criminal trespass in Taiwan home invasion,
intruder on private property , damage to property,  burglary, in Taiwan  
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Taiwan judges and prosecutors  brief intro. & news   

(1)  Rotten, corruption, cheatings 

     Formosa TV News, 1-19-2021:  Taiwan's biggest judicial (rotten) scandal of the century, it's an international joke !
     ★ Apple Daily, editorial, 1-19-2021: T
he rotten and stinky judiciary shakes the county to the core.  Too many big guys (chief prosecutors, grand justice, president of Supreme Admin. Court, etc) engaged the rotten case to be punished.  200+ involved 40 punished, the horrible darkness is ahead if not to investigate the top level.  How big is the iceberg undersea ?? ( root it out !)      
China Times, editorial, 1-19-2021: Taiwan justice system crashes.  Law officials fawn on the richness and yield to the power.   China Times, 1-23-2021: The legal system became a crime structure in which officials cover each other.   
Liberty Times, 1-21-2021: 
Taiwan's legal machine was already a chunk of meat for "interest group" 's exclusive domain, even Control Yuan took the role of "body guard " ! 金筊m

(2)   political tools
USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices at 3-11-2020: Some political commentators and academics,  publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high profile, politically sensitive cases.  Judicial reform advocates pressed for greater public accountability, reforms of the personnel system, and other procedural improvements.
USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices at 3-13-2019 and 4-20-2018 both pointed out that Taiwan's justice ministry was insufficiently independent and conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians

(3)   dogs

The United Daily,  06-18-2016,   Head page news:  Taiwan's prosecutors usually conclude legal cases at behest of their superiors ... " He is bigger than I am, what can I say??"


(4)   abusing beweiswurdigung (free evaluation of evidence through inner conviction)

The Control Yuan of Taiwan warned to impeach of Taiwanese prosecutors' abuse of inner conviction (beweiswurdigung, doctrine of discretional evaluation of evidence) since 2003. (Epoch Times, 1-17-2003)

China Times,  1-19-2021: Taiwan judicial system abuses free evaluation of evidence thru inner conviction on Sun-Flower event. (太陽花學運判決提供了解答線索:判決理由荒唐無稽,隨風搖擺,喜惡由心,毫不可測)。  


Taiwan judiciary - full text     Taiwan prosecutors - full text


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