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V.  Nenashev      Russia

a number of int'l awards;
1st prize in Holland Humour festival of '99, etc

ps:   食, 色 性也




Stefan Sierhej        Poland
several expositions in Museum of cartoons in Warsaw;
Prizes in Poland



Julian PENA-PAI            Romania

13 national prizes, 30 int'l prizes;
member of jury team in France, Turkey;
7 personal exhibitions in Romania, Norway;
1500 cartoons in magazines and news in Romania as well as other countries;
illustration in 3 books
ps:   the "royal" family   全家福    




Ciosu  Constantin            Romania

top  awards in European festivals





Villarruel         Argentina
ps:    e-mail address





Eray Ozbek                 Turkey

excellent cartoonist recommaned by Feco Secretary





Rumen Dragostinov            Bulgaria

ps:   A Musician Statue   音樂家銅像




M. Syaifuddin Ifoed                Indonesia

ps:     Demobilized soldiers (veteran)   退役軍人




Ahmet Altay        Turkey
ps: haut monde (hauteur) style





Arkady Tzykun              Israel

ps:  XL size

several int'l prizes including a gold award in 7th Seoul Cartoon Festival in Korea;
Master degree in Arts;




Yu Liang          China

ps: energy-saving vacuum






Horia Santan       Romania






Zdenko Duhin       Croatia

ps: Oil spring





Adam Lee               Singapore
"the Strait Times" columnist;
author of a cartoon book;
Co-author of "best editorial Cartoon of the Strait Times"





D'Hoop Freddy       Belgium

ps: officer's entertainment game

1st prize in "VISIE" Belgium;
KeverPrize Beringen Belgium



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