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Drewinsky      Germany (德國)
3 times awards (Merit, Silver) in New York, USA
Awards in Moscow Russia,  Warsaw, Legnica, Lahti,  etc
 College Arts professor



Patrick   Heymans               Belgium(比利時)
1st prize in Belgium int'l contest, etc





Arkadi Saltykov        Belrus

Designer of the most popular news of Brest region "Vecherny Brest"
1st prize in Fano Italy, Excellent prize in Israel, Brasil
Gold Muflon Cyprus, 3rd prize in Moskov Russia, etc
ps:      Strong Point    過人之處





Dachuan Xia        China

Belgium European Cartoon Expo., Best prize '99
Italia Tolentino Biennale Silver award '99
"People's Daily" of China, "Satire & Humour" yearly excellent award '99
Cyprus Special prize '99
1st prize Courage world cartoon contest, taiwan '99
Silver award, Croatia, Zagreb '98
Honor prize, Japan Yomiuri '98
Honor prize, Macedonia, Brod, '98
3rd position, Korea LG contest '98
a few other prizes in Turkey '96, Korea '97
2nd prize in mainland China cartoon contest '94




ZArdkhashoei        Iran






Feng G B             China

winnings in Korea, etc






Puszta           Germany






Savkov Ilian       Bulgaria

Oil Painting Solo Shows : Bulgaria Embassy, London
Grand Prize in Turkey, Excellent prize in Japan,

Success award from Turkey Cultural Ministry
Awards in some other nations

ps:  execute the law






   Jurij Kosobukin    Ukraine(烏克蘭)
famous artist, int'l awards owner
theme:  臨終關懷 a lot of sympathy before the death






Seigo sakai    Japan(日本)
2 times jury in Belgium festival ('83, '96);
some int'l awards in England, Canada, Belgium, Isreal, Japan cartoonists association





Siminoga V.       Uraine(烏克蘭)






         Ane V.      Macedonia(馬其頓)
president ,  Macedonia cartoonists organization




Volodja         Yugoslavia(南聯)

author of a cartoon album




Sezer Odabasioglu       Turkey(土耳其)







David Johny            Belgium(比利時)
2 times 1st prizes in Belgium int'l contest;

prizes in France, Ukraine, Tokyo, Turkey, etc;
drawing & painting studies in Academy Roeselare




V. Koryako             Ukraine(烏克蘭)



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exposited winners' cartoons may not be his/her awarded works