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God of Justice







justice cartoon

pic.:  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, 
3-13-2019, 4-20-2018, 3-3-2017

: The justice ministry of Taiwan was insufficiently independent ...


The United Daily,  06-18-2016,   Head page news:
Taiwan's prosecutors admitted that they usually follow their
superior's order to conclude legal cases...





pic.: The Liberty Times,
 head-line news, 3-16-2019:
some decisions the justice made
are far from
people's expectations



United Daily 4-9-2019: Taiwan's 3 presidents majoring in the Laws
and the Legislators should be responsible for
the lousy image of judiciary as well

ps: this cartoon modifies the author's own cartoon
 in the UDN group printed about 25 years ago



  United Daily, editorial, 5-6-2019: Control Yuan should impeach of Taiwanese prosecutors for underprivileged people, not just for their own politicians.

 ◆  Epoch Times, 1-17-2003:   The Control Yuan of Taiwan warned to impeach of Taiwanese prosecutors' abuse of inner conviction
(doctrine of discretional evaluation of evidence) ) since 2003.

The United Daily, 10-23-2018: The independence of Taiwanese  prosecutor's handling legal cases has still been questioned ....












Trump lie detector test








Taiwan state machine



pic.:  Mona Lisa encounters Taiwan state apparatus



pic.: Trump in polygraph test

likes Taiwan prosecutor's inner conviction
(doctrine of discretional evaluation of evidence)  better



ps : The Control Yuan (Dept. of Monitor) warned to impeach
Taiwanese prosecutors' abuse of inner conviction ("not free" beweiswurdigung)






 Justice was raped  !

Taiwan justice is controlled by politics


Taiwan Justice sys. is ruler's tool,

 judiciary is controlled by politics

 - Liberty Times, 6-19-2016

Nearly 80% Taiwanese don't believe

 judges and prosecutors


Nearly 80% Taiwanese are not satisfied

 with gov. measures against corruption

  - Liberty Times 2-23-2016





democracy  vs  DEMOcrazy


Taiwan torture





Torture on Taiwan's own people -

a major difference from what CIA did (ps2)


Professor Lin R.S. was subject to electromagnetic

wave attacks / French AFP, Bangkok Post, 

 Dec. 2011, Yahoo UK & Ireland, etc

















Judicial cartoon







Liberty Times (自由時報)


headline news:


 Taiwan's Prime Minister:



should be








   The Liberty Times,  06-19-2016  UDN, 3-6-2017: Taiwan judicial system has been ruler's political tool, law officers have been controlled by politics
  Taiwan's judiciary still works as a hatchet
man for KMT political party.

《 Liberty Times 》(自由時報》), 6-25-2019:  inconsistent standards result in low public-trust and a very popular term "dinosaur judge" ("恐龍法官") all over Taiwan...






(1) A 5 star hotel chef shouted
"the exit is out there ! the toilet is out there !!"
to a dining customer who didn't ask him where toilet is,
 in the presence of large number of
customers in a 5 star hotel restaurant,
The prosecutor concludes it's not an offense (
crime of public insult, defamation, which is similar to American Laws around libel & slander) .

(2)  The expert examinations failed to tell who spoke those
loud and clear phrases in a video evidence.



(3) the suspect chef's boss can tell his voice, but
Taiwan prosecutor can't find out the truth.

(4) The chef kept sniffing at me, a foreigner proved this.
In Oscar film "Parasite", sniffing is very offensive and can trigger a killing.

(5) "toilet" is a symbol of waste, and stinky, dirty things.


(6) Taiwan isn't a foodie-friendly country, or a civilized country   -  compared with the rules for American's restaurants - ref. to Forbes, 9-3-2012, New York Times, 10-29-2009.





5 star hotel restaurant

see the case in English,   the case in Chinese


pic.: a "VIP" seat in Taiwan's 5 star hotel restaurant - this modifies the author Zola Zu's cartoon in the China Times about 25 years ago








lay the blame to an innocent one


Major crimes fled easily,
The little or innocent took the rap


Taiwan's legislators and judicial system don't have a sense

 of shame on releasing many int'l telecomm scammers

and fraud groups  (United Daily, 8-24-2016 editorial ).


  In the past 8 years, about 100 major crimes escaped

overseas easily and happily (Next magazine, Liberty Times, 12-31-2015),

 including the leader of Legislators, Liu 劉松藩 (apple daily 12-8-2016) ps3




Taiwan fraud : The suspect attempted to commit fraud, is not a crime of <attempted fraud>, concluded by Taiwan's high prosecutors. full details







                    miki mouse cartoon





 ★   political  theatrics   ★  circus  showbiz   ★ 

political oppression/persecution in Taiwan

















 ★   In Taiwanese mind,  the judiciary is as out-of-date as the ancient animals  ★     


in the US, the victim can gun shoot an unwanted intruder (force permissible to home-invaders)

, but in Taiwan, you will be charged by criminal laws if pushing the intruder out  by naked hands

 ... see the case in English, the case in Chinese










                    Taiwan justice






★   pic: Taiwanese judge thinks dizzy, sleepy,  disabled elderly (aged about 90) definitely can stand independently during sleeping time,
the care-giver get her up unstable and soon run away which resulted in the elderly's falling down is not against the laws.
   ps: hospital: medicines may cause dizzy...   click to see the case the case in Chinese















★   pic: The law gives services to the lord



Taiwan fraud (English version)
public insult in Taiwan vs. public insult in Hong Kong : The suspects kept splashing lots of dirt, and the janitor "suspected to be accomplice" having the duty to clean but ignored cleaning it for nearly one year   English version, Chinese version










Has Taiwan been doing something
so base

to its own national(s)
―  treat 'em like enemies
or traitors ??


(state-violence drama - flunkies and opportunists  humiliating or persecuting the innocent targets)

political oppression

public shaming show
sort of "dancing-monkey-parade", dusty old political theatrics

like what happened in world war II, Chinese cultural revolution, and Chinese civil war
(ROC fooled int'l reporters by a fake show of big military victory in Yan 'an starring by fake prisoners of war )

 return in new forms   †


political persecutions cartooon
Public shaming showbiz returns ? ps10
 like those kinds happened in world war II and cultural revolution in chn.   †


left: CIA waterboarding
right: The "suspect" poisons the little by painting a picture of "state enemy" 

 Electrocution  method 2.0
torture, electric shock, electrocution

 freedom of expression is re-defined
"pls. feel free to express(scream) when I  'rape' u !"   †



more readings


ps: UDN 12-20-2016 chief editorial <Be careful the "state violence" ghost camouflaged themselves in new forms >:
New-form state violence never end (brief;  full text


ps 2: We should not let "public trial" by media (being misled by fake news offered by TW prosecutors & police)

happen again / Apple Daily, Opinion, 4-22-2017




pic. The websites group's "Taiwan judicial persecutions"
was ranked No.1 on  Baidu of China, 8-3-2019 











     "Is it progress if a cannibal uses knife and fork?"/ Stanisław Jerzy Lec

 In a State of the Union Address, US President R. Reagan quoted Chinese  philosopher Lao-Tzu's
(<道德經>, <the book of morals & ethics>)
 "Governing a great country is like 'cooking a small fish'"
How did the state machines... do "small fishes" in the past years ??
  political oppression




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