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                  Taiwan prosecutors

 followed orders to conclude cases

  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  2021-3-30: Some political commentators and academics, publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high profile, politically sensitive cases.

  The Liberty Times, 2021-6-18, editorial : Taiwan president Tsia I. W.'s optimization of government focused on judicial reform, which she stated frankly is still distant from public expectations. ( https://talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1455453 蔡總統對於優化政府體制,另特別著墨在司法改革上,她坦言司改的成果,和人民的期待「還有一段距離」)

★  United Daily, 

 A investigation survey conducted by National Chung Cheng University shows  the degree of satisfaction with prosecutors has dropped slightly or remained in various items     udn.com/news/story/7321/5279400



pic. : No.1 "Taiwan's prosecutors" on Yandex of Russia, 2021-9-13;  pic. right: No.1 "Taiwan judiciary" on Yandex of Russia,  2021-9-13, 2021-4-18, 11-20-2020, 2-28-2018



 pic. left: No.1 "prosecutors in Taiwan " on Bing, 2021-6-24, 2021-5-11,  2021-4-18, 11-20-2020, No.2 at 2021-9-12; pic. right: No.2 "Taiwan's prosecutors" on US Yahoo, 2021-6-24, 2021-4-18 




 pic. below: Formosa TV news, 1-19-2021 3:00pm: Taiwan's biggest  judicial scandal of the century, it's an international joke !

Taiwan judiciary crashes  

Apple Daily, editorial, 1-19-2021:
Rotten & stinky judiciary s
hakes the nation to its core. Today is the darkest day in Taiwan judiciary, so-called judicial reform and jury system etc are nothing but slogans and lies.  Real horrible darkness is ahead if not to investigate the very-top-position officials.

China Times, editorial, 1-19-2021: Taiwan judiciary crashes.  law officials fawn on the richness, and yield to the power.



Apple Daily, 1-21-2021: Taiwan government dares to investigate high-position judicial officials' connections and property from unidentified sources (dummy accounts) ?? tw.appledaily.com/daily/20210121/ASVXWX4ASZCQ3PEWMSQKZ7CDS4/



Liberty Times, 1-21-2021: Taiwan's legal machine was already a chunk of meat for "interest group"'s exclusive domain, even Control Yuan took the role of "body guard "
金筊m  https://talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1426899



Apple Daily, 1-21-2021: "How big is the iceberg under the sea ?"  200 involve, 40 punished only  tw.appledaily.com/forum/20210121/LETBH6VACRHTPJAOVH6DL2LATY/

Apple Daily, 1-19-2021: