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Taipei 101 -  a building without inner & outer beauty ... ?!     



  1. Outer Beauty

Taipei 101's ranking world No.1 highest construction cost (about USD 176 billion) business/office building by Global Property Guide on April 26, 2011. 

Taipei 101's selected as one among "Ugly Skyscrapers around the world" by The Huffington Post on Sept. 17, 2012.  Some think it looks like a stack of  Chinese food take-out boxes. (Wikipedia:  In July 2012, The Huffington Post was ranked #1 on the 15 Most Popular Political Sites list by eBizMBA Rank.)

Taipei 101 just like the Taiwan Pavilion in Expo. Shanghai, designed by same architect C.Y. Lee(李祖原), a Princeton-educated Taiwanese, appeal little applause.   In contrast, with same construction costs (NT$1,000,000,000 or USD 3 billion) and same land space, the U.K. Pavilion in EXPO., a sea urchin shaped <Seed Cathedral>, is one of the most popular design sites in EXPO. for its "aesthetical & creative astonishment".

Taipei 101, the landmark and an icon of Taiwan, looks plain, ordinary, simple, boring, rough, even ugly.   Taipei 101's aesthetics elements (like gradation, repetition, texture, shape, rhythm, etc) mix is obviously much worse than Malaysia's twin towers or Shanghai's Grand Hyatt.

Too many Taiwanese design works in many fields like advertising, visual designs, architectures, etc, are cheap copy or cliche or simulated stuffs, Taipei 101 at least is an original work, it simply copied and produced a new variation from a bamboo tree.

 Contrast the shape

 'money is stinky, but I like it !'


which one better mixes aesthetics elements like gradation, repetition, texture, shape, rhythm, etc ??

Obviously, Taipei 101 tower is the worst.

Taipei 101

Hyatt Shanghai

Malaysia's twin towers


Taipei 101 emblem/logo -
3 ancient Chinese coins money

 ancient Chinese-coin designed window,
 looks bit rough, not fine texture, not exquisite architecture details

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  2. Inner Beauty

Taipei 101 is a modern skyscraper, but full of out-of-time way of thinking or "superstition mind" there e.g., many figures of ruyi (an ancient talisman to protect people from evils ) and money (ancient coins) appear throughout Taipei 101 as a design motif, Mr. C. Y. Lee expressed it's because Taiwanese want a "peace of mind", in fact, more than that, Taiwanese like lots of money and shades by lucks.  In  TVBS  (July 11, 2015  8:00pm~), Mr. C. Y. Lee also explained, Westerners think highly of the "shape", so their architectures look varies or/and outstanding, but the Chinese people think highly of the "spirits", so he designed, e.g.,  "888..." to symbolize "Getting rich"...
 C.Y.Lee's another coin-money building, FangYuan Building,  also was selected as the ugliest building. (

Another thing maybe is much uglier than Taiwanese superstition  ―  In recent years, famous organizations and clean surveys gave Taiwanese government bad or 'F" scores on its human rights records.

Has Taipei 101 paid attentions to Taiwanese or tourists' privacy?  or Taiwanese intelligence units always choose wrong targets for their security mission? 

In today's morning around 10:45 am, my OFF-status cell phone was switched to ON-status "by itself" when I was shopping in Taipei 101 supermarket.  If latest tech. can remotely do this, it's one more bad human-rights record in Taiwan.

I already wrote to Taipei 101 (AS BELOW) and await their reply. 

Oct. 26, 2014 

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email to: Taipei 101
  In the morning around 10:45 am, my OFF-status cell phone was automatically switched to ON-status when I (wearing red shirt & black sports pant) was shopping cheese/vegetables etc in Taipei 101 supermarket.  If latest tech. can remotely do this, it's one more bad human-rights record in Taiwan.

I learnt that Taipei 101 is actually managed by a company based in Chicago, USA.

I also learnt that American core value is straight-forward and courage heart, NOT under table, or yellow chicken way.

So, please look into this case, and find out who, if any, was/were doing those dirty jobs.  I hope Taiwan's policemen/intelligence have not stolen your management position this morning.  According to Taiwan's major media (full text, in Eng or Chn ), Taiwanese police's social status is lower and lower,  according to well-known local surveys (full text, in Eng or Chn), Taiwan got "F" and lousy scores on its human rights status. 

I will bring a legal case against those evil guys in the shadow and show their names on my websites - ranking world top (details) 3 concerning "human rights in Taiwan" , actually, this email to you already was displayed on world no.1 web-page concerning "Taiwanese privacy" (details pls. click, in Chn or Eng).  Your reply will be attached to that web-page.

Looking forward to receiving your reply very soon.



Taipei 101 reply (10.27.2014)

Dear Mr. (omitted)

We are sorry for the unpleasant experience you had in Taipei 101,
however, you may rest your assured that your personal privacy is well-secured while shopping in Taipei 101, and we highly recommend you to contact your mobile service provider or telecom company for further information about the situation of your gadget.

Thank you for writing to us again.
We look forward your next visit to Taipei in the near future.

Best Regards,

 TAIPEI 101 Mall, Customer Service Dept.

台北101購物中心 顧客服務部

(omitted below)



ps:   Sumsung/  tests already done by Nov. 15, 2014  ―  tests result : the cell phone is OK, testing number is T11307443
  Taiwan Mobile (comm. sys. service provider-company) : "... we can not manipulate and turn on users' phone by system interface ..." (Chinese version:  經確認,因台灣大哥大電信僅提供通訊系統服務,無法透過系統介面操控使用者之設備自動開啟,...) - Nov. 24, 2014.


  3. products

            In 2011, I bought a Swiss Longines watch in FormosaTimes (寶島) chain store in Ba-Da Road, costing me a few thousands NT dollars less than that in Taipei 101.   My Omega watch in Taipei 101 costs about NT10,000 more than the price of the int'l store that I bought.  You may find some exclusive products in Taipei 101, but some items, like imported avocados, cost you less in other markets.    In middle of Sept. 2015, I bought German's Viola Basis-Musli (Basic Muesli) which can't be found in SOGO ZhongXia pavilion.

Chinese version for precise meanings




ps pic.,

PS: Apple Daily 10-30-2014 , "Hypocrites' Taipei 101 Tower"    (偽善者們的「101」by Mr. 王尚智)

...Taipei 101 always is the 1st choice stage that all Taiwanese hypocrites want to have, for free parking, for signing a bill, for special arrangement a job for their own men (rewarding service), even for a light show by using the tower's glass curtain wall to do some social activities / public relations between Taiwan and communist China, etc, The majority of those hypocrites are Taiwan's legislators, elected representatives, members of the city council, secondly, influential officials and rich businessmen, thirdly, Taiwanese government including Taipei City Hall (government) all like to employee some site-spaces and equipments on purpose by using their all kinds of glorified excuses...  How can Taipei 101 new official - general managers handle so many "demands" arriving one rapidly followed another ? ( Chinese version: 台北101一向是全台灣所有「偽善者」們最眼紅的舞台!由於大樓包含「官股」持有,因此舉凡各種想要到101大樓「免費停車、安插人事、代訂餐廳、消費簽單、借地點辦活動」,甚至肖想利用大樓外觀燈光秀「大搞人脈公關」;各種八方來的關說,平日死命透過各種管道,就想鑽進101! 之所以說是「偽善者」,因為那些想要染指的意圖,總會「找些冠冕堂皇的理由」!其中不出所料,「立委民代」的各種說法與折騰最多;「權貴富商」們,則最想利用大樓燈光秀來搞些兩岸交際目的;此外則是以台北市政府在內的「政府機關」最愛找各種名義想徵用101的場地設備。 ...  官股...將要如何面對一波波官商即將蜂擁而至的「偽善者們的要求」?full text ref. to