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A best-known slogan like「We do it all for you (also known as You, you're the one) 」has been criticizing by U. Cal professor Dr. M. Schudson's famous text book <Advertising, The Uneasy Persuasion> to be a "lie"  —   because that all things McDonald's had done are for McDonald's themselves.

According to Wikipedia, McDonald's is often the target of criticism for its menu, its expansion, and its business practices.

Some comments or criticisms (most are in Asian media ) include : 





  <Fast Food Menu Price> 9-24-2015

What happens 1 hr. after eating a Big Mac (McDonald's)

1st 10 minutes : Our brains prefer high-calorie foods

After 20 minutes: Adductive sugars - ingredients can cause obesity, heart disease, etc.

After 30 minutes: Sodium attack on your body

After 40 minutes: Craving for more !

After 60 minutes: Slow digestion - may cause serious harm to your body especially consuming it on regular basis.  It takes about 51 days to digest trans fat, and takes 3+ days to fully digest a Big Mac - normally human take 1 - 3 days to digest food.

Full text pls. ref. to Fast Food Menu Price web-site.

  For updated info 2017 pls ref to   Outreach @ Renew Bariatrics


  <USA Today> 、<Reuters>

Trans-fats :  no more added in USA & Canada.  how about in other places?   

According to <USA Today>、<Reuters>,  — McDonald's (MCD) said its french fries are now trans-fat-free in all its restaurants in US and Canada, catching it up with its fast-food rivals in that category.   (<USA Today>)   (news in Australia)

  media in Asia

Trans-fats may cause health problems:obesitycancernot pregnant」......  Here's some Asian news :



  McDonald's ranked top 2 illegal in Taiwan's labor inspection ...

 McDonald's violation of Taiwan's Labor Law:  

 (1)  no overtime pay/wage for attendance in national holiday
 (2)  failed to provide attendance records
 (3)  overtime work without workers' agreement

  McDonald's announced trans-fats zero in Taiwan, but ...

Taiwan's McDonald's printed a half-paged advertisement (June 26, 2009) that
(1) zero trans-fats
(2) qualified oil used

However, in the next day, 2 out of 5 McDonald's  stores (ChiaYi) failed to pass Taiwan government's oil (fry) test/exam.     

<Apple Daily> (June 11, 2009 Taipei region) caption :  McDonald's ice germs 490 times standard value.

  cardiac disease, cancer

Hong Kong government report :  having more trans-fats  increases risk of having cardiac disease and cancer.  (China)

  human's health

Trans-fats affect human's health. 【2006/02/07 United Daily News, Taiwan

  pregnant problem

Having trans fats - the probability of women pregnancy decreases 70%.  (:Eastday news , Xinhua Net, China,  May 26, 2007

  US government :  try best to avoid it

US government suggests : avoid having trans-fats. 2006/02/09 United Evening news, Taiwan】

 obesity   (China  May 26, 2007)


trans fats







  Wikipedia Encyclopedia     Wikipedia (Asian version, Oct. 2008) states some McDonald's "records" :



  very low pay

       ☉  Taiwan :  low pay for trainee.
       ☉  Europe :  money penalty for hiring under-age workers in London, 2001.
       ☉  Hong Kong : 
the lowest pay in whole HK.
       ☉  China : 
hourly pay less rmb 1.5, "Mcjob" is the widely known term.

  profits by politics

 allegations -  McDonald's (together with other fast-food co.s) uses its political influence to increase their own profits at the expense of people's health and the social conditions of its workers. (2001)

  ads tech. targets children

Question McDonald's advertising techs targets children  ( mention other fast-food chains, it focused primarily on McDonald's.) 2001.

  containers bad

Some food containers in some countries are bad.


 unhealthy food

quite many foods are high fat, high calorific capacity


french fries may cause cancer  (USA , 2005)

 female breast

Hormone in meat -  Men may have women breast.

 trans fats

Wendy’s committed to trans-fat free oil in their US stores in 2006 with KFC following suit last year.
No more in McDonald's US & Canada since May 2008. 

 environmental issue


trans fats

 Details please see Wikipedia, Chinese version.


 PS:  Below evidence articles are attached,  if you can't read Chinese , suggest to skip the rest of is page





   HK university professor & MinPao

<McDonald's> ice cream - germs number 600 times Hong Kong legal standard

Similar things happened quite many times in recent years, reported by Min Pao, one of largest news in HK.  

McDonald's admitted their mistakes to HK court-house.







 documentary Director award,
 the 24th Sundance Film Festival

Super Size Me」against  <McDonald's>

The film depicts an experiment he conducted in 2003, in which he ate three McDonald's meals a day every day (and nothing else) for 30 days, mandatory that he take the "super-size" option whenever it was offered.  

The director gained 25 pounds (11 kg), suffered liver dysfunction and depression. Spurlock's supervising physicians noted the effects caused by his high-fat, diet—one even comparing it to a case of severe binge alcoholism.    After the completion of the project, it took Spurlock fourteen months to return to his normal weight.

Super Size Me said that McDonald's food was contributing to the epidemic of obesity in society, and that the company was failing to provide nutritional information about its food for its customers. Six weeks after the film premiered, McDonald's announced that it was eliminating the super size option, and was creating the adult happy meal.

Morgan Spurlock mentioned in Asia media, bad results included:



  affect his sexual-life performance (Liberty Times of Taiwan, aug. 19, 2004)


★   epidemic of obesity  (June 16, 2004 Taiwan Central Radio net) 

★   blood pressure (June 16, 2004 Taiwan Central Radio ) 


trans fats







garbage foods damage  IQ ?     

Epoch Times reported researches in Canada that garbage food may hurt youngsters' brain.

Details and Beijing Evening news, Finland papers please click   h   (Chinese version)







Hamburger , as terrible as drug ? ?


The material and oil to make hamburgers may contain something as bad as drug, details please click link below and read related article .    

Senators Bill First and Jeff Bingman urged people to quit garbage food by VERB activity.

George Washington University  professor John Banzhaf, and a Yale university professor are against fast food, including McDonald's .

  PS1:    11/14/2002

  PS 2: stingbee 2003   World Tribune, 20030831






Dirt & McDonald's management 

Xinhua Net, North America Sina Net and a Hong Kong Phoenix TV news reported a McDonald's restaurant had not provided with toilet tissue for 40+ minutes, which means, there's no workers clean the toilet as schedule - suppose do clean job for each 15 minutes.

Almost all customers answered the newspaper reporters that this McDonald's is very dirty, smells, piss on floor.   

Details pls read   (Aug. 31, 2008  )





Taiwan's McDonald's

  My experiences   in Taiwan ROC

(1)  McDonald's world mascot figures  (see below) —  A farmer to represent Taiwan's image, seemed not quite right.

(2) McDonald's in Zhuhai China, always can took my any order,  in KFC of China I can select any part of chicken, ie., upper leg, to take.  

However, Chiayi (Taiwan's toppest tourism city) main-station nearby McDonald's even doesn't have America-style coffee sometimes, not to mention regular chicken leg, they only offer spicy(hot) chicken legs when I was twice there  (Oct. 2008).  

(3) McDonald's Taipei, Dun-hua branch

bad services  more than once. (summer, 2009 )

McDonald's mascot figure
pic: McDonald's  made world mascots, the paper-sheet is little different in HK, Macau and Taiwan




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