Taiwan judicial system, criticism

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  More case study - legal? political ??



Why almost the entire country does not believe judicial system?   

  see Taiwanese prosecutors by some questionable cases ( exact meanings in Chinese ) .



 Prosecutor/judge WEN TZU-TE


Doctor of Law, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign College of Law,

Prosecutor - Investigate, indict, and litigate mainly cases of corruption, human

trafficking, sexual offenses, bribery, fraud, and domestic violence; Adjunct Lecturer - Specific Provisions of Code of Criminal Law


Brief, Wen's non-prosecutorial disposition concluded:


(1) The household caregiver pulled up a  disabled elderly (aged 92, sleepy, and dizzy by  6 medications each with warning-remark: falling prevention ) from bed in sleeping time, a very early morning, then led the old lady's  stick a step ahead, before the elderly lady's stick touched the floor,  the caregiver immediately turn back and run away, then the dizzy old lady fell down, Prosecutor Wen Tzu-Te thinks the caregiver didn't want of reasonable care, it's neither a negligent conduct nor intentional harm/ willful act.   (The  disabled elderly lady should be responsible for her falling down).