導了令台灣蒙羞的醜聞 : 前立委何智輝涉嫌行賄法官,導致一名檢察官與四名司法官收押案,這件長達十年以上的最大司法貪污醜聞讓台灣司法界的貪污謠傳獲得了證實,也讓人民的憤怒達到了沸點。


three high-court judges and a prosecutor had been detained amid allegations that they took bribes to fix the outcome of a high-profile case, has brought public outrage to boiling point.

The case is Taiwan’s biggest judicial-corruption scandal in over a decade.

“The significance of this case is that it makes all the rumours a reality,”

The country’s president, announced the formation of a new commission to battle corruption and vote-buying.

Such talk is ... drawing comparisons to Singapore’s Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau and Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption. But, unlike those bodies, the Taiwanese commission will not report directly to the president, but only to the justice ministry, where tangled bureaucracy and civil servants who are deferential to their political bosses could limit action.

In any case, complains the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and various experts, such a commission will be toothless as long as it is nearly impossible to sack bad judges and prosecutors. An act calling for such a mechanism has long been stalled in parliament.


<美國人權報告>USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices    2010年3月11日

四項主要人權缺失之一 : 台灣官員貪污    One out of 4 major problems  :  Taiwan corruption by officials


英國 <The Economist>  Jan 22nd 2009      "Political corruption in Taiwan"

台灣 的選擇性辦案    Taiwan expert at Monash University in Australia, points out that recent corruption investigations have mainly been aimed at opposition politicians; prosecutors seem far less interested in investigating KMT figures.


時代雜誌 <TIME> USA,   2009     

Chen (former president of ROC Taiwan) insists his case is one of political persecutions by the new Kuomintang administration, which has been forging closer ties with China since coming into power ......

In some ways, Chen's  trial is a positive sign that the justice system is alive ...


< Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd. (PERC) >   

2009年    台灣官員貪污比中國大陸嚴重    

2010年  3月  分析台灣「政治人物」的貪腐仍是問題,... 

    「政治貪腐」印象評比主要是針對亞洲已開發經濟體、美國和澳大利亞等 ... 分數愈低,表示愈清廉。調查結果顯示 :

     台灣貪污(6.28) 落後於第一位新加坡(1.42)、第二澳大利亞(2.28)、 第三香港(2.67)、第四美國(3.42)、日本(3.49)、澳門(4.96)、南韓(5.98)之後只略勝中國0.24分


2011年  3月 22日
<政經風險顧問公司> : 台灣貪污 在亞太落後於新加坡、香港 、澳大利亞、日本、美國、澳門(4.96)之後排名第7 POLITICAL & ECONOMIC RISK CONSULTANCY LTD (HK based), 2011年3月22日 (1)調查發現國家級政治領導人及政府都更單位貪污最嚴重


台灣 蘋果日報


<Transparency Org. Taiwan >    2005年12月9

台灣嚴重貪污在於 國會Parliament 與政黨
台灣各界之貪污指數(Taiwan Corruption Index) :
Parliament 78%, political parties 69%, 海關Custom 61%, 軍事Military 48%, 警察Police 45%, 司法Legislative 43%, 水電公共設施Power & Water 41%, 私部門36%, 稅Taxes 35%, 醫療Medical 32%, 教育Education 25%, 媒體Media 19%, 宗教Religion 16%, etc  (Taiwan corruption is lousy, Gallup 2006, Transparency Org. 2007  )


台灣 <蘋果日報 >



◎   蘋論:期待廉政署公正嚴厲  2011年07月19日

       普遍不看好廉政公署的原因是:位階太低,...  可能成為政治鬥爭的工具... 尤其選舉前... 中華民族整個數千年的貪污文化不改革是不可能肅貪成功的... 把每年貪污罪

... 控制在當年犯罪率的3%以下 ... 首先偵辦警方與司法官 ...

◎   蘋論:廉政署 銀樣鑞鎗頭  2010年07月21日

廉政署要有效,根據港、星經驗,一定得滿足以下四條件:一,獨立直屬最高行政長官,...。二,調查幹員必須 新聘訓練,... 。三,法院對廉政署起訴貪官的定罪率愈高愈有肅貪、防貪效果。... 四,建立成套的法源,例如肅貪最有力的公務員財產來源不明罪,以及立法授與廉政署的司法官身分及其主動調查權。

... 廉政署不是亂源就是太監般無用。還是算了吧,別設了。


◎   從廉政公署看廉政署  2010年07月30日(趙少康)


◎  蘋論:馬識貪不明 2010年07月17日

不抓貪官... 的原因真的不是怕家醜,而是怕政治因素和利益因素。政治因素最常見是影響選舉,或怕揪出「害馬之群」對執政黨及馬連任的選情不利;或為了選舉抓幾個貪官祭旗,端看選前情勢而變。利益因素則是考慮到如果抓貪官會牽出來的一大串共犯,那就很難擺平了,尤其當大家都是共犯結構時更難。


◎  <非典型論述>馬總統的假司法改革(林濁水)2010年07月22日

發揮作用 ... 在於幾個配套:


◎  廉政署 再養一隻大老鼠(姜皇池)2010年07月21日

一則笑話:警察貪污是騎車收紅包、調查局貪污是開車裝錢、司法官貪污是用推土機推錢 , ......  廉政署是「開貨櫃車運鈔票」,更詭異狀況可能是無人膽敢開玩笑,像是明朝東廠。


<中國時報  >



◎  【本報訊】   2010-08-26



◎  短 評-司法大悶鍋       2010年8月11日

不論司法或獄政,都是陳年積病。...  距離民眾對司法的期待顯然仍遠。


◎   社論-肅貪的關鍵在決心 不在機構    2010年07月30日

設立廉政署之議,...,過去廿多年來 ... 每每夭折,民意機關擔心搬石砸自己的腳,專家學界則懷疑疊床架屋的組織,不是擔心其會淪為打擊異己的工具,就是認為其根本難以發揮作用。

有什麼內控或外部監督機制,... 避免廉政署成為打擊異己的怪獸,甚或反成貪腐的禍源?

官官相護,見利忘德 ... 只要有與政商飲宴不以為怪的檢察總長、與高層通風報信的調查局長,就辦不了弊案


◎   我們給你廉政署,請你給我們司法改革   2010年07月30日 【劉孔中】




◎ 法務部廉政署 藍委憂淪為工具 綠諷拼裝車假改革    2010年07月21日  

未來的廉政署... 三機關 ... 會因搶案源、比成績,出現「為起訴而起訴」的弊病。


... 政府組織瘦身,卻又另立功能類似的廉政署;想一掃積習以利肅貪,卻又回原單位搬人,如何避免重大政策矛盾、行政機關相互的制肘,將是馬英九期待廉政署成為「交叉火網」的另一難題。


◎  開司改會議?立委:執行更重要      2010年08月1日 【中央社】




香江風情-香港廉政公署今非昔比  2010-07-25

中國人社會反貪,一向都是事倍功半,... 當今大陸貪官橫行,...  香港反貪比較有看頭,皆因英國在香港建立了法治觀念,可是自回歸以來,香港與大陸經過多年的磨合之後,... 在在顯示英國當年在香港的建樹,已在逐漸凋謝。


黑社會黑政治、黑經濟的共同體    南方朔    2009-11-10




台灣 < 聯合報 



【聯合報╱社論】 2010年8月26日     法院要有讓人民安心接受裁判的信任

人民不要貪汙的法官、已經不能再忍耐了;... ...,當務之急是讓人民能夠安心接受裁判,重新相信司法。



 社論】  不是沒有廉政署 而是沒有公信力   2010年07月21日



◎  馬凱:望廉若渴  2010年07月20


◎  陪審團制 扭轉僵硬司法

   陸以正    2010年07月31日

◎  司法界反淘汰 誰能阻止?  陳長文   2010年07月31日

◎  官員收錢無罪 司法想向社會宣示甚麼?    聯合報 社論  2009年07月9日

◎  台灣司法形象全球排名後1/3     聯合報 社論    2007年10月12日



台灣 < 自由時報 



2010年8月26日   社論  :  司法改革不是一句「只要法官不貪污」就可奏效 

 ... ... 要除盡四十年深植司法體系神髓的殘毒、習氣,談何容易?因此,司法改革的對象不僅是不肖的司法人員,更必須從主政者自己做起,先把伸進司法衣褲裡的政治之手拿開,否則何以侈言捍衛皇后的貞操?


2010年07月   摘要各文

綠營質疑過去國民黨曾阻撓成立廉政署的立法 ...

◎  香港廉政公署具備的功能,除了最可用的「財產與所得不相稱罪 」法律利器外,其餘的功能灣調查局都已具備


... 很多案子被告明明沒自白,但在政風人員或司法警察約詢後,竟都自白認罪,未來廉政署成立後,會不會有更多人被犧牲,令人憂心

如果玩真的 就先調查三中案


◎  廉政署未來將設在法務部之下,此一設計讓廉政署喪失了獨立性及公正性。因為法務部是司法行政部門,並非獨立司法機關,執政當局很容易透過行政系統,將黑手伸進廉政署,這樣的廉政署,未來勢必無法甩脫「選擇性辦案」的質疑。



落實合議制 法界促破除萬年庭長  2010年08月1日  


< Taiwan News 



2010年07月30日  ( Johnson Chen 台灣英文新聞 記者)

「財產來源不明罪」的通過,比設立「廉政署」來得有用,...  捨「財產來源不明罪」而不由,只敢弄個「廉政署」的山寨版,...




本文排名 Google第一  ( tests: 2月14日, 2011年 ; 8月8日, 2010年)



台灣貪污  國際媒體之評論與報導

World Media viewpoints on
Former President of Taiwan Goes on Trial for Corruption

華盛頓郵報 <Washington Post>, <Newsweek> USA 

台灣的民主與髒錢 Democracy and Dirty Money in Taiwan  

You have to love what's happening in Taiwan. Yeah,  .....  the former President of Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian, has just been banned from leaving the island and the Swiss are investigating a bank account that contains $20 million.
Chen, the first opposition candidate to become president of Taiwan, came into office promising to clean up what is known on that island as the culture of "hei qian" or dirty money. Hmmm.

...... The Taiwan story is remarkable, however, not just because it involves the fall of failed president but because it is happening at all. It underscores the fact that Taiwan's democracy, while still plagued by corruption, is trying to keep it house clean. As such it's good news for Taiwan and, who knows, perhaps good news for the many Chinese on mainland China who look to Taiwan and its political system with some hope and maybe a little admiration. Could this happen in China, too?


紐約時報 <New York Times> USA

Former President of Taiwan Is Detained in a Corruption Inquiry November 11, 2008

The former president paused briefly before television cameras, raised his arms and defiantly shouted, “Long live Taiwan!” and “Political persecution!”

Mr. Chen, one of Taiwan’s most controversial political figures, ...

Mr. Chen has suggested that prosecutors are focusing on him to win favor from Beijing.....  (By DAVID BARBOZA)


紐約時報 <New York Times> USA

Taiwan’s Former President Goes on Trial for Corruption    March 26, 2009  

But Mr. Chen ....  has maintained the charges are a plot by Taiwan’s current president, Ma Ying-jeou, to win favor with China’s government.
...“In order to win favors and protection from Beijing, the KMT”......

Although the evidence against Mr. Chen is strong, some analysts say the government’s handling of the case has been less than deft. Prosecutors were criticized after they participated in a skit before Justice Ministry officials that clearly mocked Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen has won sympathy by claiming that his detention without bail — and, at first, without any contact with his family — has been unjustly harsh.

“The prosecutors have been going a bit wild, and how this trial is conducted will be critical,”...... “This is an important landmark in Taiwan’s whole process of democratization.”  ( By MICHAEL WINES )


英國 泰晤士時報  < The Times> UK


<New York Times> USA      Sept. 11, 2009

...... Mr. Chen blasted the proceedings as a "tool for political suppression and persecution" by his successor......

Mr. Chen was the first politician outside the Kuomintang to become president of Taiwan, after he helped lead a pro-democracy movement that opposed martial law and other strict measures put in place by the Kuomintang. Martial law was not lifted until 1987, and the island's first multi-party elections held in 1996. Mr. Chen had strongly campaigned against the corruption that many Taiwanese saw as widespread within the Kuomintang, which retreated to Taiwan after losing the Chinese civil war to the Communists in 1949.    

 (Michael Wines)



時代雜誌 <TIME> USA,   2009     

Chen (former president of ROC Taiwan) insists his case is one of political persecutions by the new Kuomintang administration, which has been forging closer ties with China since coming into power ......

In some ways, Chen's  trial is a positive sign that the justice system is alive ...


英國 <BBC> UK 

Taiwan court rejects Chen Shui-bian corruption appeal     

... He denies the charges and has said he is being punished by the pro-Beijing government for his independence views ...

His supporters say the current Taiwanese government - which favours closer relations with China - is persecuting the former president for upsetting Beijing by pushing for formal independence while he was in office.

... The government has insisted Chen's case is being dealt with according to the law, says our correspondent.

Taiwan has been ruled separately from China since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, ...... But Beijing sees the island as a breakaway province which should be reunified with the mainland, by force if necessary.


<New York Times> USA

Corruption Scandal at Top Tests Taiwan's Democracy     November 25, 2006

At times, Taiwanese politics is a blend of opera and blood sport, and this is one of those times. Scandal and outrage, lying and humiliation -- all of it messy and delivered in a loud, public fashion -- are consuming political life here, as a virtual death watch has settled over the second term of President Chen Shui-bian.

''In 10 years, when we look back, this could be a turning point for Taiwan's democracy to become mature,'' ...... ''Right now, it is a disgrace, and it is quite humiliating. But once we get past this, I think Taiwan's politics will get a lot cleaner.''

Politically, Taiwan's symbolic power has always been as a democratic counterpoint to China. But democracy in Taiwan remains a work in progress that has been repeatedly challenged during Mr. Chen's tenure. The pivotal recent event occurred Nov. 3 when a prosecutor in Taipei, the capital, indicted the first lady and also announced that Mr. Chen, immune from prosecution as president, could face charges after he left office. For a judicial branch regarded as a weak constitutional pillar, it was a historic moment.

''This is very hard evidence that at last we have a fair and independent-minded judicial branch,'' ...... ''The principle of separation of power has taken root in Taiwan.''


  <The China Post>  Taiwan

Problem with corruption is scarring Taiwan's democracy    August 9, 2010

A former president jailed for graft, a retired head of military police indicted for embezzlement, three top judges accused of taking bribes — the list goes on. Taiwan has a problem with corruption.

"Social values are distorted to the extent that being clean has come to count as a plus for a civil servant rather than a basic requirement,"  said George Tsai, a political scientist at Chinese Culture University in Taipei.

“It takes time to eradicate corruption but people's patience is limited and they are demanding quick results.

“Corruption in Taiwan is at a critical junction and the government and people have to do more,”

“Otherwise, politically how can Taiwan say to the world that its democracy should be followed by others, especially China,” he said.

“Has Taiwan democracy solved the corruption problem? No, and Chen Shui-bian is the best proof of that,”.... 

“But if we look at Singapore and Hong Kong, they prove that even without western-style democracy Asian regimes can establish good governance.”
   (By Peter Harmsen, AFP)


PS: All above are abstractions/excerpts from original articles in int'l media.                             

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