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            Taiwan's tourism & travel

 WEF ranks Taiwan 10th in Asia , STATISTA ranks Taiwan 13th

Taiwan's earthquakes

CNBC, 2024-6-4 ‘Everyone is too scared to come’: Taiwan's earthquake deals a blow to top tourism hotspot - The brunt of the earthquake's damage occured in Hualien County, which attracts millions of visitors per year to the towering peaks and waterfalls of its main draw, Taroko Gorge;   cnbc.com/2024/06/04/taiwans-april-earthquake-deals-another-blow-to-its-tourism-industry.html  Jan Camenzind Broomby
The Straits Times (Singapore), 2024-5-6  Travelling to Taiwan? Aftershocks can last up to a year, so earthquake preparedness is key; If you are indoors during an earthquake, drop down onto your hands and knees and seek cover.


TIME, 2023-11-20:  Growth in Taiwan for 2023 is projected to be 1.61%—its slowest pace in eight years. Beijing only has to lift a ban on Chinese tourists to boost Taiwan's GDP by over 1%, according to Capital Economics.  time.com/6336441/taiwan-presidental-election-william-lai-profile/

CNN (2022-12-6): Taiwan's 'living hell' traffic is a tourism problem.  Taiwan is notorious for its dangerous roads. Multiple countries, including Australia, Canada, Japan and the US, have specifically called out Taiwan's road conditions. "Many drivers do not respect the pedestrian's right of way,” the US State Department warns.  The Canadian government: "Motorcycles and scooter drivers don't respect traffic laws. They are extremely reckless.” Cities in Taiwan share a major issue – a lack of pavements and consistent walkways for pedestrians, ... Pedestrians are then often “forced” to walk onto car lanes...  The number of people lost their lives to traffic incidents in Taiwan is approximately six times higher than Japan and five times higher than the UK.  msn.com/en-us/travel/news/taiwans-living-hell-traffic-is-a-tourism-problem-say-critics/ar-AA14Xb2n  brief



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pic.:No.1 "comment Taiwan tourism", "comment Taiwan tour" on US Google, 2024-5-1, 2024-2-24, 2024-1-1, 2023-11-11, 2023-9-15



economist / The world's most liveable cities in 2023
City liveability index, Mar. 2023   -   Taipei ranks world No. 65, Asia's No.14


cities in Asia

90+ Melbourne, Sydney, Aucland, Adelaide, Osaka(Japan), Perth, Tokyo(Japan), Brisbane, Wellington, Singapore
 80-90 Seoul(Korea), Hong Kong(Chn),  Busan(Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Kaohsiung, Taichung
60-80 Noumea, Nantong, SuZhou, Beijing, ShenYang, Shanghai, etc
top 5 cities: Vienna 98.4,  Copenhagen, Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver ... No.10 Osaka, Auckland 96
Score out of 100*  five categories: stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.


2023  Michelin stars comparisons among Asian countries

 Michelin cities

total number of stars

Green Star

3 Star

2 Star

1 Star

Tokyo (Japan) 202 12 12 39 139
Kyoto (Japan) 104 6 6 19 73
Osaka (Japan) 97 3 3 10 81
Hong Kong 81 3 7 13 58
Singapore 65 1 3 6 55
 Shanghai (China) 51 1 2 9 39
Seoul (S. Korea) 38 3 2 8 25
Taipei (Taiwan) 29 2 2 5 20
 By highlighting eco-friendly pioneer restaurants with the MICHELIN Green Star, and spotlighting their virtuous initiatives, it stimulates awareness and actions both within the industry and by gourmets

 New York Times, 2023-3-16: Xia Hai City God Temple - managing to cram more than 600 statues of deities in just over 1,600 square feet. One in particular stands out: the Love God  (ps: but Taiwanese prefer bread to romance) Chifeng Street is a fashion-forward shopping street flush with vintage clothing stores... Dadaocheng is Taipei’s oldest neighborhood, famous for its dried goods   Yangmingshan National Park is home to wild hot springs and volcanic peaks.Qixing Mountain is a dormant volcano and the tallest mountain in Taipei.Because of gentrification and noise complaints, many of Taipei’s night markets aren’t as robust as they were decades ago. Ningxia Night Market is a distinguished exception nytimes.com/interactive/2023/03/16/travel/things-to-do-taipei.html




pic. : No.1   "comment Taiwan tour" on Bing, 2024-5-1, 2024-2-24, 2023-11-11, 2023-10-31;  No.1  "comment Taiwan tourism" on Bing, 2024-5-1, 2023-11-11, 2023-10-31




pic. : No.1  "comment Taiwan travel", "comment Taiwan tour" on Bing, 2024-5-1, 2023-11-11, 2023-9-4, 2023-5-9, 2023-4-7;  No.1  "comment Taiwan tourism", "comment Taiwan tour" on Bing, 2023-9-4, 2023-2-14; No.1 "comment Taiwan travel " on Bing at  2023-1-2, 2022-12-17, 2022-11-30, 2022-11-13, 2022-10-23, 2022-10-13, 2022-9-23 , 2022-1-4, 2021-8-8, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-30, 2021-5-13, 2021-5-4, 2021-4-22, 2021-3-17, 2-11-2021 ,12-11-2020, 10-31-2020, 8-2-2020, 7-7-2020, 5-16-2020, 7-11-2019, 3-7-2019, 9-4-2018, 6-22-2018 


 SCMP, 2024-4-28: Cross-strait tourism has typically mirrored the ups and downs in relations between the island and mainland China.

New York Times, (nytimes.com/interactive/2021/world/covid-cases.html) 2023-2-23 : Taiwan's CovID death rate (deaths per 100,000) ranks world No.1.   The ranks of other Asian countries : No.6 Australia, No. 7 Japan, No. 23 New Zealand, No. 27 Hong Kong, 35 Korea, 64 Malaysia, 66 Thailand, 68 Indonesia, 72 India, about 170 Singapore, about 200 China.

CNN: Taiwan will pay tourist to visit.  full details 

New York Times (2023-1-12): In the Times Travel section's 52 places to go in 2023, Taipei ranks No. 36, other Asia's selections include No.2 Morioka Japan, No. 5 Auckland NZ,  7 kangaroo island Australia, 12 Bhutan,  13 Kerala India,  19 Fukuoka Japan,  20  Flores Indonesia,  25 Ha Giang Vietnam,  27 U-K Tjuta National Park, Australia nytimes.com/interactive/2023/travel/52-places-travel-2023.html?campaign_id=7&emc=edit_mbae_20230113&instance_id=82548&nl=morning-briefing%3A-asia-pacific-edition&regi_id=93861781&segment_id=122347&te=1&user_id=4a9594d616730fc2c1567d65a316b5f1


pic.Google doodle celebrates Taiwan's sweet and tangy drink bubble tea
India Today, 2023-1-29:The unique drink that is sweet and tangy was popularised back in 2020. Countries like Singapore, Japan and South Korea have taken this drink to the next level with an ample amount of experiments msn.com/en-in/foodanddrink/foodnews/google-doodle-celebrates-taiwans-sweet-and-tangy-drink-bubble-tea/ar-AA16R1Tq
SCMP, 2023-5-6 the bigger handouts!! Taiwan doubles down on stimulus to halt recession with tourist handouts, cash for citizens; Taipei has rolled out a series of stimulus, including a lucky draw to give away spending vouchers and stored-value cards to inbound tourists msn.com/en-xl/travel/other/taiwan-doubles-down-on-stimulus-to-halt-recession-with-tourist-handouts-cash-for-citizens/ar-AA1aNR0v


Taiwan's cuisines rank No.78 in 100 Best Cuisines in the world    tasteatlas.com/best/cuisines  


Taste Atlas Nov. 2023 /  best rated street foods in the world

 Top 50 - Asian countries comparison - number of street foods selected
Taiwan - no any street foods was selected in world top 50

ISSF's Global Tourism 2023

ranks countries
1 Spain
2 France
4 Italy
5 Thailand
6 Swiss
7 Turkey
8 China
9 Germany
10 Australia


Taipei Times, 2023-10-27: The gov LACK Of VISION Some visitors can be loud very early in the morning, to the annoyance of residents...Kenting (墾丁) and Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) are the two places in Taiwan which have suffered most from overtourism...If Taiwan welcomes evermore tourists, “locals will get priced out of hotels and traffic congestion will get worse. Some roads can barely handle the traffic, even in tourist lulls, so spending on infrastructure upgrades will probably be needed,”  taipeitimes.com/News/feat/archives/2023/10/27/2003808282
SCMP, 2023-1-22: Taiwan's tourism industry misses mainlanders. Chinese used to be a major source of tourism for Taiwan's hotels and local businesses, but travellers from across the strait are still restricted from coming..."They are willing to spend money. Their spending habits are not the same as others." msn.com/en-xl/travel/other/taiwan-s-tourism-industry-misses-mainlanders-as-ban-prevents-it-from-returning-to-pre-covid-levels/ar-AA16Cjl3


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This websites-group was ranked No.1 "comment Taiwan tourism" on Yandex, 2024-2-24, 2023-10-31, 2023-9-4, 2023-5-9, 2023-4-7; No.1 "comment Taiwan travel" on Yandex, 2024-1-1, 2023-11-11, 2023-10-31, 2023-9-4, 2023-5-9;   No.2 "comment Taiwan tour" on Yandex, 2023-2-14, 2023-1-2 ;   No.2 "comment Taiwan tourism" on Yandex, 2023-2-14, 2023-1-2; This websites-group was ranked No.1   "comment Taiwan tourism " on Yandex of Russia at  2022-7-29, 2022-7-10, 2022-6-11


pic. :
 No.1 "comment Taiwan tour" on Yandex, 2024-2-24, 2024-1-1, 2023-11-11, 2023-10-31, 2023-9-4, 2023-5-9, 2023-4-7




New York Times, 2023-1-5: The Nuclear waste dump on Lanyu island created a generation of indigenous activists. "The government deceived us" the pastor said , "They didn't care that the nuclear waste would kill us, that the Tao people would go extinct".  Despite the government's repeated promises to relocate the site, the dump remains. Now, some residents run inns and restaurants on Lanyu. the focus these days is on tourism




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on US Google



Daily Mail (UK), 2023-4-28: Young Australian student on his dream overseas exchange program is fighting for his life in Taiwan after eating food laced with rat poison.  His Doctor father said: "He had been misdiagnosed in Taiwan with an immune disorder".  Alex is at the Taipei Medical University Hospital ..."The medical services in Taiwan don't currently have the right treatments or drugs to stabilise his condition, Alex's condition has grown worse and he needs to be flown to the Royal Prince Albert Hospital in Sydney via a specialised medical flight retrieval service". dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12023841/Toowoomba-student-exchange-Taiwan-fighting-life-eating-food-laced-rat-poison.html
The Travel (2023-5-26): The eclectic and lively Taipei City - top things to do Wander Through The National Palace Museum - over 700,000 artifacts spanning millennia of Chinese history. The museum showcases delicate paintings, fine china, calligraphy, and sculptures The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Soak In The Beitou Hot SpringsThe Raohe Night Market Longshan Temple Breathtaking Sights Await Atop Taipei 101Soar Above Tea Plantations On The Maokong Gondola Be Mesmerized By Ximending Square etc Some exceptional dishes to try in Taipei include: Niu Rou Mian: Braised Beef Noodle Soup, Pork Intestine & Oyster Noodle   msn.com/en-us/travel/tripideas/10-things-to-do-in-taipei-city-complete-guide-to-taiwans-cultural-capital/ar-AA1bHqwp

New York Times (2022-11-15), Taiwan's CovID-19 death rate is worst among Asia's main countries.  detail

According to New York Times (2022-10-25), Taiwan's CovID-19 cases per 100,000 and deaths per 100,000 both are the worst among main Asian countries.

The Liberty Times (自由時報), editorial (2022-12-13): Statistics show that 12.67 persons per 100 thousands died for traffic accidents in Taiwan, which ranks latter among developed countries, in Taipei city, about 950 thousands of motorcycles run reckless, hurting our image and making air pollution and noise, should be the first thing to be improved.  Probably we can take a lesson from Vietnam's capital city 河內。  talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1556742  brief
MSN,  (2022-12-5): Where is the foreign tourists ?  why they are apathetic? /  Taiwan's tourism association (中華民國旅行業品質保障協會) leader points out "We lack of marketing", "we don't have a normal tourism environment yet". Besides, the current expense for is accommodation and transport too high for our main tourists - Japanese    msn.com/zh-tw/news/living/觀光客呢-老外對台灣無感原因曝光/ar-AA14UKmw?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=ce121db490c54bf285d0800fbfe32b17

China Times, editorial, 2023-5-9: 

Glowth of numbeof visitor arrivals   2015 ~ 2019 chinatimes.com/opinion/20230509005070-262101?chdtv

Taiwan Singapore S. Korea Japan Vietnam Thailand
14% 26% 33% 62% 128% 33%



US News & World Report  -  These Countries Are the Best for Tourism (2023-4-13)
These are the top countries viewed as good for tourism by global survey respondents.


world rank Asia rank countries
3 1 Australia
7 2 New Zealand
8 3 Thailand
12 4 Japan
18 5 Singapore
31 6 Philippines
33 7 UAE
34 8 Malaysia
35 9 Indonesia


World Population Review - Most Visited Countries 2023
comparisons among Asian countries
Taiwan ranks about No.13

Asia's rank

Asian country

International Tourist Arrivals

No.1 (world No.4)



No.2 (world No.8)










Hong Kong









S. Korea












Saudi Arabia






Taiwan's travel & tourism - 13th in Asia

STATISTA: Leading countries in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI)



Asia Rank



world Rank

1 Japan 5.4 4
2 Australia 5.1 7
3 China 4.9 13
4 Korea Rep. 4.8 15
5 Hong Kong 4.8 16
6 Singapore 4.8 17
7 New Zealand 4.7 18
8 Malaysia 4.5 25
9 Thailand 4.5 29
10 UAE 4.4 33
11 India 4.4 34
12 Indonesia 4.3 36
13 Taiwan 4.3 37







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on Yahoo Taiwan
2023-9-4, 2023-4-7, 2023-1-2, 2022-12-17, 2022-11-30, 2022-10-23,  2022-9-2



pic. : This websites-group was ranked No.1  by "comment Taiwan travel "  
on Yahoo Taiwan
 2023-1-2, 2022-12-17, 2022-11-30,  
2022-10-23,  2022-9-24





WEF (World Economic Forum) , May 2022
world Travel and Tourism Development Index
Taiwan's rank -
n/a (last)

world rank Asia's rank economies/countries score (global average : 4.0)
1 1 Japan 5.2
2 2 USA 5.2
7 3 Australia 5.0
9 4 Singapore 5.0
12 5 China 4.9
15 6 S. Korea 4.8
19 7 Hong Kong 4.6
25 8 UAE 4.5
27 9 New Zealand 4.5
32 10 Indonesia 4.4
33 11 Saudi Arabia 4.3
36 12 Thailand 4.3
38 13 Malaysia 4.3
43 14 Qatar 4.3
52 15 Vietnam 4.1
54 16 India 4.1
74 17 Sri Lanka 3.7
75 18 Philippines 3.7
84 19 Mongolia 3.6
n/a n/a Taiwan n/a


2022  Michelin stars comparisons among Asian countries
Taipei ranks
last among main Asian cities

 Michelin cities

number of 3 stars

num. of 2 stars

number of 1 star

total num.

Tokyo (Japan) 12 41 150 203
Hong Kong 7 12 52 71
Kyoto (Japan) 6 19 83 108
Osaka (Japan) 3 11 82 96
Singapore 3 7 41 51
Macau 3 5 7 15
Seoul (Korea) 2 7 24 33
Shanghai (China) 2 8 37 47
Taipei (Taiwan) 1 6 24 31


guide.michelin.com/en/article/news-and-views/michelin-guide-tokyo-2022-eng     2021-11-29

World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019

   Taiwan's travel & tourism  -  ranks 10th in Asia    
category Taiwan's rankings and/or score comparison
prioritization of travel and tourism   No75  Singapore No.6 ,  Hong Kong No. 11
Natural & cultural resources No.58  score 2.6 China  No.1, score 6.0 , France No.2,  5.0,  Spain  No.3, 5.7,   Japan No.7, 5.3,   Indonesia No.18,  Thailand No.21,  Korea No.24,  Vietnam No.26,  Malaysia No.31,  HK No.40,  Philippines No.46,  Sri Lanka No.52,  Nepal No.56
Natural resources  No. 87 Hong Kong No. 42, Singapore No.120
cultural resources & business travel No. 36  score 2.6 China No1, score 7.0
price competitiveness No. 78 China 5.7
Health & Hygiene  No.43,  score 6 score worse than Korea, Japan, Mongolia
international openness No. 60 only better than China, Mongolia
Safety & security No. 26 human resource & labor market: Taiwan No.18

UNWTO  World Tourism Barometer
UNWTO Tourism Dashboard, updated 2022-9-25
Asia countries  -  tourism performance

  Arrivals (million) Receipts (USD bn) Receipts per arrival (USD)
Macau 3.7 15.4 4169
Indonesia 1.6 0.5 334
Korea(ROK) 1.0 10.5 10814
Thai 0.4 4.8 11247
Australia 0.2 17.0 68990
Japan 0.2 4.7 19239
New Zealand 0.2 2.9 13855
Cambodia 0.2 0.2 937
Sri Lanka 0.2 0.5 2606
Philippines 0.2 0.6 3663
Vietnam 0.2 0.1 947
Nepal 0.1 0.1 801
Taiwan 0.1 0.7 5298
China   11.3  


DW (Germany), 2022-10-22: Taiwan has reopened its borders to overseas visitors. However, the number of inbound travelers remains capped at 150,000 per week, and the government has banned tourists from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau  dw.com/en/taiwan-now-open-to-visitors-without-quarantine/video-63527555
AFP (France), 2022-10-13: three days of hotel quarantine have been replaced with seven days of "self-monitoring" where tourists are expected to keep an eye on their health and wear face masks indoors and outdoors...tourists must submit to regular tests for a week after their arrival and cannot enter bars and restaurants for the first three days news.yahoo.com/taiwan-welcomes-foreign-tour-groups-035747205.html
SCMP (Hong Kong), 2022-10-1:  As Taiwan eases some of world’s oldest quarantine rules, ... but analysts say testing remains a 'deterrent to travel' ... Spending by inbound tourists in Taiwan in 2020, down by 87.51 per cent from 2019... The weekly cap on arrivals will "hamper a full-fledged recovery" in Taiwan's tourism msn.com/en-xl/travel/other/as-taiwan-eases-some-of-world-e2-80-99s-oldest-quarantine-rules-remaining-curbs-and-concerns-see-airlines-lament-e2-80-98half-step-forward-e2-80-99/ar-AA12tLJi

NY Times, 2022-8-18: Taiwanese cuisine — layered, distinct, multiethnic ...has been shaped by many cultural forces, including the island's Indigenous tribes,  long-established groups of Fujianese and Hakka people; Japanese ;  Chinese immigrants in 1949+...   nytimes.com/2022/08/16/dining/taiwanese-cuisine.html

National Geographic, 2022-7-6: Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyakazi denies that Jiufen (Taiwan) was an inspiration, but many have drawn a connection between the town’s ... resemblance to the settings in the 2001 film Spirited Away (《千與千尋》,《神隱少女》,(日语:千と千尋の神隠し), an Oscar-winning animated feature).   nationalgeographic.com/travel/article/exploring-the-magic-of-taiwans-spirited-away-city  lonelyplanet.com/articles/best-time-to-visit-taiwan  October, Sept  and November are the best times to explore the country's great outdoors...June, July and August ...These months can be hot and humid, Typhoon season takes place between May and November...



The statistics before CovID-19 and China suspending independent Chinese tourists to Taiwan talk the exact things - 
BBC (2019-7-31): Chinese tourists account for the largest proportion of foreign tourists - because - L.A. Times (2019-8-1) listed several reasons (1) it’s about strong cultural and deep historic connection across the [Taiwan Strait]“Most Chinese in my generation grow up with many Taiwanese novels, drama, variety shows and songs." coming to Taiwan satisfies a curiosity they had felt since reading about Taiwan as children  (2) They revel in religious, architectural and cultural similarities  (3)  They take home new information from Taiwan’s newspapers, news websites and television channels, all free of censorship.  Besides, flights of no more than 2~3 hours, and stoking business.  
By contrast, tourists from North and South America only
account for about 6%~ 8%, Europe 3% ~ 4% of all int'l tourists. 

A ruling party friendly news, the Liberty Times, editorial (2020-6-15): Taiwanese have always preferred traveling overseas to domestic tour.
Media like LTN, Apple Daily, Storm (2022-3-30),  United Daily,
Economic Daily (2022-9-10, udn.com/news/story/7338/6601661?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2 )  , analyze WHY Taiwan's tourism is sluggish.
 n(1) transportation problem (particularly for those newly found hidden scenic spots) n (2) a small country has no many natural attractions  n(3) catering and accommodation problems - few local government can properly guide tourists by such as star-rating, therefore lots of traps are out there   n(4). Accommodation, catering, and transportation are generally expensive but of poor quality.  n(5) The tour often lacks humanistic and cultural connotations, as well as ethnic traditions and lifestyles.   there is a lack of in-depth tourism to explore geographical, cultural and ethnic characteristics.  n (6) Lacking market segmentation -  among night markets, or old streets vs. night markets.  n (7) the government does not pay attention to the tourism industry, "inadequate resource integration capabilities, insufficient investment, and insufficient marketing"

  Some top foreign media introduced Taiwan's attractions:

♣  Yahoo Finance, 2022-11-21: Tainan, the ancient capital of nearly 400 years, preserves the most complete historic sites and traditional culture 10 Tainan highlights with historical significance: Chikan TowerHsu Feng Hao, Chimei Museum, Madou Daitian Temple, Anping Tree House, Beimen Crystal Church, Sicao Green Tunnel, Dingtouer Sandbar, Jing Zhai Jiao Tile Paved Salt Fields, and Ten Drum Culture Village   finance.yahoo.com/news/want-travel-truly-taiwan-tainan-224400342.html 


♣  MSN, 2022-11-1:  Best Tourist Spots in Taiwan  1. Sun Moon Lake,Taiwan's largest alpine lake  2. Kenting National Park,  The annual Spring Scream Festival also takes place in early April and draws thousands of music-lovers each year.   3. Alishan National Scenic Area    4. Taroko Gorge ...the gorge's vertical cliffs and winding tunnels come so close together    5. Jiufen and Shifen    6. Kinmen Islands   https://msn.com/en-sg/travel/news/post-restrictions-travel-guide-to-taiwan/ar-AA13z1Bl


 L.A. Times, 2018-2-18:  National Palace Museum - you can browse among some of the 600,000-plus artworks and artifacts — centuries of cultural wealth — that Chiang's people had spirited away from  China's Forbidden City 70 years ago (ps: Young people may not like old stuffs) ,  Taipei 101 (but no longer world tallest building) ,  Din Tai Fung (already degraded by Michelin Guide for a few years, no longer a star-restaurant) , Longshan Temple (a small temple), Shilin night market (Taiwan's night markets don't have same Michelin honors as those street food in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau have )  ,  Chiang Kai-shek Memorial (Taiwan's parliament passed a law that calls for erasing Chiang's name and likeness from landmarks across the island) ,  Pingxi sky lantern ( biodegradable lanterns can be incredibly harmful to both the environment and wildlife. Sky lantern litter takes quite some time to decompose, and the wire frames have been known to strangle and maim wild animals and livestock. They may pose a  fire hazard),  You might feel the ground shake (Not too often, you may not feel it)   dailypress.com/life/la-tr-taipei-20180218-story.html


USA Today, 2020-11-21 (usatoday.com/story/news/world/2020/11/21/taiwans-relatively-covid-free-life-attracts-skilled-expats/6322040002/)Foreign professionals run up against a protectionist mentality in e-commerce segments such as ride-hailing and home-sharing services like Uber and Airbnb.  Taiwan’s English fluency lags Hong Kong and Singapore.  In one of the most densely populated places on Earth, people live so packed together in apartment blocks that a neighbor's footfall upstairs or roadwork just outside easily overpower the sound of one's own TV.


♣  New York Times, 2008-3-2: The National Palace Museum is considered by many to be the finest repository of Chinese art in the worldthe 1,670-foot Taipei 101,

Da An Park - the largest public park in Taipei (a median sized park with little flowers) , Beitou , renowned for its hot springs resorts, some modeled after those in Japan (some are good), Din Tai Fung, a mandatory stop on Taiwan's restaurant sceneLongshan Temple, shaved ice topped with fresh mango, strawberry or kiwi at Ice Monster in Yongkang Street nytimes.com/2008/03/02/travel/02hours.html


  ♣   MSN, 2022-9-12  

(1) Jiufen Village And Northeast Coast Tour From Taipei
Taipei Street Food & Night Market Tour With A Local ( Yanshan Night Market,etc)

(3) Private Night Tour Of Taipei ( historic Dalongdong Baoan Temple, Taipei 101,etc)

(4) 5-Day Best Of Taiwan: Sun Moon Lake, Tarako Gorge, Kaohsiung, Taitung

(5) Taipei City Tour With National Palace Museum Ticket ( National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, and the Martyr's Shrine.)

(6) Yehliu Geopark And Keelung Harbor Guided Tour From Taipei

(7) The 10 Tastings Of Taipei With Locals: Private Street Food Tour

(8) Tea Of Taipei: Small-Group Tour With Taipei City Sightseeing

(9) Thousand Island Lake And Pinglin Tea Plantation From Taipei

(10) 4-Hour Morning Cycling Tour In Taipei

♣   Yahoo Travel, 2022-11-30

Top 10 "Must see" tourism sites in Taiwan  (travel.yahoo.com.tw/2022台灣十大必去景點名單揭曉-阿里山奪冠-090400559.html)

(1)「阿里山」(Alishan), (2) 「小琉球」(Xiao Liuqiu), (3) 「司馬庫斯」(Smangus) , (4) 「澎湖」(peng-hu)、(5)「合歡山」(Mount Hehuan), (6) 「北投溫泉」(Beitou Hot Spring) , (7) 「蘭嶼」( Lanyu)、(8)「墾丁」 (Kenting National Park)  , (9)「陽明山」(Yangmingshan National Park), (10)  「綠島」(Lyudao,  Green Island)


♣  Business Insider (Jun. 10,-2015) businessinsider.com/reasons-to-travel-to-taiwan-2015-6#now-get-to-know-another-country-24:"one of the most underrated destinations in Asia"
Its article seems over-rate Taiwan's attractions, however, still a not bad reference.

    ◎  Hehuan Mountain and Ali Mountain are two top-rated scenic spots on TripAdvisor. (阿里山等)    ◎  Sun Moon Lake(日月潭) 

      Kenting National Park(墾丁),one of 9 national parks, which make up 8.6% of its land.  Taroko National Gorge (太魯閣) alone is worth spending at least two days hiking its numerous scenic trails.

    hot springs Beitou outside of Taipei, and Jiaoxi in Yilan (北投宜蘭等溫泉)
    ◎ Taiwanese people love to eat, signature food are beef noodle soup, soup dumplings, and the uniquely Taiwanese oyster omelets.
    ◎ Taiwanese breakfast: Fuhang Doujiang in Taipei
Every major city has at least one night market — Shilin and Raohe in Taipei, Keelung's is arguably the country's largest and most renowned
some crazy fruit :pink guava, wax apples, and “Buddha’s head.”
    ◎ Hehuan Mountain and Ali Mountain
    ◎ Taipei 101 is the 4th tallest in the world. It also boasts the world’s fastest elevator
    ◎ Others in Insider's article are not worth to mention too much, e.g.,  "Taiwan is the world record holder for most Little League titles won (17!)"- But, Taiwan was "kick out" by Little League for "violation of the regulation".

♣  In a high-cost advertisement promoted by Taiwan government, you can see commercial endorser Japanese star 木村拓哉(きむらたくやKimura Takuya) keep eating "small eats" (in night markets... )


♣  Lonely Planet, 2022-9-30:What to eat and drink in Taiwan / Yongkang Beef NoodlesTaipei.  pearl milk tea, zhenzhu naicha (珍珠奶茶) in Chun Shui Tang, Taipei.  gooey oyster omelets (蚵仔煎), ‘salt-crisp’ fried chicken tossed with basil leaves and five-spice, and shaved ice desserts (剉冰) in Miaokou Night Market, Keelung.  aboriginal Formosans cuisine: wild boar served with onions and greens, steamed rice stuffed into bamboo tubes, and millet wine – once the tonic of tribal rituals. You might also encounter dishes of betel-nut salad, bird’s nest fern and even flying squirrel try it in Taiya Popo, Yilain. lonelyplanet.com/articles/what-to-eat-and-drink-in-taiwan    Lonely Planet, 2022-10-22: 18 things you need to know before visiting Taiwan    lonelyplanet.com/articles/things-to-know-before-traveling-to-taiwan


Rough Guides ―  Things Not To Miss In Taiwan


1. Sun Moon Lake

2. KinMen 金門

3. Hot Springs

4. Kenting National Park(墾丁)

5.Taroko Gorge (太魯閣)

6. LuGang

7.Orchid Island (蘭嶼)

8.Aboriginal culture

9.TaiNan, myriad temples (台南)


Rough Guides (Jan. 2017) intro Taiwan's new wave cafés,  all-round sophisticated city life, and TW cuisine and night markets remain world renowned...China’s influence is obvious, of course, and the cultural remnants of the island’s past occupation by both Japanese and American forces are still discernible. But as the only democracy in the Chinese-speaking world, Taiwan has a unique geography, mentality and identity.....Non-stop nightlife is never far from bubbling hot springs and sunny sub-tropical shores...  https://www.roughguides.com/best-places/2017/top-10-countries/


♣  other tourist attractions:
Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, Jiufen,  Ximending taipei, Chiang Kai-shek Mem. Hall, 
Chingshui Cliff Hualien


《BBC》, 2021-12-15: Until the 1990s, hiking in Taiwan was seen as more of a fringe sport, since large swaths of the mountains were off-limits during the country's 38-year-period of martial law, which ended in 1987. As the island embraced democracy in the 1990s, the mountains were opened to the public and hiking became more widespread.   Can Taiwan become Asia's next great hiking destination?     bbc.com/travel/article/20211213-can-taiwan-become-asias-next-great-hiking-destination


  ABC Radio National, Australia, 2-27-2020:  What's most apparent when visiting Taiwan is how ordinary it is — ordinary in the sense of normal, everyday, functional.      ps: In Taiwan, the houses/buildings are expensive "property", instead of "architecture arts",  the cars are for transportation or for business, always square shape with boring color, black, gray, etc,  hard to see a sports-car, convertible or a VW bug with clockwork on its butt ... unlike those with great vitality in the US !
Associated Press, 11-23-2020 says Taiwanese business may not be ethical ... mix the U.S. pork ( Ractopamine pork banned by 150+ countries ) with Taiwan pork
Apple Daily, editorial, 1-5-2021:  chaos !! Taiwanese are not confident in gov. control strategy ―  "Taiwan pork only" seal.  e.g., famous Taiwan cuisine restaurant " Formosa Chang (鬍鬚張)" is questioned to mark the official seal but partly use foreign pork.



ISSF's (The Indian Strategic Studies Forum)
World Soft Power Index 2022
(Infrastructure + Footfall + Receipts + Visitor's satisfaction)

1 France
2 Italy
4 Spain
5 Thailand
6 Swiss
7 Turkey
8 China
9 Germany
10 UK


ISSF's World Soft Power Index 2022
Brand Recognition

2 Japan
3 Germany
4 S. Korea
5 UK
6 France
7 Italy
8 Swiss
9 China
10 India




Biggest movers down the ranking in the past 12 month

Taipei (Taiwan) ranks world No. 53 

  City Location Rank Index Rank Move Index Move
1 Wellington New Zealand 50  85.7  -46  -8.0
2 Auckland New Zealand   34  89.2 -33  -6.8
3 Adelaide Australia 30  90.7 -27 -3.3
8 Taipei Taiwan  53 85.1 -20  1.2



  world's most livable cities  ... include Taiwan's ?

 top ranking list of the world's most livable cities


world best surveys Taiwan's rankings
in top list
comparison with
other Asia & Pacific countries
EIU's Global Liveability Ranking 2022 No. 53 1. Vienna 2. Copenhagen 3. Zurich 4. Calgary 5. Vancouver 6. Geneva 7. Frankfurt 8. Toronto 9. Amsterdam 10. Osaka
The World's Best Cities to Live In 2022 failed top 10 1. London, 2. Tokyo, 3. Shanghai, 4. Singapore, 5. Melbourne, 6. Sydney, 7. Paris, 8. Beijing, 9. NY, 10. Amsterdam


World Population Review - Most Visited Countries 2022
Taiwan ranks No.34

World rank Asia's rank country
4 1 China
8 2 Thailand
11 3 Japan
14 4 Malaysia
17 5 Hong Kong
21 6 Vietnam
22 7 India
23 8 S. Korea
26 9 UAE
27 10 Indonesia
28 11 Singapore
31 12 Saudi Arabia
34 13 Taiwan
worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/most-visited-countries    2022-10-2

World Population Review - Most Visited Countries 2022
Taiwan is not selected

World rank Asia's rank country
4 1 China
9 2 Thailand
12 3 Malaysia
13 4 Hong Kong
16 5 Japan
18 6 Saudi Arabia
20 7 S. Korea
22 8 Macau
24 9 UAE
25 10 India
28 11 Singapore
29 12 Indonesia
No.1 France, No.2 USA, No.3 Spain, No.4 China, No.5 Italia


Asia's 50 Best restaurants 2022
Taiwan ranks No. 9 in Asia

country total number of winnings ranks
Japan 11 No.1, 3, 6, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 36, 42, 43
Thailand 9 No. 2, 4, 7, 10, 25, 29, 31, 33, 46
Hong Kong 6 No. 5,  9,  24, 32,  34,  48
Singapore 7 No. 8, 20, 23, 37, 40, 41, 44
China 4 12, 19, 28, 39
S. Korea 5 16, 18, 26, 27, 30
India 3 21, 22, 49
Sri Lanka 1 35,
Taiwan 2 38, 45
Macau 1 47
Malaysia 1 50
No.1  Den (Tokyo), No.2 Sorn (Bangkok), No.3 Florilege (Tokyo), 4. Le Du (Bangkok), 5. The Chairman (HK), 6.  La Cime (osaka), 7. Suhring (Bangkok), 8. Odette (Singapore), 9. Neighborhood (HK), 10. Nusara (Bangkok)


EATER / The world's best 50 restaurants in 2022
Taiwan failed

country total number of winnings ranks
Japan 4 No.20  Den (Tokyo), No.30 Florilege (Tokyo),
No. 41.  La Cime (osaka), No. 45  Narisawa (Tokyo)
Hong Kong 1 No. 24.  The Chairman (HK)
Singapore 1 No. 36.  Odette (Singapore)
Thailand 1 No. 39   Sorn (Bangkok)

CNN Travel / World's best restaurants for 2022 revealed

country total number of winnings ranks
Japan 4 No.20  Den (Tokyo), No.30 Florilege (Tokyo),
No. 41.  La Cime (osaka), No. 45  Narisawa (Tokyo)
Hong Kong 1 No. 24.  The Chairman (HK)
Singapore 1 No. 36.  Odette (Singapore)
Thailand 1 No. 39   Sorn (Bangkok)



Economist  /    Global Food Security Index 2022
Taiwan is not included

world rank country Overall Score Affordability Availability Quality & safety Sustainability & Adaptation
6 Japan 79.5 89.8 81.2 77.4 66.1
14 NZ 77.8 91.6 67.7 73.1 75.1
22 Australia 75.4 93.3 61.1 84 58.8
23 UAE 75.2 86.7 73.8 81.3 55.2
25 China 74.2 86.4 79.2 72.0 54.5
28 Singapore 73.1 93.2 77.8 69.7 44.3
30 Qatar 72.4 88.6 72.9 71.7 51.0
39 S Korea 70.2 76.8 71.5 71.5 58.5
41 Malaysia 69.9 87.0 59.5 74.7 53.7
46 Vietnam 67.9 84.0 60.7 70.2 52.2
63 Indonesia 60.2 81.4 50.9 56.2 46.3
64 Thailand 60.1 83.7 52.9 45.3 51.6




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2021  Michelin stars  comparisons among Asian countries

 Michelin cities

number of 3 stars

num. of 2 stars

number of 1 star

total num.

Tokyo (Japan) 12 42 158 212
Hong Kong 10 18 59 87
Kyoto (Japan) 7 19 84 110
Osaka (Japan) 3 12 81 96
Singapore 3 5 41 49
Seoul (Korea) 2 7 34 43
Shanghai (China) 1 10 32 43
Taipei (Taiwan) 1 7 21 29

 ♣  To emergently rescue dying tourism, Taiwan spent huge money to have <Michelin Guide> Taipei

pic.: China Times - Want Weekly, No.185: To emergently save dying tourism, Taiwan government spent NT90,000,000 (USD3 millions) to have <Michelin Guide> in Taiwan. 


●  Compare to Chinese world -  Shanghai, HK, Macao, Singapore:


Michelin Guide 2018

3 star

2 star

1 star

num. of stars

Bib Gourmand

Hong Kong, Macau