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 Guardian, 2021-8-30: 鬼月中的Covid
台灣年輕族群仍十分迷信,  1/3不願在
鬼月中加班,  70+%在公司角落聽到怪聲響,  或空無一人的廁所有沖水聲,  等等...  Some suspicions are still common among younger generations. A recent survey of Taiwan office workers found a third of respondents avoid working overtime during Ghost Month. The poll found 40% of office workers had reported strange encounters in the late hours. More than 70% reported “eerie sounds” from office corners, while others said they heard footsteps, saw windows open on their own and elevators arrive on their floor without being called, or heard toilets flushing in an empty bathroom

 BBC, 2-10-2021, "Why Taiwan has 'luck-improvement services' ": There’s a pervasive idea running through Chinese culture that things aren’t random, Stevan Harrell, emeritus anthropology professor at the University of Washington said, “There’s a belief in order: there’s some sort of order behind everything.” Many people believed in a simple maxim: “tian zhuding” (“heaven decides”).  Some higher power has plans for each person on Earth, traditional Chinese belief also holds that “heaven never seals off all the exits” – there is always a way out.  “We call [this attitude of openness] ‘youbai youbaoyou’,” (有拜有保庇)“, It doesn’t matter if you believe in gods. If you pray, you’ll be blessed.” So, even the upscale Eslite Bookstore has a cosmological self-help section chock full of do-it-yourself fate-improvement guides.  People in the Chinese-speaking world seem particularly preoccupied with luck, from boarding gates to high-stakes baccarat tables and school exams to political races, (Even politicians are compelled to publicly try their luck, visiting temples to draw fortune sticks ...) yet while many countries have their own superstitions and rituals.  brief (Chinese: 為什麼台灣人重視轉運? 雖然許多國家都有迷信風俗然而台灣從登機口到學校考試到政治選舉,人們似乎特別關注運氣有時連政 客也被迫公開到寺廟抽籤試運華盛頓大學 教授認為: 在中國人文化中有普遍的想法,事情不是随沉迷於過去的歷史使 人們相信一切背後都有某種秩序”即"天註定''但同時傳統信仰也認為然 天命使臣民之間保持秩序,並進而維持和平一些 位高權重的人為升斗小民人生製定了計劃,但小民仍想掌握自己命運,"有拜有保庇“在台灣即使高檔的誠品書店都充斥著改指南。 有個台灣人從台灣前往中國大陸的大華興寺迷信認為將硬幣扔進一隻龍石雕的嘴中就會懷孕不久後,他的妻子果然懷孕了,還是個男孩。 )  


 BBC, 2021-4-14, Crisps have a sacred role in Taiwan's office culture.  ‘Kuai Kuai’,  this savoury product  end up assuming near-mythical protective properties... on or around vital machines in many of the island’s laboratories, banks and even hospitals to ensure the machines continue to do their jobs.   the crisps, whose name means ‘listen to me’ or ‘obey’, ‘behave’ or ‘be good’ in both Mandarin and Taiwanese...The bags also cannot be used as amulets beyond their expiration date, so...usually swapped twice a year –  Lunar New Year, and the Ghost Festival . Those in the tech world say the snack shouldn’t be consumed, otherwise you technically void its protective warranty.  Kuai Kuai can even be found at Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s premier research institute. (Chinese: 在台灣,一種鹹味零食在辦公文化中具有神聖的作用,且呈現出近乎神話般的保護性,許多實驗室、銀行甚至醫院的重要機器也放置這種袋裝的“乖乖”,以確保高科技機器繼續運作。“乖乖”中文意思是''服從',但食品到期後神奇功能便會消失,因此通常每年更換兩次-農曆新年初、及七月“鬼節”。而且科技界人士說,不要吃這種零食,否則其保護性也會失效。“乖乖”甚至出現在台灣首屈一指的研究機構: 中央研究院

L.A. Times,  2022-7-31: 中 国的軍事威脅已經火燒眉毛迫在眉睫,台灣人 只是集體"聳聳肩",似乎很少人會"挑起眉毛"As tensions flare between the two superpowers — risking the worst crisis in the region in a quarter of a century — people in Taiwan appear by and large to be responding with a collective shrug...The threat of Chinese military action has loomed for so long that few seem to raise an eyebrow when Beijing lashes 
蔡英文的眉毛,似乎是很難揚起 挑起的那種。及時宣布兵役改革也好呀? n新加坡李顯龍 (Aug., 2022): 'If we do not defend ourselves, no one is going to defend us on our behalf'. (如果我們不自我防衛沒有人會來 幫我們防衛) nMiliatry, 2022-8-25: 防禦台灣需可信的軍力與動武的意願遺憾的是美國兩黨缺乏共識


 Reuters, 2021-4-16,  Global Times, 2020-10-22 

Taiwan is quite a character ?

Presenting a united front will require a delicate balancing act given the frosty relations between Seoul and Tokyo.      Relations between Tokyo and Seoul have frayed over issues connected to Japan's 1910-45 colonization of Korea, including that of Korean women forced to work in Japanese wartime brothels 

民進黨當局修改台灣教科書,將日本殖民統治描繪成一種“光榮的文明觀”,而不提戰爭罪行,如招募台灣“慰安婦”和士兵。民進黨寧願成為美國的準殖民地(quasi-colony) ps: 過去美國曾贈送日本瑞士等國綠卡,因若干國家移民美國人數太少


The DPP authority has revised Taiwan's textbooks in recent years. Japanese colonial rule was portrayed as a "glorious vision of civilization," with no mention of war crimes, such as the recruitment of "enslaved women" and soldiers on the island,

美國紐約時報 (New York Times), 2021-11-18 "什麼讓你感到幸福 (What makes people happy)"一文報導了知名機構 Pew Research Center survey (Nov. 18, 2021)的研究調查 大多數地球人表示,家讓他們最感幸福,家庭排在第一的國家包括 澳洲(56%)˴紐西蘭(55%)˴ 美國(49%)˴ 英國˴ 瑞典˴ 義大利 等 他們愛家的人口比例約是台灣人愛家(15%)的3~4倍,新加坡與 日本也超台近2,台灣人對物質錢財(Material well-being)重視的比率超過家人 (% of adults in __ who mention family and children when describing what gives them meaning in life) ̥
美國 華盛頓郵報, 評論兩岸統獨時以奚落兩性現實為譬喻    
(現實) 超過愛情(理想)  (Washington Post, 1-2-2017..."83 percent chose bread over romance")



從CovID-19看台灣人格   全文

英國The Guardian, 2021-6-14: 台灣拒絕上海復星供應德國輝瑞疫苗,美國前國防官員: 如果復星的提議是合法的,拒絕它“完全是政治性的”。 輝瑞和 BioNTech 有巨大的動機確保復星供應疫苗是等效的,我認為沒有問題,”沒有理由不接受它。台大訪問學者納赫曼表示,“拒絕是愚蠢的"Drew Thompson (a former US Defense officer) said there were scientific and transparency concerns about China’s vaccines, but if the Fosun offer is legitimate, refusing it is “entirely political”. “Pfizer and BioNTech have a huge incentive to ensure that the Fosun product is equivalent, so I would think there is no concern,” he said. “There’s no reason not to take it.” Lev Nachman, a visiting scholar at the National Taiwan University, said it still seemed “in the DPP’s electoral interest not to get any China vaccines”.
納赫曼表示,“不拿復星疫苗似乎符合民進黨的選舉利益”。 簡言之台灣為了政權無視人命。


國際 媒体定調台灣疫情爆發原因, 如英國BBC, 或美國New York Times, 2021-5-25: the emergence of more contagious variants in recent months, a relaxation of quarantine rules and a vaccine shortage gave the virus an opening...  The model citizen of the world now has become a bit of a problem child.

, 法國France24, 2021-6-13: A sudden surge in cases was traced back to a group of airline pilots who unknowingly brought the Alpha (British) variant of the virus into the country just as the government had eased quarantine measures.

但根據聯合報2021-6-14社論:  蔡政府非僅未虛心檢討,還盛氣凌人將企業及地方自購疫苗拒於門外,甚至大肆推卸防疫失利責任。衛福部長堅不承認華航諾富特失守是他決策失當,次長則把責任推給「萬華」,綠營極力歸咎「雙北」 ,防疫不力 總統和閣揆均知自己才是若干錯誤防疫決策的拍板者,他們要負更大責任


聯合報, 社論,  2022-5-28:政府對於抗病毒藥物的施放,更是重重設限...惜藥如金,取得藥物往往早已是發病的四、五天,皆增加了輕症轉為中重症的機率

n中時, 社論》,  2022-5-25:  粉飾太平 政府沒把人命當回事    我們的給藥限定嚴格條件,因為耽擱用藥而轉重症或死亡的人,去向誰討公道?社會-重症近8成死亡-專家疑未能及時投藥-235256426.html


 UDN 2022-5-15 :立委林靜儀特權PCR、趙天麟插隊PCR


中時, 2021-6-13, opinion:  國產的3家疫苗廠中,沒有回扣操弄空間的1家已經先行以「莫須有」的罪名予以排除 ,剩下兩家樂於分享利潤。所以台灣疫苗政策,都是優先考量官員的利潤,至於老百姓感染或死亡風險,已經都不是最重要的。    New York Times, 2021-5-21: 台灣未盡全力爭取歐美疫苗, 反而把重點放在國產疫苗而且不像西方讓高齡排在最前面接種, 聯合報社論, 2021-6-11:官員特權搶注射壹新聞, 2021-6-11: 爆某空軍醫院偷打華視 2021-6-9: 診所特權打疫苗 ! ;  中視, 2021-6-9 : 立委痛斥插隊  難道要像司法"有錢判生 沒錢死"  ―  "有錢免排  沒錢等埋" !?


 政府宣稱藥物足夠,但真相是:(1) 中視, 2021-6-9 : 2020年只有台大可用瑞德西韋(Remdesivir), 2021年稍早各醫院要用得向上申請 且常常不准 即使核准藥到手上可能要8~12小時病患已經插管了 (2) 中時, 2021-6-9 :基層醫師反映,重症及死亡大增與藥量不足有關   (3) 聯合報社論: 新冠重症等了一周等不到瑞德西韋(Remdesivir), 指揮中心則回應,藥量是足夠的 ―  你很難用到,當然都夠用 (  ). 


 Global Times, 2021-6-18: 大多數死者年齡在 60 至 90 歲之間,有些人有慢性病史。   CDC, 2021-6-8:  90+%死亡為 60歲以上長者  然而長者被排至第10~6順位接種疫苗卻將 十餘萬官員排在醫護之後立委在中視痛批這不符WHO所有的指示全球沒有國家這麼做政府不肯公布 第二類官員名單(只公布職稱也不肯)更啟人疑竇又不是公布逛阿公店名單◦ 聯合報6-19: 許多和疫情八竿子打不著的人也在前列第二類◦灣是世界級的醜陋