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The SUN, 2023-12-25: according to US National Academy of Sciences, taking the window seat on a flight can significantly reduce your exposure to airborne germs, sitting in aisle seats interacted with around 64 individuals on average during a flight, compared to only 12 for those by the window.  HEPA filters channel air up the sides of the cabin and down towards the aisle, which means that window-seat passengers are the first to receive this filtered air.  window-seat passengers are less likely to contact with crew members and move around the cabin, but staying seated for too long could contract other health issues, such as deep-vein thrombosis.  Wear a mask, and keep the overhead air vent is on.   ref to Daily Mail, 2018-3-20: About 80 percent of people sitting on the aisle moved at least once during their flights, compared with 62 percent in middle seats and 43 percent in window seats.

BBC, 2022-3-21: Chinese airlines generally have a good safety record - the last major accident took place 12 years ago. ☉Telegraph (UK), 2021-9-10: People think pilots are murderers because we brought back the virus’: Taiwan's Covid scapegoats‘Imprisoned’ by quarantine and isolated from their families, flight crews have become social pariahs...may be ... bullied to the point of doing fatal mistakes   Taiwan News, 2022-3-26: Taiwan's EVA Air to appeal rejection of strike compensation demand; Airline was demanding NT$34 million. Guardian, 12-22-2020 : EVA air Pilot blamed for Taiwan's first local Covid transmission since April...  BBC 1-2-2020, CNN 1-3-2020: Taiwan army chief dead among 8 in Black Hawk helicopter crash; Wikipedia: a F5E fighter crashed at 2020-10-29  ; a F16 fighter disappeared at 2020-11-27  ; a F5 crashed at 2021-3-22 ; a F16V crashed at 2022-1-11;  UDN(聯合報),1-3-2019 headline news: The most serious army-generals air accident in army history (國軍史上最嚴重將領空難); Apple Daily (蘋果日報), 1-3-2019 headline news: High ranking generals of army dead in most serious air accident in army history, 8 dead 5 wounded (參謀總長殉職 國軍高階將領最嚴重空難, 黑鷹載6將軍,  8死5傷)      read more:  transportation   




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National Geographic, 1-25-2020:
TransAsia crash review found: almost all pilots in a simulation didn't follow standard operation procedure, pilot heavy work, and some problems in TW gov. CAA (Civil Aero Admin.) , Air Force. 

Apple Daily, editorial opinion, 10-11-2019:

What a shame of Taiwan's aviation safety
records in the past, some major
crash-accidents already became
 teaching materials for world aviation field and programs of world famous TV channels ...


Recently, Taiwan airport ground staffs made mistakes repeatedly,  two collision-incidents within 3 days, six collision-incidents were
happened till present in 2019, resulting in Japan Airlines, Emirates etc airplanes'
damage, the number and percentage of incidents
are larger than those of global standard.


politics out ! experts in !!
is that so difficult ??   (brief)




MSN, Reuters, EuroNews, Mirro(UK), NewsWeek, CNN, etc (Feb. 4, 2015) :Taiwan has had a poor aviation safety record in recent years, including the disintegration of a China Airlines (2610.TW) 747 on a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong in 2002, killing 225.  <USA Today>: "they (Asia's aviation safety) are 10 or 20 years behind ".  <Fox News>: According to the International Air Transport Association - fatal crashes between 2009 and 2013 occurred Asia 18%, North America 13%, Euro 3%.  Asia is less safe due to “less advanced” regulatory policies and more inexperienced pilots.


Taiwan, ROC

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EVA air accidents/incidents/news

   n  Jun. 10, 2023  ―  Eva Air collided with Thai. Air in Japan's airport.
   n  July 14, 2016  ―   Taiwan's Apple Daily (7-20-2016) reported EVA 747-400 Seattle to TaoYuan (Taiwan) flight BR25 heavy landing resulted in dropping a piece of ceiling and light equipments.
   n  July 24, 2013 ―   According to <The Aviation Herald> and Taiwan's Apple Daily, an EVA air (BR 28, B777-300) from Taiwan to S.F. USA flied with abnormal height (only about half of normal height ) so as to go around upon San Francisco airport's request/inform.  Experts worried Korean's airline crash may happen again... 

   n  Sept. 13, 2012  ―   An EVA air flight out of running-way in Taipei airport. (年代 evening news, etc)

   n  May 25, 2012 ―   An EVA air flight in Japan cancelled taking off because of abnormal plane-body.  (東森 afternoon news 18:15pm)

   n  March 25, 2012  ―   Taiwan's CTV evening news (about 7:06pm 3/25/2012) reported that an EVA air  from Taiwan to Shanghai returned for suspected abnormal cabin-pressure 30 minutes after taking off, this scared 357 passengers.  Some passengers told CTV that they don't believe EVA's explanation ―   it's because pilot pushed a wrong button.  Apple Daily News(3/26/2012)reported EVA air BR-702 found some abnormal cabin-pressure signals, so dropped all Oxygen masks ( this made 364 passengers scary ), then safely returned Taiwan.

   n  Jan. 30, 2012  ―   An EVA air (BR712,  TaoYuan, Taiwan to Shanghai, China) was hit by a jetway (passenger bridge) in Taiwan's Taoyuan int'l airport.

   n  July 24, 2011 ―   An EVA air (BR807, MD-90, Taiwan, TaoYuan to Macau) engine smoked but don't let passengers escape immediately, ( according to CTV evening news about 7:08pm ) CTI evening news reported 15 passengers wounded, every passenger got NT200 (about USD6).    Apple Daily (7.25) reported every one got NT2200.
ps:  It's an EVA's UNI air, but as far as I remember for many years EVA air flies Macau, Hong Kong and int'l countries, UNI air  (low end of EVA air) was for local trip.

   n  Dec. 30, 2010 ―   An EVA air ( A330-200 BR-61, Bangkok to Vienna ) made a forced landing in Ukraine for abnormal cabin pressure.   ( the Liberty Times 4/21/2012:  Air Bus 330's design problem )

   n   On 9:50pm Sept. 2, 2010, an EVA air (BR701 Boeing 747-400) with 284 passengers had 3 tires blow-out ( flat-tires ) while landing Taiwan.

   n   On May 9, 2010, an EVA air A330-200 hit a jet-way in Taiwan's international airport, caused equipment's damage, no one wounded.  

   n  an EVA airplane (BR 255) from Taipei, Taiwan to Indonesia on June 2008 encountered clear-air turbulence , suddenly went up 300 feet, then down 500-600 feet,  passengers screamed and cried, Juice and wine made a mess of all passengers' dress, the cabin is in chaos.

The caption (pic. below) of <Apple Daily> (most popular news in Taiwan) at June 6, 2008 stated "Passengers encountered turbulence and got hurt, criticizing EVA air's carelessness " 

EVA air encountered accident turbulence, passengers got hurt, criticizing EVA air's carelessness

    n   At April 15, 2008, an EVA air got an accident.   

The caption below in <the China Times>(reported 4.17. 2008) is: "EVA air got flat-tire", "  landing gear up too early, the probability of human's fault is big"

EVA air accident,  flat-tire,  landing gear up too early

   n  Feb. 23, 2008: An EVA air (Boeing 747-400) from Taiwan to Bangkok smoked at left side of seat 64A/65A after landing.  The reason is EVA did not exactly follow Boeing's warning notice about its cable installation may lead to problems at that time, and did not clean floor-rug well.      (refer to the Liberty Times)

EVA air's UNI air accidents & incidents (Taiwan)



flight routes

Mar. 2, 2023

engine abnormal 15- minutes after taking off, returned

ATR72-600 , JinMun( 金門) to Taiwan

May 10, 2021

Uni Air got a flat tire, then returned Taipei
and took an emergent landing

Taipei to MaJu(馬祖南竿)

June 19, 2015

over heat (upto 928C) in right engine soon after taking off , MayDay (S.O.S.) 3 times,  turned it off,  emergent returned

Flight B7-881  MD90, SongSan Taipei (台北)Taiwan to JinMun ( 金門)

Feb. 7, 2011

left engine abnormal, emergency landing, delayed 2+ hrs.

Flight 871 DH-8, Kaohsiung Taiwan to JinMun( 金門)

Aug. 1, 2010

passengers waited 4 hours for emergency (parts problem)

MD90 jet, Kaohsiung Taiwan to Korea

Mar. 24, 2009

returned, for flat tire ( tires blow-out )

DH-8, Taipei to MaJu(馬祖)

Feb. 4, 2009

left engine burning & smoking

DH-8, PunHu to Tainan Taiwan

May 9, 2007

braking system problem

MD90 jet, JinMun to Taipei

Feb. 8, 2007

right engine problem, emergency landing

DH-8, Tainan Taiwan to Punhu (澎湖)

Jan. 8, 2007

mechanical problem, emergency returned

DH-8, Taipei to MaJu

China Airlines crashes/accidents/incidents/news (Taiwan)

 (1)  The China Airlines CI-611 Boeing 747-200 (Taiwan to Hong Kong) collapsed in air and crashed at May 25, 2002 for metal fatigue.  

 (2) The China Air caught fire and exploded after landing and taxing at Japan at Aug 20, 2007,  The Japanese investigation report said at July 22 , 2008, that Boeing 737's design result in this accident, not China Air's fault.

News (Aug. 16, 2008, <Liberty Times> of Taiwan & <Asahi Daily> of Japan ) reported Boeing provides with newly design  parts for all Boeing 737-800 (totally about 2700 planes ). 

 (3)  Dec. 8, 2007: A China Airline to the US found a cabin door was not closed after taking off and then emergency returned.  Taiwan's  Civil Aviation Authority said this Rashomon was not a flight safety event.  reported by CNA.

 (4) The China Air (A340-300, C1160) got FOD (foreign object damage) while landing Seoul Korea.  (Aug. 15, 2008)

ps  On May 18, 2010, Taiwan's China Airlines was accused of discriminating job-seekers : this state-run company sets up a height requirement for applicants .

 (5) Sept. 20, 2008 : The China Airline CI-687 encountered turbulence and caused 24 persons injury because of human's errors.

 (6) Oct. 2, 2008 :  The China Airline CI-641 encountered turbulence and caused 5 persons injury because the pilots did not keep safe distance with trouble area.

 (7)  The China Airlines CI-641's turbulence accident at Sept. 20, 2009 ( Hong Kong to Thailand ), induced by human (pilots) error (didn't keep a safety distance with cumulonimbus - c.b. ), causing 5 passengers severe injuries, 35 minor injuries.

 (8) The China Airlines CI-112 (Boeing 737-800) flying from Taiwan to Japan at July 22, 2010 had an accident ( suddenly dropped about 20000 ), then returned TaoYuan int'l airport.

ps: Investigation founded at April 29, 2011 that parts and human errors etc caused this incident.

 (9)  A flight CI100 (A330-300) from Taiwan to Tokyo (Japan) at Nov. 4, 2010 returned Taoyuan int'l airport for abnormal engine's signals found in half way, no passengers injured, only to delay 3 hours. 

 (10)  The China Airlines CI-100 from Taoyuan Taiwan to Tokyo at Jan. 24, 2011 returned about 30 minutes after taking off for left engine (no.1) overheat problem, some passengers said they heard "bang" noise. (CTV & 民視 evening news)

 (11) CI 903 at March 19, 2011 from Taiwan to Hong Kong returned for abnormal signals (seems mechanical problem, rep. by TVBS evening news 9:34pm), the flight changed some parts after backing Taoyuan airport (rep. by the Liberty Times, Mar 20, 2011).

 (12) A 747 got flat tire while landing Taoyuan airport.  CTV evening news 7:05pm, Sept. 9, 2011.

 (13)  Feb. 15, 2012:  A China Airlines CI-938 from Hong Kong to Kaohsiung Taiwan in HK airport delayed about 1.5 hour, since a  flight attendant's operation error ("hand slip")  led to the cabin-door escape ladder suddenly inflated and pop-up.

 (14) April 2, 2012 :  CI-928 from Hong Kong to Taiwan air-condition over-heat and cabin smells, news reported some passengers are unhappy about the China Airline USD50 for 4 hours delay. (Apple Daily, 4/4/2012 )

 (15) April 24, 2012 : China Airlines flight CI-2201 (from Taipei) arrived at Haneda Airport, Japan around 12:55pm (local time), after passengers left, the plane sprang some white smoke (  oil blocked, lubricating oil vaporization to produce white smoke ).

 (16) Aug. 12, 2012 : A China Airlines flight CI-680 skidded out of runway while landing Taoyuan airport Taiwan, and scared 293 passengers.

 (17) May 19, 2013:  A China Airlines cargo CI-5254 (Boeing 747-400F) dropped 2 parts of the wing in the US and destroyed some American's property.  
         Oct. 4, 2013
: China Airlines 052 has an incident (ref to Wikipedia).

 (18) April 11, 2014: A China Airlines CI-7916 (Boeing 737-800) 緬甸仰光 to Taipei smoked and emergent landing.

 (19) June 10, 2014:  A China Airlines CI220 damaged its tire and a light on run-way for pilot's mistake before taking off around 9 am.

 (20) June 26, 2014:  A China Airlines 737-800emergency landed in Japan's naha/Nawa (那霸) for suspiciously leaking gas (CTV  6.26.2014 7:05pm).
 (21) 10-1-2016: A China Airlines CI-704 from Philippines Manila to Taiwan Taoyuan at 10-1-2016 is suspicious of plane-tail bit scratching the run-way, a witness saw some smoke in the plane... (UDN head-line news, 10-2-2016)
 (22) 9-22-2017 :
A China Airlines CI-075 to Rome, Italy, emergently returned Taiwan for its tire problem... (breaking news, CTV 9-22-2017)

 (23) 10-16-2018  CTV evening news : CI-712 Manila (Philippines) to Kaohsiung (Taiwan) got a flat tire after landing.
 (24)  8-9-2019: Apple Daily news (8-10-'19) : CI-278 left side engine was sparking for 5 seconds before taking off, 156 passengers shocked.

 (25)  5-14-2020: Apple Daily news (7-4-2020) A China Airlines  A330  CI202  Shanghai to Taipei , experienced failure of computer landing system 
 (25)  2022-1-28: cargo (747-400F  CI5240) had major incident (hit freight container) in Chicago airport貨機降落芝加哥釀重大飛航事故-華航最新回應/ar-AATSogb?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531


Mandarin Airlines, Taiwan

     Feb. 26, 2015: AE-364 took emergent landing for burnt smells (suspicious air-condition problem) about 6 minutes after taking off.  (CTV evening news 19:01pm)

    Aug. 17, 2012: as a result of (suspected) bad weather, A flight E-190 (made in Brasil) of Mandarin Airlines skidded off the runway, and broken its nose wheel while landing Makung airport (from Taipei), 104 passengers suffered a false alarm, but fortunately no one was injured.

TransAsia Airways of Taiwan      FoxNews(2-5-2015): TransAsia has had 4 fatal crashes in the last 20 years...

   May 6, 2016: Apple Daily reported at 5-8-2016 that TransAsia's V Air (a franchise subsidiary of TransAsia Airways ) from Taiwan to Japan returned for small fire and smoke caused by passenger's cell-phone charging problem. 
  Dec. 19
, 2015: CTV reported (19:08) a flight to Magong (馬公) had engine problem while taking off.

  Sept. 8, 2015:  An ATR72-500 from Taipei to Magong (台北飛馬公) right-sided engine abnormally leaked and landed by left-sided engine.

  Sept. 4, 2015:  An ATR72-500 in Gin-Mun airport entered run-way without having confirmation-approval, narrowly escaped from a collision.

  July 8, 2015:  GE210 from Kaohsiung to Magong (高雄飛馬公) ATR72-600, gave up taking off for abnormal system signal.  (apple daily).

   June 22, 2015: A320 GE211 from PonHu (澎湖) to Kaohsiung (高雄) delayed 2.5 hours for tire overheat, 144 passengers mad. (Apple Daily June 23, 2015)

  May 21, 2015:  CTV evening breaking news (18:58pm) - a domestic flight (GE5042)'s engine on the left side did not work.

  May 12, 2015:  A TransAsia Airways plane took an emergent landing in Japan (日本新千歲機場) for (suspicious) leaking problem    (TVBS HD, 13:22 pm, 5-12-2015) 

  Feb. 21, 2015: GE507, B22806 from Taipei to Pun-Ho got abnormal signal after taking off and then returned Taipei airport, each passenger got NT200 for this. (TVBS 18:51 pm)

  Feb. 4, 2015: A TransAsia Airways (6702.TW) plane with 58 passengers and crew on board careened into a river shortly after taking off from a downtown Taipei airport on Wednesday, killing 23 people and leaving 20 missing (till 2-4-2015).  crashed.

  July 23, 2014: GE-222 ATR72 Kaohsiung to Pun-ho crashed, till 7/24, 48 out of 58 passengers and crews are dead.

  April 21, 2014: B22816 new plane from Macau to Taipei SongShan, abnormal signal of engine no.1, changed destination and landed Kaohsiung.

  April 19, 2014: B22816 new plane from Mango Thailand to Taipei SongShan, abnormal signal of engine no.1, changed destination and landed Macau.

  July 1 & 2, 2013: United Daily News: according to current understanding, at 7/2/2013, a flight from Taoyuan to Okinawa, taxiways takeoff,  the gate attendant inadvertently touched escape equipment, liferafts pop, resulting in flight could not take off, and delayed about one and half hour..., 7/1/2013 another flight's (Taipei to 澎湖馬公) air condition was abnormal ... 

  May 21, 2013 Liberty Times etc report TransAsia GE515(ATR72-212A)was in a going-into-a-stall status in addition to engine fire on 5/2/2012, according to TW aviation authority's report, the way pilot-crew did (hiding the facts e.g., return fly with one engine) was dangerous.(復興中空失火 又三次失速, 且未告知機場管制人員發動機火警和以單發動機飛航等狀況,還出現迷失進場、未設定正確航道和失速警告等狀況,民航局官員說,復興航空飛航組員的作法不但違規,而且危險。)

  May 2, 2012 :  GE515 ATR72 from Taipei(松山) to Penghu County(澎湖馬公)Magong returned after taking off 10 minutes for engine (no.1) fire (very unusual, one among 1~2 investigation cases about engine fire within recent 13 years in Taiwan ).  (United Daily News, 5/3/2012)  This is the 6th time airplane fire not caused by collision within recent 10 years, 3 among them are TransAsia ATR-72 planes ... (Liberty Times, 5/4/2012)

  Mar. 20, 2012 :   8 passengers have not on board, the flight is about to leave for destination. (CTV noon TV news)

  Aug. 16, 2011:   B22812 - GE506 (馬公 to Taipei SongShan) abnormal signal, but informed passengers kind late, so that TV (TVBS, etc) reported some passengers are unhappy about TransAsia.

  Oct. 6, 2010: B22810   Taipei SongShan to HuaLien (花蓮), abnormal signal of engine no.2, returned.

  Sept. 28, 2010 :  The rear part of a flight from PunHu to Kaohsiung Taiwan touched the ground while landing. (CTV evening news reported 9/28/2010)

  Aug. 27, 2010 :  A flight (B-22803, ATR 72) left-side tire under cockpit rolled away apart from the plane while landing Jinman from kaohsiung city in Taiwan.

  Dec. 11, 2008 :  A TransAsia Airways flight got serious tire problem.

  Dec. 21, 2002 :  A TransAsia Airways Cargo from Taiwan to Macau crashed for Taiwanese weather center's mistake.


Daily air accident/incident/news (Taiwan)

  April 2, 2012: The pilot of flight 7301 from Ta-dong to Green island failed to pass alcohol test twice ( past the 3rd test ) and still flied to the destination, he was fired 2 days later. (Apple Daily, 4/3/2012 & 4/4/2012)

   4-13-2017 : A flight to 蘭嶼 hits the fence in airport.

ps: Taiwan is still excluded from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) - which deals with flight safety, till now the end of 2010.



     ★    details pls refer to airline company 


  China (communist China) 
 Aviation accidents/crashes/incidents2000~present, Air China, etc
BBC, 2022-3-21: Chinese airlines generally have a good safety record - the last major accident took place 12 years ago.

Red China Airlines

aircraft crashes/accidents/incidents



Sichuan Air
(四川航空 )
3U8424 returned due to engine fire ChangChun to Chengdu 2024-1-22
China Eastern Airlines (MU 5735) New York Times, 2022-3-21: China Eastern plane crashes. More than 130 people were on board (737-800, 6.8 yrs old)
, 2022-3-21: China Eastern is one of China’s largest airlines and it has an excellent safety record.
from Kunming to Guangzhou 2022-3-21
海南 航空(HU7244) getting fire soon after taking off,
 returned and landed, 8 passengers wounded
AnnHuei (安徽合肥) to Guanzhou (廣州) July 8, 2015
China Eastern Airlines an Eastern Airlines aircraft overran the runway due to strong winds  Jiangsu to Shanghai June 7, 2013
China Cargo Airlines Flight 237, Boeing 777F  tail-strike during landing  Beijing to Copenhagen April 17, 2011
Tianjin Airlines(ERJ-190) mechanical problems, accident Nanjing to XiAn China
( no rec. on Wikpedia)
Aug. 26, 2010
Tianjin Airlines(ERJ-190, GS7441) accident, airport closed for 1 hour XiAn to HaiKou Hainan China
( no rec. on Wikpedia)
Aug. 25, 2010
HeNan Air
(8387, ERJ-190)
crashed shortly before landing at Yichun Lindu Airport, about 1/2 people on board dead. Harbin (Haerbin) to Yichun(伊春) China Aug. 24, 2010
China Southern Air B733 loss of cabin pressure near Kunming China July 17, 2010
ShangHai Air FM833
smokes & gas leak (Boeing 737)
ps: Wikipedia :  zero accidents, fatalities or severe damage to its aircraft ... one of the safest airlines in Asia
ShangHai to Asia Nov., 2008
CRJ7 plane damaged after landing Guilin(桂林) to ZhengZhou(鄭州) China Sept., 2008
Air  cockpit (pilot-room) window broke WeHan(武漢) to ChengDu(成都) China Aug., 2008
Air China emergency landing Moscow Russia Paris to Beijing China June 2008
 Air  China  (1) gas smells before taking off

 (2) a hole on the wing shortly after taking off (10 min)

Beijing to YunNan China June, 2008
China Eastern Airlines smokes Beijing to WuHan China May 11, 2008
China Southern Airlines  an attempt to hijack and crash a flight...
emergency landing at Lanzhou Airport
 Urumqi to Beijing  March 7, 2008
China Eastern Airlines pilots of 21 CEA flights returned their aircraft to the airport of departure  southern China, Yunnan March 2008
 Air China thunder strikes Beijing to YunNan China Oct. 27, 2007
China Southern Airlines window crack to Beijing Aug. 28, 2006
China Southern Airlines ,CZ325  turned back to Guangzhou for a note  indicating a bomb was on board. CZ325 from Guangzhou, China to Sydney, Australia August 22, 2006
China Eastern Airlines
 Bombardier CRJ-200 (Reg. B-3072 )
crashed in Inner Mongolia one minute after departure, all dead BaoTou to Shanghai Nov. 21, 2004
Air China (CA 129) Boeing 767-200ER crashed, killing 129 of 166 on board, recorded deadliest aviation accident in S. korea Beijing to Busan South Korea April 15, 2002
China Northern Air, Flight 6136, McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 (Reg. B-2138) crashed into the Yellow Sea, all dead

 a passenger committed suicide (started a fire)

Beijing to Dalian, China May 7, 2002
China Northern Flight 6621, McDonnell-Douglas MD-82  attempted to hijack  Dalian to Shenyang Apr 17, 2002
Air China 747 was escorted by two U.S. F-15s onto the north runway at Vancouver International Airport during Operation Yellow Ribbon, apparently due to a communication problem. Beijing to San Francisco, USA  September 11, 2001
WuHan Air 343 crashed & all dead,
it was forced to circle for 30 minutes due to thunderstorms
Hubei ( Enshi 恩施) to WuHan China June 22, 2000

ps: An Air China was hijacked by pilot to Taiwan in 1998.

ps2: China Southern Air crashed rec. before 2000 :

Chinese airplanes crashes, 1980~2000  (Chinese version)

Red China Airlines

 aircraft crashes/accidents


(China Southern Airlines)
中國民航3303號班機(或中國南方航空3303號班機)空難 可控飛行撞地 1982
(China Northwest Airlines)
蘭州經西安、長沙至廣州的定期航班。在廣州白雲機場發生火災,雖然成功降落,但旅客撤離時機艙內煙霧轉為明火,導致25名乘客死亡 1982
(Air Chn.)
由上海經南京、濟南前往北京,編號B-434 安-24,在濟南機場進近時因機組人員復飛時操作不當而失速墜毀 1985
(China Southern Airlines)
由廣州白雲機場前往香港啟德機場。於降落時 天氣惡劣、飛機衝出跑道失事墜海,造成7死14傷。 1988
(China Southwest Airlines)
SZ4146 伊爾-18 由北京首都機場飛重慶  維修失誤導致引擎起火後脫落及失速 1988
(China Eastern Airlines)
B-3417 安-24 由上海市飛往南昌市,  引擎故障導致起飛失敗 1989
(China General Aviation)
雅克-42Y、編號為2755號 從南京大校場機場飛往廈門國際機場 在起飛時機員失誤  墜毀 又名7·31空難或南京7·31空難 1992
(China Southern Airlines)
波音737-3Y0 廣州白雲國際機場飛往桂林, 機械故障,機員失誤而空難 1992
(China Eastern Airlines)
B-2103的MD-82型飛 MU5398 由深圳寶安機場飛往福州義序機場的定期航班。在  惡劣天氣下降落,機組違規操作
(China Northwest Airlines)
英國航太BAe 146-300空難班機從寧夏銀川西花園機場前往北京首都國際機場,
(China Northern Airlines)
CBF6901/CJ6901 由瀋陽經北京飛往烏魯木齊。機師失誤、訓練不足;可控飛行撞地 1993
(China Northwest Airlines)
Tu圖-154-M    中國西安咸陽國際機場 前往 中國廣州白雲國際機場, 維修失誤導致起飛後不久因自動導航系統故障,飛機經猛烈搖晃後隨即解體  1994
(China Southern Airlines)
CSN3456,CZ3456 波音737-31B 從重慶江北國際機場飛往廣東省深圳黃田機場 ,
(China Southwest Airlines)




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airlines in Hong Kong & Macau (Macao)

☉ Cathay Pacific  


aircraft crashes/accidents/incidents



CX CX234 took emergency landing for engine problem Italia-Hong Kong 3-1-2016
CX a flight  took emergent landing in Indonesia for bit fire (rept by 東森TV news 9:14pm 9-25) from Australia to Hong Kong Sept. 25, 2015
 engine stop working twice(11000m ),if there's no backup power it will be the worst accident in HK history, this incident scared 336 person on board (Taiwan Apply Daily Mar. 5, 2013) Japan (日本福岡) to Taipei Taiwan Mar. 3, 2013

Cabin smoked before taking off. (source: AFP France,香港文匯報訊 )

Shanghai China to Dec. 10, 2011
Airbus 330  engine burning, aircraft shaking/vibration , emergency landing. (Apple Daily)  Singapore to Indonesia (雅加達) May 16,  2011
Boeing 747-400 mechanical problem (机舱加压系统内,控制内控制气压的活门发生故障),emergency landing. (哈萨克卡拉干达机场)。 Holland Amsterdam to Hong Kong
Nov. 30,  2010
Boeing 747-400 engine problem (起飞前一刻突然引擎尽熄。30分钟内机长两度尝试再起飞不果), delayed about12 hour. Hong Kong to London, UK July 5, 2010
Boeing 747-400 (B-HOR)  jetway (passenger bridge) hit aircraft. (地勤人员收起登机桥让准备起飞时,竟然发生罕见事故,登机桥撞向飞机形成明显裂痕)。 Canada (温哥华) to Hong Kong June 30, 2010
Boeing 747 a left-side engine smoke (降落前失靈) before landing. (source: Apple Daily)  Hong Kong to Holland Amsterdam June 27, 2010
  mechanical problem & delayed 18 hrs. (在起飞前发现机肚的左右气压互通活门发生故障。由于当地没有足够零件,需要从香港空运零件维修,导致该航班延误18小时)。 Australia (墨尔本) to Hong Kong June 23, 2010
Boeing 747-400, CX470 engine problem.
 (Apple Daily : a passenger witness a engine bit fired)
Hong Kong to Taipei May 20, 2010
Air Bus 330-342 (CX780) both sides engines problem, 6 tires flat & fire while emergency landing (Apple Daily & Baidu), 8 passengers minor injured. Indonesia (泗水) to Hong Kong April 13, 2010
Boeing 747 cabin ceiling smoked, emergency landing. Hong Kong to Japan (北海道) July 19, 2009
A330-300 one engine problem after taking off . Thailand (Bangkok) to June 15, 2009
AirBus 330-300 before landing, cabin lost pressure.(机舱失压,氧气面罩落下,机组人员立即采取紧急下降高度程序。) to Taipei Sept. 14, 2008
Airbus 340-300 one engine problem (一具引擎突然熄火,机长于两小时后安全折返香港国际机场), landing safely, no one injured. Hong Kong to London UK Aug. 29, 2008
Boeing 747-400 parts dropped (冷气系统维修盖板脱落) In high sky (20,000呎高空),no one injured. New York USA to Canada (温哥华) July 29, 2008
Boeing 747-400 parts problem, engine leaks (因高压压缩器破损,导致引擎漏油), returned to H.K.。 Hong Kong to April 7, 2008
Boeing 777-300 parts dropped after taking off. (左引擎金属导管突然爆裂,巨型零件在空中飞脱掉下). Bangkok Thailand to Dec. 1, 2004
Boeing 747-400 engine noise after taking off .(起飞后,引擎出现喘震。其后发现是涡轮页片出现故障,此为全世界首次发生的问题。) L.A., USA to Nov. 9, 2004
Boeing 777-300 parts dropped after taking off .(引擎导管组件堕海,巨型零件在空中飞脱掉海。 ) Taiwan Taoyuan to June 30, 2004
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ps2: details pls refer to newspaper/media or airline co.

☉ Dragon Air


aircraft crashes/accidents/incidents



KA451 smoking, emergent return
(Cathay reported bird strike,
TW excluded the possibility)
TW to HK 4-9-2019
KA433, CX841

Traffic Collision Avoidance System helped  a narrow escape (distance about 2公里) from a collision between CX841 (New York to Hong Kong) and KA433 (Kaohsiung Taiwan to H.K.) last Sunday.   source: Apple Daily

Kaohsiung Taiwan to H.K. & New York to Hong Kong  Sept. 28, 2011  
KA 905  encountered airflow before its landing Friday morning, leaving at lease seven people injured.  the injured have been taken to hospital. The Dragonair said it will look into the incident. Source: Xinhua Beijing to Hong Kong  May 14, 2011
AirBus 330, KA991  

left-side engine smoked, Smoke filled the cabin with a burning smell, aircraft returned.

  据香港《文汇报》, 東方日報报道

Beijing to Hong Kong March 30, 2008


engines problem, returned safely. (两个引擎均动力不足,以“全面戒备”紧急状态折返本港) Hong Kong  to Shanghai Aug. 3, 2006


NorthWestern NW002 -747 too closer , Dragon Air avoided collision. Hong Kong  to Tokyo Japan July 29, 2006


有乘客在航程中发现有一个引擎“无罩飞行”,怀疑襟翼导轨整流罩在飞行中掉下。(source: Baidu)  Tokyo Japan to Hong Kong July 22, 2005
Air Bus 320
cockpit (pilot-room) window bit crack after taking off 1.5 hrs, & landing safely. (起飞大约1个半小时後,驾驶舱挡风玻璃多层保护膜其中一层出现裂痕,最终安全着陆。) China (大连) to Hong Kong Oct. 22, 2005
KA761的空中客车320型 window bit crack after taking off 15 min. & emergency returned &  landing safely (挡风玻璃的右下角出现了一条长约五厘米的裂纹,起飞15分钟后即紧急折返,安全降落。) China (昆明) to Hong Kong Nov. 27, 2004
KA060 emergency landing, 9 persons injured (故障紧急降落,机上9人受伤,包括7名机组人员及2名乘客。) Malaysia to  Hong Kong July 18, 2003
KA890的Air Bus A321 left-rear tire flat after landing Shanghai airport (降落上海虹桥机场,左后轮胎突然爆裂。) Hong Kong to Shanghai June 8, 2002
ps: details pls refer to newspaper/media or airline co.

☉ Macau Air 
a young com in Macau.

       April 4, 2012 : CTV evening news reported at 7:14pm that a mainland Chinese passenger killed himself (hanged in toilet room) in the flight from Taiwan to Macau.
       April 5, 2012 : Apple Daily reported that Chinese in NX-619 (4/4) is 'suspected' suicide.



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Search major airlines accidents / incidents / crashes, till present : 




Every year, the aviation insights company FlightStats puts together a list of the international airlines with the best on-time performance records    1-9-2017

The Worst 10 International Airlines of 2016

  • 10. Hainan Airlines – 30.3 percent
  • 9. Korean Air – 31.74 percent 
  • 8. Air China – 32.73 percent
  • 7. Hong Kong Airlines – 33.42 percent
  • 6. China Eastern Airlines – 35.8 percent
  • 5. Asiana Airlines – 37.46 percent
  • 4. Philippine Airlines – 38.33 percent
  • 3. Air India – 38.71 percent
  • 2. Icelandair – 41.05 percent
  • 1. El Al – 56 percent

The Best 10 International Airlines of 2016

  • 10. Qantas – 15.7 percent
  • 9. TAM Linhas Aéreas – 14.93 percent
  • 8. Delta Air Lines – 14.83 percent
  • 7. Singapore Airlines – 14.55 percent
  • 6. ANA – 14.46 percent
  • 5. Austrian – 14.26 percent
  • 4. Qatar Airways – 13.66 percent
  • 3. JAL – 12.2 percent
  • 2. Iberia – 11.82 percent
  • 1. KLM – 11.47 percent



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