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Dachun Xia            China

Belgium European Cartoon Expo., Best prize '99
Italia Tolentino Biennale Silver award '99
"People's Daily" of China, "Satire & Humour" yearly excellent award '99
Cyprus Special prize '99
1st prize Courage world cartoon contest, taiwan '99
Silver award, Croatia, Zagreb '98
Honor prize, Japan Yomiuri '98
Honor prize, Macedonia, Brod, '98
3rd position, Korea LG contest '98
a few other prizes in Turkey '96, Korea '97
2nd prize in mainland China cartoon contest '94


Pastro         Brasil

some personal expositions





Simmnoga        Ukraine







Norman Isaac        Phillipines
works appeared in NewsWeek, AsiaNews, etc
2 times Hidezo Kondo Prizes in Yomiuri int'l contest of Japan;
grand prize in Moscot Tokyo, prizes in several countreis ie, Iraq, US, etc;
Gold medal in Washington DC, USA




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Evgeny Starodubtsev                  Ukraine
ps:    when soccer-team referee back home   足球裁判回家





Divna   Yugoslavia
Die beutiful      





P. Puszta    Germany(德國)



Ronald Libin   Belgium(比利時)
president general     FECO






Vadim   S.   




Yin Tin      China(中國)
works appeared in magazine in China





Sun Shen Ying       China




Eduardo Jr     Brasil(巴西)
prize in US  colorado univ. etc


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