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Taiwan judicial systems -  political tools

  Country Reports on Human Rights Practices  - Taiwan , 2024-4-22  state.gov/reports/2023-country-reports-on-human-rights-practices/taiwan/  : Some political commentators and academics, however, publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high profile, politically sensitive cases.
  TIME, 2023-11-20:  the government's judicial reform website hasn't been updated since 2020. “Does that mean the government didn't do anything or just doesn't care about this topic?” asked the spokesman for a lawyer's group pointedly.  time.com/6336441/taiwan-presidental-election-william-lai-profile/

  The Guardian, 2024-1-7: Taiwan bracesfor "big deal" presidential election ...There are also Care for children and the elderly, corruption, judicial reform, education and rights for minorities are also immediate concern.

  TaiwanPlus ,  2024-4-19:  Judge's Suicide Inspires 'White Flower' Judicial Reform Movement in Taiwan.  taiwanplus.com/news/taiwan-news/labor-affairs/240419006/judges-suicide-inspires-white-flower-judicial-reform-movement-in-taiwan

  TaiwanPlus, 2023-3-6
Taiwan Poll Finds Widespread Public Mistrust of Prosecutors; A poll has found that 85% of people in Taiwan think public prosecutors can be subject to political-influence More than half responded they were unsatisfied with recent judicial reforms, and a majority said they believed prosecutors engage in corruption behaviour when handling cases ...




   United Daily, 2024-5-18: After taking the power, Tsai made judiciary governor's tool by comprehensive control techniques.  Tsai's three key policies - 1.  to nominate justices with similar ideologies  2.  to abolish the Special Investigation Division (SPD) that specializes in dealing with major corrupt officials  3.  to fully intervene in the personnel transfer of prosecutors and police.  Being vassals of the ruling party,  the law enforcement gov. have targeted those  (including ordinary people) who criticize policies or dissent.   Furthermore, various factions of the ruling party have tried to control the personnel policy of the prosecution, the investigation and police, and politically intervened heavily in legal cases.   udn.com/news/story/7338/7971836?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

   United Daily, 2024-5-13: The independent judiciary has been reduced to a "  vassal " of the DPP party-state the prosecution and investigation examined which party nominal-parties are before handling cases.  

   United Daily, 2024-2-25: Tsai Ing-wen in 70th anniversary of International Asso. Judges meeting stated that the pursuit of human rights is never ending, Taiwan is working tirelessly to achieve the highest international standards of judicial independence and human rights protections.  However, to say a beautiful slogan is one thing to do is another.  Taiwan government fails in judicial reform !  brief udn.com/news/story/11091/7790040?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

  United Daily, 2023-7-18: Many judgments or conclusions follow directions from the ruling party  udn.com/news/story/7338/7307107?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub7338_pulldownmenu_v2

  China Times, 2023-7-30 : Taiwan vice president Lai Ching-te says there is a long long way to go before the legal reform satisfying the public.  In 2019, Mr. Lai said the legal reform will be half way done if we can eliminate rotten and illegal judges and prosecutors.  chinatimes.com/opinion/20230730002752-262101?chdtv

  United Daily, 2023-7-17: Tens of thousands joined a protest in Taipei, their main demand was to express dissatisfaction with judiciary and housing price. the KMT's Hou You-yi says judicial reform is an empty shell, Terry Guo says both policy are "bad checks", Dr. Ko Wen-je of Taiwan People's Party says the public do not trust our legal system.  udn.com/news/story/123619/7304940?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub123619_pulldownmenu_v2
  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  2021-3-30: the authorities generally respected judicial independence and impartiality. Some political commentators and academics, however, publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high profile, politically sensitive cases.

USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices at 3-11-2020: Some political commentators and academics,  publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high profile, politically sensitive cases.  Judicial reform advocates pressed for greater public accountability, reforms of the personnel system, and other procedural improvements.
USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices at 3-13-2019 and 4-20-2018 both pointed out that Taiwan's justice ministry was insufficiently independent and conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians. 

 Taiwanese prosecutor said a dizzy, sleepy, disabled elderly lady (my mom aged about 90, having hospital's medicines which may cause dizzy) can stand independently during sleeping time at midnight , and the care-giver getting her up unstable and immediately running away which resulted in the elder's falling down is not against the laws.
the case in English ,  in Chinese



 In the US, the house-owner victim has full right to gun shoot an unwanted dangerous intruder (force permissible to home-invaders) , but in Taiwan, you will be charged by criminal laws if pushing the intruder out  by naked hands. ... see


case in English,,  in Chinese




  The chef kept sniffing at me, a foreigner proved this. In Oscar film "Parasite", sniffing is very offensive and can trigger a killing.

A chef shouted "the exit is out there ! the toilet is out there !!" to me (didn't ask him) in the presence of large number of customers in a 5 star hotel restaurant, but the prosecutor said it's not an offense (crime of public insult, defamation, which is similar to American Laws around libel & slander case in English ,   in Chinese




  The accused, a server of Taiwan's 5 star hotel restaurant, repeatedly sniffed loudly at two customers (my families) in public.
ictionary of Oxford, Cambridge,  Collins: "sniff at " expresses contempt; and a world famous American brand 5 star hotel should well train its servers not to do this.  Therefore, it should be an intentional offense  (crime of defamation or public insult).    Furthermore,  this case, most likely, is part of an accomplice structure, systematic crimes, political oppressions upon me because it has happened a lot of places else.  Ignoring witness testament (testify the crime) and other evidences, not summoning the defendant to the court, the chief prosecutor and two prosecutors concluded the criminal case "not to be prosecuted" merely by looking at the defendant's one second "smile" on the DVD.
 in English,   in Chinese



  public insult in Taiwan vs. public insult in Hong Kong : The suspects kept splashing lots of dirt at front of my home, and the janitor "suspected to be accomplice" having the duty to clean it but ignored cleaning it for nearly one year.  Taiwan prosecutor jumps to close the case (簽結) without entering investigation process.
in English in Chinese




  The accused wants to borrow money from me, in the "IOU" she wrote " brought $2000 for my boss"  instead of "borrow $2000 from my boss" by not-clear-enough handwriting, therefore I was fooled in the first place . 

the accused's mother language is English, and graduated from senior high school, she suppose not make this error, and it should be a  clever trick planned in advance to make creditor to be debtor.

The suspect attempted to commit fraud, but Taiwan prosecutor said it is not a <attempted fraud>, nor a fraud.

in Englishin Chinese



Ignoring warnings, the unwanted intruder repeated criminal trespassing into sleeping place and took something in sleeping time.  But the chief prosecutor concluded it not a crime of home invasion (or criminal trespassing), and burglary.    A simple case takes nearly 2 years to make such a conclusion !


The foreign laborer stuffed lots of fish-bones and skins etc down into pipe line in the sink, then the air condition was not working.  The chief prosecutor says it is not a crime of "damage to property" or "criminal mischief" !   in English in Chinese  





  The Taiwan state machine was accused as "political persecution" by me with proofs (American friend says Taiwan FBI is investigating me, my "political persecution in Taiwan " has been ranked top on all world best search engines for years, but the government fails to respond that, etc ).
  Taiwan prosecutor jumped to an end "nothing to do with crime" without conducting any investigations.  The history might tell Taiwan is a big liar.



  and others coming soon





Horrible legal systems in Taiwan





 pic. right: No.1 "Taiwan judicial persecution" on Bing, 2024-1-9, 2021-5-10, 2020-11-20; No.1 "Taiwan judicial persecution" on Yandex, Swisscows, 2024-1-9;  pic. left: No.1 "Taiwan judicial persecution" on US Google, 2021-5-10, 2020-11-20;



pic: This websites group was ranked No.1 on Microsoft  Bing by "Taiwan judiciary" , 2024-1-9, 1-8-2021 ; No.2 at 2021-5-10


pic. : No.1 "Taiwan judiciary" on Yandex Russia, 2024-1-9, 2023-12-4, 2023-11-21, 2023-5-28 , 2022-3-24, 2022-1-12, 2021-9-13; No.2 at 2023-7-17


No.2 "Taiwan judiciary" on Swisscows of Switzerland, 2024-1-9, 2023-6-22




pic: This websites group was ranked No.1 on Microsoft  Bing by "Taiwan judiciary" , 2024-1-8,  11-11-2020, 9-5-2020








Trump in polygraph test (Trump Russia tie)






Mona Lisa in danger

pic.: Mona Lisa encounters Taiwan state apparatus



pic.: Trump in polygraph test

likes Taiwan prosecutor's inner conviction which only takes one second
to conclude a suit case



ps : The Control Yuan (Dept. of Monitor) warned to impeach
Taiwanese prosecutors' abuse of inner conviction (
doctrine of discretional evaluation of evidence;  "not free" beweiswurdigung)





Taiwan "judicial Independence" was ranked No. 13 among Asia & Pacific countries

  WEF (World Economic Forum)  Judicial independence 2019 rankings ,  The Global Competitiveness Report
Asian country rankings No.1 New Zealand  89.2(score)  2(world rank),  No.2 Japan  86.5  5,  No.3  Hong Kong  84.1  8, No.4  Australia  82.9  10,  No.5  Singapore  77.4  14,
 No.6  Saudi Arabia  77.1  16,  No. 7  UAE  75.4  20,  No.8  Qatar  73.3  23,  No.9   US  70.4  25,  No.10  Jordan  69,  No. 11  Malaysia  68.7,  No. 12 Kuwait  59.5 , No.13  Taiwan 59.4 ,  No. 14 China 58.2
link www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_TheGlobalCompetitivenessReport2019.pdf
ps WEF Judicial independence 2017/2018 rankings : China's rank was better than Taiwan's, both are at about same level



pic.: No.1 "Taiwan prosecutors" on US Yahoo, 2021-5-11   



pic.: No.1 " prosecutors in Taiwan " on US Bing, 2021-5-11



 pic. : No.1 "prosecutors in Taiwan " on Bing, 11-20-2020 


                                                                                                              pic. : No.1 "Taiwan judiciary" on Yandex of Russia, 11-20-2020, 2-28-2018 
 pic. left: No.1 "prosecutors in Taiwan" on Yahoo, 11-20-2020, pic. right: No.1 "Taiwan judiciary" on Yandex of Russia, 11-20-2020, 2-28-2018 


 pic. : No.1 "Taiwan judiciary" on Yahoo search engine, 11-20-2020, 10-3-2018 


pic. : No.1 "Taiwan judiciary" on Bing, 11-20-2020, 9-5-2020


 pic. left: No.1 "Taiwan judicial system" on Bing, 11-20-2020; pic. right:No.1 "Taiwan judicial system" on Bing, 11-20-2020 




 pic. : No.1 "Taiwan judicial persecution" on US Yahoo, 11-20-2020