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      Cartoonist VS.  politicians        An individual VS.  more than one countries and/or syndicates

      straight-forward    VS.   under-table          clean  VS   dirty

     ★  The websites group (including a number of sites) independently  report and criticize human right issues in all aspects, in Eastern as well as Western world.   At the beginning (1997 ~ 2014), this site focused on world arts and Taiwan's human rights, then went deeper.

     ★ The website has been ranked world no.1 or top by keywords, e.g., "understand Taiwan",  "introduction to Taiwan",  "comment Taiwan", "review Taiwan",  etc, and some int'l issue keywords, e.g., "Facebook free expression"  (or Facebook freedom of expression") .

     ★  The website group's cartoons aim at surpassing Pulitzer art-works, give considerations to both critic insight and pleasure, never concern sensitive subject-matters.

     ★ The website is a web-portal to Taiwanese human rights, a gateway to understand Taiwan, and a power engine to push Taiwan to improve sooner.

     ★ The website hold a world 1st time int'l cartoon-arts exhibition & contest (theme : free, human rights, free speech, no dirty politics, etc) on the net , which was reported by head page of Singapore's the Straits Times (awarded best newspaper in Asia & Pacific at that time) several times and had been ranked no.1 "cartoon contest" on world best search engines for straight 7 years or so.

      ★  The site is unbiased !  e.g.,  RSF, <Reporters Sans Frontieres> released a report at 4-18-2019 to criticize Taiwan's free speech, some main-stream news only printed those info. attacking its 'opponents', some others ignored the report.  This site reports RSF's all critiques.


 To encourage all the people to respect human rights, and punish dirty&ugly politicians who harmed to people, particularly by black-heart plans with tricky excuses.

  International organization

The website connects to Taiwan's branch of Federation Cartoonists Organisations ( headquarter in Europe ), 1997 ~ mar. 2018.  IPF Reporter ( Press card  ) ~ 2020.


The website is independent,  non-profit.   The dark power might hack some content of this web-sites group in my computers, etc, should you find anything wrong or inappropriate, pls contact the following email.

damaged web-pages of the site

dirty attacks !  free speech is worse ever in the past 20 years !   prime suspects are ... ?

Taiwan justice  (e.g., page1, page2, page3, etc). New form attacks happened at 11-20-2018 ... each char. being typing in took a long time (seconds, even 10+ minutes, or forever) to be shown on the screen while updating my web-pages concerning Taiwan judicial systems and prosecutors...  attacks last ...  
political oppression, persecutions ( Eng,  Chn. )  attacks happened again at 8-10-2018, 8-11-2018 (about 4:20pm), who can't afford freedom of speech??  a mean and evil group !!  hackers attacked more often since this page was created, twice in recent 2 weeks or so (9-28-2018)

backup sites: , if needed, 11-22-2018


opinion survey/poll will be conducted once needed, your experiences or saying about harms by politics are most welcome to provide with . , Zola Zu, Taipei PO Box 46-39, ROC, TAIWAN.



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