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The chief prosecutor signed and approved the prosecutor closing a criminal suit case without conducting any investigation or searching any evidences.

   ( Bill of complaint - criminal suit case ) a judicial fight against the state machine or some top-ranking officials in the machine now or before


translation in English


Chinese version


Bill of complaint


the accused/defendant: Investigation Bureau (MJIB), National Security Bureau, National Police Agency (police headquarter), the state apparatus


1.   MJIB replied (see DVD) at 8-28-2019 that those cases under investigations are not allowed to go public according to the laws.  However, the accuser's friend in the US informed me about 2 years ago that Taiwan's FBI 'was searching you' (see DVD), this proves the state machine attacked and damaged the victim's(accuser's) reputation even overseas.  Some attorney in Taiwan said that no such "big" case of an ordinary citizen needs to be investigated for so many years ( ps: a number of years ago the accuser had already contacted some units of Taiwan's state machine ),  therefore, this should be a political persecution, instead of an "investigation".


2.  The accuser exposed his own experience of being political persecuted, since 2016 on his websites in both Chinese and English, which have been ranked world No.1 on best search engines in the US, Euro. and even Russia - e.g., US Bing, Google, Yahoo,, Yandex ... (DVD).

 Should those are not facts, Taiwan must have made clarifications to avoid damaging the nation's reputation, instead, Taiwan kept mouth shut about it, which means Taiwan has no intention to fool the world,  everything the websites revealed is true.




被     告 :  調查局國安局警政署國家機器 (  the state apparatus )


據調查局2018年8月28日 覆函(附件DVD),『對偵辦中之案件不得外洩』
告訴人 之美國友人早於約二年前告知『調查局正在查你』(附件DVD),
甚至遠渡重洋攻擊傷害告訴人名譽 據法律專家表示
甚麼大案子要偵辦那麼多年? 可知此非『偵辦』而為『政治迫害』◦ 


告訴人網站 群之自述政治迫害遭遇於2016~2018年發表後
歐洲俄羅斯台灣之最受歡迎搜索引擎US Bing, Google, Yahoo,,
Yandex等,中英文皆排名世界第一 (附件DVD),所述如非事實
,台灣必作澄清,以免影響國譽,台灣 不作澄清,即無欲欺瞞愚弄國際











   The Prosecutor Office issued an official notification document to the accuser that the criminal suit case was closed without conducting investigation and searching evidences.





a translation of the Prosecutor Office's official notification to the accuser



●   The brief of the accuser's petition/complaint is : 


 According to Investigation
 Bureau's reply-document, "No allow leaking any details of those cases
 under investigations", however, your American friend informed you 2 years
earlier that Taiwan's FBI was investigating you, this can prove the state
machine even go overseas to damage your reputation, therefore
this is a "political persecution" etc.


●  We hereby declare, after handling your bill of complaint in accordance
with your major point presented  -  being political persecuted,  
analysis of those or their content shows, obviously, no one
and nothing was/is in connection with crimes, the case was closed.





signature by The Chief Prosecutor