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Danish Cartoon Crisis Opinions, viewpoints, comment

comments Danish Cartoon Crisis


Picture below: comments on Danish Cartoon crisis is ranking No.1 in Yahoo;   Right: 12 cartoons in Danish newspaper;  Left: newspaper in Paris responding to Danish cartoon controversy 

Ranking Yahoo No.1 : this site's comment on Danish Cartoon Crisis

comments : Danish cartoon crisis


Comments on Danish Cartoon Crisis (Controversy)  - both are CNN headlines/ captions :

1.   Danish Cartoons

   Some of 12 controversial cartoons are not quite new.

   For instance, One of the caricatures portrays Muslin eyes covered by a black rectangle, this idea is same as a cartoon appeared earlier in Europe .  
     Another shows the prophet wearing a turban shaped as a bomb with a burning fuse. It's easy to find same idea works, like US political cartoon by D Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star , or European cartoons that turban fuse becomes snake, or mare tail, etc.

2.    Most controversial cartoon

     the most controversial cartoon can be decoded by more than one way, such as Mohammed is a terrorist, or the terrorist endangers Muslim by a bomb ( if so, the terrorist should take the responsibility).


3.       Mock religion cartoon

    In Europe, it's not difficult to find "mock religion" cartoons, below are a few cartoons I bought from large bookstores in Paris, Dutch, and Rome (Roma). 


religion cartoon in Dutch Cartoon Festival, kid girl  check Jesus Christ's dick                    religion cartoon by French, sister check Jesus Christ's dick

Western nations religion cartoons,   Left: Dutch cartoon festival, right: book store in Paris


  religion cartoon by Italia
above: cartoon book in Rome(Roma), Italia (Italy)

      But different religion has different culture and value, it's not necessary to hurt their feelings deeply.


4.       Asian's Courage

      The China Times (among most influential news in Taiwan), mentions on Feb. 9 2006 that Asia countries just feel lucky if they have not been "clean up" in this sort of struggle, they don't dare to stand up and speak straight out for justice or righteousness.....(word-by-word direct translation)
         ps: Most Muslin-people protests 're in southern Asia, and Hong Kong (china)


5.       Free Expression

    political/editorial/satiric cartoon is supposed to fight against bad power, instead of deeply hurting small, peaceful(moderate) people's feelings.


6.       Some Reactions from European cartoonists organisations

 Part of mails:


  Azerbaijan Cartoonists Union

As You know, in some Eurpoean countries the cartoons of Holy Prophet Muhammed have been published. We would like to inform You that as any Muslim and honest person this issue drives all members of our organization into a rage. All of us are very disappointed on this unethical and immoral conduct. Azerbaijan Cartoonists Union express it's strong objection on this event.  

European cartoonts respond to Danish Cartoon Crisis


 Federation of Cartoonists Organisations, German cartoonists organisations

President General of FECO said "Make Humour, Not Make War"!!

an international cartoon contest under the theme of religions ( but not apply humour to Mohammed) will be held , an example is listed as below, if you like to see more please click http://www.fecoweb.org/m_gallery/index.htm .

European cartoonts respond to Danish Cartoon Crisis   


 Iran Cartoon web 

"Art is a notion that pursues beauty. Artists want to see a world that is beautiful, and from this particular perspective, art is in alignment with the divine teachings that promote kindness, compassion, lofty humanistic aspirations as well as spiritual beauty. 

  Iran cartoonts respond to Danish Cartoon Crisis Hussem kazem, Iranian cartoonist's cartoon



  an ukrain artist's veiw-point to Danish Cartoon Crisis (see blow)


East European cartoonts respond to Danish Cartoon Crisis by Oleg Dergachov



 ★ Turkey

  about 12 cartoons together with a letter sent from European artists group 


         European cartoonts respond to Danish Cartoon Crisis

      European cartoonts respond to Danish Cartoon Crisis        European cartoonts respond to Danish Cartoon Crisis

      European cartoonts respond to Danish Cartoon Crisis


The power of cartoons is beyond question. Among its characteristics, leading the society, one of is most powerful nature is being provocative. Those cartons, which were set to the top of the world-actualities, show this
kind of characteristic. 
The cartoons, imaging the prophet Mohammad, first published by Danish newspapers, overtaken from some other European magazines, against some protests, changed world order abruptly. The cartoon, which we used to draw,and accept, whose provocative kind of behaviour we never let attacks the ethical social values, has been standing now in an improper role.
To the cartoons-understanding of our magazines, Don Quichotte? underlies the indefeasibility of the ethical values and the individual freedom. But just these freedoms have limitations and they have to have them.
DQ wants remember once again, that "Cartoon" has to see his role in unifying of cultures and not in disuniting them.

Don Quichotte


a open letter as below sent from

FECO, secretary General

Holland Cartoonists Organisation

Dear Friends
On request I send you my personakl view on the "Danish Situation"
After having interviewed on 12 radiostations, 4 newspapers and two tv stations, it's time to cool down.
This is what I want to say.




Otherwise he would never have created men!


Up till today I have received 733 reactions by e-mail from cartoonists all over the world.

FECO members and non-members writing about their concern.


FREEDOM of speech, FREEDOM of writing and FREEDOM of image is a very important privilege in most Western countries and should be respected.

Of course it is great that the cartoon is back in the world and showed us once again its importance.

The problem is the way it happened?


Discrimination, or hurting on purpose others feelings, is NOT the same as provocation.

A cartoonist may provoke, may ridiculise things, have to point out things, but not inflict deep wounds.

Humor should always be the base and a way of communication.

To communicate you need to understand each other's language!

People in Great Britain seem to have a different sense of humor than people in Japan or Egypt. Cartoonists in Germany draw in a different way than cartoonists in Russia.

Phases in life are cheerfully illustrated in the form of pleasant madness and disguised reality by cartoonists.

Humor is of all times and all countries (we can never say certain people do not have any sense of humor). But then not everywhere do people laugh equally loud or so often. Sometimes one will appreciate the humor of a certain country more when one gets to know more about the specific cultural traditions of its people.


As far as I know there has never been a cartoonist who killed other people with his pen!

Freedom and understanding.

�Drawing the world together� as FECO wants, hopes. Is that still possible?

I am shocked by the reaction and violence in some countries. Based on non-communication and non-understanding (perhaps from both sides) There should not be both sides, just one side!

I am pleased with the non-violent reaction of many Islamic leaders.

I am pleased with the reaction of many FECO members of which some disagree and some agree about the cartoons made by our Danish colleagues. That�s freedom; to agree or disagree. It should NEVER be a reason to end friendship.


We have to communicate, to respect other's opinion, to continue a dialogue, to make cartoons in freedom. NOT to create BLACK-lists with rules and names!

If someone feels offended or discriminated against, there is always the possibility to go to the court?. (that applies to many countries)

Please let�s continue to communicate by making fun, by making jokes about each other without hurting ones feelings on purpose. Of course a cartoonists walks the line, is looking �how far can I go�, has some form of self-censorship; but that�s freedom too.


Be proud to be a cartoonist. However today it seems to be a dangerous profession?


Do not draw the world apart, but draw the world together!


Peter Nieuwendijk

Secretary General FECO