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            Taiwan's tourism & travel

 ranks 10+th in Asia


DW, 2022-5-20: Taiwan's tourism industry in crisis (Taiwan 'is not ready to face an outbreak at this level) dw.com/en/is-taiwan-learning-to-live-with-covid/a-61878438
New York Times, 2022-5-9:  Restaurants, bars and gyms that were once packed are now noticeably quieter...fear of outbreaks is not uncommon nytimes.com/2022/05/09/world/asia/taiwan-china-covid.html

CDC (USA), 2022-5-18: Taiwan travel Level 3 -   Even if you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines, you may still be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19, Anyone 2 years or older should properly wear a well-fitting mask in indoor public spaces  (wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/covid-3/coronavirus-taiwan)
New York Times, 2022-3-5: Since Tuesday, people in Taiwan have no longer been required to wear masks in settings where they were previously mandatory, both indoors and outdoors: exercising, taking selfies and group photos, driving with household members, in spas and in video broadcasts, speeches and lectures... Taiwan's record (20,717 cases and 853 deaths ) is low by the standards of the hardest-hit countries.  nytimes.com/live/2022/03/05/world/covid-19-tests-cases-vaccine
aljazeera, 2022-4-14: Taiwan's COVID-hit tourism stews as island shuns global reopening. 

Taiwan is a rare holdout in Asia that remains closed to tourists and still mandates quarantine for arrivals.

《BBC》, 2021-12-15: Until the 1990s, hiking in Taiwan was seen as more of a fringe sport, since large swaths of the mountains were off-limits during the country's 38-year-period of martial law, which ended in 1987. As the island embraced democracy in the 1990s, the mountains were opened to the public and hiking became more widespread.   Can Taiwan become Asia's next great hiking destination?  bbc.com/travel/article/20211213-can-taiwan-become-asias-next-great-hiking-destination
Yahoo Taiwan》, 2021-11-23:  all opposition parties blast the government not fulfilling its promise to patch the loophole of social security network.  Next TV news 壹新聞》, 2021-11-23, 12:11: a big loophole in our social security net.   

Taiwan's travel & tourism - 13th in Asia

STATISTA: Leading countries in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI)



Asia Rank



world Rank

1 Japan 5.4 4
2 Australia 5.1 7
3 China 4.9 13
4 Korea Rep. 4.8 15
5 Hong Kong 4.8 16
6 Singapore 4.8 17
7 New Zealand 4.7 18
8 Malaysia 4.5 25
9 Thailand 4.5 29
10 UAE 4.4 33
11 India 4.4 34
12 Indonesia 4.3 36
13 Taiwan 4.3 37

2021  Michelin stars  comparisons among Asian countries

 Michelin cities

number of 3 stars

num. of 2 stars

number of 1 star

total num.

Tokyo (Japan) 12 42 158 212
Hong Kong 10 18 59 87
Kyoto (Japan) 7 19 84 110
Osaka (Japan) 3 12 81 96
Singapore 3 5 41 49
Seoul (Korea) 2 7 34 43
Shanghai (China) 1 10 32 43
Taipei (Taiwan) 1 7 21 29

●   Taiwan's travel & tourism  - 10th in Asia
category Taiwan's rankings and/or score comparison
prioritization of travel and tourism   No75  Singapore No.6 ,  Hong Kong No. 11
Natural & cultural resources No.58  score 2.6 China  No.1, score 6.0 , France No.2,  5.0,  Spain  No.3, 5.7,   Japan No.7, 5.3,   Indonesia No.18,  Thailand No.21,  Korea No.24,  Vietnam No.26,  Malaysia No.31,  HK No.40,  Philippines No.46,  Sri Lanka No.52,  Nepal No.56
Natural resources  No. 87 Hong Kong No. 42, Singapore No.120
cultural resources & business travel No. 36  score 2.6 China No1, score 7.0
price competitiveness No. 78 China 5.7
Health & Hygiene  No.43,  score 6 score worse than Korea, Japan, Mongolia
international openness No. 60 only better than China, Mongolia
Safety & security No. 26 human resource & labor market: Taiwan No.18


Taiwan's tourism & travel    vs.    CovID-19


Diplomat, 2022-2-3:Taiwan, is bucking the trend and is one of the few places still sticking with its zero-COVID strategy.thediplomat.com/2022/02/how-long-will-taiwan-stick-to-its-zero-covid-approach/

The Guardian, 2021-11-8: Cost of Taiwan’s pursuit of Covid zero starts to show   In 2019 there were more than 29 million international arrivals in Taiwan. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic and prior to vaccines, the figure dropped to 3.9 million. So far this year there have been just 335,000.“Taiwan sacrificed international collaboration in commerce and exchange.”despite the toll on tourism, trade and lifestyle there is no plan to reopen   theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/08/how-long-can-you-maintain-it-cost-of-taiwans-pursuit-of-covid-zero-starts-to-show
New York Times, 2021-10-29: China is now the only country still chasing full eradicationThe approach is unsustainable.  China may find itself increasingly isolated, diplomatically and economically, at a time when global public opinion is hardening against it.


Economist, 2021-10-9 Asian countries are abandoning zero-covid strategies Despite the risks, they are right to do so.  Yet those with a good first act in the pandemic are struggling in the second. 


 aljazeera, 2021-11-26: Taiwan continues to pursue an isolationist "zero CovID-19" policy.  Taiwan's border restrictions remain some of the strictest in the world.
  aljazeera, 2021-11-17 (brief): Asia'cautious stance is increasingly at odds with Europe and North America; mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong sink deeper into isolation under a strict “zero COVID” policy, even Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia are following a middle path under which non-essential travel remains tightly restricted.





 US News & World Report 2021,  Asian countries' world influence top 30 rankings  

Cultural Influence No.5  Japan   No. 7  S Korea   11. China  12. UAE   15. Singapore  16. Australia   19. NZ  22. Thailand    25. India Cutting-edge centers of art, entertainment and fashion
Quality of Life 6. Australia   10. NZ   13. Japan  16. Singapore  18. S Korea   23. China   24. UAE    28. Malaysia   29. Thailand Through all phases of life, these countries treat their citizens well
Heritage 6. India   7. Thailand    10. Japan   12 China   23. Australia  25. Vietnam  26. Indonesia   28. NZ A deep vein of history courses through these countries
Adventure 5. Thailand   7. NZ   8. Australia  17. Philippines   18. Singapore  25. Malaysia  28. Japan popular travel destinations to fulfill your wanderlust
Agility 2. Australia   5. Singapore  6. S Korea   7. Japan   9. NZ  13. China  21. UAE   27. Qatar  30. India adaptable, dynamic, modern, progressive, responsive
Open for business 6. NZ   11. Malaysia  12. Australia   14. Singapore   17. Thailand   20. Sri Lanka   21. Vietnam   22. Indonesia   25. Philippines  26. Japan market-oriented countries




Taiwan's travel & tourism - not on top 10  Asian country list

The World Tourism rankings   are compiled by the United Nations World Tourism Organization 
Most visited destinations by international tourist arrivals


Asia Pacific Rank

destination (country)

int'l tourists arrivals '19

int'l tourists arrivals '18

1 China 65.7 million 62.9 million
2 Thailand 39.8 38.2
3 Japan 32.2 31.2
4 Malaysia 26.1 25.8
5 Hong Kong 23.8 29.3
6 Macau 18.6 18.5
7 Vietnam 18.0 15.5
8 India 17.9 17.4
9 S. Korea 17.5 15.3
10 Indonesia 15.5 13.4




pic. left: This websites-group was ranked No.1  by "comment Taiwan tourism " on Google at 2022-3-23, 2022-2-25, 2022-1-4,  2021-8-8, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-31, 2021-5-14, 2021-5-4, 2021-4-22, 2021-3-17, 2-11-2021;   
pic. right: This websites-group was ranked No.1  by "comment Taiwan tour " on Google at  2022-3-23, 2022-2-25, 2022-1-4, 2021-8-8, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-31  2021-5-14, 2021-5-4,  2021-4-22, 2021-3-17, 2-18-2021



pic. : This websites-group was ranked No.1  by "comment Taiwan travel ", "comment Taiwan tourism " on Google at 2022-3-23, 2022-1-4, 2021-9-18



Most Visited Countries in Asia


Asia Rank


tourists arrivals

1 China 65.7M
2 Thailand 39.8M
3 Japan 32.3M
4 Malaysia 26.1M
5 Hong Kong 23.8M
6 Vietnam 18M
7 India 17.9M
8 S. Korea 17.5M
9 UAE 16.7M
10 Indonesia 15.5M
11 Singapore 15.1M
12 Saudi Arabia 13.6M
13 Taiwan 11.9M
14 Philippines 8.3M
UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, Oct. 4, 2021 : unwto.org/taxonomy/term/347
International tourists arrivals by regions :  e-unwto.org/doi/epdf/10.18111/wtobarometereng.2020.18.1.5



Adventure /  The best countries to fulfill your wanderlust

US News : usnews.com/news/best-countries/adventure-rankings

Asia Rank 2021

country of Asia-Pacific

world rank 2021

world rank 2020
1 Thailand 5 5
2 New Zealand 7 7
3 Australia 8 10
4 Philippines 17 17
5 Singapore 18 25
6 Malaysia 25 29
7 Japan 28 34
8 Indonesia 32 35
9 Vietnam 40 38
10 India 41 40
a study by George Washington University placed adventure tourism into three categories: physical activity, cultural exchange and interaction with the environment.



Travel and Tourism Index by country in Asia


Asia Rank


index score

1 Australia 4.98;  7th
2 Japan 4.94;  9th
3 Singapore 4.86  ; 11th
4 Hong Kong 4.68; 13
5 New Zealand 4.64; 16
6 China 4.54; 17
7 UAE 4.43;  24
8 S. Korea 4.37; 29
9 Taiwan 4.35; 32
10 Thailand 4.26; 35
factors: business environment, security, health and basic sanitation standards, labor and human resource,
cultural heritage, natural resources, air transport infrastructure



International tourism receipts /  Asia-Pacific countries

international tourism: data.worldbank.org/indicator/ST.INT.ARVL

Asia Rank

country of Asia-Pacific

receipts  US$ million '19

1 Thailand 60521
2 Japan 46054
3 Australia 45709
4 Macau 40060
5 China 35832
6 India 30720
7 Hong Kong 29043
8 S. Korea 21628
9 Singapore 20052
10 Malaysia 19823

further more info.: worlddata.info/tourism.php




The 30 Most Visited Countries in the world in 2021

international tourism: data.worldbank.org/indicator/ST.INT.ARVL

2021-8-25   onestep4ward.com/most-visited-countries-in-the-world/




1 France 16 Japan
2 USA 17 Canada
3 Spain 18 Saudi Arabia
4 China 19 Poland
5 Italia 20 S. Korea
6 UK 21 Nederland
7 Germany 22 Macao
8 Mexico 23 Hungary
9 Thailand 24 UAE
10 Turkey 25 India
11 Austria 26 Croatia
12 Malaysia 27 Ukraine
13 Hong Kong 28 Singapore
14 Greece 29 Indonesia
15 Russia 30 Czech  
top places to visit in each country: onestep4ward.com/most-visited-countries-in-the-world/



pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan tourism" on Yahoo Japan (largest search engine in Japan), 2022-2-25, 2022-1-4, 2021-8-8, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-31, 2021-5-4,  2021-3-17, 2-11-2021, 12-11-2020, 10-31-2020 ;  



pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan travel" on Yahoo Japan (largest search engine in Japan), 2022-2-25, 2022-1-4, 2021-8-8, 2021-7-23, 12-11-2020


pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan tour" on Yahoo Japan (largest search engine in Japan), 2022-2-25, 2022-1-4, 2021-8-8, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-31, 2021-4-22, 12-11-2020, 10-31-2020, 7-7-2020




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pic. right : This websites-group was ranked No.1 on Bing by "comment Taiwan tour", 2022-2-25, 2022-1-4, 2021-8-8, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-30, 2021-5-13, 2021-5-4, 2021-4-22, 2021-3-17, 2-11-2021 , 12-11-2020, 10-31-2020, 8-2-2020,  7-7-2020,  3-7-2019, 9-4-2018, 6-22-2018 ; No1 "comment Taiwan tourism" on Bing ,10-31-2020


            pic. left: This websites-group was ranked No.1  by "comment Taiwan tourism ", "comment Taiwan tour " , "comment Taiwan travel " on US Yahoo at 2022-1-4, 2021-8-8


 ,  pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan travel " (Chinese version) on US Yahoo at 2022-1-4,  2021-8-8


             pic.: No.1 "comment Taiwan tourism " (Chinese version) on US Yahoo at 2022-1-4,  2021-8-8


pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan restaurants" on Yahoo Japan (largest search engine in Japan), 2021-8-8, 12-11-2020, 10-31-2020



pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan night markets" on Yahoo Japan (largest search engine in Japan), 12-11-2020, 10-31-2020, No.3 at 2021-8-8, 


No.1 "comment Taiwan travel" on Google, 2022-1-4, 2021-8-8, 2021-7-23, 6-30-2020, 4-5-2020




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ps  No.1 "comment Taiwan tour" on ASK, 7-7-2020, 5-16-2020;

This websites-group was ranked No.1 on ASK by "comment Taiwan tourism", 7-7-2020, 8-27-2019 



pic. :  No.1 "comment Taiwan restaurants" on US google, 2021-8-8, 7-31-2020,  7-1-2020, 4-2-2020, 12-23-2019 , 1-22-2020



pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan tour" on US Google,  2021-8-1, 7-7-2020, 6-30-2020, 4-5-2020;  No.2 at 10-31-2020;  No.1 "comment Taiwan tourism" on US Google, 2021-8-1, 7-7-2020,
No.2 at 10-31-2020;

pic. left: This websites-group was ranked No.1 on Baidu of China by "comment Taiwan tour", 11-29-2019, 8-3-2019 , No.3 at 5-16-2020




pic. left: This websites-group was ranked No.1 on Baidu of China by "comment Taiwan travel", 8-3-2019 






pic. : This websites-group was ranked No.1 on Baidu of China by
 "comment Taiwan tourism", 11-29-2019, 8-3-2019
, No.3 at 5-16-2020; 





 Economist, E.I.U. Safe City Index 2021
Asian cities' ranking


 Infrastructure security :  No.1 Hong Kong  2. Singapore 5. Tokyo   7. Osaka  9. Sydney  12. Wellington   15. Melbourne  20. Seoul   25. Taipei

 Digital security:

No.1 Sydney     2 Singapore   8.  Melbourne   9. Wellington  20. Tokyo    21 HK  24. Dubai   27. Osaka   30. Taipei   31.  Seoul 

 Health security:

 No.1  Tokyo  2.  Singapore  3. Hong Kong  4.  Melbourne  5. Osaka  6. Seoul  10. Sydney  13. Dubai   19. Beijing   19. Shanghai   21. Taipei  22. Bangkok
 personal security : No.7. Wellington   11. Sydney   13  Singapore  16. Tokyo   
 17. Osaka  19. Taipei 



 Economist, E.I.U. Safe City Index 2021
The CovID-19 pandemic and the understanding of health security
The need to focus better on what works
Asian cities' ranking

  1. Tokyo (87.7)   2. Singapore (84.1)   3. Hong Kong (84.0)   4. Melbourne (81.9)    5. Osaka (81.8)    6. Seoul (81.1)   10. Sydney   12. Abu Dhabi   13. Dubai   19. Beijing  19  Shanghai    21. Taipei (73.5)    22. Bangkok




Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2021,   2021-3-25

 rankings     theworlds50best.com/stories/News/asias-50-best-restaurants-2021-the-list-in-pictures.html

 top 10 restaurants :  No. 1.  The Chairman, HK, China   2. Odette, Singapore  3. Den, Japan  4. Le Du, Thailand  5. Gaggan A. , Thailand 6. Suhring, Thailand   7.  Florilege , Japan   8. La Cime, Japan   9.  Narisawa, Japan   10. Mingles, S. Korea

  number of top 40
in each Asian country:

 China  9,    Japan  9,      Singapore  6,   Thailand  5,   Taiwan 4,   S.  Korea 3,   India 2




pic.: No.2 "comment Taiwan tourism" on QWANT of France (most well-known French search engine), 7-6-2020



   News reports

 ●  Apple Daily, 2021-4-10, editorial: The bane of Taiwan- backward infrastructures, e.g., no early-warning system for railway train, pollution in stream, air, dam, reservoir deposition, bad bus structure...  UDN, CTN, Apple Daily editorial、2021-4-3: train carrying 490 derails, about 50 dead 200 injured /  Serious transportation accidents repeat -  all are SOP ignoring man-made disasters, no one treats seriously the warning message behind each accident, The gov. is good at risk management and focus-shifting, instead of preventive management in advance, all these lead to tragedy again and again. The event is just a tip of a iceberg, Taiwan should establish a culture respecting human life.  Taiwan railway bureau got rigid grading system  and reform failure.    click for full details Taiwan transportation !


China Times, editorial, 2021-4-25: "Ractopamine pig mystery" / Taiwan has imported pork and pig offal in total 1800 ton from the US since Jan. 2021,  however, in all the markets, there's no any pork and pig offal marked  e "imported from USA".  Another mysterious thing is Agriculture government (Council of Agriculture) says 70% of them were already used for meat processing, but Health government (Ministry Health & welfare) says 70% of them were still in the refrigerating chamber. chinatimes.com/opinion/20210424003140-262101?chdtv


...............●   USA Today, 11-21-2020:  No lockdowns, no downturn: Taiwan attracts skilled expats with (mostly) COVID-free life  ... But settling in Taiwan is not without its drawbacks ...Foreign professionals run up against a protectionist mentality in e-commerce segments ... Personal connections matter, too, in breaking into a market ... Taiwan’s English fluency lags Hong Kong and Singapore ... Taiwan regularly ranks as one of the most densely populated places on Earth, meaning ... outside easily overpower the sound of one’s own TV set ...Locals fret about the looming threat of China...  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2020/11/21/taiwans-relatively-covid-free-life-attracts-skilled-expats/6322040002/


...............   ABC Radio National, Australia, 2-27-2020:  What's most apparent when visiting Taiwan is how ordinary it is — ordinary in the sense of normal, everyday, functional
                      ps: In Taiwan, the houses/buildings are expensive "property", instead of "architecture arts",  the cars are for transportation or for business, always square shape with boring color, black, gray, etc,  hard to see a sports-car,
convertible or a VW bug with clockwork on its butt ... unlike those with great vitality in the US !
...............  Associated Press, 11-23-2020 says Taiwanese business may not be ethical ... mix the U.S. pork ( Ractopamine pork banned by 150+ countries ) with Taiwan pork Apple Daily, editorial, 1-5-2021:  chaos !! Taiwanese are not confident in gov. control strategy ―  "Taiwan pork only" seal.  e.g., famous Taiwan cuisine restaurant " Formosa Chang (鬍鬚張)" is questioned to mark the official seal but partly use foreign pork.
...............   Liberty Times, 6-15-2020, editorial: Taiwanese always love traveling abroad rather than domestically.  Majority of foreign tourists to Taiwan came from China, but most of their consumption-profits are monopolized by Chinese-funded and Chinese-associated businesses.  All these have made Taiwan's tourism industry weak and sluggish-demanded.  It is undeniable Taiwan tourism needs to be improved the following items :

                        (1)  the prices of accommodation, catering and transportation are generally high but the quality is not good, shaping the stereotype that  traveling domestically are not as good as sightseeing abroad.
                        (2)  the tour often lacks
humanistic & cultural connotations, ethnic groups' traditions, characteristics and lifestyles.  Although each area has its own old streets and night markets, it is  difficult to distinguish one from another.  In short, Taiwan lacks in-depth and exquisite tourism.
                        (3)  the government has not given importance to tourism industry,  "Insufficient resource integration capacity, insufficient investment, and insufficient marketing" .
...............  Apple Daily, 2021-3-12:  Popular tourists-site Shi-lin night market "miserable street scene" , more bosses than customers, in that “expensive”, "smoke smells", "too homogeneous & unattractive", "delivery platforms are emerging", ... most ever stores closed in recent 30 yrs.
...............●  The China Times 7-15-2020, former minister of Transportation govt.  陳建宇 : Hotels and travel business were "starved" too long for CovID-19, therefore raise the price a lot to "revenge exploit" customers.  advice :
                        (1)  establishing DMO (
目的地行銷暨管理組織 like Japan and Euro.);
                        (2)  quality first,
implement Market segmentation  Precision marketing
Recreating a new tourists-friendly environment,  starts from tourist night market, till now the govt. only work on  innovation/renovation of night market's toilet room, the rest is far behind the standard of  int'l metro...  full text:  https://www.chinatimes.com/opinion/20200714004912-262105?chdtv  
...............●  Apple Daily, 7-14-2020 editorial: Why do Taiwanese love travel overseas instead of domestically ?  The price is high and quality varies, therefore Taiwanese prefer Japan, Korea and South-East Asia.  Price cutting competition and  low-cost airline  exclude In-depth and exquisite tourism from tour list .  Govt.'s economic relief package only works on avoiding close-down instead of tourism enterprise transformation.   
full text:  https://www.chinatimes.com/opinion/20200714004912-262105?chdtv  

...............●  Korean ilbe(일베저장소、일베)slams Taiwan's messy & dirty environment,  cultural deprivation、 unpretty women、 the sense of Japanese  identification, which triggers hot argues after mainland Chinese posting Chinese version of it  (Sept. 2020)


 New York Times, 7-31-2019, CNN 8-1-2019: China, an Eye on Elections, bans solo tourists from heading to Taiwan.    L.A. Times, 8-1-2019: The indefinite suspension is likely to prove a major economic hit to Taiwan, as well as a blow to cultural interplay.   Independent UK  8-1-2019:  It is a blow for Taiwan’s tourism industry.  Liberty Times 8-28-2019: Taiwan may loss 35,400 million dollars from the gross annual value of tourism in the second half of 2019.    United Daily (8-17-2019, editorial) : Very most part of Taiwan's current tourism difficult situation is caused by cross-Taiwan-Strait policy.    United Daily (8-22-2019, editorial) : Pension reform should be among key issues in Taiwan's tourism, because public servants, military and education field no longer support domestic travel as much as before.    United Daily (8-23-2019) :  Taiwan president Tsai: tourism won't go old route, current policy is to balance tourists flow, stimulate domestic demand, increase consumption-amount, satisfy tourist's appetite by bubble tea and local cuisine.   United Daily (8-28-2019, Focus) :  Visa-free and allowance can save tourism?  Lots of allowances were given to domestic tourists, but the number of Taiwanese traveling overseas hit new high again and again.   Apple Daily, opinion, 12-25-2019: Give up "almozo" policy to promote tourism,  Taiwan should go "quality oriented" route, not waste too much money !    Asia Nikkei 4-30-2019: Since 2016, China has attempted to punish Tsai (DPP) by reducing tour groups to Taiwan, but inbound tourists have steadily set records surpassing 11 millions for the first time last year... ; The United Daily, editorial,  7-15-2019 : An American economist Tyler Cowen was surprised at that Taipei was spinning its wheels, remains 85% unchanged (making smallest differences among Asian cities), motorcycles, small lanes ... everywhere, in contrast, GuangZhou city (廣州) has changed 90%, HK, Seoul, Singapore made huge differences only within 10 years ...;The United Daily 3-7-2019: Taiwan's tourism output value is suffering wallet homicide ! the deficit of foreign exchange is NT1728 billions, the deficit of the number of tourists is 5570 thousands.   The United Daily 10-6-2018 editorial opinion: Taiwan's 'heresy' policy of tourism (subsidies, visa-free) led to 800+ billion dollars decrease of earnings, because of lower consuming ability of South-East Asian tourists and smaller number of Chinese tourists.  Apple Daily,  head-page, 12-31-2018:  The amount of tourists spending per day and the number of days tourists staying decreased.   Washington Post at 1-5-2018: (The Chinese government...) "encouraging Chinese tourism to this island" (ps: during KMT in power ~ 2016 ).    New York Times at 2-22-2018: "The Chinese government has discouraged tourism to Taiwan...".   CTV news 3-9-2018 : beautiful island turns into killing island (traffic accidents), Taiwan's tourism might be a long dark night.   Apple Daily, opinion, 2-12-2018: lacking of monument elements, mature cultural creativity, and inexpensive tour-site hotels ...  shallow, careless, low-end quality led to an extremely low return visitor rate to Taiwan.   Apple Daily, Headline news 1-15-2018:  Taiwan tourism collapsed like a snow-slide, the number of tourists to Kenting National Park(墾丁貓鼻頭) dropped 59%,  to Taroko National Gorge (太魯閣) dropped 43%, etc, because of the number of Chinese tourists declined a lot and local people don't like those sites -  Apple Daily opinion 1-17-2018: expensive hotels, crowded traffic, getting ripped-off by greedy shops' ... UDN opinion 4-11-2018: tourism-related business everywhere are complaining of great hardship (齊喊苦).   food safety issues never end /  The China Times,  editorial 10-20-2018, UDN editorial 12-4-2018.   The United Daily 12-10-2018: tourism deficit expansion!  The number of Taiwanese traveling abroad is more than that of tourists to Taiwan.   

     unlike many others , this website won't give you fake  information or beautified pictures !


  One of the most underrated tourist destinations in Asia ?


World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan had the sub-region's largest decline in competitiveness from 30th down to 37th.   In the overall ranking list, Asian country Japan got No.4,  China No.13,  Hong Kong No.14,  Korea No.16, Singapore No.17,  Malaysia No.29,  Thailand No.31,  UAE  No.33,  India No. 34,... (ps: secret hackers attacked while my updating WEF report of 2019)

    ●   Taiwan's travel & tourism  - 10th in Asia
category Taiwan's rankings and/or score comparison
prioritization of travel and tourism   No75  Singapore No.6 ,  Hong Kong No. 11
Natural & cultural resources No.58  score 2.6 China  No.1, score 6.0 , France No.2,  5.0,  Spain  No.3, 5.7,   Japan No.7, 5.3,   Indonesia No.18,  Thailand No.21,  Korea No.24,  Vietnam No.26,  Malaysia No.31,  HK No.40,  Philippines No.46,  Sri Lanka No.52,  Nepal No.56
Natural resources  No. 87 Hong Kong No. 42, Singapore No.120
cultural resources & business travel No. 36  score 2.6 China No1, score 7.0
price competitiveness No. 78 China 5.7
Health & Hygiene  No.43,  score 6 score worse than Korea, Japan, Mongolia
international openness No. 60 only better than China, Mongolia
Safety & security No. 26 human resource & labor market: Taiwan No.18
 ps: Compared to the report of 2017,  Taiwan significantly tightened visa requirements (37th down to 119th), waning cultural resources and business travel (26th to 36th) and recalibrated figures showing a drastic reduction in protected areas (20th to 118th).

For full details :  http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_TTCR_2019.pdf



pic.: In World's Best Restaurants list, In Asia area, Australia, Singapore, Japan, India, Thailand, China, Korea are winners 


EATER  The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019: The Full List of Winners
None of Taiwan's restaurants was selected

Asia's winners:  Thailand  got world No.4 and No. 45 restaurant;   Japan No.11, 22;  Singapore No. 18;   China HK No.41;  China Shanghai No.48


in light of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the restaurant industry worldwide, there will be no list this year




CNN    20 of the world's best new restaurants for 2020
None of Taiwan's restaurants was selected
5 US restaurants were selected, UK (4), France (2),  Thailand (2),  China HK (1),   UAE Dubai  (1) , S Africa (1),   Swiss (1),   Portugal Lisbon (1),  Russia  Moscow (1),  Turkey (1)    https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/20-of-the-worlds-best-new-restaurants-for-2020/index.html
CNN   Great plates: 15 new restaurants to try in 2019
None of Taiwan's restaurants was selected; Asian winners:  China  (2 : HK1,  Changsha China ) , Australia (2),  Japan Tokyo (1 ),  Philippines  Manila (1 )



Economist EIU : Global Food Security Index 2020      https://foodsecurityindex.eiu.com/country   
Among 113 countries, Singapore No.1,   US No.3,    Australia No. 12,   NZ No.19,   Japan No.21,   UAE 21,   Malaysia 28,  Korea 29,  Saudi Arab 30,  China 35, Thai 52,  Vietnam 54,  Indonesia 62, etc.
Taipei (Taiwan) was ranked No. 42 in
Global Food Security Index of EIU Liveability Country Level Index (Jan. 2015), after 2021, Taiwan's