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◆ Guardian (UK), 2022-5-9: Once a zero-Covid poster child, Taiwan learns to live with the virusexperts predict... up to 16,000 dead.   Rules and regulations change almost daily and incrementally. The death of a two-year-old boy last month highlighted communication failures exacerbated by Taiwan’s entrenched bureaucracy.  hospital ...colleagues are understaffed and overworked, there is not enough protective equipment or backup to replace staff who go on leave because they caught the virus...and are still subject to a pandemic ban on health workers leaving the country. theguardian.com/world/2022/may/09/once-a-zero-covid-poster-child-taiwan-learns-to-live-with-the-virus


Telegraph (UK), 2022-5-7: Taiwan faces the daunting prospect of a vertical trajectory of infections that could trigger unprecedented death rates.  


◆ Nikkei Asia (Japan), 2022-5-5: Taiwan's ranking has plunged (down to No.94, behind most countries in Asia & Pacific, e.g., Japan, Korea, Singapore) in the latest edition of Nikkei's COVID-19 Recovery Index as the island transitions from a strict zero-virus strategy to living with the respiratory illness, even as infections surge.  South Korea ranking soars as infections plunge and mobility curbs ease.  newagebd.net, 2022-5-7: The index is maintained by Nikkei, Japan's leading business publication group that includes the Nikkei, Nikkei Asia, and the Financial Times (of London), assessing countries and regions on infection management, vaccine rollouts and social mobility. asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/COVID-19-Recovery-Index/Taiwan-China-tumble-in-Nikkei-COVID-Recovery-Index-amid-outbreaks


◆ New York Times , 2022-5-9: now moving from zero Covid to the path of coexisting with the virus... (1) quarantine requirements for travelers were stifling economic activity (2) Political considerations are also at play...in contrast to the authoritarian Communist Party of China The shift could also be risky for Taiwan's older adults.   brief from  nytimes.com/2022/05/09/world/asia/taiwan-china-covid.html


◆ TIME, 2022-5-5:  Taipei is easing COVID-19 curbs even as its daily cases are rising time.com/6174132/taiwan-covid-strategy/    TIME, 2022-4-16:  Taiwan (Chen) tells TIME that a high vaccination rate, and the availability of rapid testing and antiviral therapies, had to be in place before Taiwan could move away from its de facto zero-COVID policy. (ps: obviously, Taiwan gave up its zero-COVID policy before well preparing enough rapid testing kits (triggered public angers) and probably antiviral therapies such as Paxlovid)


◆ Reuters, 2022-5-1:  Taiwan calls China's COVID lockdowns 'cruel' ;  China said Taiwan's new model of handling the pandemic would lead to many deaths.  news.yahoo.com/taiwan-calls-chinas-covid-lockdowns-022237316.html


◆ CNN (USA), 2022-5-14:  Since the beginning of May, as case numbers spiked, long queues have formed in front of pharmacies across Taipei daily as residents scramble to purchase rapid test kits. Many leave empty handed despite queuing for hours. ..."Right now, there are changes to the rules every day or two," Hsueh said. "It can be really confusing, and it is better to have a plan" edition.cnn.com/2022/05/13/asia/taiwan-reopens-after-ditching-zero-covid-intl-hnk/index.html


◆ Global Times (China), 2022-5-15:  Surge of Omicron cases in Taiwan ‘result of DDP’s political manipulation over anti-epidemic work’, and a relaxed quarantine policy, low vaccination rate There is no rapid screening, and insufficient oral medicine, PCR testing kits, medical care and isolation centers.  How can we live with the virus?" questioned by a netizen from Taiwan.    globaltimes.cn/page/202205/1265691.shtml


◆ Global Times (China), 2022-5-12: Taiwan..."a "poor" student in counter-epidemic tasks "... the island's health authority was never well-prepared in terms of mass screening, quarantine or vaccination.  globaltimes.cn/page/202205/1265507.shtml


◆ Washington Post, 2022-4-29: With an eye on Shanghai's woes, Taiwan moves to live with the virus when asked about implementing a “coexistence” policy, 46.3 percent were against the idea while 45 percent were for it... "now it's suddenly everywhere"... Much like China, Taiwan has been slow to join parts of the world that have given up on trying to stamp out the virus — the island has continued with a strategy of extensive contact tracing, strict border controls and mask mandates to cut off transmission...   washingtonpost.com/world/2022/04/29/taiwan-coronavirus-zero-covid/


pic. AFP, MSN, 2022-5-13:  Taiwan rideshare drivers demand Covid test kits as cases soar.  The island state has the highest rate of daily infection in the world. 


◆ Next shark, Yahoo News, 2022-5-6: Taiwanese man berates Indian man for not wearing a mask (in order to drink his coffee): 'Indian man, black man, get out of Taiwan'.  That Indian man is pursuing charges against a Taiwanese man for “public insult, embarrassment, and verbal abuse. news.yahoo.com/taiwanese-man-berates-indian-man-225854821.html



STATISTA   2022-5-5

Coronavirus (COVID-19) death rate in countries with confirmed deaths
and over 1,000 reported cases as of April 26, 2022, by country
Characteristic (main country in Asia & Pacific) Death rate
Indonesia 2.58
Philippines 1.63
Taiwan 1.39
India 1.21
Saudi Arabia 1.2
Malaysia 0.8
China 0.69
Thailand 0.67
Vietnam 0.41
Japan 0.38
Laos 0.36
UAE 0.26
Mongolia 0.24
Qatar 0.19
S. Korea 0.13
Australia 0.12
Singapore 0.11
New Zealand 0.07
NZ Cook islands 0.02



STATISTA, 2022-4-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) death rate in countries
with confirmed deaths
and over 1,000 reported cases
 as of April 7, 2022, by country


Taiwan's death rate is highest
major countries
in Asia & Pacific

country Death rate(%) Confirmed cases number of deaths
Taiwan* 3.38 25,225 853
Indonesia 2.58 6,026,324 155,464
Sri Lanka 2.49 662,342 16,486
Cambodia 2.25 135,834 3,055
Pakistan 1.99 1,526,093 30,361
Philippines 1.61 3,680,244 59,422
Bangladesh 1.49 1,951,903 29,123
India 1.21 43,031,958 521,530
Saudi Arabia 1.2 751,404 9,053
China 0.88 1,495,380 13,098
Malaysia 0.82 4,280,591 35,192
Thailand 0.68 3,807,908 25,788
Vietnam 0.43 9,980,464 42,712
Japan 0.42 6,830,997 28,462
Laos 0.36 188,985 684
Australia 0.13 4,910,819 6,495
South Korea 0.12 14,778,405 18,381
Singapore 0.11 1,123,886 1,287
New Zealand 0.06 741,987 426
statista.com/statistics/1105914/coronavirus-death-rates-worldwide/   2022-4-19



Oral antiviral pills for CovID

Taiwan has bad record in 2021 Applications for Remdesivir (expensive drug) were often rejected or delayed which caused CovID patients' deaths.
Now, similar things happen/occur again ?

USA Taiwan
CNBC, 2022-3-1: President Joe Biden said Americans will be able to get Covid antiviral pills (Paxlovid or Merck's molnupiravir) for free if they test positive at a pharmacy.
China Times, CTV news, 2022-4-27: oral antiviral pills imported for CovID are insufficient.