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《United Daily 》Taiwan,  8-26-2019,  headline news   "can't afford buying a house, salary remains, no solutions yet since 1989"




  pic.: UDN, headline news, 8-26-2019: still can't afford a house, salary remains the same as 30 yrs ago,

《 United Daily 聯合報》 9-6-2019:  "the root of all evil  - high real estate price", Taiwanese politicians kept trying to earn sudden huge profits by their secret weapons - distorting tax rates, land-value assessing,    changing land category, and wrongly using political power (在稅率估價上行種種遷就現實的扭曲成為炒作地價法寶配合變更地目千倍差價借助公權力圖謀暴利乃成大小政客的聚寶盆 ... / 馬凱)

Apple Daily 蘋果日報》, 9-28-2019:  "the root of all evil", the biggest injustice : land trades ( 台灣萬惡之源台灣最大的不公不義: 土地交易...) , in the past decades, the richest Taiwanese earned huge fortune by land-trades.

《United Daily 》Taiwan,  7-2-2019   The Implementation of registering the "Actual Selling Price" of Taiwan's houses is still just a "gossip", giving little influence to the transparency of Taiwan's real estate price.

Apple Daily》, Taiwan,  4-3-2019  It's difficult for people earning less than NT one million (USD33 thousands) per year to buy a house in Taipei city.

China Times》, Taiwan,  4-11-2019  Home ownership scheme to slow down "fewer babies born" .

  <SETN, Taiwan, 三立新聞網>, 1-30-2019  "Chinese tourists :How lousy is Taiwan's housing ! (台灣人住好差) "

          ... Many Taiwanese live upstairs above loudly and messy night markets, even dirty traditional wet markets, most Taiwanese live not in a community with parking lots,  parks, and environmental greening designs,  it's, overall dirty and messy ! (「整個很髒亂」), very bad quality of living, very similar to backward towns in communist China.

  <The New York Times>, 2-27-2018

★     Taiwanese are "in a near panic" over shortage of tissue paper, which highlights high price sensitivity, Taiwanese wages stagnated for years, but housing prices went up. (brief)

《The Economist Intelligence Unit》, UK
Taipei ranks No. 58 in the 2018 survey "The world's most livable cities".  
       "The 2017 global least and most stressful cities rankings" shows Taiwan's "gender equality" No.113, "race equality" No. 78, "green space" No. 115, "social security" No.140,  "physical health" No.15, "mental health" No. 96, "air pollution" No. 92, "noise pollution" No.110,  "Density", No. 127, "public transport" No.2,  "Debt per Capita" No. 43, etc.  ref to
https://www.zipjet.co.uk/2017-stressful-cities-ranking,《聯合報》, 10-3-2018

Apple Daily》, Taiwan,  9-23-2018
"Are Taiwan's architectures ready for soil liquefaction ??"   /  賴明煌
Those congested area in Taiwan's western corridor along the coast, such as 彰雲嘉南, about 20~30% of them are on high-potential liquefaction area...... and Taipei ――  located at high ground water level aggrading lake basin ...

Apple Daily》, Taiwan,  7-18-2018
According to gov. rpt., Taiwan's vacancy rate (house) is 10.22%, the rate is too high since 2008, the normal rate of a country should be about 5%.  The ratio of House Price to Income (Taipei) is 5.8 in 2002, 15 in 2016, which means if your annual income NT 1.6 million (about USD 55000), and don't eat anything for consecutive 15 years, thus you can afford a new house (30 Ping, USD27000 per Ping, 1 Ping = 3.3057 sqr feet) .

 Forbes , 3-5-2017, "3 Things Chinese Tourists Are Surprised To Find When They Travel Abroad To Taiwan" : "It's not very modern !",  " the wealth wasn’t invested in architecture.   So the cities are full of decayed apartment blocks.... the housing isn’t as good.”. 

《UDN》,Apple Daily》Taiwan,  2-8-2018  The government has not well taken its fundamental responsibility of protecting the safety of people's life and property - why are there so many tall buildings located on the fault-zone? why are poor architectures everywhere on bad geologic grounds ? why are those shit-hole politicians doing nothing and ignoring urban renewal so as to risk millions of old houses and human beings? (ps: may face death in 6 magnitude quake)    (full text: https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2974813 聯合報社論/斷層帶上何以建了那麼多高樓?  2-8-2018,  https://udn.com/news/story/7338/2977079 勿讓軟腳樓成坑殺人命陷阱 2-9-2018,  https://tw.appledaily.com/headline/daily/20180209/37928659花蓮 都更 爛政客   2-9-2018)

Apple Daily》Taiwan,  4-18-2017   headline news

        It's the hardest ever time in Taiwan's history for citizens to buy a house    40% of their monthly salary is used for loan/mortgage.

《UDN》Taiwan,  7-13-2017  

        Nobel laureate professor Robert Shiller stated Taiwanese's 3 annoying things (1) high housing price  (2) disparity  between the rich and the poor  (3) tech replaces human labor .

Apple Daily》Taiwan,  7-9-2017   editorial  <建築的文化殖民地>

       Taiwan's architectures are nothing but cultural colony... 

China Times》,《United Daily》of Taiwan,  7-7-2017  

        Latest study shows rich Taiwanese ( with property more than USD30 million ) invested 39% of their money on real estate owned 4 houses in average,  which is ranked world no.2.

《The Liberty Times》Taiwan, 2-24-2017  

        Keep eating nothing and drinking nothing for 33+ years to buy a new house in Taipei !    Taipei's  Ratio of House Price to Income  is 33.3, New Taipei city is 20.25.

《IMF - International Monetary Fund, Global Housing watch 9-12-2017  

        Real house prices increased over the past year / 2017:Q1, annual % change : Taiwan ranks No.42  http://www.imf.org/external/research/housing/images/housepricesaroundtheworld_lg.jpg

<CTS HD>, 5-23-2016 1:25pm, "華視新聞雜誌"
    17 million Taiwanese people ( totally 23 million population) live in "potential danger" (潛在危險) houses, according to <遠見>study, Taiwanese people gave a "failure" score (53.5) on "living safety".

 Amnesty International (The London-based organization), 2-25-2015

The organization concerns Taiwan’s inhabitation (housing and land) rights issues, in addition to several other issues, e.g., prison conditions, the freedom of peaceful assembly, continued use of capital punishment, and gender discrimination.

<Lloyd's >, 9-17-2015

 Lloyd's City Risk Index 2015-2025 analyses the potential impact on the economic output (GDP risk) of 301 of the world's major cities, Taipei was ranked world No.1 - within the next 10 years, Taipei is estimated to loss 45% of GDP, about USD18120 billion, 44.78% of them is for typhoons, 16.38% earthquakes, 15.77% (global) financial markets are volatile .  

Liberty Times》Taiwan, 12-19-2015

Misery!  Nearly 90% Taipei's families can't afford Taipei's house price, according to Taiwanese government's latest research "Buying house opportunity index".

Liberty Times》Taiwan, 1-24-2016


    90% of Taiwanese landlords refuse to rent their house to the elder living alone.

Liberty Times》Taiwan, 8-4-2015

Keep eating and drinking nothing for 16+ years to buy a house in Taipei !

5 major cities' (Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiiung ) the Ratio of House Price to Income and house load affordability rate (房貸負擔率) all reach new high since Taiwan's first-time survey being conducted in 2002.  Besides, Taiwanese payroll (compensation level薪資) retreated, so it's even harder (higher misery index) for citizens to buy a house.

Ratio of House Price to Income (times) and house load affordability rate (%) of major cities in Qtr.1, 2015 : Taipei 16.16, 68.63,  New Taipei City 12.78, 55.27, Taoyuan 7.17, 30.44, TaiChung 8.53,36.22 ,TaiNan 6.69, 28.42, Kaohsiung 7.88, 33.46, all these are higher than the number published in 5-12-2015.

Asian City  the Ratio of House Price to Income
Hong Kong(Chn) 17
Taipei (Taiwan) 16.16
New Taipei City (Taiwan) 13.02
Tokyo(Japan) 11.79
Seoul首爾(Korea) 7.85
source: annual Demographia International Housing Affordability

ps: The Misery Index is bit slow down - still take 15 years without eating and drinking to buy a house in Taipei / Liberty Times 9-6-2016

《Liberty Times》Taiwan, 5.12.2015             ps: Taipei's "the Ratio of House Price to Income" of Q4, 2014, 15.73, is higher than world No.1 Hong Kong's ratio 14.9 in 2014!

 Keep eating and drinking nothing for 16 years to buy a house in Taipei !

Taipei's the Ratio of House Price to Income 15.73 reach top since Taiwan's first-time survey being conducted in 2002

Ratio of other cities in 4th Qtr., 2014 :  New Taipei City 12.78, Taoyuan 7.11, TaiChung 8.35, TaiNan 6.54, Kaohsiung 7.72.

Asian City  the Ratio of House Price to Income
Hong Kong(Chn) 17
Taipei (Taiwan) 15.73
New Taipei City (Taiwan) 12.78
Tokyo(Japan) 11.79
Seoul首爾(Korea) 7.85
source: annual Demographia International Housing Affordability

The China Times, 9-21-2015

        Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.  published rankings of OECD (2015), Taiwan's environmental quality was ranked No.35 within 37 countries, Taiwan's air pollution index, particulate matter - PM10 being up to 41 ug/m3, already was ranked No. 36 for consecutively 2 years.   Besides, a drinking water survey conducted by Taiwan's government last year found 57.2% of Taiwanese complained their water smelling stinky, or/and like liquid-medicine, 54.1% complained water containing precipitate, impurity and something else, 29.1% complained bad taste,  22.3% complained their water with color or turbidity,  5.6% don't even trust water quality.

The China Times, 10-12-2015

        Taipei's High house price led to extremely low (超低) fertility rate in Taiwan.

The China Times, CTS, SETN, etc ,  4-16-2014

According to annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey (USA), Hong Kong (14.9) tops the Ratio of House Price to Income in the world, the 2nd highest metro city is City of Vancouver, Canada (10.3), the 3rd is S.F., USA (9.2), 4th is Sydney, Australia (9.0) .

Taiwanese government just reported at April 15, 2014 that Taipei's Ratio of House Price to Income is 15.01, New Taipei city is 12.67, Taiwan's scholar (莊孟翰, Tam-kang university ) pointed out both cities should rank world No. 1 and No.3 if  Demographia's survey included Taiwan.    The meaning of the ratio number is how many years in average a resident of certain metro-city takes to have a house, so, a citizen of Taipei City needs to take 15.01 years without spending a penny on eating and drinking, anything, during that period to own a house.   The ratio of Taipei city is 6 times larger than that of Seoul Korea.

The ratio number of other Taiwan's major cities are: Pon-Ho 8.65, Tai-chung city 8.14, Hsin-Chu 7.62,  Kaohsiung city 7.34,  Hsin-Chu City 7.30, Hua-Lien 7.16, Kee-Lung 4.84, Pin-Tong 4.51.


       World's best places to retire in 2015, see  http://internationalliving.com/2015/01/the-best-places-to-retire-2015/   , which includes Asian countries like Malaysia, New Zealand, Thai, Phil, Vietnam, but Taiwan is not included in there.

  ECA international

     According to 2009 ECA int'l "the Best Place to Reside", Taipei ranks No.57,  Asia top 3 are Singapore 、HK、Tokyo( both world No.15)。  2010 rank :  Taipei No.55、 Singapore is still global No. 1.

    Taiwan is not be included in top 30 countries in <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> from 2011 till 2015, In 2015's report, Japan No.9, Singapore 11th, HK 13th,  China No.17 ; 2011 ranking - No.10 Singapore, no.12 HK, no. 13 Australia, no. 19 New Zealand, no.22 Japan, no.32 Korea, no.35 Malaysia.

Taiwan's National Chung Cheng university survey, 1.27.2014

Is Taiwan or Taipei a living safety place? Low personal risk is the most important factor of criteria by The EIU's Liveability Ranking ( the Economist Intelligence Unit global “liveability” study), Monocle's Most Liveable Cities, Mercer Quality of Living Survey.  According to Taiwan's National Chung Cheng university survey (1.27.2014), nearly 70% Taiwanese people are not satisfy Taiwan's society security/public order (criminal rate,"治安狀況"), 50.4% Taiwanese worry becoming next victim in criminal/security cases("遭侵害"), which reach a new high within recent 5 years (<Apple Daily>, 1.27.2014). 

Do you accept these legal judgments ?  someone being least welcome & being evicted/expelled kept staying in your house, and infuriated a 90 years old grandma suffering with Cardiac failure (weak heart), Coronary artery heart disease, Hypertension etc (more likely leading to a death in Fall or Winter) , but you failed  to ask/evict and pull/push (not strong enough because of having serious disease ) the 'home invader  / unlawful detainer ' out, then this suspected invader  continued to insult by strident voice & violent words like "You're incapable", and stayed 30-50 minutes after receiving formal expel-notice to leave, eventually police with guns came ....

Taiwan's prosecutors of Taipei District Court judged the 'home invader' was not intend to stay because the 'invader' left the house after armed police's communication & persuasion, so the prosecutor decided not to indict the 'invader'.   Instead, this prosecutor decided to indict the house owner for Offenses of Causing Bodily Harm (appear  minor injury not proved to be done by house-owner yet).

PS: This web-page will call (according to Taiwan's criminal law - Article 306, "Crime of Home Invasion") the house-guest unwanted & failed to be expelled  as "home invader" (means "home invader suspect" or "unlawful detainer suspect") for the offence of illegal infringement of citizens.




Taiwan's judicial system evaluated by famous institutions local & int'l

  National Chung Cheng university's survey found: nearly 80% Taiwanese people don't believe the impartiality of Taiwan's prosecutors.
(the China Times, Liberty Times, United Daily, 1.28.2014,Apple Daily, 1.27.2014)

USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, Feb. 27, 2014
...The judicial system (Taiwan) suffered from corruption, and that the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases had been questioned.

USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, April 19, 2013
One of the principal human rights problems reported in Taiwan 2012 were judicial corruption. “Although the authorities made efforts to eliminate corruption and diminish political influence in the judiciary, some residual problems remained,” the report said.
The report also said that political commentators and academics had publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases.

  <Transparency International>, Germany,  July 9, 2013

The finding of the 2013 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB),  ( the Gallup Poll to interview 114,000 people in 107 countries all over the world):
36% of  people (surveyed in Taiwan) who had used any of eight government services in the past year had paid a bribe (the number is higher than global average).    Taiwanese people think the No.1 Taiwan's corrupt/extremely corrupt institutions: need paying bribery is judicial system(最需行賄的機關,竟是司法體系).

<The Economist> UK,  July 22, 2010

 The article under the theme of (Corruption in Taiwan--Confirming the worst suspicions) reported :   Three high-court judges and a prosecutor had been detained amid allegations that they took bribes to fix the outcome of a high-profile case, has brought public outrage to boiling point.

<The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD )> survey, Dec. 10, 2013
According to 2013 survey conducted by The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD ) & SHU that shows a "F" score (rating 2.7/5.0 points) on overall human rights status, 2 points were given to " Non-external intervention of the judiciary", 2.3 points to "fair trials".  Both are "Failure" scores! (rating range 0.0~5.0)

<Liberty Times>, <TTV>, etc, 1.28.2014
... Facing
an apparent suicide bid (Taiwanese man drives large truck into presidential office building for protesting Taiwan's judiciary problem - injustice), Taiwan president Ma expressed that Taiwan's government should think about Self - examination and fundamental/radical reform to reduce the popular agitation/public grievances/Taiwanese people dissatisfaction. (政府也要思考、檢討,因為民眾不滿才會有這樣的動作,如何從根本面減少不滿,這是政府必須要檢討的。)

   More judiciary ranking records are on the top on the net, click ...
   No.1 rankings "human rights in Taiwan" on Yahoo, google, etc  please click ...  

Closer look at these 2 legal cases:


Prosecutor's view

House owner's comments


no need to (has not) summon the eye-witness

The prosecutor's judgment should unbiased hear all the evidence given by both sides. 
But, the prosecutor did not summon house-owner and 2 eye-witness persons to the court-room, and did not see DVD ( as eye-witness evidence) which recording home invader's bad behavior and intension not to leave, and  then jumped to a conclusion prosecution of the house owner (90 years old person's son trying to save his mother).
2 Ignore serious criminal cases Taiwan's prosecutors ignore so many rape cases in Taiwan, but to indict a  little self-defense case.  Taiwan does not have enough prosecutors and judges to access many cases, so important & serious cases should be accessed first (rape crime hurts Oriental women badly, worse than tiny injury - if any).
USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices (2013) criticized Taiwan's prosecution rate of rape cases is too low
"as of September there were 10,951 reports filed for rape or sexual assault. As of September, courts indicted 1,814 persons and convicted 1,685 persons...".  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices (2014) is about the same.
There're also many serious domestic (marriage) violence
 abusive behavior that one partner to maintain power and control over another intimate partner, Taiwan's prosecution rate of those serious cases is very very low.  
3 The home invader left the house after policemen's communication/persuasion, so prosecutor concludes  this proves the invader was not intend to stay in other's residence  If the home invader was not intend to stay for a long time, why did the house owner call the police to come ?  Policemen with gun came, certainly the home invader scared and left the house very soon.
4  The home invader said that arguing with and making things clear to the house-owner is why the home invader stayed so long regardless of expel-notices.  But the prosecutor think it's a very reasonable reason for the invader to keep staying another's house. (1) The home invader is dangerous endangering a 90 years-old person's health&life by violent words, so this invader should leave immediately. 
(2) The home invader admitted having driven a 90 years old grandma very mad so as to strike the table .
(3) The home invader didn't explain anything, but make noise and violent words (see DVD).
(4) The home invader should leave the house very soon after the house owner asked invader out, according to scholar book, High Courts  judgment precedents and the criminal law - Article 306: Anyone stays in other's residence regardless of house-owner's expel-request, will be charged sentence below 1 year ...  . 
5. The house owner held a chair against (椅子頂) the home invader's chest. (1)Even the home invader changed this phrase (no longer say "held a chair..." since investigation court, and no longer say it in the statement document forward to the legal court) but the prosecutor sill believed house owner did battery to the invader by a chair by her so called "free evaluation of evidence through inner conviction".  2 eye-witness persons already expressed the house owner did not did any battery to the house invader by chair or stool or fist. (see DVD)

(2) Taiwan's police was even more absurd ― changed the house-owner's statement in the police-station initial-questioning report and made a phony story (that even the home invader has not said)  ―  the house owner "flung (by a chair) the home invader to the ground".  

6 Taiwan's prosecutor thinks this case happened for a trivial (little "細故") matter. The home invader suspect should at least committed the following criminal offenses (The home invader admitted some bad behaviors, video camera's DVD recorded  home invader's some bad behavior and violent words.):

(1)  the Crime of Unlawful staying in the Dwelling House of Another Person ―   the 2nd part of article 306, the Crime of Illegal Intrusion into Other Persons Residence, Taiwan Criminal Law.

(2) Offenses Against Reputation. (by home invader's lots of humiliating words like "Your son is no good!, You're incapable ... !")

(3)  Offenses Against Abandonment.

(4) Crime of insulting another.

(5) B
lemishing the peace and privacy of personal residence.  The object in the crime of intrusion is the personal and property right connected with the residence.

(6) Domestic violence.

Are criminal behaviors that be against Criminal Law - Article 306 etc, Civil Law, Article 18, 19, 184, 195 a "trivial matter"??
Taiwan's prosecutor's conclusion is against  Taiwan's Supreme Court precedent and probably international understandings.

7 The home invader stayed more than 30-50 minutes (1)The home invader admitted <a>understanding house-owner's expel-notice, but just choose to stay with no reason. <b> Eating, drinking, sleeping are some reasons to stay there.
(2)According to scholar book, High Courts  judgment precedents, the home invader should picks all belongings and leaves the house immediately .  At that day, the home invader only has 2 small bags, and in hand already (see DVD), so the invader should leave the house very soon .

8 The criminal fact is " beating" on home invader. (1) It's not "beating" or attack, It's a defense (legitimate justifiable self-defense by bit pull & push) to save house owner's 90 years-old, suffering heart-failure mother who was attacked by home invader's violent, insulting words. 
The house owner failed to get rid of  the home invader by mild action during invader's instant attacks (violent words...), because of  house-owner's weak health status (having a serious tumor).

(2)According to famous dictionaries e.g., Collins , the term "battery" has meanings: "with the intention of bringing a harmful or offensive contact",  "a hostile or offensive manner", obviously, the house owner only intends to save his mother.  

9 the prosecutor chose with no reason one phrase from some of the home invader's testimony-phrases contradicted to each other. The home invader's testimony (prime accuse) contradicted that of the preceding testimony phrases by the home invader.
Firstly : the invader said the house owner held a chair against the home invader and punch by fist .
After one month, the invader's changed the phrase earlier, and said the house owner waved / swing a small stool to hit the home invader.
In the court-room session, the phrase was changed again - the invader said "the house owner beat and push the home invader". 
Eventually, the prosecutor chose the phrase she prefers or/and believe with no logical reason in her prosecution document -  "held a chair against the home invader and punch this suspect by fist ".
10 Medical checkup (1) The home invader put off the emergency examination for 21 hours long it's  suspicious.  The interval time is long enough for anyone to make minor injury for lots more money than she can earn in restaurant's kitchen-work. (ref. US movie "the Surrogates")
(2) Report shows Just some small or minor injury : 3
bruises,1 swelling, and with no evidence that who did these (the home invader is a heavy-work poor laborer in restaurant kitchen, those injury may happen anytime and easily).
11 Same prosecutor accesses 2 cases sort of contradicted to each other. "the Crime of Unlawful staying in the Dwelling House of Another Person" leads to "self-defense" (or Bodily Harm) case.  Once the prosecutor indicts the latter one, means she probably won't accept "Unlawful staying in another person's house".  The prosecutor should transfer another case to some other prosecutor, or the prosecutors office should not assign 2 cases to same prosecutor. (According to news report, there're some other cases are same  same judge judged same case through 3-layer court sessions, he probably won't deny the correctness of his previous judgment )
12   to be continued...


PS1:  CNN, 1.25.2014

Truck Rammed into Presidential Office of Taiwan's Regime in Exile http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1078129   

Around 5 am today in Taiwan, a 41-year-old truck driver rammed his 35 tons heavy gravel truck into the front door of the so-called Presidential Hall of a regime in exile called Republic of China, where the head of the pseudo government works only 20 meters away from the collision site. The driver is now hospitalized and alive, though in critical conditions....The shocking news inspired supporters of Taiwan’s pro-independent movement to have conversations on facebook to start a revolution attempting to solve all problems of widespread injustice and corruption accompanied by worsening economy due to the one-china policies of the current regime’s rule. One of them said, "This is the first canon ball of our revolution to establish a country in our name, Taiwan."


PS2:  Taiwan prosecutor's not-indictment document (main part) pls click to read details 

  ps: Taiwan High Prosecutors Office cancelled the Taipei District Public prosecutor's not-to-indict judgment (crime of home invasion - Criminal law, Article 306) and returned this case to another prosecutor of Taipei district prosecutors office for further investigation.  It's an unbiased judgment.   New prosecutor determined that home-invader suspect did violate Criminal law, Article 306. (against Article 306 is an unbiased judgment)... to be continued.

But indictment about another case (body-harm or self-defense) already directly forwarded to Taipei District Court without reviews by Taiwan High Prosecutors Office ... ( to be continued)




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