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updated news (2-21-2019) from FECO, Europe
"土耳其漫畫家再度入獄 AFTER APPEAL FAILS, Turkish cartoonist MUSA KART TO RETURN TO PRISON" !!
世界漫畫家聯盟為聲援受難畫家 成立畫廊 In the summer of 2017, Federation Cartoonists Organizations have published a gallery for Musa Kart:

FECO supports this action (2-28-2019) !  click for details; Azerbaijan's free expression (3-2-2019)



Feb. 2019 與美國學者Dr. J Lent 在 Sheraton會面,  方知刊登筆者作品的 International Journal of Comic Art早已寄來但遺失, 以前也多次發生, 包括刊登筆者作品的期刊, 以及歐洲記者證, FecoNews等 ,  2009 年前大安區的郵局曾派人到宅說明, 能碰郵件的單位不只郵局...



Some web-pages were attacked / blocked by power underground ...


dirty attacks !   破壞言論自由  近 20年最糟 !    攻擊者是... prime suspects are ... ?   11-22-'18

台灣司法  (e.g., page1, page2, etc). 新型態攻擊 11-20-2018: 增修評論司法網頁時 , 鍵盤每敲一字須許久才顯示螢幕, 如此更新一網頁耗時數十倍時間 or more, 無毅力者將打退堂鼓  attacks last ...  

backup sites: , if needed




★  台灣 政治迫害   click to see !!

pic. 台灣蔡英文總統 允釐清白色恐怖運作 ( CNA, Apple Daily , May 18,  2018)
       (1) 若只釐清"當年"
閃躲"近年"之白色恐怖,此"釐清"就不夠"清" "真相"就不夠"全貌"
       (2) "白色恐怖"應包括一切政治迫害與國家暴力, 如同國際間對White Terror的定義

ps: Taipei Times, 7-20-2018, 自由時報 頭版 :The Transitional Justice Commission is reportedly targeting five cases for investigation: the murder of former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chairman Lin I-hsiung’s (林義雄) mother and twin daughters, the death of democracy advocate Chen Wen-chen (陳文成), the Lei Chen (雷震) incident, the Wuhan Hotel (武漢旅社) incident and the self-immolation of democracy advocate Deng Nan-jung (鄭南榕).   促轉會鎖定五大案





pic. 國際間不斷發生言論自由與新聞自由遭受到打壓的事件  Federation Cartoonists Organisations sent me at May 11, 2018  the cartoon for freedom of press in S. America



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