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Taiwan on world media  (台灣躍上國際新聞) ;         News about China-Taiwan-US war to click  English version Chinese version    


New York Times,  2021-11-18 ("What makes people happy" ): Most people in a Pew Research Center survey said that family made them the happiest.  The Australian(56%), New Zealander(55%), American(49%), English(46%), Swedish, Italian, Canadian etc surveyed ranked family first, their percentage is about 3-4 times of that (15%) in Taiwan, the % of Singapore and Japan is about 2 times of that in Taiwan.  Taiwanese ranked Material well-being above family.


     WSJ, 2021-11-17: Beijing’s arms buildup and menacing of Taiwan make U.S. directionlessness dangerous for the world.  Rather than risk a less feckless president after Mr. Biden, Mr. Xi may feel he has three years to act.  WarOnTheRocks, 2021-11-18: Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has abandoned asymmetric defense reform, Washington ought to step in to get Taiwanese defense reform back on track FoxNews, 2021-11-17: Hannity: China 'bullies' Biden in meeting, "Basically his weakness guarantees Taiwan will be taken over by the Communist Chinese and Joe won't do a thing."  NY Times, 2021-11-15: Biden and Xi meet amid tensions in an effort to keep “communication lines open” and avoid military action — American officials remain concerned that the chances of avoiding conflict may be diminishing.  click military for details


  CovID-19 flare-up in Taiwan    (新冠肺炎專題)

ABC news, 2021-9-29: Taiwan lawmakers brawl amid anger over COVID response.   The KMT party called recently shortened quarantine requirements for pilots a “big breach”.   many Youtubers' comments were supportive of the brawl. Some praised the Kuomingtang for “becoming stronger.   abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/taiwan-lawmakers-break-brawl-policy-speech-80276994

Reuters, 9-28: Scuffles in Taiwan parliament, premier blocked from podium in COVID dispute .  The KMT members then scuffled with DPP counterparts and threw things at the dais...Taiwan's legislature does see unruly scenes from time to time and rivals have been known to punch each other.  news.yahoo.com/scuffles-taiwan-parliament-premier-blocked-102314300.html

New York Post, 9-28 In the ensuing melee, a few lawmakers were shoved to the ground and others poured out bottles of water onto their opponents.  Many had suspected the outbreak had come from pilots returning home who only had to do three-day quarantines. The original source of the May outbreak hasn't been officially confirmed.    nypost.com/2021/09/28/taiwan-lawmakers-brawl-during-policy-speech/

Telegraph (UK), 2021-9-10: People think pilots are murderers because we brought back the virus’: Taiwan’s Covid scapegoats‘Imprisoned’ by quarantine and isolated from their families, flight crews have become social pariahs ...may be depressed and bullied to the point of doing fatal mistakes 民航駕駛成了台灣的 Covid 替罪羊與社會賤民 誹謗仇恨霸凌,歧視日益嚴重  telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/people-think-pilots-murderers-brought-back-virus-taiwans-covid/