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老鼠永遠躲在地底? 抓他們出來好嗎?

(Washington Post, 7-22-2020):中共20191月已經向台灣發出

台灣還有甚麼黑箱呢? 尤其是人權,「 國家機器是否隱藏詭惡 無行,未被揭露?? 網站群,中英文評論台灣排名國際第一遍傳百國,公正可信為官喉舌能 及;專抓戕傷人權的東廠」 爪牙及頭子,並向全球媒體研究機構 大放送。無論背景官階多高,隔日見真章

為加速台灣改革除惡務盡,請仗義「直」言 ,如知悉 羶犬奸吏 、行Orwellian式恐怖、散播耳語(常備幌子,藉口)妖魔化攻擊特定對象...請惠提供 具體合法證據  (直白免誤譯)


法國主流媒體le monde diplomatic將台灣畫成發抖躲貓的耗子本網站已取得刊載版權(密警察」 是真正的老鼠或老鼠基因的貓 ,希望您一本民主自由精神,說大人則藐之,推他們"暗投" ! 



本survey各版本從約15年前起公開發送 (芝麻大廈於2010年首次)




IPF 國際記者                                      



Get the rats out of 'underground '?


Washington Post, 7-22-2020:  'in January 2019, Xi offered an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for unification talks or face annexation by force...' .  Our compatriots or patriots seem still to be kept on the dark  ?

Any other "black box"  operations,  particularly about human rights issues out there?  Has the state apparatus hidden any evildoings not being surfaced yet ? sites-group has been ranked top on best search engines across Euro., US, Russia, Asia and Taiwan by keywords like "comment Taiwan", " 評論台灣", etc over the years, certainly deserves your trust more than some sort of propaganda.  Any secret police infringing human rights or violating UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the target to be disclosed for all famous institutes in the entire world.


If you knew or experienced any Orwellian terror, such as spreading gossips to attack or public insult certain people on political purpose, etc, pls. provide with hard proof (straightforward voice to avoid any translation errors) for matter of record and further studies.


French main-stream media le monde diplomatic depicted Taiwan as a trembling rat.  In my view, the secret police are truly rats or rats in cat's clothing, looking forward to your democratic response, for a better Taiwan tomorrow.


Thanks for your time.