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a survey since years ago  (in various versions)


To all the people:


According to Amnesty Int'l report years ago, "over half the world's government continue to use torture against their own citizens"


Is Taiwan a country which should be ranked latter half of the world ?


Taiwan had numerous lousy records of fooling Taiwanese and even the world, e.g., murdering American journalist 江南, making Taiwan white terror again, the latest one is trying to hide minor news about birds-flu at 1-2-2018 (BBC '12 reported this) not to mention big issues.


This website is much better in credibility, reliability and objective degree than the mouthpiece of the government.


To accelerate Taiwan's reform, please provide with what you saw, knew or experienced about attacks or persecutions on someone in the way of demonization,  setup/conspiracy (e.g., giving dog a name and hang it), high-tech tortures, Orwellian terror, murders ...... by the state apparatus - if any.


Scary political climate for many years has made Taiwanese very obedient, hope some may speak out this time.







To the state apparatus:


Any  rats doing cat's job, or cats with rat's genes in state apparatus should be completely revealed and eradicated ! (if any)

"Police" should be open as the day, not hiding at dark corner underground, doing & speaking things sneaky and lousy like a crime.

Bring everything to light ! No keeping people mis-informed or half informed (worse than a lie) any more.   No waiting until media dig dirt one after another.

Obscurantism and avoiding admitting mistakes only prove rats' intention of repeating mistakes, as US Obama said.




  ps: straight-forward words pls. to avoid any mis-interpretations







Survey, for catching rats or cats with rat-genes






根據近年來國內外研究與報告台灣是個 '惡名昭彰' 的國家 !

台灣 是否還隱藏諸多施加人民之惡,尚未被揭露??


intlHumanRights.com網站群,  中英文"評論台灣"排名國際第一 (click 美歐俄中 排名第一), 經Google, Bing, Yahoo, Metager, Baidu, Facebook, Twitter...遍傳全球百國,公正、 客觀與可信度非 '為官喉舌'力能企及,

為加速台灣改革除惡務盡,敬請仗義「直」言 ,如您經歷知悉 如有羶犬奸吏 謀害、戕傷人權、Orwellian恐怖、散播耳語(常備有晃子,藉口)妖魔化攻擊特定對象 等等情事,請惠予提供 具體合法證據,以便全球清譽機構及研究單位, 紀錄國家行徑、分析真相全貌、 發現包藏之禍心 (請直白文字以免誤譯或解讀錯誤)


國家機器不應再利用人民長年被迫養成的謹小慎微台灣人的名字不 應再順民 !!


本survey只針對公共議題政治迫害,不包括一般 刑民犯 罪, 多年來且將繼續  隨機選擇政府機構、跨國知名企業、以及個人,挖掘可能之犯行。





法國媒體le monde diplomatic將台灣畫成發抖 躲貓的耗子(click !) 國家機器如 真有黑幕掩護之 白色恐怖應主動"暗投"別做行不由徑 的老鼠 或老鼠基因的貓 !! 如美國Obama所說, 公開認錯 才代表不貳過


ps: prime suspects might include tw gov








      New Survey in 2020   click for Chinese & English version !


Get the rats out of 'underground '?


Washington Post, 7-22-2020:  'in January 2019, Xi offered an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for unification talks or face annexation by force...' .  Our compatriots or patriots seem still to be kept on the dark  ?

Any other "black box"  operations,  particularly about human rights issues out there?  Has the state apparatus hidden any evildoings not being surfaced yet ? sites-group has been ranked top on best search engines across Euro., US, Russia, Asia and Taiwan by keywords like "comment Taiwan", " 評論台灣", etc over the years, certainly deserves your trust more than some sort of propaganda.  Any secret police infringing human rights or violating UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the target to be disclosed for all famous institutes in the entire world.


If you knew or experienced any Orwellian terror, such as spreading gossips to attack or public insult certain people on political purpose, etc, pls. provide with hard proof (straightforward voice to avoid any translation errors) for matter of record and further studies.


French main-stream media le monde diplomatic depicted Taiwan as a trembling rat.  In my view, the secret police are truly rats or rats in cat's clothing, looking forward to your democratic response, for a better Taiwan tomorrow.


Thanks for your time.


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