Taiwan's Advertisements for joining United Nations    
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   "Taiwan joins UN" ad., comments on new world map    


   " Mapped Taiwan by real size" ,Taiwan - UN advertisement, Chinese language edition 

Japan's real size

Japan's real size on earth        

s              Japan's real size on earth, designed in Germany (appeared earlier)

Taiwan's real size


   New   world   map


Taiwan's real size on earth, Taiwan ad to persuade Taiwanese to join the UN

         Each countries' real size, count by GDP, by Taiwan government

Visual design

 Taiwan government's new advertisement was just published yesterday in whole-page size in Taiwan major newspapers.   The visual part is to map Taiwan on real size count by GDP, Taiwan is not small comparative to all other countries' size on earth .  

This ad probably provides with one more evidence that Taiwan is very short in creativity design, or Taiwan is capable of creativity design but is short of design knowledge. (same idea as Japan's real sized design)

Taiwan government spent huge money on "To join UN" advertisements,  trying to tell the whole world that Taiwan is a "vital life",  "unlimited creative", however, the advertisement itself said something reversal.   Details pls.  read Taiwan joins UN advertisement.

Now, the new advertisement shows Taiwan's strong economy by GDP statistics, but poor creativity remains the same.  

  Copywriting design

The Chinese language edition advertisement text displays Taiwan's major merits, by no.18 GDP and other statistics , it may be very encouraging,  persuasive (according to Advertising design principle) to Taiwanese that Taiwan deserves a good seat in the world.

Besides, Taiwanese learnt from this benefit-based, feelings-associated, comparative ad, that so many benefits out there if becoming a member of the United Nations.    This advertisement is supposed to be effective to many people in Taiwan.

However, it is a one-sided ad., usually one-sided messages work better for supporters, two-sided ads are more credible.  Many Taiwanese may have questions now: any shortcoming in this solution? what's the cost must pay for it ? how bad is it?   if there's no possibility to enter the UN (in 2007's UN conference , too many UN members and big nations disagree at this issue), why's the ad. made for?   only to let people feel hopelessly frustrated .... ? 

ps: The representative of USA in Taiwan said that (Nov. 9, '07) some poll like "do you like to join the UN" is called "apple-pie referendum" in the United States, because nobody will disagree about it, however, the situation will be different if changing another theme in the poll.  




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