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     UN for Taiwan」slogan on mails,will reach the whole world  。


UN for Taiwan, Peace Forever : Slogan comments views         Taiwan joins UN slogan, same grammar error design as Apple's slogan error?

                   slogan for Taiwan to join UN;         Apple computer slogan

Recently, almost all comments in Taiwan's media focus on slogan's English grammar errors.   Some said foreigners don't get "UN for Taiwan", some others said it is a clean-up slogan, can also be interpreted as "UN supports for Taiwan".

However, This site thinks it should be viewed in advertising-design angle.

(1)  This site believes the slogan  "UN membership for Taiwan" becomes "UN for Taiwan", is because Taiwan wants a parallelism structure: "UN for Taiwan, Peace Forever", which sounds better, looks better, and can be memorable for good rhetorical words.

However, slogan needs to be smart, more than being clever.  i.e., Campbell's "Soup is a good food", all monosyllables, not witty, but is a durable and very effective slogan.    Witty but empty slogan is forgettable.

Famous slogans like "Energy for a strong America" (Exxon), "Fuel for Soul" (Pontiac), "Partnership for a drug free America", don't use  parallelism structure.   Besides, ad book suggests slogans don't include the product name.

(2) Slogan is miniature sales arguments.

In this campaign, "Taiwan becomes a member of UN" is the product, "Peace forever" is its benefits (to Taiwan or to the world), however, the product name "UN for Taiwan" is vague to "consumers", the reason "Peace forever" is doubtful, or unpersuasive.  Most wars occur in UN members, and.. What's forever? 

(3)  Some  advertisements are widely-known for their grammar "errors", i.e., "Apple computer's slogan "Think Different" (some ad book, like Indiana State U's ad book criticized its adj.-verb grammar ), and "Winston taste good, like it should" in 1954, "should" is supposed to be "as".   Actually, many grammar-errors ads are designed on purpose (English teachers despise these ad works).

Taiwan's media have already made "UN for Taiwan"  slogan very hot in Taiwan by too many discussions/comments on its grammar errors.

(4)  If the slogan prays for world's conscience, or tries to provoke human's need: nurturance, it won't work well because the logo "The ball is in my hand" or "The earth is in my hand" is too haughty.    The slogan can be interpreted in several ways, but the target readers (American, Euro) probably won't waste time on decoding that.     i.e., no western people will decode "Peace Forever" as "Swiss" or "be independent" etc.

The logo and the major advertisement (SOS whale ) seems .... designed for domestic and overseas, respectively.   Now,  the slogan is employed as ad headline, and will be mailed to the whole world, problem may occurs.  




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