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CNN, Reuters, Fox News, Independent (2024-5-17): Taiwan parliament brawl escalates into night as lawmakers shove, tackle and hit each other Taiwan's opposition party, the Kuomintang (KMT), along with the People's Party, wants parliament to have greater scrutiny over the government.  The clashes raise the prospect of more turmoil - and parliamentary conflict - ahead for Lai's new government after it takes office.

Bloomberg, Yahoo, 2024-5-15: China said it would sanction five Taiwanese political commentators and roll out a law to punish “separatists,” moves aimed at piling pressure on incoming president Lai Ching-te just days before he takes office Foreign Policy, 2024-5-12: China and the U.S. are numb to the real risk of war The pair are dangerously close to the edge of nuclear war over Taiwan—again.   Business Insider, 2024-5-10: China is untangling its economy from the West. It could be preparing for long-term tensions — and an invasion of Taiwan ABC News, 2024-5-1:  Does China's economy make them more likely to invade Taiwan or less likely?  It may very well drive Xi if he thinks that he's not going to catch up with the United States in terms of being the biggest economy, it may drive him to go for this sooner. Wall Street Journal, 2024-4-30: Taiwan's economic growth beats expectations in strong start to year.  The Telegraph, 2024-4-30: The relentless purchases and the sheer quantity are clear signs that this is a political project which is prioritised by the leadership in Beijing because of what they see is a looming confrontation with the United States. “Of course it’s connected also to plans for a military invasion of Taiwan New York Times, 2024-4-23:  in the Foreign Aid Package, the House attached a provision that would allow the Pentagon to quickly provide Taiwan with more offensive weapons and provides billions more for the purchase of advanced U.S. weapons technology as the U.S. and Taiwanese governments continue to build up their alliances to deter China from invading the island. USNI News, 2024-4-23: Report to Congress on Taiwan Defense Issues - A key consideration for U.S. policymakers is whether and if so how to support Taiwan’s ability to defend itself in a possible cross-Strait conflict without triggering such a conflict.   SCMP, 2024-4-28: Cross-strait tourism has typically mirrored the ups and downs in relations between the island and mainland China. Daily Express (UK), 2024-4-27: China is gearing up to strike Taiwan and could hit the self-governed territory in just a few months as Beijing and the West lock horns SUN (UK), 2024-4-24: China building army in space – tripling number of spy satellites amid Taiwan invasion fears Associated Press, The Hill, 2024-4-24: China blasts US military aid to Taiwan, saying the island is entering a ‘dangerous situation’ Economist, 2024-4-18: China is talking to Taiwan's next leader, just not directly ... being granted an audience with Xi Jinping, Ma Ying-jeou (Taiwan's former president ) wrote that Mr Xi had “extended an olive branch to us”.  Mr Ma hoped that Lai Ching-te, Taiwan's next president, would “put the people first and respond pragmatically”. Reuters, 2024-4-19: Taiwan says new Chinese air routes threaten Taiwanese islands' flight safety Daily Express, 2024-4-19: China on brink of Taiwan invasion as NATO braces for World War III Wall Street Journal, 2024-4-13: many of Kinmen's (Taiwan's front-line, just 3 miles away from mainland)  residents have much more direct kinship ties to people on the mainland.  The use of force against Kinmen would signal that China can no longer hope to win the rest of Taiwan through anything but force, and would make such an invasion that much more difficult. Reuters, 2024-4-10: China's Xi says nobody can stop 'family reunion' with Taiwan  Fox News, 2024-4-6: The largest coordinated display since last year - The incursion into Taiwanese territory by People's Liberation Army (PLA) planes and sea vessels followed a Tuesday phone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden. Newsweek, 2024-3-29 : China doubles down on friction in Taiwan's front-line islands Asia Times, 2024-3-27 : the government has failed to make military service a viable career choice - Military service is a hard life with low pay, bad housing and no GI-Bill sort of benefits... simply isn't respected in traditional Chinese society...  Taiwan's “reserve force” is shambolic and that's being charitable.   There is no “territorial” or militia force, either.   Taiwan also lacks a civil defense scheme.  AFP, The Telegraph, 2024-3-24 : US military officials have warned that China could invade Taiwan by 2027 Washington Examiner, 2024-3-22: Adm. John Aquilino, U.S. Navy commander and head of the Indo-Pacific forces, told the House Armed Services Committee that America is steadily less prepared for a war with China that now appears to be right around the corner.  New York Times, 2024-3-24 :  Two Chinese survivors told Chinese media that the Taiwanese vessel collided with them, while the Taiwanese Coast Guard said  the two boats “made contact” at times during the chaseChinese officials are now waiting for a report from Taiwanese investigators into the death incident; tensions could climb if Beijing disputes their conclusions  War On The Rocks, 2024-3-21:  Taipei has not made the necessary preparations. Taiwan's navy continues to prioritize small numbers of large surface combatants over acquiring the “large number of small things,”.. Daily Express, 2024-3-20 : World on the brink as Taiwan admits US troops stationed on Chinese border. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed in 2023 facilitated the deployment of these troops to conduct training programs for Taiwanese frontline forces. Wall Street Journal, 2024-3-18 : Without shifting to a full asymmetrical defense approach, Taiwan risks a quick defeat if invaded,  the Taiwanese military’s penchant for pricey weapons limits funds for more effective tools such as shoulder-fired missiles. “The asymmetrical approach advocated by some people would put the whole of Taiwan into a meat grinder" , said a former Taiwanese foreign-affairs official Daily Express, 2024-3-13:  Taiwan war with China given latest seal of approval by US with new deadly weapon (the Link 16 comm. system ) in a move set to escalate tensions between Taiwan and China delivery Link 16 acts as the brain and nervous system of Taiwan's military apparatus, places control firmly in US hands. The Hill, 2024-3-5: In China's legislature, Premier Li's report had stronger language on Taiwan - Dropping the word “peace” combined with the phrase “resolutely opposing Taiwan independence,” is what signals a stronger stance

New York times, 2024-2-26: The P.L.A.'s now-normalized presence around Taiwan raises the risk of an accidental confrontation Business Insider, 2024-2-26:Taiwan fears that stalled Ukraine aid foreshadows their future if China invades. Taiwan is concerned about a Trump victory NHK, 2024-2-26: Survey: Over 60% of Japanese firms see risk in Taiwan tensions, while 58.2 percent chose China's strengthening of trade regulations. 57.3 percent were concerned about tougher US regulations on China


New York Times, Beijing's awareness of its long-term challenges makes it more likely to gamble while America is tied down by other crises, internally divided DW, 2024-2-16: the blockade would be a very special threat for Taiwan...  neither the conventional capability, nor asymmetric capability, can be effective to deter or defend for this operation   full text 


CNN, 2024-2-22  :  China accuses Taiwan of ‘covering up the truth’ over deaths of Chinese fishermen    Rising Tensions msn.com/en-us/news/world/china-accuses-taiwan-of-covering-up-the-truth-over-deaths-of-chinese-fishermen/vi-BB1iHHZA

One of the fishermen who survived that incident was speaking to chinese state TV and said their boat was hit, it was rammed by a Taiwanese vessel and that it overturned, it capsized.  This was not something that happened by accident. we are hearing an account from Taiwan, from the Coast Guard that says this fisherman vessel from China it look a sharp turn and that's what caused it to capsize
United Daily (台灣聯合報), 2024-2-23  : Taiwan's prosecutor said it was rammed (台海巡人員執法過當,導致大陸漁船在追逐中碰撞翻覆釀成二死) udn.com/news/story/7338/7786660?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2 United Daily (台灣聯合報), 2024-2-23  :  Taiwan's premier 陳建仁:The prosecution has not officially confirmed it was rammed (未證實陸漁船因碰撞翻覆,不要以訛傳訛) udn.com/news/story/9213/7786972?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub9213_pulldownmenu_v2
Global Times, 2024-2-26: Taiwan even used the phrase "rescue explanation of the overturned mainland speedboat" at a press conference, making the accident sound like the mainland fishing boat had accidentally capsized and Taiwan's vessel was there to rescue, blatantly spreading false information.  If the Taiwan authorities continue to disregard the mainland's sincerity, then they will bear the consequences and pay the cost. Calling off the "off-limit" or "restricted" waters in the Xiamen-Kinmen zones, realizing regular law enforcement patrols in the entire Xiamen-Kinmen waters, including boarding inspections of relevant ships.  globaltimes.cn/page/202402/1307706.shtml



the Deaths of Chinese Fishermen That Taiwanese Forces Chased Away
Tensions between Taiwan and China reached a new high

Associated Press, 2024-2-18 The fishermen's deaths are unusual despite the level of Chinese activity in the waters near Kinmen, which is closer to China than it is to Taiwan's main island
TIME, 2024-2-15 China: Taiwan's officials have long mistreated fishermen from the mainland and forcefully and dangerously seized mainland fishing boats, a pattern it claims led to the recent
Reuters, NBC News, 2024-2-18 China has condemned Taiwan's actions and labeled the death incident "wicked".  The deaths had caused “strong indignation” in China, and there is no such thing as ‘prohibited or restricted waters’.  China will strengthen its law enforcement activities and carry out regular patrols around a small group of Taiwanese-controlled islands off the Chinese coast as tensions rise over the deaths of two Chinese nationals
Daily Express (UK), 2024-2-18 China ramps up coast guard ships in Taiwan waters as tensions rise over fishermen deaths. Tensions between China and Taiwan have reached a new high.
DW (Germany), 2024-2-16 Inevitable Taiwan tensions in 2024
China Daily (China) , 2024-2-19

China: A callous act with disregard for human life. It has caused strong indignation across the mainland ; For many years, the mainland established reception facilities for Taiwan fishermen in numerous coastal areas, provided them assistance such as shelters and supplies, and rescued Taiwan fishing boats and fishermen, In contrast, the DPP Taiwan have, for some time, forcefully detained mainland fishing boats under various pretexts and treated mainland fishermen in a rude and dangerous manner, this was the key reason why the fatal incident occurred.  The mainland reserves the right to take further measures, and Taiwan will bear all consequences.

Taipei Times (Taiwan), 2024-2-16 Taiwan (MAC) : Coast guard's conduct appropriate -  they were legally performing their duties and had not erred in any way.  Chinese fishing vessels have been intruding into Taiwan's restricted or prohibited waters for a while to poach high-priced fish

War On The Rocks, 2024-2-22:  the destruction of squadrons of fighter planes and ships would harm Taiwan's ability to resist by tanking civilian morale in the opening days of the war...  If Taiwan's military is unable to defeat a PLA invasion force at sea, or on the shore, it will be necessary to “deny in depth” using a host of cheap and man-portable weapons as well as a flexible and survivable command system.  Toward that end, Lee also suggests a “territorial defense force” of mobilized civilians


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2024-2-9: Short of clearly committing to restraint and offering some sort of arrangement that could make people on Taiwan better off overall, CCP leaders are left only with the option to escalate confrontation through harsher means  Reuters, 2024-2-6:  the latest high-tech weapons delivered by the U.S. were often locked up in storehouses. The armed forces as burdened by "unprofessionalism, defeatism and Chinese nationalism". Business Insider, 2024-2-6: During last year's APEC summit, Chinese leader Xi Jinping reportedly told President Joe Biden that China fully intends to take over Taiwan — a move that could result in a hot war in the region   War On The Rocks, 2024-1-31:  Over the course of 2023, more than 1,700 Chinese aircraft breached Taiwan's air defense identification zone, 703 of which crossed the median line. Reuters, 2024-1-31: American military logistics in the Pacific is one of the greatest U.S. vulnerabilities in any potential conflict over Taiwan. Our ability to deter conflict in the Western Pacific over the next five years is not close to where it needs to be  The Telegraph, 2024-1-26: The PLA is in crisis. That won't stop China invading Taiwan. the US intelligence community and Defense Department have consistently underestimated the capabilities of the People's Liberation Army and its intentions   Defense News, 2024-1-25: China’s military has declared it is “ready to fight” after large-scale combat exercises simulating sealing off Taiwan. To deter China, the US and Taiwan should seek asymmetric symmetry  Semafor, 2024-1-24: according to Foreign Policy, Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party lacks many military commanders who advocate asymmetrical warfare and a “porcupine strategy:” deterring Beijing with a smaller stockpile of more effective weapons. Security officials within the party have historically called for reinforcing the island with big tanks, submarines, and fighter jets that “Washington thinks Taiwan doesn't need”  AFP, 2024-1-14: Beijing could apply an economic squeeze on Taiwan, which would "set the terms of interaction for the next four years of cross-strait relations". President-elect Lai's party lose its majority - Any legislation regarding cross-strait relations would be difficult to pass Barron's, 2024-1-9: Experts consider an all-out invasion unlikely in the near term, but discussions are still happening within security circles from Taipei to Washington.  Washington Post, Daily Express, 2024-1-9: Tensions between China and Taiwan are reaching new highs ahead of this weekend's elections. Taiwan issues red alert after Chinese satellite flies over airspace. This appears to be the first time the Taiwanese government has issued a similar island-wide alert, and comes just days before Taiwan is to hold pivotal presidential and legislative elections   Washington Post, 2024-1-5: The shortage of missiles is especially dire, as the Wall Street Journal reports, noting a simulation that found “America would run out of all-important long-range anti-ship missiles within the first week” of a war over Taiwan. The best path to preventing a war of “unification” is probably to postpone it, ideally indefinitely, through fictions such as the “one China” policy   Washington Times, 2024-1-5: In the event of a DPP victory, Beijing's first move may be directed not at Taiwan but at the White House. Chinese President Xi Jinping's “recent statements emphasizing the urgency of reunification make it unlikely for him to accept defeat gracefully.  The Guardian, 2024-1-5: Ultimately, as voters know, next weekend's Taiwan presidential election is likely to be less consequential in geopolitical terms than this year's US presidential race and its ultimate winner The Hill, 2024-1-6: Often characterized as a proxy war between the superpowers, the reality of the situation is far more nuanced and indicative of a complex geopolitical chess game where, surprisingly, both the U.S. and China stand to gain regardless of the election's outcome Foreign Affairs, 2024-1-5: U.S. support for Ukraine diverts weapons from Taiwan but demonstrates resolve to China The Globe and Mail, 2024-1-5:The tragedy of Taiwan is that a clash with China is inevitable  ABC Australia, 2024-1-3: As China flexes its military muscles, everyday citizens in Taiwan are preparing for war.  China has more than 2 million active personnel compared to Taiwan's 170,000 troops, as well as five times as many tanks and six times as many fighter aircraft.  War today might not unfold as it did in the past … nowadays, hybrid warfare blurs the lines between peacetime and wartime.  full text 



China's invasion

GB News, 2023-12-25 So we should be working with Taiwan right now privately telling them we're not going to fight for you. “We just can't get into a war that could go nuclear, it would be foolish.”
NBC, 2023-12-26 Xi's private warning  on  reunifying Taiwan to Biden was delivered at a time when China's behavior toward Taiwan is seen as increasingly aggressive and ahead of a potentially  pivotal  presidential election in the self-governing democratic island next month. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. said: First, create a robust defense supplemental for Taiwan and second, draft pre-invasion sanctions from hell to impose on China if they take action to seize Taiwan (ps: no plan to send military troops)
Daily Express, 2023-12-23 The Taiwan war is coming - and the West will need boots on the ground
New York Post, 2023-12-21  China's Xi Jinping warned Joe bluntly that Beijing will take Taiwan... It represents a clear escalation on China's part, moving from its longtime claim of ownership to notification of intent to take possession. Biden often talks tough, but shies from any action he fears will “escalate” a confrontation — forever leaving the initiative in the hands of America's adversaries.  
First Post, 2023-12-22  Japan says that an invasion of Taiwan by China is imminent and that it is preparing for the repercussions 

  Politico, 2023-12-23: The guessing game of how likely an intervention — or even invasion — by China is helps explain the nervy tenor of this race (presidential election). New York Post, 2023-12-21: China's Xi Jinping warned Joe bluntly that Beijing will take Taiwan... If Xi tries to take Taiwan by force, it’ll leave Washington two options: abandon our Pacific allies and let China have it, with catastrophic consequences — or help the island nation fight off the Chinese, risking a war that could go nuclear. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) , 2023-12-13: Taiwan is a country that suffers from one of the lowest trust rates in the media among democracies (28%) and where the media community is often criticised for disregarding journalism ethics... journalists suffer from a very polarised media environment dominated by sensationalism and the pursuit of profit at the expense of quality news reporting.   National Interest, 2023-12-11: China is flexing its aircraft carrier muscles near Taiwan


New York Times, 2023-12-4


  The Telegraph, 2023-12-2: Taiwan is about to vote against China.  War is coming. The time for doing business with China is finished   The Market Oracle (UK), 2023-11-28: Taiwan's elections loom just a few weeks away. Continued militarization would undermine past economic success. Taiwan is at its ultimate crossroads.  Almost every second Taiwanese would prefer a less confrontational stance and greater focus on domestic economy.    The Diplomat, 2023-12-1: the KMT has a history of opposition against asymmetric strategies. Most recently, KMT legislators attempted to block new capabilities ranging from the purchase of Harpoons to Javelins and Stingers.  Jaw (vice-president candidate) is an avowed opponent of the 12-month conscription, calling it a provocation to Beijing.     Bloomberg, 2023-11-26: Taiwan draws clear US-versus-China battle lines in key election ; an unprecedented third straight term in power for the DPP is by no means a foregone conclusion. There are a substantial amount of voters who want a change   Reuters, 2023-11-24:  China ties on the line as Taiwan opposition splits in dramatic feud   The Hill, 2023-11-16: Biden, Xi reset relationship but without a ‘breakthrough’... had a candid discussion about the future of Taiwan; and signaled war was not on the horizon.   Economist, 2023-11-13: Strategists worry about a “window of vulnerability” in the Indo-Pacific this decade, as China’s forces grow stronger and America’s investments in new military equipment don’t fully bear fruit until the 2030s...As for capacity, the Pentagon long ago abandoned the requirement that its armed forces be able to fight two major regional wars simultaneously.   Newsweek, 2023-11-9:  Taiwan's long wait for nearly $20 Billion in American weapons, asymmetric weaponry accounts for $4.22 billion, or 22 percent of the backlog.   BBC, 2023-11-9: If Taiwan is not controlling sensitive and secret information very well… You should expect any competent foreign intelligence service to get access to it.   BBC, 2023-11-6:  In Washington there is a strong sense that Taiwan is running out of time to reform and rebuild its military.  In a conflict with China, Taiwan's navy and air force would be wiped out in the first 96 hours of battle. Under intense pressure from Washington, Taipei is switching to a "fortress Taiwan" strategy - repelling an invasion on the beaches and, if necessary,  in the towns and cities   New York Times, 2023-10-29:  Taiwan must accelerate its shift toward investing in defense capabilities - make a greater effort to stockpile not only munitions, but also food, water and energy. It needs to adopt a whole-of-society approach to its defense that emphasizes national resistance, resilience and the willingness to fight. Newsweek, 2023-10-26: Taiwan Voters Must Choose Between 'War and Peace,' China Says    SKY News (Australia), 2023-10-21:   Taiwan has been accused of permitting modern modern-day slavery with its migrant workers...migrant workers are often mistreated in an unfair system which needs to be overhauled.    SCMP, 2023-10-21: The inadequate training given to Taiwanese reservists after discharge has been known for some time, drawing criticism from the US, ...Taiwan could also learn from Israel about maintaining a lasting public enthusiasm to fend off the enemy   Newsweek, 2023-10-16: The U.S. has known since no later than 2012——that Chinese surface-to-surface (STS) missiles can destroy U.S. aircraft carriers, or any other military asset that isn't submerged; Taiwan has storage capacity for 11 days of natural gas consumption. A Chinese blockade would force Taiwan's surrender in short order.    New York Times, 2023-10-16: if he concludes that the United States has broken, once and for all, from its previous position on Taiwan and is bent on thwarting unification, he may feel that he must act militarily.  If the combination of deterrence and reassurance fails and China attacks Taiwan, it will set a precedent in which Chinese leaders kill and destroy to achieve their goals. full text 


US defend Taiwan ?

The Hill, 2023-9-26

During a Tokyo interview alongside Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Biden repeated his statement on defending Taiwan: “That’s the commitment we made.” But, when asked whether “the policy of strategic ambiguity towards Taiwan [is] dead,” he replied “No.”
  National Review, 2023-9-19 It's noteworthy that Biden declined to say a single word about Taiwan in his U.N. speech came a day after the Chinese Communist Party's armed forces sent 103 jets into Taiwan’s air-defense identification zone — which is a new record that surpasses even the Chinese tantrum that followed then–House speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.


  Telegraph, 2023-10-13: If China attempts a blockade of Taiwan, Taiwanese forces and their American allies will have to break the blockade – or risk losing the island democracy to mainland...It's worth noting the United States hasn't directly intervened in the Chinese blockade of a Philippine outpost    VOA News, 2023-10-13: Expert says : for Taiwan, the most important thing is whether the intelligence it has gathered can help Taipei prepare for potential military conflicts Taiwan should also assess whether it can promptly mobilize its forces and whether its forces can react to sudden attacks swiftly... there's a question about whether Taiwan can obtain enough equipment for all of them   Newsweek, 2023-10-13: Taiwan defense dpt: the common expectation is to avoid war   Express (UK), 2023-10-13: A China-Taiwan war could break out unless the war in Israel is put to an end    Newsweek, 2023-10-12: Since war broke out in the Mideast, some with hawkish views in the U.S. have suggested that Taiwan needs to take its self-defense seriously.   BBC, 2023-10-5: Most analysts agree that Taiwan's military - a shrunken army, outnumbered navy and old artillery - would be no match against a far more powerful China.  Washington Examiner, 2023-10-5: Were Taipei truly serious about deterring and defeating a PLA attack, it would be spending closer to 10% of its GDP on defense ◆ Politico.eu, 2023-10-5: Taiwan shivers over Ukraine funding freeze  full text 

  Washington Post, 2023-9-28: Taiwan launches the island's first domestically made submarine for testing

 CNN, 2023-9-28: President Tsai Ing-wen hailed this as a significant milestone. “The submarine is an important realization of our concrete commitment in defending our country”.


 Newsweek, 2023-9-29: Taiwan's former military leader who heads the submarine program said that the slated eight Hai Kun-class boats would bolster the country's defenses to the point that "I don't think we will lose a war.".

♦ BBC, 2023-9-28: National University of Singapore Drew Thompson:  the "centre of gravity" for any China-Taiwan naval conflict would not likely be in the deep waters off the island's east coast, where submarines would be most effective in...Instead, the main theatre of war would be in the shallower waters of the west coast facing mainland China... The submarine is not optimised for a counter invasion role...
NewsWeek, 2023-9-29:  A senior researcher at RAND: The relatively shallow, choppy waters of the Taiwan Strait were well-suited for masking submarines but also harder to operate in.  Policy experts in the U.S.  have urged Taipei to adopt an asymmetric defense strategy based on "lots of small, deadly things—anti-ship missiles, anti-air missiles, etc.—that would make Taiwan a porcupine." Such an approach would become more useful, and submarines less so
The Diplomat, 2023-9-30:  The ODC ( typically utilizes large numbers of cheaper, smaller, shorter-range, and more survivable weapons systems.) appears to have fallen out of favor as a result of institutional opposition, even though the United States has sought to pressure the government to focus on less gold-plated procurement projects.


Reuters, 2023-9-28: Taiwan says" it's not likely for them (China) to do anything major to threaten Taiwan or anything so visible that the Taiwanese people understand that they are trying to intervene in our election" Economist, 2023-9-26: Taiwanese voters will in effect be asked to decide whether Taiwan should remain aligned with America in strengthening deterrence against a possible Chinese invasion, or should move towards building ties with China. The opposition Kuomintang has called the vote a choice between “war and peace”, implying that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s hostility towards China will provoke it to attack.  China...narratives that portray America, not China, as the island's biggest threat.   Washington Examiner, 2023-9-26: Americans are increasingly concerned over tensions between China and Taiwan, with more than 80% reporting the problem is "somewhat" or "very serious" for the U.S.   full text 



New York Times, 2024-1-20: Polls show growing distrust of the United States in Taiwan


The websites group was ranked No.1 "understand Taiwan" on  ecosia (Germany), 2024-2-28, 2024-1-23, 2024-1-1, 2023-12-24, 2023-11-1, 2023-10-10, 2023-9-22, 2023-8-22, 2023-8-8, 2023-7-25, 2023-7-10, 2023-4-30, 2023-3-23, 2023-2-19, 2023-1-22, 2022-12-24, 2022-11-29, 2022-11-1, 2022-8-20, 2022-7-21, 2022-7-1, 2022-4-30, 2022-4-21, 2022-4-9, 2022-3-25, 2022-3-20, 2022-2-22, 2022-2-14, 2022-1-29, 2022-1-4, 2021-12-25, 2021-12-4, 2021-11-10, 2021-10-28, 2021-10-22,  2021-10-8, 2021-10-5, 2021-9-30, 2021-8-22, 2021-6-16, 2021-6-2, 2021-5-13, 2021-4-17, 3-3-2021, 2-12-2021, 11-17-2020, 8-17-2020;  No.2 "understand Taiwan" on Ecosia, 2023-3-4,  2023-1-1, 2022-10-10, 2022-10-4, 2022-9-20;
No.1 "understand Taiwan" on Yahoo Taiwan,  2023-8-8, 2021-9-30, 2021-8-22, 2021-6-16,
2021-5-13, 2021-4-17, 3-3-2021, 2-12-2021, 1-20-2021, 11-17-2020, 8-17-2020


The websites group was ranked  No.1 "understand Taiwan" on Swisscows (Switzerland), 2024-2-28, 2024-1-23, 2024-1-1, 2023-12-24, 2023-11-1, 2023-8-8, 2023-7-10, 2023-6-22, 2021-12-4, 2021-11-10, 2021-10-28, 2021-8-22, 2021-6-16, 2021-6-2, 2021-5-13, 2021-4-17,  3-3-2021, 2-12-2021, 11-17-2020, 8-17-2020, 6-21-2020; No.2 at 2023-7-25



The Daily Caller, 2023-9-24: China is on the fast track to wage war against Taiwan — and the US, experts say.  China has been preparing for the possibility of fighting the U.S. over Taiwan going back to around 1996 or 1997 after realizing Washington intended to preserve the status quo of Taiwan's semi-autonomy, experts explained. 19FortyFive, 2023-9-21: China is building a powerful military to beat America in a war over Taiwan; China is readying for war today 1945, 2023-9-20: China's military is preparing to invade Taiwan . China's military has developed advanced methods for depriving the Americans of their vaunted advantage in space, threatening the US in the cyber domain, and possibly disrupting the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum to sabotage American forces   New York post, 2023-9-19: PLA would have to do a combined amphibious and airborne air assault operation, which is an incredibly complicated joint operation to be able to do   Reuters, 2023-9-19: Chinese blockade of Taiwan would likely fail, Pentagon official says    Military, 2023-9-13:  By 37% to 22%, Americans on a bipartisan basis believe we should militarily protect Taiwan   Daily Express, 2023-9-9: China has reached the "height of its power" which may prompt Beijing to launch an invasion of Taiwan, former National Security Advisor John Bolton exclusively told Daily Express US; the United States was not ready ... - something which Beijing would see as an “opportunity” Foreign Policy,2023-9-5:  China could exploit its geographical proximity and advancing capabilities to win a regional war against Taiwan.  U.S. deterrence against China ( to convince Chinese President Xi Jinping that an attack would fail. ) is not working.  The U.S. military may merely need to raise China's perception that any conflict would be drawn out and exceedingly costly.  American Legion, 2023-9-6: Some predictions have estimated war could break out as early as 2029.  Dr. Shelley Rigger, a Davidson College professor, acknowledges that such forecasts are made with careful thought, research and analysis. Still, she says, it's a situation in flux.  Washington Examiner, 2023-9-6:  Former President  Donald Trump  hinted that he would not order a U.S. military intervention against  China  were it to attack Taiwan   Daily Express (UK), 2023-9-2: WW3 fears explode as China warns US of 'imminent storm of lethal consequences' over Taiwan after President Joe Biden announced more military aid for Taiwan from a fund typically used for sovereign states. Sky News (Australia), 2023-9-1:Taipei is no Kyiv: Taiwan is playing a dangerous game by using the war in Ukraine as an 'inspirational' example of how to fight off an invading force Daily Express (UK), 2023-8-27: China sparks major war fears as dozens of aircraft and vessels either crossed the median line of the sensitive Taiwan Strait or breached Taiwan's air defence identification zone in a major escalation. Former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Matt Shoemaker told Daily Express US the chances new military packages will repel an invasion are low. The Telegraph, 2023-8-22: China's Taiwan invasion: Battle for the Strait will be a colossal missile duel Washington Examiner, 2023-8-22: China boasts record-high military recruitment, if military aid (Taiwan war) is needed, America's sagging recruitment numbers could be a problem.


Using Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program to transfer military aid to Taiwan will likely infuriate China.

USA China

 ♣ CNN (2023-8-30): US approves first-ever military aid to Taiwan through program typically used for sovereign nations

 ♣ Bloomberg (2023-8-31): The Foreign Military Financing mechanism covers international organizations as well as nations
 ♣ VOA News (2023-8-30):  previous arms sales to Taiwan have been approved under other authorities that do not necessarily imply statehood. U.S. officials were quick to say that the provision of FMF funding to Taiwan did not represent a change in policy. It's a position the Chinese are sure to disagree with
 ♣ The Hill (2023-9-1): the first time the U.S. has provided military assistance under FMF to Taiwan and the second time it’s given it to a non-nation-state, the first being to the African Union.

 ♣ The Hill (2023-9-1): China says it ‘deplores’ US military transfer to Taiwan

 ♣ GT (2023-8-31): Whether it was Biden's use of "presidential authority" to provide military aid to Taiwan in late July, or this first-ever military aid through the so-called "Foreign Military Financing program," Washington is impatiently applying the model of military assistance to Ukraine to the Taiwan region.



Council on Foreign Relations, 2023-8-29   China VS. Taiwan

  China Taiwan
active duty forces 2,035,000 170,000
artillery 9,800 1,200
principle surface combatants 139 57
fighter jets 1900 300
bombers and attack aircraft 450 0
submarines 71 2


   The Conversation, 2023-8-16: According to  some Taiwanese observers, the people of Taiwan would be unwilling to pay such a heavy price (Ukraine is paying a heavy price in terms of  lost lives and a shattered economy) to preserve its political autonomy.  The WarZone, 2023-8-16:  Taiwan's arsenal of counterstrike weapons like the HF-2E would not be sufficient to outright stop an actual invasion from the mainland.  The Hill, 2023-8-8: More ominously, the failure of the world's toughest-ever sanctions regime to bring Russia to heel could embolden China's expansionist designs against Taiwan, especially since similar sanctions against Beijing would have even less impact. Yet the U.S. is still not giving sufficient priority to deterring a Chinese attack on Taiwan.   Washington Examiner, 2023-8-7:  the predictable outcome now seems all but certain: whether during Taiwan vice-president Lai's visit or in the weeks following, the two nations' recent detente will fade amid their intractable political differences  ABC News, 2023-7-30:  China has accused the United States of turning Taiwan into an “ammunition depot”, which will not deter its will to unify the island  ABC News, 2023-7-28:  The Japanese government has stepped up its alarm over Chinese assertiveness and Taiwan tensions, warning in 2023 defense white paper Daily Express, 2023-7-23: Japan says:  If people all over the world have the will to support Taiwan, it would be very possible that we will provide some kind of support to Taiwan...the government would need to first secure the support of the population before intervening.   Financial Times, 2023-7-23: Washington is reducing some long-term deployments in the Indo-Pacific,...the US's decision to help Ukraine only with weapons and the wavering of some European countries about support for Kyiv do not bode well for Taiwan  BBC, 2023-7-21: Much of the #MeToo focus is still on sexual harassment, and "large-scale exposure" of sexual assault is yet to happen, that can only happen with more resources legal and counselling support from the state.   The government must extend the statute of limitations for prosecuting sexual harassment cases, which is currently six months.   Washington Post, 2023-7-17:  Taiwan abandoning the One China framework aggravates the risk of war ResponsibleStatecraft.org, 2023-7-17: War with China over Taiwan? Don't expect US allies (Japan, Australia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand) to join   Reason, 2023-7-19: According to a January survey by the Brookings Institute, 62 percent of respondents said that Pelosi's visit "made Taiwan less secure."   full text 


   What would be the signs that a PLA invasion is in the planning ?

Economist, 2023-7-27: China would want to secure adequate supplies of commodities, namely energy ( coal, gas, oil - one of the best indicators ), food and metals (unusual metal-buying patterns,  export controls on rare-earth metals  ) and to reduce the country's dependence on the dollar. China might move its foreign-exchange reserves out of dollars and euros and into assets such as gold,  and probably tighten its capital controls, they also might freeze all foreign funds in China, etc   economist.com/china/2023/07/27/could-economic-indicators-signal-chinas-intent-to-go-to-war
National Interest , 2022-11-21:  there would be reliable indications, including surging production of various missiles, rockets, and key munitions, China would take visible steps to insulate its economy, military, and key industries from disruptions and sanctions and would start preparing the population psychologically for the cost of the war....
They might take a strategic advantage, such as by catching the rest of the world off-guard, capitalizing on the chaos and distraction in other countries.  nationalinterest.org/feature/china’s-new-politburo-has-taiwan-its-crosshairs-205909
Japan Times, 2022-10-18: some of indications could be a mix of both short- and long-term economic steps to try and insulate the Chinese economy from external vulnerabilities and to minimize China's dependency on the world while maximizing the world's dependency on China.       Short-term economic indicators are more likely to signal Beijing’s intent. These could include a number of abrupt steps such as freezing foreign financial assets within China, quickly repatriating Chinese assets held abroad, a surge in stockpiling emergency supplies such as medicine or key technology inputs and a suspension of key exports such as critical minerals, refined petroleum products or food. japantimes.co.jp/news/2022/10/18/asia-pacific/signs-china-invasion-taiwan/




pic.: The websites group was ranked No.1 "understand Taiwan" on Lycos, 2023-9-22, 2023-8-21, 2023-8-8, 2023-7-25, 2023-7-10, 2023-4-30, 2023-3-23, 2023-1-22, 2023-1-15, 2023-1-1, 2022-12-24, 2022-11-29, 2022-11-1, 2022-10-10,2022-10-4, 2022-1-28, 2021-10-8,  2021-9-29, 2021-8-22, 2021-6-16, 2021-6-2, 2021-5-13, 2021-4-17, 3-3-2021, 2-12-2021, 1-20-2021, 11-17-2020, 8-17-2020, 5-13-2020; ps:  No.1 "understand Taiwan" on SearchEncrypt, 2023-1-22, 2022-10-10; No.1 "understand Taiwan" on Excite, 2021-10-8, 2021-8-22, 2021-6-16, 2021-6-2,  2021-5-13, 2021-4-17, 2-12-2021, 1-20-2021, 11-17-2020, 8-17-2020, 05-13-2020



   National Review, 2023-7-15: the Chinese military is advantaged if a Taiwan invasion is viewed as a local, limited conflict... Janet YellenIf reelected, president Biden may prefer not to fight for Taiwan.   CSIS.org, 2023-6-29:  Fundamentally, both the August and April exercises were suggestive of an “encirclement” of Taiwan using PLA Navy forces;  the April exercises were no less significant than those in August. Yahoo Finance, SCMP, 2023-6-23:  Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) called on the United States to "bolster deterrence" against any attempt by Beijing to use "force or coercion to achieve unification with Taiwan"; The Americans were "not keen on" improving ties with Beijing, with Washington tilting more towards "strategic clarity" on Taiwan policy instead of its stated "strategic ambiguity".   New York Post, 2023-6-19: Blinken ruffles feathers by stating US "does not support Taiwan independence" – as an inappropriate kowtow to America's greatest adversary.  ◆  Bloomberg, 2023-6-15: US Presses Taiwan Opposition Candidate Over China Policies; Washington will want to be assured that KMT's Hou has “a clear stance on China and international policy..."      National Interest, 2023-6-15:  If China launches an invasion without first destroying America's military assets in the region, its ships will be left vulnerable to attack. However, if it launches a preemptive strike on U.S. forces, especially on American soil in Guam, it will experience the full wrath of a vengeful United States   Washington Post, 2023-6-14: Biden and Xi recognize that war between the two nations would be suicidal for both. They understand that the most dangerous flash point is Taiwan. While the nations’ differences over Taiwan are irreconcilable, irreconcilable does not mean unmanageable   Wall Street Journal, 2023-6-7: Sexual misconduct allegations roil Taiwan's U.S.-friendly ruling party  Bloomberg, 2023-6-7: Taiwan president apologizes twice in week for #MeToo allegations, Tsai: “We’ve also seen such cases are everywhere, not only in the DPP or other political parties..."   USNI, 2023-6-7: on paper Taiwan fields one of the world’s most advanced ASCMs, but we don’t have the data on actual performed real combat.”; Taiwan has not been transparent about how many missiles it can make. there are “rumors [sic] about slow production” related to “hang-ups in the defense [sic] industrial complex” and Taiwan is “struggling to produce large numbers of anything.”;  Taipei has to decide whether to continue dividing resources across two different strategies - a traditional navy or an asymmetric one     full text 


National Interest, 2023-7-16    -   Willing to fight ?

China Taiwan
a study conducted by Adam Y. Liu and Xiaojun Li, 55 percent of the respondents supported “launching a unification war ” while 33 percent opposed it ...  another online survey in ThinkChina and Taiwan Inside, 53.1 percent supported armed unification with Taiwan, while 39.19 percent opposed it among Chinese elites.  Instead of making a commitment to defend their territory, most Taiwanese people have a huge hope to rely on external support, particularly from the United States... extension of the compulsory conscription program received backlash from younger Taiwanese.


Taiwan war  -   ready to fight ?
Taiwan China
 Wall Street Journal, 2023-7-5:  Taiwan is far from ready, Taiwan's military budget is still only 2.4% of the GDP—compared with about 5% in Israel.  The professionalism and motivation of Taiwan's military are a particular concern. A lot of young people who signed up for the four-year volunteer force decided to pay a penalty and dropped out early because they say they had come for the money—not to fight and not to die   wsj.com/articles/taiwan-china-ukraine-russia-hong-kong-military-war-517b87d?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo    Yaroslav Trofimov    Joyu Wang Sky News Australia, 2023-7-8:  Xi calls for 'enhanced war planning'


WION 2023-7-7:  Xi says the PLA must dare to fight. Beijing has ramped up political and military pressure on Taipeimsn.com/en-in/video/watch/dare-to-fight-chinas-president-inspects-forces-in-flashpoint-region-near-taiwan-details/vi-AA1dxGfN






World's Best Hospitals 2023
by Newsweek & Statista
comparison among Asia's selected ten countries - Taiwan's best hospital  ranks world No.249 in top 250 list


Asia's rank


total number of top 250  hospitals

1 Japan 18
2 S. Korea 18
3 Australia 7
4 Singapore 5
5 Israel 3
6 India 3
7 Thailand 1
8 UAE 1
9 Taiwan 1
10 Saudi Arabia 0
Taiwan's NTU Hospital ranks world No. 249
Asia's China, etc are not included in survey list - in total 28 countries
Taiwan's NTU Hospital ranks behind selected hospitals of Thai. and UAE 




TaiwanPlus, 2023-3-6: A poll

Voice of America, 2022-11-23:  "black gold"-"heijin." Corruption in Local Politics (elections)



   National Review, 2023-5-31: the distance between the embarkation ports on the English Channel and the Normandy coast are eerily similar to the distance across the Taiwan Strait. An amphibious invasion would be an amazingly complex and risky operation. Unless Japan, Australia, Britain, and, most importantly, the United States — preemptively announced that they would not intervene  Bloomberg, 2023-5-31: China could decide to launch a series of actions short of war — seizing one of Taiwan's small outlying islands, say, or interfering with Taiwanese shipping ... without provoking a US military response. Washington Post, 2023-5-29: Choosing Taiwan over Ukraine is frighteningly misguided. Yes, China is a greater military threat than present-day Russia.  A turn toward Taiwan will most likely cause us to fail in both places. Sky News (Australia), 2023-5-28 : Analysts warn the  ‘nuclear umbrella’ agreement could be globally catastrophic as it would mean the US could use nuclear weapons if Taiwan was attacked.    Asia Times, 2023-5-27:  With the inherent disadvantages of the Taiwanese armed forces and the unwillingness of even the US to commit officially to the island’s defense, Taiwan’s government has explored increasing engagement with the private sphere to ensure its security.   Fortune, 2023-5-21: Warren Buffett  told Japan'Nikkei that the threat of war was a “consideration” in dumping the bulk of the stake in TSMC. Musk told the Financial Times that a conflict over Taiwan is inevitable. His comments did not go over well in Taiwan The Guardian, 2023-5-22: over 90% of the world's semiconductors are made in the place many US officials think could be the site of the next global conflict: Taiwan. The Hill, 2023-5-16: China says ready to ‘smash’ Taiwan self-rule as US prepares major arms package, sends advisers Financial Times, 2023-5-15: even if the US had a broader plan to thwart Chinese economic growth, any such efforts would probably be unsuccessful. Xi should understand that global political power flows from economic power. China does not need to win a shooting war to expand its international power and influence.    19FortyFive, 2023-5-10: Chinese military doctrine calls for robust strikes in cyberspace, in space (with counter-space weapons meant to disable critical U.S. military satellites), across the electromagnetic spectrum, and utilizing long-range missiles designed to destroy critical U.S. military installations in Guam, Japan, and throughout the region. Taiwan News, 2023-5-9:  Defense minister says Taiwan will not let US 'blow up TSMC' during Chinese attack , in response to a suggestion by U.S. Congressman Seth Moulton that the U.S. should warn China that it would "blow up" Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) if it attacked Taiwan.  Business Insider, 2023-5-3: In first-of-its-kind drill, US Army special operators train to defend Taiwan against Chinese attack, while the "ultimate backstop" remains America's nuclear capabilities, according to the Pentagon's National Defense Strategy   Daily Express, UK, 2023-5-3: WW3 fears as Taiwan issues a threatening statement about how it intends to handle imminent China invasion  Washington Examiner, 2023-4-25:  a war over Taiwan is, in the best case, a war the U.S. may still lose... the provision of Javelin anti-tank and Stinger anti-air missiles to Ukraine comes as an undeniable detriment to Taiwan's defensive potential.  Both might decide the outcome of the next war The Guardian, 2023-4-14:  German foreign minister warns of ‘horror scenario’ in Taiwan strait Daily Express, 2023-4-14: Americans ready to fight China to keep Taiwan independent as WW3 fears ramp up  Daily Express, 2023-4-14:  Taiwan warns China ready to 'launch war' as Beijing looking to teach US lesson Newsweek, 2023-3-31:  "Tsai's visit to the U.S. can be seen as a face-saving way for the U.S. to avoid another Pelosi-like fiasco from which it is still paying a price in global standing," " At the same time, Ma's visit to China shows there is strong desire on both sides of the Taiwan Straits for a peaceful solution."  ◆  Foreign Affairs, 2023-3-21: J. Chen Weiss: Alarm Over a Chinese Invasion Could Become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy The hard but crucial task for U.S. policymakers is to thread the needle between deterrence and provocation...stray too far toward the latter, inadvertently provoking the very conflict U.S. policymakers seek to deter Bloomberg, 2023-3-17: Goldman Says US Banking Stress Puts Korea, Taiwan Stocks at Risk HuffPost, 2023-3-15: Taiwan Shuts Down Another Nuclear Plant, risking potentially deadly blackouts this summer, rendering the self-governing island more vulnerable to a Chinese blockade, and threatening a surge in greenhouse gases from one of the world’s top 25 emitters... nuclear reactors were all built under a military dictatorship in the 1970s...attempted to develop nuclear weapons.   Economist, 2023-3-6: Taiwan needs to prioritise becoming a porcupine, but they continue to build big ships and to buy better planes partly as a public-relations exercise. Politicians like to point to arms sales as evidence of American support. Better weapons boost morale.  Washington Post, ABC news, 2023-2-27: CIA chief:  Xi Jinping has instructed his country's military to “be ready by 2027” to invade Taiwan; China has some doubt on ability to invade Taiwan  EurAsian Times, 2023-2-26:  "No Boots On Ground': Majority Of US Voters' Chicken Out’ From Sending Soldiers To Taiwan To Battle China Bloomberg, 2023-2-22: Holding off the PLA for two weeks is a key goal of Taiwan's military because it would allow time for the US and other allies to come to its aid.   Japan Times, 2023-2-19:  There is no evidence that China is in a hurry to attack Taiwan, despite a number of U.S. government and military officials citing 2027 or even 2025 as a potential deadline for forcible unification  Daily Express (UK), 2023-2-17: A "proxy war" between China and the US over Taiwan could happen during the Biden presidency  ◆ Washington Examiner, 2023-2-17:  New House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman: Ukraine is capable of fighting on their own if we give them the weapons. Taiwan cannot fight this war alone, even if we gave them the weapons.   Wall Street Journal, 2023-1-26:  Washington is strategically unprepared for a crisis and Biden's policies are hampering deterrence ; If  Lai Ching-te (a staunch proponent of the island's independence) does win, Beijing could move quickly to invade.  USA Today, 2023-1-20: Taiwan's envoy to the US says her island has learned lessons from Ukraine's war that will help it deter, defend against an attack by China. Among the lessons: preparing for the kind of all-of-society fight Ukrainians are waging against Russia AFP, 2023-1-21:  Blinken sees lower US tensions with China but risks on Taiwan  CNN, 2023-1-20:  In Taiwan, ex-conscripts feel unprepared for potential China conflict WSJ, 2023-1-19: The Heritage Foundation's latest 'Index of U.S. Military Strength' warns of declining power in the U.S. Navy and Air Force. Taiwan  is ramping up its spending on defense but its conscription and readiness are underwhelming. New York Post, 2023-1-14:  the U.S. needs to speed up its military shipments to Taiwan, specifically long-range bombers with long-range anti-ship missiles. The SUN, 2023-1-14: Taking Taiwan could even require Beijing to muster a force of two million troops, ...US should help arm Taiwan with missiles to DESTROY Shanghai to stop Chinese invasion, says ex-general  Washington Post, 2023-1-9: Taiwan needs to be prepared to withstand a lengthy siege but has not stockpiled nearly enough energy, food, medicine or ammunition. It has only about 10 days of natural gas supplies in reserve... Unfortunately, a lot of Taiwanese still don’t seem to grasp how perilous their situation is.  The American SPECTATOR, 2023-1-5: coming crisis over Taiwan is now popularly treated as a foregone conclusion...What is more likely is that China will wait a while longer, probably until the early 2030s.Wall Street Journal, 2022-12-28:  Military conscription is a good start, but leaders in Taipei need to act with greater urgency still  Insider, 2022-12-29: Easton: It would be very difficult and dangerous for the PLA to try to move on Taiwan proper without first suppressing Kinmen, the Penghus, and the Matsu islands (with a substantial number of missiles )   France 24, 2022-12-26: Seventy-one warplanes deployed by China in war drills - the largest reported incursion to date Modern War Institute at West point, 2022-12-19: Taiwan has mostly accepted the need to shift to a “porcupine strategy” ... implementation has been slow. And Taiwan has neglected to cultivate the guerrilla-style resistance forces that will be necessary to counter an occupation.  Wall Street Journal, 2022-11-23:  ...the persistent fecklessness of Taiwanese government's defense policy, whose bottom line is that the island should be defended by others while Taiwan's youth can continue to play video games.◆ Economist, 2022-11-18: Will Taiwan be the Ukraine of Asia? The status quo is breaking down, making war more likely    Fortune, 2022-11-19:  U.S. restrictions on selling advanced computer chips to China could make invading Taiwan more tempting to Beijing. U.S. faces ‘immediate Great Depression’ if China seizes Taiwan’s semiconductor industry USNI, 2022-11-7: Pentagon official: China will increase pressure on Taiwan in next two years rather than invade   The Atlantic, 2022-11-7: Because Taiwan is an island, it will be difficult to resupply in the event of hostilities; Taiwan needs support now WarOnTheRocks, 2022-10-28: U.S. support for Ukraine and other dynamics have led some to question if the current administration is truly prioritizing Taiwan New York Times, 2022-10-20:  The longer, written version of Xi's speech also stated that China has strengthened its “strategic initiative for China’s complete reunification,” suggesting greater urgency for its future plans BBC, 2022-10-18: China is pursuing unification with Taiwan "on a much faster timeline" than previously expected, Blinken says, Beijing had decided the status quo was no longer acceptable ◆  Newsweek, 2022-10-21: Beijing has responded to the U.S. Navy's warning of a potential Chinese attack on Taiwan as soon as this year by cautioning Washington against any intervention on the sensitive geopolitical issue Daily Express, 2022-10-21: the 'Weakness' of US could 'encourage' China's efforts to blockade Taiwan; Experts urged the US to stand firm against Beijing The Diplomat, 2022-10-21:  recent polling has indicated over 50 percent of Americans support coming to Taiwan's defense if an invasion were to occur 

   full text 

Bloomberg, 2022-11-3: a senior Chinese diplomat in Washington pushes back on American warnings and denies Beijing has timetable for unification with Taiwan


pic.: No.1  "understand Taiwan" on Yahoo Taiwan, 2023-4-30; No.1  "understand Taiwan" on US Yahoo search engine, 2022-4-9, 2022-1-4, 2021-12-27, 2021-12-10, 2021-12-4, 2021-11-20, 2021-11-10, 2021-10-27; No.2 or top "understanding Taiwan" on US Yahoo search engine, 2022-3-20, 2021-12-27




pic.: The sites-group was ranked No.1 by "understand Taiwan" on MetaGER of Europe, 2022-11-29, 2022-10-10, 2022-10-4, 2021-10-8, 2021-9-29, 2021-8-22, 2021-6-16, 5-13-2020,  4-3-2020, 2-5-2020, 12-31-2019, 12-10-2019, No.2 at 2023-4-30, 2021-5-13, 2021-4-18, 3-3-2021, 2-13-2021




Chinese Communist Party Congress  

CNBC, 2022-10-18 Political watchers say the (CCP Congress) speech showed that Xi is not be keen to take Taiwan by force
NY Times, 2022-10-16 China is still exerting what Xi also uses in the speech — ‘strategic patience'
LA Times, 2022-10-16 Chinese Communist Party Congress affords another step for Xi Jinping's consolidation of power

   full text 




CBS, 2022-9-18:  Biden "U.S. forces, U.S. men and women would defend Taiwan"


DW (Germany), 2022-9-19 scholars: "it can lead to very different results than what Biden might be thinking he has the capacity to do,"," US "strategic ambiguity is becoming more strategic and less ambiguous." dw.com/en/biden-us-forces-would-defend-taiwan-if-china-invades/a-63166248
Le Monde (France), 2022-9-19 Alors que l’occupant de la Maison Blanche a tenu des propos forts sur le dossier taïwanais dimanche soir, la Chine a dénoncé « une grave violation de [son] engagement important à ne pas soutenir l’indépendance de Taïwan .   lemonde.fr/international/article/2022/09/19/joe-biden-affirme-que-les-etats-unis-defendraient-taiwan-en-cas-d-invasion-chinoise_6142183_3210.html
Japan Times (Japan), 2022-9-20 Cornell prof. called Biden's remarks “dangerous",  this new combo (a pledge to send troops + decisions about independence are Taiwan’s) suggests an unconditional commitment, U.S. is issuing Taiwan a blank check japantimes.co.jp/news/2022/09/20/asia-pacific/politics-diplomacy-asia-pacific/biden-taiwan-remarks-uncertainty/
Bloomberg, 2022-9-20 “Such comments will do more to feed Beijing's sense of urgency than they will bolster deterrence” Taiwan's leaders could move closer to independence — U.S. allies like Japan or South Korea will almost certainly be made more uneasy... risks pulling them into a war    msn.com/en-us/news/world/biden-s-vow-to-defend-taiwan-makes-us-policy-shift-explicit/ar-AA123qxX
 France 24 (France), 2022-9-19  most explicit statement so far on the issue, something sure to anger Beijing.Biden's Asia policy czar, Kurt Campbell, has in the past rejected any move to "strategic clarity" over Taiwan, saying there were "significant downsides" to such an approachmsn.com/en-gb/news/world/biden-says-us-forces-would-defend-taiwan-if-china-invades/ar-AA11YIsO
Daily Express (UK), 2022-9-19 Bonnie Glaser: " if Mr Biden makes such pledges he needs the "capability" to back them up, If President Biden plans to defend Taiwan, then he should make sure the U.S. military has the capability to do so", “"Rhetorical support that isn't backed up by real capabilities is unlikely to strengthen deterrence express.co.uk/news/world/1671100/Joe-Biden-Taiwan-China-Xi-Jinping-CBS-Nancy-Pelosi-White-House-ont


No guarantee that U.S. military will hold the same view as Biden to defend Taiwan

♣ Foreign Policy, Politico, 2022-10-2: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declined to directly endorse President Joe Biden’s statement that the U.S. military would defend Taiwan   politico.com/news/2022/10/02/lloyd-austin-china-taiwan-biden-00059922
The Hill, 2022-10-3: US defense chief sidesteps questions on Biden’s pledge to defend Taiwan news.yahoo.com/us-defense-chief-sidesteps-questions-200504858.html
VICE, 2022-9-28:  no guarantee that the next U.S. president will hold the same view as Biden, given the lack of a formal commitment by the U.S. military to intervene in the event of an attack by the PLA  vice.com/en/article/m7gp7v/taiwan-defense-china-invasion-conscripts



Contrast    Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1995/96 and 2022

New York Times, 2022-8-5 the U.S. military had ordered the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan to “remain on station” in the region but some distance from the entrance to the Taiwan Strait.... during a crisis in 1996, when President Bill Clinton moved aircraft carriers closer to the strait.  (PS: and conducted large scale drills  zh.m.wikipedia.org/zh-hant/台灣海峽飛彈危機 ) nytimes.com/2022/08/04/world/asia/taiwan-china-military-drills.html
New York Times, 2022-8-4 ... failing to move more naval forces into the region, the United States would be perceived by Mr. Xi as less committed to the region than Mr. Clinton was a quarter century ago.
United Daily (Taiwan) , 2022-8-5 The drill has been conducted under US tacit permission, which shakes the policy of peaceful resolution...  udn.com/news/story/11091/6515486?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub11091_pulldownmenu_v2
  USA Today, 2022-8-6 National Security Council:U.S. would postpone intercontinental ballistic missile test scheduled... reducing the risks of miscalculation and misperception news.yahoo.com/china-halts-climate-military-ties-152347684.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
   Global Times (China), 2022-8-5 the US Navy's Ronald Reagan carrier strike group retreated hundreds of kilometers eastward overnight, after the PLA announced live-fire exercise zones east of the island



China's Missiles over Taiwan  in 2022-8-5

  CNN, 2022-8-4 missiles flying over the island marked a significant escalation
New York Times, 2022-8-3 China's CCTV stated that one of the missiles flew over Taiwan, marking another escalation of Chinese pressure on the island and risking serious miscalculation.



Can "silicon shield"
protect Taiwan?

New York Times, 2022-9-9 Taiwan is protected by something far more subtle —The "silicon shield"...If it is clear that China will be better off with a steady flow of chips from Taiwan, peace is likely to prevail
New York Times, 2022-8-29 Analysts debate how much protection China's reliance on Taiwan gives it.  Some argue that calculations over supply chains are insignificant in a decision over war.
 National Interest, 2022-5-15 Taiwan's “silicon shield”—the name for a strategy that entrusts the island's defense to both Chinese and American reliance on its semiconductors—is an outmoded concept that burdens the United States, emboldens Taiwan, and fails to deter China
VOA News, 2021-5-10 Song Hong, assistant general director at the Institute of World Economics and Politics under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  shrugged off the geopolitical implications of Taiwan’s silicon shield, saying that China views Taiwanese issues as domestic affairs and will not be deterred from its goals by U.S. action
Fox News, 2022-8-26  Why would the U.S. fight China over Taiwan, Trade is the key reason and the aforementioned importance of semiconductor production is the glue
New York Times, 2022-1-25 75 percent of production takes place in East Asia.  Ninety percent of the most advanced chips are made in Taiwan...China could use economic coercion, cyberoperations and hybrid tactics to try to seize or harm Taiwan's semiconductor industry — Biden promised he would work to bring production of semiconductor chips back to the United States.  nytimes.com/2022/01/26/us/politics/computer-chip-shortage-taiwan.html
 CBS News, 2022-9-25 Blinken said. "[Which is] one of the reasons we're now investing so heavily in our own capacity to produce semiconductors here in the United States. We designed them, but the actual production is done in a handful of places, and Taiwan produces most of them… The effects that that would have on the global economy would be devastating."

Taiwan dominates the global production of computer chips /

BBC, 2022-1-12, source: The Military Balnce, IISS 2021

Taiwan S. Korea China Other
65% 18% 5% 12%




BBC, 2022-10-18: China is pursuing unification with Taiwan "on a much faster timeline" than previously expected, Blinken says, Beijing had decided the status quo was no longer acceptable ◆ CNBC, 2022-10-18: Political watchers say the (CCP Congress) speech showed that Xi is not be keen to take Taiwan by force ◆ New York Times, 2022-10-17: China's leader warns of “perilous, stormy seas" ahead TIME, 2022-10-11: Defending far-off Taiwan ...is about defending Americans' security, liberties, and prosperity Economist, 2022-10-10:  In Washington, there is talk of intelligence that the pla has been told to be in a position to take Taiwan by 2027...The liberal political order is at stake ◆ Forbes, 2022-10-3: Defense Secretary Austin: Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan Not 'Imminent'; “What we do see is China moving to establish what we would call a new normal". LA Times, 2022-9-11: China's leaders know their power is about to diminish, and that will make them more likely to take risks in the short run — to invade Taiwan, for example The Global and Mail (Canada), 2022-9-10: Taiwan's long-term survival prospects are much worse than Ukraine's... it would probably take Taiwan five years of defence spending at 5 per cent of GDP, ... a return to several years of conscription and large active reserves in the Israeli model  Foreign Policy,2022-9-8: strategic priorities, budgets, and acquisition limitations, are preventing Taipei from laying in the critical war-reserve materiel it would need to against PLA War on the Rocks, 2022-9-7: In Taiwan, many young citizens concluded that conscription was a waste of time and a tedious chore....those with political connections seek to be posted in cities rather than at the border or in the field. Bloomberg , 2022-9-7: China Invading Taiwan Is ‘Distinct Threat’◆ Weekend Australian , 2022-9-7: Best way to avoid war is to arm Taiwan  NY Times, 2022-9-4: Washington is increasingly wary that an emboldened China might invade Taiwan in the coming years. ◆ Washington Examiner, 2022-9-6: Taiwan sees Bidens political-fears weakening us-strategy to counter china ◆  Daily Express (UK), 2022-8-29: WW3 looming as 'no good options' remain in 'dangerous' China-US conflict over Taiwan    NY Times, 2022-8-25: China could try to impose a blockade to force the island into concessions or as a precursor to wider military action  NY Times, 2022-8-21: critics argued the tensions over Taiwan showed that Washington needed stronger military and economic strategies. War on the Rosks, 2022-8-22: Some five to nine missiles passed over Taiwan en route to targets east of the main island  Economist, 2022-8-11: America has changed,...it began to doubt that it was worth defending...there is little doubt that America would join a fight over Taiwan today...  Japan ...has indicated that it could intervene in a war...Taiwan must also show more willingness to defend itself NY Times, 2022-8-11: Taiwan, which has struggled with accidents and morale in the face of such a would-be foe as China. By many accounts, Taiwan's forces are poorly equipped and understaffed Washington Post, 2022-8-11: Beijing is now focusing on taking the island by force, not through peaceful reunification  Economist, 2022-8-10: Ms Pelosi's visit has allowed Beijing to move to a new level of military activity unchallenged, which will make it harder for America to defend Taiwan. ◆ BBC, 2022-8-9: Beijing firing missiles over Taiwan - have become "acceptable" - because they have happened, and Beijing has got away with it. this becomes the new standard  NY Times, 2022-8-8: China's drills near Taiwan is a sign that Beijing will keep up its military pressure on Taiwan, and could be normalizing its presence around the island before gradually cutting off access to its airspace and waters NY Times, 2022-8-7: China’s leader has made it clearer than any of his predecessors that he sees unifying Taiwan with China to be a primary goal of his rule The Hill, 2022-8-6: Taiwan...too economically dependent on China to withstand an economic cold war with Beijing.◆ Wall Street Journal, 2022-8-5: Xi Jinping appears to be preparing for an even more consequential onslaught against Taiwan... it could trigger a conflict that would make the war in Ukraine look minor by comparison New York Times, 2022-8-3: failing to move more naval forces into the region, the United States would be perceived by Mr. Xi as less committed to the region than Mr. Clinton was a quarter century ago. New York Times, 2022-8-2: China is preparing a hostile response of some sort...This is an exceptionally dangerous situation, perhaps more so than Ukraine  New York Times, 2022-7-26: The risks to Taiwan from Chinese aggression have gained urgency since Russia's attacks on Ukraine... a sea-and-air invasion of Taiwan would be difficult for China to pull off in the near term. Instead, it could do so piecemeal NY Times, 2022-7-25: Chinese leaders might try to move against the self-governing island over the next year and a half — perhaps by trying to cut off access to all or part of the Taiwan Strait The Hill , 2022-7-26: The longer the Biden administration continues delaying and stinting its support for Ukraine without enabling Kyiv to halt and reverse Russia's invasion, the more precarious both Ukraine's and Taiwan's positions become 

   full text 




 China published a white paper titled
"The Taiwan Question and China's Reunification in the New Era"

GT, 2022-8-10 the wellbeing of the people in Taiwan hinges on the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation... it will create huge opportunities for social and economic development in Taiwan and bring tangible benefits to the people of Taiwanglobaltimes.cn/page/202208/1272637.shtml
NY Times, 2022-8-15  The 2000 paper said nine times that negotiations between Taiwan and China to determine that framework would be conducted on “equal footing,” or other similar language. But that pledge appeared only once in the new paper    nytimes.com/2022/08/15/world/asia/china-taiwan-us.html
 Reuters, 2022-8-10 A line in the 2000 white paper that said "anything can be negotiated" as long as Taiwan accepts that there is only one China and does not seek independence, is missing from the latest white paper.  reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/china-withdraws-promise-not-send-troops-taiwan-after-unification-2022-08-10/
Forbes, Reuters, 2022-8-10 ...in two previous white papers on Taiwan, in 1993 and 2000, that it "will not send troops or administrative personnel to be based in Taiwan" after achieving unification ... is missing from the latest white paper.
ABC news , Australia,
China says there are "profound historical and cultural ties" with Taiwan..."Its economy is highly complementary with that of the mainland."...Taiwanese citizens who would "enjoy a high degree of autonomy as a special administrative region".   msn.com/en-au/news/australia/why-does-china-want-taiwan-when-its-already-so-big-and-rich-the-answer-is-about-more-than-land-and-money/ar-AA10z5KJ
 NBC, 2022-8-10 ... reiterated its desire for “peaceful reunification.” But it did not rule out the use of force as a “last resort taken under compelling circumstances,” without specifying what those circumstances might be   nbcnews.com/news/world/is-taiwan-worried-china-threat-invasion-pelosi-visit-rcna41964
United Daily (聯合報), 2022-8-11 這是更為強硬的表態,除了對內部十四億人有所交代,也對國際社會明確堅定表達北京看法,同時也想加大對台軟、硬兩手力度 udn.com/news/story/10930/6528208?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub10930_pulldownmenu_v2
China Daily,
The white paper received a warm response and wide support from Chinese people at home and abroad, and the DPP authorities' misinterpretation cannot deny that "one country, two systems" is a peaceful, democratic, good-faith and win-win solution   chinadaily.com.cn/a/202208/12/WS62f58be5a310fd2b29e71b7a.html
full text:  https://www.scio.gov.cn/zfbps/32832/Document/1728489/1728489.htm



pic.: No.1 "understand Taiwan" on US Google, 2022-5-25, 2022-5-14, 2022-4-29, 2022-4-9, 2022-2-15, 2022-1-29, 2021-11-20, 2021-8-22, 2021-8-5, 2021-6-30, 2021-6-16, 2021-4-17; No.2 at 2022-4-21, 2022-3-25, 2022-2-22, 2022-2-15





US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 2022-4-12 : In 2020 presidential and legislative elections, President Tsai Ing-wen won re-election,...there were allegations of vote buying by candidates and supporters of both major political parties. 

N.Y. Times, 12-1-2019: the soft underbelly of Taiwanese politics: patronage networks. 
They continue to allow
community leaders, farmers’ associations and even
 organized-crime figures to buy votes
( NY Times, opinion :
https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/01/opinion/china-taiwan-election.html ).




Transparency International, Taiwan's corruption index ranks No. 7 in Asia & Pacific in 2021

Transparency Int'l   ,  CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX, 2021

country of Asia & Pacific score
New Zealand score 88  No.1
Singapore   No.4
Hong Kong No. 12
Australia No. 18
Japan No. 18
UAE No. 24
Bhutan No. 25
Taiwan score 68 No. 25

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices , 2021-3-30

        state.gov/reports/2020-country-reports-on-human-rights-practices/taiwan/   Significant human rights issues included: the existence of criminal libel laws and serious acts of corruption Authorities prosecuted officials including incumbent and former legislators involved in a high-profile bribery case.




Transparency International, Germany /  Global Corruption Barometer, released in 2022 -
comparisons among main Asian countries


people who think
 is a big problem
public service
 paid a bribe
in the previous
 12 months
utilities police gov.
in previous
Taiwan 90% 17% 9% 28% 67% 19% 20% 15% 38%
Japan 84 2 2 4 10 7 26 6 36
Malaysia 71 13 5 11 30 28 16 12 20
China 62 28 26 17 16 18 18 13 39
S Korea 55 10 6 14 8 26 42 24 17



WEF (World Economic Forum) , May 2022
world Travel and Tourism Development Index

world rank Asia's rank economies/countries score (global average : 4.0)
1 1 Japan 5.2
2 2 USA 5.2
7 3 Australia 5.0
9 4 Singapore 5.0
12 5 China 4.9
15 6 S. Korea 4.8
19 7 Hong Kong 4.6
25 8 UAE 4.5
27 9 New Zealand 4.5
32 10 Indonesia 4.4
33 11 Saudi Arabia 4.3
36 12 Thailand 4.3
38 13 Malaysia 4.3
43 14 Qatar 4.3
52 15 Vietnam 4.1
54 16 India 4.1
74 17 Sri Lanka 3.7
75 18 Philippines 3.7
84 19 Mongolia 3.6
n/a n/a Taiwan n/a



Taiwan's travel & tourism - 13th in Asia

STATISTA: Leading countries in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI)



Asia Rank



world Rank

1 Japan 5.4 4
2 Australia 5.1 7
3 China 4.9 13
4 Korea Rep. 4.8 15
5 Hong Kong 4.8 16
6 Singapore 4.8 17
7 New Zealand 4.7 18
8 Malaysia 4.5 25
9 Thailand 4.5 29
10 UAE 4.4 33
11 India 4.4 34
12 Indonesia 4.3 36
13 Taiwan 4.3 37



Taiwan's travel & tourism  - 10th in Asia


World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan had the sub-region's largest decline in competitiveness from 30th down to 37th.    Taiwan ranks No.10 among Asian countries.   for details : click tourism

WEF travel & tourism category Taiwan's rankings
and/or score
prioritization of travel and tourism   No75  Singapore No.6 ,  Hong Kong No. 11
Natural & cultural resources No.58  score 2.6 China  No.1, score 6.0 , France No.2,  5.0,  Spain  No.3, 5.7,   Japan No.7, 5.3,   Indonesia No.18,  Thailand No.21,  Korea No.24,  Vietnam No.26,  Malaysia No.31,  HK No.40,  Philippines No.46,  Sri Lanka No.52,  Nepal No.56
Natural resources  No. 87 Hong Kong No. 42, Singapore No.120
cultural resources & business travel No. 36  score 2.6 China No1, score 7.0
price competitiveness No. 78 China 5.7
Health & Hygiene  No.43,  score 6 score worse than Korea, Japan, Mongolia
international openness No. 60 only better than China, Mongolia
Safety & security No. 26 human resource & labor market: Taiwan No.18
 ps: Compared to the report of 2017,  Taiwan significantly tightened visa requirements (37th down to 119th), waning cultural resources and business travel (26th to 36th) and recalibrated figures showing a drastic reduction in protected areas (20th to 118th).

For full details :  http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_TTCR_2019.pdf


According to  World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> (released at 4-6-2017), Taiwan's most important indexes for promoting tourism, like "Attractiveness of Natural Assets" (parks, beaches, mountains, wildlife, etc) ranks world No.87, "Natural Resources" ranks No.55,   "Environmental Sustainability" ranks No.75 (No.69 in 2015), "Price Competitiveness" ranks No. 46, "Hotel Price Index" ranks No. 89 (82 in 2015), Taiwan got "n/a" on China's world top 5 indexes such as "World heritage natural sites" as well as "World heritage cultural sites".
Taiwan travel and tourism, No.1 on internet, pls. click for details


Taiwan's tourism & travel    vs.    CovID-19


SCMP, 2022-10-1:  As Taiwan eases some of world’s oldest quarantine rules, remaining curbs and concerns see airlines lament ‘half step forward’... Travellers will be allowed outside during the seven-day period if their Covid tests come back negative every two days, but analysts say testing remains a 'deterrent to travel' ... The weekly cap on arrivals will "hamper a full-fledged recovery" in Taiwan's tourism msn.com/en-xl/travel/other/as-taiwan-eases-some-of-world-e2-80-99s-oldest-quarantine-rules-remaining-curbs-and-concerns-see-airlines-lament-e2-80-98half-step-forward-e2-80-99/ar-AA12tLJi


Reuters, 2022-9-5: Taiwan to resume visa free entry for some countries in latest reopening step  news.yahoo.com/taiwan-resume-visa-free-entry-063459045.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall

New York Times, 2022-3-5: Since Tuesday, people in Taiwan have no longer been required to wear masks in settings where they were previously mandatory, both indoors and outdoors: exercising, taking selfies and group photos, driving with household members, in spas and in video broadcasts, speeches and lectures... Taiwan's record (20,717 cases and 853 deaths ) is low by the standards of the hardest-hit countriesnytimes.com/live/2022/03/05/world/covid-19-tests-cases-vaccine





2022  Michelin stars comparisons among Asian countries

 Michelin cities

number of 3 stars

num. of 2 stars

number of 1 star

total num.

Tokyo (Japan) 12 41 150 203
Hong Kong 7 12 52 71
Kyoto (Japan) 6 19 83 108
Osaka (Japan) 3 11 82 96
Singapore 3 7 41 51
Macau 3 5 7 15
Seoul (Korea) 2 7 24 33
Shanghai (China) 2 8 37 47
Taipei (Taiwan) 1 6 24 31




migrant workers in Taiwan     https://intlhumanrights.com/TaiwanForeignWorkers.htm

 The yellow card from the E.U. in 2015 eventually prompted Taiwan to make some changes to its fisheries regulation.
But it's far from good enough, Taiwan never wants a real change since then.


world media

foreign laborers abuses

SeaFoodSource, 2020-10-1 Taiwan had largely overlooked the rights of migrant fishers  -   immigrant workers with an average of just 2 to 3 hours sleep. If no fish were caught, they were forced to work up to 34 hours straight
The Green Peace Org., 2022-9-29 Taiwan-caught fish once again on Department of Labor's (DOL) List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor
Green Peace, 2022-4-25 The high seas fishing industry uses cost-cutting and illegal fishing tactics, forced labor, and other human rights abuses to stay profitable. greenpeace.org/international/press-release/53401/nine-indicted-abusing-crew-taiwan-fishing-vessel-dawang/
Taiwan News, 2021-1-4 Only four fishing vessels worldwide on blacklist, all owned by Taiwanese companies
The Guardian, 2022-5-9, (theguardian.com/world/2022/may/09/once-a-zero-covid-poster-child-taiwan-learns-to-live-with-the-virus) Taiwan is now dealing with an “Omicron tsunami”. In factories, migrant workers have once again been discriminated against with unequal rule enforcement and eased restrictions  
Financial Times (UK), 2021-6-22
"It has now become extremely common for employers to lock their migrant workers up... ”
The New York Times, 2021-6-18
In Taiwan, some foreign tech workers are confined indoors to tackle an outbreak; Activists say that the measures discriminate against migrant laborers.
Heritage Org., 2021 Index of Economic Freedom In "Labor Freedom" index, Taiwan ranks No. 91 worldwide
 The Guardian (UK), 2021-5-16


Many foreign laborers from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, entered Taiwan by the name of care-taker but actually illegally worked in these porn parlors in Taipei's Wanhua district,
Brookings, 2021-6-25, brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2021/06/25/taiwans-vitality/  the harsh lockdowns in crowded dormitories of mostly Southeast Asian workers at some technology manufacturing companies have underscored the discrimination that has long been present in Taiwan against peoples of certain nationalities
Business Insider, 2021-5-20 businessinsider.com/taiwan-covid-19-paradise-health-politics-policy-cdc-2021-5 Taiwan ... double standards and stigma still found their way.
Equal Times org., 2021-7-30 (equaltimes.org/taiwan-s-foreign-factory-workers?lang=en#.YQSC6i7iu70) Taiwan’s foreign factory workers face rights violations amid latest Covid outbreak.  “We feel like prisoners. It’s like the company controls every aspect of our lives !"  
US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 2021-3-30 Foreign workers were often reluctant to report employer abuses for fear the employer would terminate their contract
RT TV news (Russia), UDN, 2022-1-24 Two Indonesian migrant laborers got penalty fine in the amount of NY$100,000 (about USD 3,300) for stepping out of their CovID-19 quarantine hotel room for about one minute.






Times Higher Education ,  World University Rank 2023


Rank Taiwan China Korea Hong Kong, Macau Singapore Japan



16   Tsinghua University Beijing


17  Peking University Beijing


51   Fudan University Shanghai

52   Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai

67   Zhejiang University Zhejiang

 56  Seoul National University Seoul



31  University of Hong Kong


45  Chinese University of Hong Kong


58  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


19   National University of Singapore



36   Nanyang Technological University


39  University of Tokyo



68  Kyoto














74   University of Science and Technology of China


95  Nanjing Univ.


78 Yonsei Univ. (Seoul campus)


91  Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Daejeon


79  Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ. 


99 City Univ. of Hong Kong


PS:    National Taiwan University (台灣大學) only got No. 187  (No. 113 in previous year) , number of students per staff  11.4,  female/male  42: 58, int'l students 11%





Chinese and Taiwanese armed forces / BBC, 2022-1-12, source: TrendForce 2021

  China Taiwan
Active duty personnel 2,035,000 163,000
Ground Force 965,000 88,000